tagLoving WivesA Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 03

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 03


Chapter 03

Film shooting time for Kumar and Jodhaa

During the trip to the film shooting place, Mark desperately tried to keep his attention toward the traffic in front of him but it was pretty hard with the noise, moans and groans coming from the back seat. Clearly, Jodhaa and Kumar were preparing another snack for him! A sudden silence just punctuated by the heavy breathing of the couple behind him told Mark that Kumar had finally spewed his jizzm in Jodhaa's pussy at last. He heard his wife opening the zip of her bag and telling her lover to plug her pussy as soon as he had withdrawn his cock! Mark knew that she would have just to smooth down her dress to appear quite presentable. He was excited like hell, longing to turn around and watch his wife rearranging her make up.

Mark was just a bit disappointed when he arrived at their destination. He hurried to open the door first for Kumar then for Jodhaa like a well-styled chauffeur. She looked perfectly normal to him, with just a little blush on her cheeks from the exertions she had just had in the back seat. She told him to enter with them as she had a special task for him. Mark had a good idea about what would be expected from him but he was flabbergasted when she drew him into Kumar's changing room and told him to lie on the floor. He obeyed and she just sat on his face with her pussy hovering above his face. He could see the plug keeping Kumar's cum from spilling out...

- I am going to remove this plug. Kumar has really filled me up with his sperm! You'll have just seconds before his seed will stain the carpet. Kumar will be terribly angry if there are any traces left!

- OK, Jodhaa! I will do my best!

- For you, I am Lady Rao or Mistress. I no longer accept familiarity from lower staff!

- Uhh! I beg your pardon, Mistress! I won't make the mistake any more!

The exchange had brought a large smile to Kumar's face : he really loved to see Mark scolded and humiliated by Jodhaa. She played for a moment with the plug, rotating it into her pussy then pulling at it a little before pushing it back in place, deliberately teasing her husband. Kumar really enjoyed the suspense, thinking she was trying to get Mark by surprise and make him splash the seat cushions with Kumar's spunk! The actor would then have reasons to punish him. Suddenly, Mark saw her lifting her little finger, her usual signal she was getting to the main task. He tensed forward. She removed completely the plug as Mark had expected and in less than five seconds, his mouth was fully covering her pussy lips and his tongue had replaced the plug, lapping avidly at her clit. She caved in her belly, trying to force all of Kumar's semen out of her belly. Not a droplet had been lost to the dismay of the Indian actor!

Kumar looked really disappointed. He told Jodhaa in a brisk tone that they were getting late, that she needed to hurry up. She put on a very reduced see through lace string and followed her official husband with no comment, just wiggling her bottom for Mark's benefit. Kumar couldn't see it but this little conniving gesture boosted Mark's spirits! Jodhaa was really inspired that day : she had forced Kumar to relinquish his previous objectives. She had made him think she was totally on his side, taking pleasure in humiliating her husband but, with this little gesture, she reminded Mark she was still fooling the vindictive actor! A woman was really a terrible opponent for a man and Mark was quite relieved she was on his side!

They then entered a room that had been transformed into a press centre. There were twelve photographers and eight journalists that started to bombard Jodhaa with questions about her pregnancy, whether she would appear in the present film, whether rumours she would soon start a porn actress career were true and such things. Jodhaa politely answered all questions, even the more intimate. Yes, the baby was growing nicely and had not suffered from her travels, yes, she would make an apparition in the present film but she had no intention of making it her career!

- What will you wear on stage, Mrs Jodhaa?

- You want to discover it?

- Of course!

- Then I will grant your wish!

Jodhaa took the hem of her dress and just lifted it higher than her own head. All the photographers discovered her stark naked on the podium and they gasped in surprise. She threw her dress in a corner...The journalist nearly fainted!

- I just need now to remove my knickers to start the shooting. Perhaps, you could be kind enough...

- To strip you naked? By all means, Mrs Jodhaa!

- Now you have seen me totally naked, you could be less formal with me : just call me Jodhaa!

- As you want, Mis... Ahem, sorry! As you want, Jodhaa!

Kumar had already left to enter on stage and Jodhaa gave the journalist a little peck on the lips. He was dumbfounded but she just hoped his paper would be highly positive for her and for the film... When she pushed the door open, she felt hands grabbing her waist. She shrieked in fear before she realized it was Kumar who had seized her. He lay on a marble table and made her straddle him. He had chosen the perfect angle for the camera to have a direct view on his so long cock.

Kumar stopped for a minute to allow the cameraman to make a close up on her bald pussy and her love juices already oozing from her pussy. She opened her mouth in rapture as she felt Kumar's magnificent manhood majestically and very slowly impaling her pussy in a single movement. All the variety of the feelings her face could express would be shown in the film! Kumar called out :

- Is there a true man ready to ram his cock into this bitch's ass? She won't be satisfied until she has a big cock stuffing all her holes! Aaah, good! Jack and Vladimir : she will be really challenged to accommodate our three big cocks at the same time and, Ludmilla, you can lick and suck her nipples while we fuck her for her dear life! With the four of us, she will be propelled to Proxima Centauri!

Kumar was right : the three men were well hung and knew how to deal with women as a team. Ludmilla was quite evidently a dyke and she was quite versed in the girl-to-girl action. Jodhaa was soon totally lost in a sea of ecstasy. She retrieved her wits, a long time after, lying alone on the balcony. Cum was flowing out of her pussy and her ass hole. Her tits, her chin and her forehead were also covered with a revealing wet sheen. She couldn't even remember who had sprayed her face with his spunk. On the floor, Jodhaa recognized a girl with whom she had improvised a torrid sixty-nine on a table under the objective of a camera. Jodhaa could just hope that the film would be a hit. She had done everything she could!

Kumar was nowhere to be seen but she could see in a corner a familiar face : it was Mark! He seemed still bemused by her ardour in front of the camera. Her whole body was sticky with half dried sperm. Mark enveloped her body with towels not to soil his garments and helped her into the nearby bathroom. Jodhaa was so totally exhausted that she stayed under the warm shower for ten minutes before stirring in movement :

- Mark, switch the shower to very cold! I need it to get awakened completely!

Mark obeyed immediately and Jodhaa shrieked when the cold water suddenly hit her skin. She offered her face then her back and finally her pussy and her ass to the freezing jet. Then she knelt at the feet of Mark for him to wash her hair that was caked with the cum of who knows how many men?

- What are you doing with my wife, dog?

- Peace, Kumar! I asked Mark to help me to take a shower. I was covered from head to toe with semen and I wanted to appear fresh and ready when you would come back!

- Then I am back and Mark can return to our car!

Mark bowed down without any comment. Kumar searched for clean towels and dried Jodhaa's body with them. She put on her dress and waited for his next instructions...

- A pity, Jodhaa! I would have loved for us to take a shower together!

- There will be plenty of other occasions, my Tiger!

- You're right, as usual, Darling! I just hate to have this swine hovering around you, luv!

- Just wait a few months, luv, until both of us are totally sure of our sentiments and we will settle down to normality!

- Speaking of normality, wouldn't it have been better if Mark had cleaned your pussy with his tongue?

- Oh, so disgusting! I was covered with cum! He would have soiled his clothes or he would have had to strip naked!

- I am not concerned by the cleanliness of his clothes but I am absolutely adamant he should never be naked in your presence at any time!

- Ok, Kumar! Just I would have had to clean his slimy clothes afterward.

- Why don't you tell him to make the washing at home? It's the perfect job for a cuckold! You may even tell him to wash my own boxers! Just tell him to take your panties in his mouth, to salivate on them and roll them in his mouth until they are clean. Then only, he will be allowed to swallow it all!

- How dirty, luv! I will love humiliating Mark so deeply!

Jodhaa had no problem accepting Kumar's new idea : the journalist had kept her knickers and she intended not to wear any during her stay in Birmingham... Their discussion had aroused Kumar. He walked over to the bed and gently pushed her onto her back. Jodhaa trembled in anticipation as he lifted the hem of her dress up to her belly revealing her bald pussy. He bent down toward her crotch. He parted her pussy lips with just two fingers and started to lick her wet hole. She instantly started to moan in ecstasy, as Kumar was as clever with his tongue as he could be with his cock. She reached for his neck and pressed his head against her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his head forbidding him to pull back.

She squealed helplessly with delight. She just disliked the man but she had to recognize he was a really good lover. He gave her a long series of very intense orgasms. He finally covered her body with his. Jodhaa could just see a wood log a feet long that was aimed toward her pussy. She opened herself as wide as she could to let him enter her more easily! It was a sound politic if she didn't want to be crippled permanently. Jodhaa took his enormous member in her hand and finally directed it straight toward her mouth. It slid swiftly into her throat. She now was used to deep throating Kumar. She clamped her lips around his pole with increasing strength, as he got deeper into her throat. She made a circle at the base of his cock with her fingers and began milking him with her hand while her tongue swirled and danced around his throbbing meat.

Kumar moaned and caressed the top of her head to tell her that he really enjoyed her ministrations. She was wondering how much of his cock was already down her gullet when his balls came in contact with her chin. She had taken it all! She relaxed completely as she could accomplish the rest in a quite automatic fashion. Her mouth was a well-trained tool to milk dry any cock of all its seed! He started to move back and fro with increasing urgency. Jodhaa knew he was about to spend himself in her throat, one more time. She just marvelled about his stamina! He just pulled out of her mouth and invaded her pussy.

His cock finally exploded deep inside her belly. A torrent of thick creamy goo flooded her innards. A dribble of hot cum escaped along his cock. Kumar picked it up with his finger and offered it to her mouth. She gobbled it as if it was a fine delicacy! He gasped appreciatively and told her :

- God, Jodhaa, that was great! Don't forget to plug your pussy. Mark is waiting in the car to clean you for our next mating! Don't make him wait! It's the employers' duty to feed their staff!

Jodhaa was boiling once more : now Mark was no longer her husband but a chauffeur, a mere employee hired just to clean her pussy! She shrugged in despair : Kumar was an expert in antagonizing people around him! He was a nice partner in bed but he was a pain in the ass when dealing with other people. She had to bend down and leave him to his antics but she knew that, sooner or later, the public would lose interest on the sexual feats of Kumar and she would then love to tell him what she thought of him!

Jodhaa had taken in a bag a saree just in case her dress would have been soiled or damaged. She hadn't been given any scenario, just told they would have group sex and she would have a central role in it... In fact, there were just three girls including a rather stiff dyke for twelve men : it had been more like a classical gangbang but the Dalits in Kira's palace had accustomed her to being used repeatedly by many men. There was nothing to be afraid of for her there. She had had just to open her mouth and her legs and enjoy, letting the men take the brunt of the activity! A very nice scenario to her taste!

She put on a petticoat, the saree and the matching choli. She often walked barefoot in India : she was ready to return to the car! She sauntered gaily when she arrived near the place where Mark was waiting for her. He jumped out of the car to open the door for her but she placed her hand on his chest to stop him :

- Sorry, Mark but you have to clean once more my pussy!

- Again but Kumar is not a real man! He must be some alien with ever-filled balls...

- ... And a permanent lust for a woman he considers as his wife! If he weren't so harsh with you, I would consider myself extremely lucky : he is really handsome, well endowed and he really knows how to give pleasure to a girl!

- Aren't you in love for him?

- Certainly no, Mark! A girl takes a global view on the men who fuck her : Kumar has many interesting assets but just as many drawbacks. You, for example have less assets but much less defects and in my heart, you are far ahead than this son of a bitch!

- That repays me of many bad words from your official husband! The parking lot is deserted. Do you want me to clean your pussy in the car or on the hood?

- Uuhhh! I have never been licked to climax in the open on a car hood! Please do it!

Mark took her carefully by the waist, now widely deformed by her six months pregnancy, and lifted her almost effortlessly from the ground. Mark was exercising everyday and it showed. He deposited her on the hood of the car with her feet dangling on the side. She opened her legs wide when he lifted the front hem of her saree. As he had expected it, she was naked under her petticoat. He let her saree fall back, covering his head like a hood. Her legs showed him where to look for the plug planted in her pussy. He licked her nice bald pussy, sure that Kumar couldn't see him disobeying to his orders. He removed the plug and replaced it by his mouth. A thick rivulet of sticky cream immediately cascaded from her hole. God, Kumar was really a good stallion : he had filled up once more Jodhaa's pussy!

When the flow was reduced to a mere trickle, Mark started to lick her clit again. Jodhaa was planting her teeth in her lower lip to stop any moans that could have revealed to Kumar what Mark was doing. For the same reason, she kept her eyes wide open, on the lookout for his arrival! She would have so much preferred to keep them closed and concentrate on her pleasure! Mark was a really talented pussy licker! He was renowned in the harem for it and all the girls including Kira gossiped about his mind-boggling feats!

When Kumar emerged from the house, Jodhaa kicked Mark's back with her heel.

- Jodhaa! You let Mark clean your pussy in the open on the hood of a car! You are a true slut to be that bold but I love you for that shamelessness! And he has his hands on the car wheel! How clever you are! I am sure at least his hands aren't busy frigging your clit! Stop now, Mark! We are leaving for the conference centre! Jodhaa will wear a new stupendous dress that will make all photographers fantasize about her all the night!

Kumar opened the trunk and handed Jodhaa a bag. He told her to get back in the house to change... When she returned, Mark opened bewildered eyes : she was wearing an incredibly sexy dress . The waist was formed with a string of rings. The biggest, about six inches in diameter was circling her navel. It went down to the limit of her crotch. When she turned around to show her outfit to Kumar, Mark had a glimpse of her butt. There was an oval ring at the back that exhibited the top of the crack of her ass... There was just no back, just a gold chain holding the dress together. The front was made with just two triangles of Lurex that were tied behind her nape and attached to two rings on both sides of the one surrounding her belly button...

The skirt was attached to the chain of rings and barely reached the mid of her thighs. It was made with two strips of material that just covered her pussy and her ass connected by two series of rings. Anyone could see she was totally naked under the dress. The skirt was loose and dancing when she walked with her usual gait, enticingly swinging her hips widely. She noticed that Kumar and Mark developed a huge tent inside their pants and that made her really happy and proud.

Jodhaa felt her pussy getting wet again. With such a mood, she would be ready to be fucked again wild before they had reached the conference centre! The photographers were going to enjoy making her take very suggestive poses and she would be quite eager to satisfy them! The dress was extremely sexy and she really enjoyed wearing it in public and she couldn't wait to have a dinner in some London or Paris restaurant or a party with Mark or Kyrhan wearing it! She already knew she would swiftly end up on a couch or on the floor with her legs wide open fucked by a lover who would be mad with lust!

Effectively, there was sudden silence when she entered on stage with Kumar's arm around her no more slender waist in a very possessive embrace! She was quite proud to be publicly owned by such a handsome man even if she loathed at him deep in her mind! The flashes soon blinded her. She beckoned happily to the audience in response. The interviews with the journalists were reduced to the minimum, as they couldn't keep their eyes from the rings at her waist or on her side and especially the ones exhibiting her navel or her ass crack!

This advertisement campaign would surely be a major success! She would certainly make the front page of every people magazine! She enjoyed watching so many men dizzy with excitation when they came near her. For a pretty woman, it was pure heaven to be admired as a sex symbol! She had to recognize it had an effect on her too : her pussy was dripping and her breath was ragged! She really needed a man who would fuck her really hard! Kumar was the only one available on short notice, as she would need at least two men like Mark to satisfy her that day! Jodhaa whispered to Kumar discreetly :

- Darling, all this agitation is exciting me like hell. I need you to fuck me wild again and don't play silly games : I want you to plant your seed deep in my garden, to mark me as your own!

Kumar instantly answered to her urgency : he announced that Jodhaa felt ill and he would take her home with plenty of apologies for the journalist queuing to meet her. He drove the car personally, leaving Mark at the conference Centre. A quarter of an hour later, she was laying back across the bed with her legs spread out wide, inviting Kumar into her sizzling hot honey pot.

The actor crawled on top of her spreading her legs wide open as he prepared to take her. She could feel the head of his cock brushing against her pussy lips seeking to enter her. Her pussy lips spread out to allow him total access to her fuck hole. In her present sate of excitation, Kumar felt as big as Kyrhan! She couldn't withhold a tiny whimper as he burst into her love tunnel.

- You feel incredibly tighter than usual, Jodhaa! Don't tell me you've already resized down once more!

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