A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 03


Kumar gently pushed the whole length of his rigid pole into her tunnel until she could feel his balls caressing her pussy lips. He seemed to be inordinately excited too. She had never felt so wonderfully full of cock since Kyrhan had bred her six months before. Her pussy adjusted to Kumar's massive size with no problem. She decided to give him total control on their coupling. She placed her ankles on his shoulders so that the full length of his cock could penetrate her womb as deep as Kumar wanted. It was so good to relinquish any control, to be totally open to her lover, to abandon herself totally to his lust like a leaf in the storm!

Kumar smiled when she told him he could fuck her at will, that she was totally his! He began to fuck her really wild.

Her hips started to dance around his cock as she began to move in unison with him. She soon realized he was about to come in her pussy, his cock was throbbing wildly and his thrusts into her pussy were becoming more powerful and deep. She moaned in bliss... She screamed when she felt his warm seed flooding her pussy, and felt sad that his potent seed would never fertilize some waiting fertile eggs. She closed her eyes and let an earth shattering orgasm take total possession of her body.

They rested for a few minutes but Kumar's cock didn't shrink down. She could feel him still as hard as a rock inside her. He soon resumed his moves in and out of her pussy for their mutual satisfaction. They fucked at least three more times that evening and each time, he unloaded what felt like a pint of sperm. Finally they fell asleep together, totally exhausted with their limbs so completely entangled that you couldn't have placed a hand between their bodies.

When they emerged from their deep slumber on the next morning, they were welcomed by a nice odour of freshly toasted bread. Mark had taken a taxi and found an open window. He had heard Jodhaa's continuous screams of ecstasy and had decided to let them enjoy their night together. The success of yesterday presentation needed to be appropriately celebrated, didn't it? Jodhaa felt guilty to have let excitation completely overwhelm her. She had even forgotten her dislike for Kumar and her feelings for Mark but now she was again in total control of her body! Mark told her when she wanted to explore the gardens :

- Beware, Lady Jodhaa! I have spotted at least three paparazzi around the house...

Jodhaa and Kumar wanted her to stay secluded in the house but Mark reminded them all the fuss was aimed to make the newspaper present papers on Kumar and his wife. He was by far the cleverest of the trio and he found the adequate words to win their approval. Jodhaa emerged from the house wearing a quite modest kameez. She went on the edge of the swimming pool and took the hem of her tunic and passed it over her head. Underneath she was stark naked. She took poses around the swimming pool for the benefit of the photographers until she jumped in the water and swam for half an hour alone, totally naked. Kumar joined her a short time after and they made several lengths together. They even made a speed contest that Kumar won easily. Wasn't he the central people even though the photographers would be certainly much more interested by Jodhaa?

Jodhaa and Kumar then pulled out of the swimming pool and lay together on a bath towel. Jodhaa started to play with Kumar's cock while he seemed quite interested by her tits and pussy lips. The playful game grew steadily hotter and she straddled the actor who finally cummed once more in her pussy. Kumar wanted to show he had still some strength left as he placed Jodhaa on her four on the wall surrounding the swimming pool and entered her ass hole. He fucked her leisurely and cummed in her back passage. Mark had told her to have the last word in their coupling and she started to suck his cock freshly out of her butt hole like a lollipop. She had appeared not to have an instant of hesitation when she took the soiled cock in her mouth. When they finally returned to Kumar's house, the actor was in a festive mood.

- Really, Mark, you have a real brain! I would never have imagined giving these paparazzi everything they wanted! Now they will be sure that Jodhaa and me are really in love together and we will just have to let them photograph us in trendy nightclubs! I want to thank you for your assistance, Mark. If you want, we can share Jodhaa together : I will fuck her pussy while she may give you head if that suits you?

God, was this son of a bitch of Kumar getting humane after all? Jodhaa beamed when she placed herself on her four on the bed with her back turned toward Kumar and her face toward Mark. For a few minutes, the three of them relinquished any idea of hate and competition between them but, suddenly, Kumar shattered their dreams of fraternity :

- When my wife has delivered Kyrhan's baby, I am planning to breed her myself after the required rest time!

Jodhaa hastily put on a negligee that Mark had prepared for her and offered them a big smile on her face.

- Will that suit you, Mark and Jodhaa?

They lied with a common voice :

- Wonderfully, Kumar!

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