tagLoving WivesA Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 05

A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 05


Chapter 05

Mark and Jodhaa return home

My production is progressively returning to its normal level. My correspondents may contact me again. My apologies for the long delay!

When the first lights of eve appeared in the east, Kumar stood up on a table in the middle of the room. Most of his guests were lying on the floor, scattered wherever exhaustion had made them fall down. Jodhaa had woken up a little earlier and she had gathered sufficient strength to give rather good head to Kishore. Kumar whispered to her ear that he wanted to book a little romp with her as soon as the guests had left. There would be just Jodhaa and Kumar with Mark serving them refreshments and delicacies while they were busy together...

Kumar's friends thanked him profusely for the wonderful party he had offered them and left grudgingly. Most of them would have liked to be offered a last visit to Jodhaa's couch but they were just offered to give her a peck on the cheek! It was another example of Kumar's nasty politics : Now they would do anything for him in order to be invited once more to Kumar's next party! When the three of them were alone, the actor picked up the subdued Jodhaa in his arms and carried her to his bedroom. She was told to suck his cock until he cummed a last time in her mouth and consider it as a major honour.

When he had filled her mouth, Kumar suddenly changed completely his attitude. He now seemed quite impatient for Jodhaa to return to India with Mark. It was quite typical for Kumar : he had made the proof he was Jodhaa's undisputed Master and now he wanted her to disappear along with Mark : he had no more consideration than an adolescent perturbed by his hormonal development but Jodhaa didn't argue with him : returning to India with Mark was everything she wanted! She just went to her bedroom to take a scented bath and prepare her luggage. She phoned her travel company to see when there was a flight, the sooner the better, just in case Kumar changed once more his plans. They were lucky : the next plane for Mumbai would leave in three hours and there were several seats available in business class. Jodhaa would take her much needed rest in the plane...

They boarded the plane and Jodhaa went to sleep immediately. She had chatted with Mark and finally had decided to keep the dog collar with the medal around her neck, just wearing a kameez (Indian dress looking like a long tunic) that hid it almost completely. Nobody would notice her pussy and her breasts were not covered by even a stitch : Kumar's friends had used so wildly her cunt and mauled her breasts that she couldn't accept the slightest contact on her tender spots! Mark asked the flight attendant for a comforter and a night mask. She had barely time enough to done them before she was dead asleep! She woke up around eight hours later. Jodhaa lifted her head from the couch and turned, looking for Mark. At the place her beloved husband had occupied previously, she found someone else, some one she knew quite intimately : the prince Kyrhan!

-Kyrhan! What are you doing in this plane? Where is Mark?

-I sent him to sleep in my first class seat. He really needed it! I needed to convince the flight attendant and she seemed quite interested by my appearance! I had to give her a sample of my sexual capacities in the plane toilets. It reminded me of my first years with Kira!

-I see! You don't need to emphasize it a little more! I am sure she would die for a second performance! You didn't explain me what you are doing on this plane?

-I had come in England to visit Kira who was in France with Dan and Leena in Birmingham. I have a problem with her : it will soon be the moment to knock her once more!

-Then where is the problem? You just provide her with some suitable stallion ready to fuck her and wait nine months to collect his baby!

-Yes but this time, it's somewhat different : the next man in the waiting list is someone Leena knows quite well : the infamous Gupta, now a squire of the British Empire, by the way! He has offered a quarter of a million US Dollars for the privilege of breeding Leena. I declined the offer initially but he has pestered me since, offering the double of this sum to help rebuild schools after a typhoon near the Bangladesh border. Leena has offered much money from her own account for the same cause. So I decided it was she who would make the decision!

-And what has she decided?

-You bet? She agreed immediately and she will carry the child! For a mere half million dollars! The breeding will take place in two weeks during Leena's next fertile period! I wish I hadn't told my physician to prolong her baby making period! Gupta has offered the double to breed Kira, too, but I, being the husband, was in a position to decline the offer! Dan endorsed my choice but Kira would have agreed just to bring some relief to populations!

-I don't want to hear any more from it : Gupta is a dirty old man, a beast and no woman should have anything to do with him but a cash crazy whore : he is a pimp, a black mailer!

-Yes but he is strong and he can be very well mannered, even obsequious and some women like him enormously!

-Be sure I don't! You're quite handsome and well mannered and I'll always care more for you or Mark than I would Kumar or Gupta! Kumar is just selfish and wants to control his female fellows. Mark is an exception that helps him to control me more closely but Gupta is full of contempt for any human being and wants to transform all of them, male or female, into his puppets... He is clever and, thus, far more dangerous!

-Thank you for your kind appreciation on myself, Jodhaa!

-Just my true opinion, Prince! Do you know when Mark should come back?

-We chatted a long time and he went to my seat just two or three hours ago. I had to send him to bed! He looked quite tired and I think we won't see him again until we arrive in Mumbai!

-Then perhaps we should take advantage on it : I don't forget that I still belong to your harem and you haven't paid me a visit for a long time! Aren't you interested by me anymore?

-Certainly not, Jodhaa. I just thought that between Mark and Kumar, you had a sufficient work schedule and you would appreciate to get some rest!

-Nice from you to take so much care of me but I am certainly not a fragile piece of china! I won't break if you fuck me hard. I even love when you fuck my brains out! Perhaps we could now : the cabin is almost empty and the other passengers are snoring! Mark won't care! He loves sloppy seconds and doesn't really care who visited me before him : Kumar, some unspecified Dalit or anyone else. He would get proud and even happy if he discovered us fucking in this cabin!

-If you think so, why deny him such a treat?

Kyrhan took Jodhaa's elbow and gently drew her to him. She smiled to him and bent forward to offer him her lips. She was wearing a European style dress with a silk shawl to cover her shoulders. When Kyrhan kissed her deeply, the shawl knot was undone and it slid away from her right shoulder and it revealed the deep cleavage between her breasts. Kyrhan froze an instant to enjoy the view he had. He could follow the proud curves of her stiff breast that seemed ready to poke through the flimsy fabric! He commented with praise in his voice :

-God! Kumar and Mark are lucky to be able to enjoy your beauty, Jodhaa! I think that you are as beautiful as my dear Kira!

-Flatterer! Isn't it one of the reasons why you allowed me to enter your harem?

-Certainly, I have always picked up the prettiest girls but as we have had little opportunities to dally together, I didn't remember how attractive you could be!

-Then, perhaps, you could refresh your memory, Prince! I am totally yours : you can explore any recesses of my body!

Kyrhan nodded. He would take advantage of her total surrender! He remained on his seat and made her stand up in front of him. He slowly hitched up the hem of her dress to reveal the tiny G string in black lace that was desperately trying to cover her shaven pussy... At least, she had kept the habit of shaving perfectly her pussy. He gently pulled it down until it was around her heels. Jodhaa obediently lifted alternatively her feet to allow him to remove completely her string... He dropped a kiss on her pussy with a long lick on her crack. She answered with a wanton sigh! He told her :

-It's just the beginning! We have still plenty of time! Spread your legs wide so that I have free access to your pussy when I'll feel like returning to it later!

Jodhaa followed his orders. Kyrhan let her dress fall down to her mid thighs. He reached up and completely removed her scarf. He threw it aside and stood up. He stepped behind her... Her dress had buttons all the way down in the front. Kyrhan looked around : all the other travellers were still asleep. They were safe. He started to unbutton completely Jodhaa's dress without any resistance.

-Let's check whether your breasts are as mouth watering as your nice pussy, girl!

Kyrhan slowly parted her dress discovering that she was totally naked underneath. She hadn't worn a bra or a camisole and he had deprived her from her G-string! God! Jodhaa was even more beautiful than in his memory : her breasts were taut and full, her nipples were pointing like bullets, pushing aside her dress. He had a complete view on her front from her toes to her neck and Jodhaa was a King's morsel! She could have had a sign post above her saying : "Hey! I am very pretty! I need to be fucked! I WANT to be fucked! I will be fucked by YOU!"

A glimmer caught Kyrhan's eye : Jodhaa's pussy lips were glistening and he knew the reason why : she was aroused and she was already prepared to receive him there! His own cock sprang up to a nice erection : if this girl was ready for sex, he would give her more than she could have expected. He had always been proud of his capabilities but he wanted to surpass himself!

Kyrhan pushed the flaps of her dress backward until her shoulders were free. The fabric held her arms back and she looked even more completely offered. He just wondered how come her nipples had not already drilled through the silk fabric! He admired again her breasts : they were in the shape of big apples, not the cone or pear like appearance he often associated with plastic surgery. They yielded under his fingers and wobbled slightly when she moved but they didn't actually sag. The only comparison he could make was with Kira : his wife had slightly bigger tits and they were less conical. Kira's chest was slenderer and her breasts looked bigger, almost out of proportion with her shoulders. That added to Kira's sex appeal : most men got fascinated by her pair of tits. Jodhaa was less aggressively proportioned but she was still extremely pretty. Kumar had probably worked her pretty hard : her muscles seemed more tuned than the last time he had seen her and she must have lost a few pounds. When you have very frequent sex, you may spend less time eating!

Jodhaa's tits were just too attractive for Kyrhan to skip the opportunity to play with them immediately. He took both of them in his hands and squeezed them gently. She squealed slightly but sent him the most vibrant smile. Her tits were firm but pleasant to maul. The term that jumped to his mind was pneumatic. It would be heaven to rest his head on her breasts after some harassing meeting, to use her as a cushion but Kyrhan shrugged in disgust for having developed such ideas : Jodhaa wasn't some object to be used for his comfort : she was a human being, beautiful but he mustn't consider her for her sexual advantages : she was clever and versatile!

Men as different as Mark, Kumar and him seemed to enjoy her conversation, her constant support and her astounding moral qualities as much as her sexual abilities. She was dedicated to her friends and would do anything to support of help them! That was how she could be compared with Kira and that was probably why Kyrhan had been interested by her! Kumar probably enjoyed playing with her body, to have her at his side but confusedly felt he would never own her mind completely and that was probably why he allowed her to return to India with Mark so easily...

Her submission fuelled some sadistic traits in Kyrhan's mind deepest recesses. He applied more force in his grip, squeezing and crushing her tits in his hands. She moaned and then cried in anguish but she didn't try to elude his contact. On the contrary, she pressed her breasts in his hands... He changed his grip so that each of her nipples was totally offered between his thumb and forefinger. He considered the pointed cones for a second then bent his head to take the sensitive buds alternatively into his mouth. He pumped so hard that each time he stopped to change to the other nipple, the released one appeared pointed and double its normal length.

You could have imagined that Jodhaa would have disliked such a brutal treatment but, on the contrary, she continued to press his head against her breasts, massaging his neck and dropping frenzied kisses on his forehead. Her slender hips were bouncing up and down freely in a very suggestive dance. She threw her head backwards, throwing out her superb mane back in the same movement.

-Now, please Master, your girl wants to be fucked by her Prince!

- Not so fast, wench! We have to explore things a bit more, I think!

Kyrhan then resumed his licking, sucking and lapping of her extended nipples. He ran his tongue around the tips and across the whole nipples. Judging from the groans and moans Jodhaa produced, she really enjoyed the treatment he was offering her and she was certainly not the victim of some rape! Jodhaa was mewling like a she cat in heat. When Kyrhan took a whole tit in his mouth, her moans grew in pitch and volume tremendously and she started to utter encouraging words :

- Oh! Kyrhan, it's so good! Don't dare stopping or I might kill you with my bare hands! Again, please! Ah! Aaaahh! Aaaaarrrgggghhhhhhhh!

Jodhaa was whimpering wildly in total ecstasy. She was just barely controlling herself not to scream, not to awaken the other travellers. Mark could have entered the cabin at this moment, she would certainly not have pushed Kyrhan back! Now she wanted to be fucked, she NEEDED to be fucked and Kyrhan was the man she wanted to fuck her for the moment!

Kyrhan seemed impervious to her pleas, he opened his hands to free her nipples and placed his hands around her narrow waist. He drew her toward him and she certainly didn't oppose the movement : she wrapped her arms around his neck in total abandon and kissed him back! His hands had wandered under her waist and his right hand had reached for her crotch. Jodhaa instinctively opened her legs wide : she wanted to be totally available for her master! She wasn't surprised when she felt Kyrhan's other man exploring the crack of her ass. She grabbed both her ass cheeks in her hands and forced them open as hard as she could. The tip of Kyrhan's forefinger found soon the rosette of her ass hole, drew tiny circles around it, and then pressed at the centre of her back passage. Jodhaa looked at her Master straight in the eyes and told him in a raucous voice!

- Yes, Kyrhan, do it! My ass belongs to you like everything in my body, my flesh or my soul!

Jodhaa's belly spasmed and her ass hole opened slowly of its own under Kyrhan's forefinger. The first knuckle disappeared into her body, then the second until it couldn't get any deeper. Kyrhan moved it in and out until her sphincter loosened more completely, and then he pulled out his finger. Jodhaa moaned in frustration but Kyrhan pressed his middle finger along with his fore finger into the gaping hole between Jodhaa's ass cheeks. The two fingers went in easily accompanied by a gasp of pleasure :

-Oh, Kyrhan! It's so good having you take care of me again. Kumar uses me like an object to be used and abused and Mark sees me as a fragile goddess on a pedestal. With you only, I feel like a woman who can give or receive pleasure, who can follow a sensible discussion with other persons and that sort of things, prepare food for her mate or take care of her household!

-Do you mean that you don't like any more Mark?

-Certainly not! I still love him with all my heart but having someone consider me as an equal, a true woman is so important for me!

Kyrhan returned to his task, finger fucking Jodhaa's ass while he licked and sucked her sweet pussy. Within a few minutes, her cunt starting oozing fluids, her crotch became quite wet. He inhaled deeply the delicate aroma emanating from her pussy that was drenched with her love juices. God : Kyrhan would plough into her pussy like a hot knife cutting through a block of butter! Would she feel anything BEFORE he had hammered his cock to the hilt in her pussy!

Kyrhan madly sucked and chomped on her swollen pussy lips, pushing his tongue deeper into her pussy. Jodhaa bucked in response and pushed to open herself even more completely. Her legs bounced when she reached her first climax and emitted a sharp squeal :


That was the first of a long series. Kyrhan was a very experienced lover and he knew how to keep a girl just on the edge and push her over the edge at the moment he decided. He would wait just the few moments needed and started her on another ascension toward another climax! Jodhaa would never return to normal conscience until he decided so! She would stay on a pink cloud with angels carolling around her as long as Kyrhan wanted unless she fainted from sensual overload!

Jodhaa fell exhausted by too many climaxes. She knew that Kyrhan on his side hadn't cummed at all. She told him that she wanted him to take his pleasure with her, at last! For some reason, her concern just aroused him tremendously. His cock was still rather limp and flaccid although it was already around eight inches long. Jodhaa had often played with it and knew that at full erection it reached more than a foot long! It would fill her to her cervix with several inches remaining out of her pussy but Jodhaa knew by experience that Kyrhan would not feel satisfied with it... The thrill of anticipation about the final aftermath and the unavoidable conclusion was the reason why she had done her best to seduce the prince and offer herself to his lust!

The Prince had placed his cock just at the entrance of her pussy. This tenuous contact had been sufficient to make his cock as rigid as a rock. Certainly Jodhaa was in a similar mood as her love juices were dripping from her pussy in little droplets, just like tears. Kyrhan took his cock in his hand and rocked it in her pussy to coat the tip with her juices. Then he started pushing in deeper. The beginning was a bit painful as Kyrhan had not visited her for a long time, just Mark, Kumar and many friends of the actor... Kyrhan's cock was not as long as Kumar's but it was significantly bigger. Jodhaa enjoyed that pain as it was an anticipation of the pleasures to come to her later...

Kyrhan pushed his cock slowly deeper into Jodhaa's pussy, expanding gradually her pussy walls. He took extreme care not to inflict undue pain to his partner! He regularly pulled back by one or two inches to reduce the pressure but this retreat was followed almost immediately by a new surge forward by two or three inches. Inch after inch, he went in deeper. Kyrhan was quite accustomed to this lengthy progression as his harem now housed usually more than fifteen girls plus a few occasional ones he received from time to time...

Usually Kyrhan used his playmates' pussies on the wedding night and during the following honeymoon but he usually avoided to use their pussies afterward and got satisfied with their ass holes : most of his girls were married and the husbands were less richly endowed than Kyrhan. So he left them their pussies. For such pretty girls, it was always a real challenge to receive such a big boner in their back passages for the first times but they always got to finally enjoy it. After the honeymoon, Kyrhan visited each girl once every month, every two weeks or so for the elected girls but usually every day for Princess Kira. Their sexual games could last a whole night if they felt like it. Kira could be as tireless as Kyrhan was when they had sex together!

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