A Beggar's Social Advancement Ch. 05


Returning to the present, Kyrhan was once more sliding back the thick head of his cock, rubbing the tender lining of her pussy with his massive erection. She sighed deeply as the tip of his cock explored the very moist folds of her pussy. The pink petals of her labia were stretched out around his huge cock, just as if they were about to be split open. Jodhaa's pussy was stretched out to the limit but both of them were focused on the ultimate goal : they wanted the whole length to go in : it had been done, a few months before. There was no reason the feat couldn't be repeated, even if it caused terrible pain to either of them or both! They were dedicated!

- A good lesson for you Jodhaa : the fact that someone well endowed like Kumar is interested by you doesn't prevent you from visiting my bedroom once a week, at least! When you are abroad, just ask Kira : she has had a pair of dildos cast on my cock : she can lend one to you. It will keep your ass stretched out and your pussy if the need arises. I doubt Mark will make an objection if you are frequently screwed by Kumar, I don't think he would find his solace with you, except in your mouth...

Kyrhan pushed in deeper and reached her cervix. He had bottomed out and Kumar never tried to get any deeper by Kyrhan did! He made a series of quick jabs at her sphincter, making her emit shrill moans like a bride during the wedding night. She was tossing her head from side to side, flinging her magnificent hair around. She opened her mouth in a silent scream when Kyrhan pushed a little more. She knew what came next and that was the moment she feared and desired at the same time.

Kyrhan pushed deeper into Jodhaa's pussy. She groaned in pain when the tip of his cock bottomed out against her closed cervix. Jodhaa grabbed the Prince's shoulders and planted her nails into his back. She wanted him as strongly as Kyrhan wanted her! There was no doubt between them! Her deliciously tight cunt was driving him wild. How could this girl be still so tight after having been fucked so often by a bull like Kumar? He hammered at her sphincter and finally felt it yield under the terrible pressure. She mewled like a tigress in heat when his cock passed through the last barrier... He stopped for a few seconds to allow her to adjust to the unusual dilatation of her internal organs.

It was Jodhaa who gave the signal for a new assault when she humped back, allowing him to get even deeper into her. He resumed instantly his hammering and each forward thrust gradually pried her sphincter a bit more open! When the head was totally lodged into her womb: the entry of the last inch of his rock hard shaft was so much easier that it was just a sweet epilogue to a furious combat. The lining of her womb was so deliciously soft that he felt gripped in a velvet cage. She sighed deeply when the tip of his cock banged against the back of her womb. It was in all the way and Kyrhan could enjoy the aftermath of his total conquest...

Kyrhan had used Jodhaa's pussy in the same way during their short honeymoon but he had drawn more complete pleasure from this conquest than from the previous occasions. Perhaps, it was the consequence of having been deprived of sex with this girl for months : it had been like a new defloration of a virginal pussy and Jodhaa seemed to have enjoyed it tremendously, too! Kyrhan wasn't selfish like Kumar : he loved nothing more than watching the girl in his arms cum wildly and Jodhaa had cummed like a princess, according to her rank!

During their eighty minutes romp, she had experienced numerous orgasms, gradually climbing in intensity. OK there had been smaller ones in between but the general trend was there and the small ones had just fuelled her wish for the next big one! But when Kyrhan had surged through her cervix, it had been quite different : a long-lasting wave of delirious ecstasy so different from what Kumar had offered her. She had been able to feel something like that with Mark, but just because she really loved him and that was sufficient to enhance her feelings! Jodhaa was groaning continuously, begging for more and not ashamed of it... She arched her body back when she felt Kyrhan spewing his sperm deep in her womb and she just fainted...

When she woke up, she opened her eyes and had the surprise to discover Mark on her side. He looked rested. She parted slightly her lips and licked sensually her lips to make the more attractive. Mark couldn't miss the opportunity and he covered her mouth with his, invading it with a conquering tongue...

-Sorry, love, you were just asleep when Kyrhan appeared out of the blue : he was flying in first class. We chatted for some time. I was groggy with exhaustion and he offered me to sleep on his seat while he would take care of you. When I came back, he told me you would be happy to find me at your side and he has returned to his seat!

-Yes, I chatted with him at some time when I woke up... He had gone to Europe to meet Kira and Leena...

-If I judge from the black rings around your eyes and the wrinkled state of your bed sheets, I think you did more than just chat!

-I have no secrets for you. You know that you and Kyrhan are the most important men in my life! I hope you aren't jealous!

-Certainly not! I just feared that you would place Kumar in the same category we are!

-You are stupid, Mark! Kumar is no more important for me than a sex toy. He is handsome and he has a nice long cock and plenty of gorgeous friends. But he is no match for you who I love dearly nor for Kyrhan who may have a cock a bit shorter but really meatier than Kumar and he knows far better how to use it.

-And where do you place Dan and Rajeev and our other friends?

-Oh them : not very far from you and Kyrhan but still way above Kumar! A girl just senses that she is nothing but a toy for Kumar but Kyrhan just cares for her! Shall we find some secluded place for me to prove I really care for you?

-It would be nice but be cautious when you move : Kyrhan has left you totally naked under the sheet... He has taken your European clothes with him and just left you a petticoat, a saree and a choli. I think that it is how he wants you to return to India!

-India is my country of adoption and if Kyrhan wants me in a traditional outfit, I don't see any reason not to oblige him! As the Prince has forgotten to provide me with any undies, I assume we may take any opportunity to explore things together in some Mumbai hotel! What would you think of it?

-I would just say that I know a rather good hotel not very far from the airport!

-That suits me perfectly! Just inform the room service that we will take breakfast, lunch and dinner in our suite for three days!

-Just three days? I would have said a whole week! Then we'll hop to New Delhi

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by Anonymous12/08/17

A very good read

Avery good story but rather than a begger with a large member and no manners it would have been better with a good old fashion gangbang and with a beating for him

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