tagBDSMA Beginning

A Beginning


As I pulled out my floggers for tonight's scene my hands caressed the long black leather strips. I gripped the rigid handle and tugged on the loops to make sure they were sound. I inspected each flogger for damage and cleanliness. Knowing I would find none, as they were meticulously taken care of.

While I laid them on the bed next to the rope and cuffs I couldn't help but think about when I had learned to flog; it was years ago. Always curious, I had been invited to a local lifestyle convention by a couple I knew.

Although expensive, I knew that there would be plenty of ass and the Thursday night "Leather and Lace" theme night intrigued me.

I read up on their site of what was expected. Single males were frowned on unless invited, suppose I had been lucky there. There was a dress code for the evening, as you had to be clothed in leather or lace to be admitted.

Also, exhibitions of different BDSM disciplines were to be held earlier in the day. Very curious and interested in the spankings, floggings, and shibari exhibitions, I planned to try to make it to all of them.

I began to do some homework before the convention. Luckily, we had booked our rooms early enough to get ones close to the pool area and with direct access to the party suites.

I wondered on my wardrobe and visited a local leather shop. The owner of the small shop "Lady L leather" eyed me as I entered. She was middle-aged, slightly overweight and quite intimidating.

The smell of the fresh leather overwhelmed me. God, how I love that smell. I slowly entered, walking past the racks of chaps, pants, vests, and corsets. There were toys, collars, chains, and various other items I had no idea existed covering the walls.

As I approached the counter, I peered inside the glass display. Cock rings, cages and ornate nipple clamps filled the case. The beauty of a glass butt plug caught my eye. It had a long pony like tail coming from it with a multi-colored glass inset.

The quiet sound of porn behind a curtain caught my attention. I began to speak to the woman behind the counter, who I later learned to be Lizabeth "Miss, do you know if your leather pants come in a 36" length?" She stood and looked at me as if gauging and evaluating my question for a moment.

"Of course, baby," she said. "We create most leather garments here to fit," she said matter-of-factly. The "baby" spun my head for a moment, as it was obvious it was not a term of endearment, but more an acute observation on her part.

I was always in control and had a natural dominating presence. This was a foreign feeling for me. Stepping outside of my area of expertise was quite intimidating for me. I swallowed my pride, but stood straighter as we began to discuss the pants.

She was quickly very personal and somewhat intrusive. I felt her hands on me, touching, feeling my hips, thighs, eying me. Yes, she had a fabric tape measure, but it didn't seem like she was using it.

"Finally," she muttered, "It's too fucking hot for leather pants."

"Yes," I agreed. That day in Vegas was nearing 120. "They are for a party in a few months," I confided. Her eyebrows rose, showing her curiosity.

"And, where is this party that requires you to wear leather pants?" she asked, eyeing me again.

"Actually, I need a whole outfit and it is the Lifestyle convention." I said quietly. She chuckled to herself as her composure softened. Her change in demeanor helped put me at ease.

"Honey, let's find you something suitable," she purred. Grabbing my hand she led me throughout the store. She questioned me about my plans for the convention. After she had heard of my interests, she began sharing some experiences of "when she was younger."

It was then that I noticed that the porn memorabilia on the walls featured her, and apparently her now husband. I found out that it was he who was watching porn in the backroom as he worked on various leather items.

I looked at several cover photos. Here was Lizabeth crying, pinned, red, swollen, covered with come and various other bodily fluids. My cock grew as I thought perhaps there were others out there that enjoyed the same things that had always excited me.

Having learned my name she brought me back to her with a soft, "Michael." She asked about my date as we neared the wall of collars, leashes and bindings. "I'm going with a couple friends of mine," I confessed, "no date."

Her eyes glowed as she shook her head slowly. "Your life is going to change in a few months. Soon you will be looking for someone with whom you can share this lifestyle," she said, as if from experience.

"I really cannot wait," I blurted out. She smiled as she turned around and picked out a jet-black shirt for me. As she looked over the belts, we again discussed the different things that I thought would interest me at the convention. The spankings, domination, submission, rope work, exhibitionism, at each topic she just shook her head.

"Do you think you could hit someone?" she asked. "A woman more accurately?"

Obviously flustered, I looked to the ground. "Well, I've spanked plenty of girls," I was finally able to get out.

"No honey, if a girl asked you to slap her, make her raw, leave marks, could you?" she asked.

I had never done anything like that; I mean, I had had plenty of rough sex. This was not to say I hadn't thought of it plenty of times.

"I think I could," I answered, smiling.

"Well, why don't we find out on Friday?" she quipped.

"What is Friday?" I asked as the smile dropped from my face.

She didn't answer right away as she picked out a pair of black denim pants for me.

"Not leather?" I asked.

Laughing, she answered, "Honey, I don't think you're interested in that side of the road."

Blushing I took the pants from her. She led me to the changing room, which was literally a small area curtained off with an open area where a door would be. I quickly changed into the shirt and pants, watching the front door to see if anyone was going to walk in. The shirt was tight, which showed off my muscles. The pants fit well; they showed off my growing cock.

She returned with a perfectly fitted, set of beautiful square-toed, leather boots. "You're missing something," she said as she checked me out. She returned quickly and handed me two plain leather cuffs for my wrists.

Finally, I felt like I should be in the store. The boots made me even taller than my 6'3". As I walked out of the changing area, she walked up to me. I heard her clear her throat and then mutter, "God have mercy."

"Sir!" she called out. I heard the hum of the machine stop in the back as her Sir came from behind the curtain. He was not a tall man, with dark black curly hair; he was slightly overweight as well. As he walked up, he introduced himself. "I'm Sir Roger," he said holding out his hand.

"Pleasure, I'm Michael." I returned.

"Michael is going to the Lifestyle convention in a few months. He'd like to learn a few things before then, if that's possible?" Lizabeth asked with a wink. Roger eyed me as Lizabeth added, "Like Friday."

Roger looked at her, shaking his head. "If you think he's ready, I'll get him an invite," he answered. Roger returned to the back room, as Lizabeth led me to the counter. "I want you to walk out of here in these clothes, a changed man," she said. As we finished the transaction, Roger returned with a thick stationary card.

"Bring this invite Friday, as you will not be admitted without it. You are our guest. Please do not bring anyone else with you this time," he said smiling.

I agreed and slipped the invite in between the layers of my folded jeans. As I left the store, the black outfit caught the sun and had me sweating instantly. I climbed into my truck. It seemed as if I had just returned from a journey to a far off place.

As I pulled away, I knew that I had no intention of attending this private underground party on Friday. Are they crazy? I wondered.

Apparently, it was me who was crazy. The card lay on my dresser for two days before I opened it on Thursday night. Inside there was a full sized glossy photo of two amazingly beautiful female subs and a Dom. One of the subs was a brunette and the other's hair appeared jet-black, between them stood a man with his arms crossed and a flogger in each hand. I quickly read the invite and found that they would be appearing at the party the following day.

Fuck! I kept thinking, looking back at the picture. These were people my age if not just a bit older. They were hot too! I mean I was fascinated by Roger and Lizabeth, but wasn't sure I wanted to see them in little bits of leather.

The rest of the night, I tried to talk myself out of going. By Friday morning I knew I would go, all day I was antsy. Why does the party have to start at 10 p.m.? I wondered. Just a bit worried, I called a buddy of mine and told him if he didn't hear from me the next day, that he would find the address of my last known whereabouts at my place.

This obviously led to a very long conversation with him trying to figure out what I was doing that night. Wondering if I'd screwed up by telling, I finally quelled his curiosity when I lied about meeting some psycho bitch that loved to fuck, but may cut me too.

As the time neared, I showered and dressed for the night. As I put on each piece of clothing, I remembered my time in the store. My mind was bombarded with questions.

Soon enough I would have my answers as I headed to the location of the party. I pulled up to the guard-gated community. I gave the name and address of the place I was headed. The guard looked at me, nodded and opened the gate. The drive through the affluent community felt surreal. The houses were huge and actually had some property, which was odd for Vegas.

The house, if you could call it that was at the end of a cul-de-sac. The place was more a mansion at least two stories high, it appeared majestic, with two columns on each side of the door. Grass and huge trees lined each side of the walkway. I finally found a place to park, as a lot of guests had obviously already arrived.

As I walked to the front door, I could hear the low thump of music coming from inside. I rang the bell and an older gentleman answered the door. He stood quite a bit shorter than me. He had round glasses and blonde hair. He was dressed completely in black, including the bandana that peeked out of his left back pocket. His lady was on his arm, holding their drinks. She was taller than him and quite attractive with long lashes and long hair. She was wearing high boots and a corset with matching panties and pasties over her nipples.

The gentleman drew my attention away from the X shaped pasties. "Can I help you?" he asked.

"Yes sir, I'm here for the party. I'm a friend of Roger and Lizabeth's," I said. He stared at me without saying a word. For an uncomfortable moment I stared back and then remembered my invite. I reached into my back pocket and pulled it out. Visibly relaxed, the man invited me in and said that he'd last seen my friends in the Living room.

As the door closed behind me, I felt enveloped in another place. I felt only slight trepidation at the thought that I was now inside with the door closed. The low reverberation of the bass hit me deep in my soul. I began to make my way through the house. I was somewhat surprised at first, as I had envisioned a mass orgy. Most of the people I encountered where chatting and other than their sexy attire, the party seemed normal.

I first noticed Lizabeth as I entered the kitchen. As she chatted with a man, two other young men were kneeling at her feet. She held their leashes loosely and they appeared subservient to her. Each wore nothing other than a pair of black shorts and a collar, they were obviously hers.

She noticed me immediately. She smiled and waved me over crying out, "Sir Michael!" I blushed a bit as the entire room turned to look at me, but I walked straight and tall as I went to meet her.

Her deep, warm, embrace would have been more appropriate to old friends, who had known each other forever. I felt the eyes of her slaves on me, and could feel their jealousy as I began to pull away and was then pulled back into another deep embrace. Her large breasts smashed into my hard chest. Lizabeth kissed me gingerly on the lips, smiling.

As we separated, I could taste her rum on my lips. "I have been talking about you Sir Michael," she began. My eyebrows rose, questioning. "I want you to meet Master Simon," she said as she turned to the man she had been speaking with. I noticed immediately that he was the man in the picture included with the card.

His handshake was firm and his voice soft as he spoke. "Liz has said that you're new to the scene and very interested in flogging," he said.

"I am interested in many things," I said, feeling my skin flush. He took a slow drink as Liz commanded one of her slaves to bring me one. The slave crawled off quickly followed by a smack of Liz's hand on his ass.

As I received my drink, we moved our conversation to a more quiet room. Liz left us as more of her friends arrived. Simon began to discuss the physiological and psychological aspects of spanking with me. I learned of: subspace, aftercare, subdrop, harm vs. hurt and endorphin and hormone releases. He discussed with me the importance of being connected with your subs. He described, as best he could, how to watch the movements of a sub, listen to their sounds and what to observe with their non-verbal communications. I soaked everything in like a sponge.

Enthralled, I hadn't noticed that we had been joined by his two subs. Several other groups had come close as well, listening to our conversation. Both of his subs sat at his feet, each holding one of his legs. They were both equally gorgeous, dressed in only short black latex skirts and knee high boots.

Neither looked at me, and it appeared that to them, Simon was the only person in the room. Lost in my admiration for this man, he brought me back to attention when he spoke. "Michael, would you like to join us for a demonstration?"

I was shocked. I didn't know what to expect. Was he going to spank me? "Umm, what do I do?" I stammered.

Smiling he said, "I will show you everything. Remember, pay attention to detail. It's the small things that matter."

"OK." I said, standing up with him.

As he rose, it seemed as if an unspoken signal was sent through the party. A crowd began to gather around to watch. His sub with the short jet-black hair rose, without a word, she strutted to a small wooden column in the room. Simon motioned me over, as he opened a long rectangular case.

Inside the case were two beautiful floggers. Both were different shades of black and gray. He explained the difference in the two types of leather, how each would leave a different feeling to the skin. Running them through his hand he allowed me to hold them, to feel the balanced weight.

I returned them as he once again held them, smiling. "Go to Natasha and stand in front of her." He instructed. I followed his gaze and knew that Natasha must be the sub that had her hands above her head on the column, legs spread and ass pressed out and toward us.

My cock grew hard as I walked toward her. Her skirt had been removed revealing the oval of her pussy, swollen and wet. Only her long black boots remained. As I neared her, I felt Simon behind me. "Caress her ass," he instructed.

Slowly, I let my hand rest on her right cheek. I was shocked to find her skin cool in the hot room. The goose bumps rose up as she moaned and wiggled her ass just a bit.

"Remember, you must know her body. Do not miss a spot," he instructed. My second hand joined the first as I began to warm her ass with my hands. I rubbed her entire rear end, feeling her heat as I brushed over her pussy and asshole.

"Good," he said. His voice changed as he said, "Let's begin."

My hands moved as Natasha reacted immediately. Simon's hand appeared to be made of liquid as he flicked his wrist lighting the flogger onto her skin softly. The soft sound of the leather striking was somewhat deceiving as I noticed her skin begin to pink from the contact.

Her moans became just a bit louder as I watched Simon's technique. He crossed the flogger over his chest and gathered the strips for a split second before releasing again. After a few minutes of this he stopped.

"Caress her," he instructed. Stepping close again I let my hands soothe her now hot ass. She moaned as I massaged her cheeks and when I brushed against her pussy she rocked back and forth as if she wanted my fingers inside of her.

"My pet," he said softly, "Show Michael how much you appreciate his touch." Incredulous, I watched as her hands dropped to find my belt buckle and release it. She pulled me slightly to the front of her, moving me. Then my hard thick cock was out in a matter of seconds. I felt the soft heat of her mouth take me in as Simon began flogging again.

My hands moved to her breasts, as he continued his punishment on her ass. I worked her nipples, kneading and pulling tightly on them as she expertly sucked my cock. I could tell when he would hit a good spot, as Natasha would moan and suck me in deeper.

For several minutes this continued. I could now see the blotchy, red areas on her ass. The strikes looked stronger as Simon's muscles flexed and sweat beaded on his forehead. The flogger sounded almost whip-like as her beatings echoed against the walls. Natasha stopped for a moment, raising her head, smiling, as she looked back at Simon.

Simon worked each cheek, lingering in some places longer than others, but always moving. He made sure to strike her lower back and her inner thighs. The blows to her pussy were always just a bit lighter, but elicited amazing results. A high pitched squeak would come from Natasha's mouth each time, and then she would take my cock deep into her throat, gagging each time.

My cock was really getting a work out and I couldn't help but grab her short hair. I noticed that she had somehow started to move just a bit differently. I wondered if perhaps she needed a moment. I released my strong hold of her hair and began to softly stroke her shoulders. I looked to Simon, to notice that he was watching me. A huge smile crossed his face as he slowed and then stopped the strikes.

Natasha took my cock from her mouth, breathing hard and fast. Her eyes were watering and I wasn't sure if it was from gagging or from the work on her ass. She pressed the top of her head against my pelvis as I massaged her back side. Her arms wrapped around me as I continued to care for her.

Simon reached into his case and pulled the second flogger out. Wiping sweat from his brow, he watched approvingly.

I began to speak to Natasha in a very low voice. "You are beautiful. You please me." It was just as Simon had said. The more I spoke with her, the more she calmed and focused.

My fingers found her cunt and I was amazed at how wet it had become. Her juices were dripping slowly out of her to soaked inner thighs. I slid my fingers over her lips as she moaned. Two fingers automatically penetrated her and I began to slowly finger fuck her.

I moved to her side and she grabbed the column as I picked up speed. The wet smacking sounds of her pussy were loud, echoing in the room as she moaned and bucked on my hand. I slid my fingers out and found that her clit was engorged. I teased it for a moment, before I slid my fingers back inside of her.

Simon approached with a flogger in each hand. He stood very still next to us. He watched his sub's breathing. He watched and listened to me speak and caress and finger fuck her. Taking both floggers in one hand, he laid the other hand lightly on Natasha's hot, red ass. I slowed and stopped amazed at how her skin immediately reacted to his touch. Goosebumps rose across her entire back side and I felt her shudder.

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