tagGay MaleA Bellhop's Duties Ch. 02

A Bellhop's Duties Ch. 02

byJohn Smith 2003©

Note: 1) Please remember that unprotected sex can be very dangerous. Only engage in it without protection if you know and trust your lover or if you like things like Russian Roulette. Remember this is a work of fantasy, not reality.

2) This story involves graphic sex between 2 or more men. If this kind of thing offends you, you're in the wrong place to begin with.


As you might recall from my previous tale, Steve Cooper, the executive assistant of one of the country's young heirs, was staying at the hotel that employs me. While I was only a 'lowly' bellhop, I was asked by my friend, boss, and occasional lover to take care of his every need.

I found that to lead to one of the best weeks of sex I've ever had. I basically moved into Steve's suite and got paid to fuck and suck him. Or to let him fuck and suck me.

Beyond the sex, there seemed to be something more between us. But we agreed not to discuss anything too deep too soon. After all, I was going to resume my bellhop duties when he left to accompany his boss on some globe-trotting excursion.

The night before he left, we took our time and made love until the early hours. Since he had a very early flight, I left rather than stay the night. Our parting kiss was a bit wrenching but full of promise as he told me he was definitely recommending our hotel to his employer.

The next day, after Steve left, I went in to see Bob. I hadn't really spent any time with him for over a week. While we weren't still lovers, I did take care of him on occasion.

"So, I gather Mr. Cooper was pleased with our services?"

I smiled, "Definitely. He said he was going to recommend us to the big guy."

Bob's eyes lit up, "That's marvelous! You know what this means?" I did but let Bob go on, "Raises and promotions. You, my friend, may just become Assistant Concierge."

My heart jumped at the words. That meant another ten grand a year! But I managed to contain myself and said, "Let's not get ahead of ourselves, Bob. Let's just make sure our new client has the best damned stay anywhere."

Bob agreed then asked, "So, you seemed pretty buddy-buddy with Mr. Cooper..." When he winked I knew he knew and was okay with it. Even though we aren't lovers in the strictest sense anymore, we have both felt some pangs of jealousy when the other gets involved with someone.

"I wasn't sure if I should even say anything..."

Bob laughed, "Dude, that first day when I called up to the suite... If he wasn't fucking you, you were giving him one of your patented blowjobs."

I smiled, enjoying the memory, "It was the former."

"So? Was he any good?"

"Bob, I have to tell you... I think I could fall for Steve. Big time. He's a wonderful lover, kind, gentle, sweet..." Then, realizing who I was talking to, I quickly added, "Not that you weren't incredible."

"Mike, it's okay. What we had is in the past. And, to be honest, I think I've found someone too. So, if we're both lucky in the romance department, I'm very happy for us."

"So, no need to 'thank you' for the job anymore?" I asked with a teasing smile.

Bob leaned back in his chair and opened his pants. Out popped his hard-as-a-rock dick. He pumped it once and said, "Well, I wouldn't go that far..."

I laughed and got between his legs, taking his hardness into my mouth.


About a month later, I got wonderful news. Steve was coming back. The only problem was his boss was coming with him. I shouldn't have been too surprised since Steve's solo visit was a rarity.

Still, I was looking forward to seeing him again. We had talked often on the phone and we both felt the closeness growing. I hoped to see how much.

The day came and a stretch limo (and I do mean stretch) pulled up before the hotel's entrance. People started to pile out of it like a circus clown car. Finally, I glimpsed Steve, his handsome face looking around searchingly. When he saw me, his face lit up in a dazzling smile that I mimicked.

After Steve came the subject of this controlled mob. I won't use his real name but will just call him Brian. He was also quite handsome, as anyone who reads the scandal rags or the gossip magazines, or even watched E! will attest. But in real life, I came to know his special magnetism.

To be honest, there were times when I was between boyfriends and I used him as a fantasy Prince Charming whisking me away to our own little love nest/mansion on the Mediterranean.

While his appearance triggered memories of old fantasies, Steve's appearance triggered stronger, better memories of real times of love and lust. While I wouldn't say so to anyone, I really was falling in love with him. I could only hope he was with me too.

Which would open another can of worms. Me a lowly bellhop, or even assistant concierge, and he a major aide to one of America's wealthiest young men. When would we get chances to be together? Or would we even be together?

Then, those doubts vanished as Steve escorted Brian to the desk to sign in. I was there to help with the luggage and got a chance to brush Steve's fingers with my own and felt the pressure returned.

Then I got busy directing a small army of bellhops to get the luggage safely to the various rooms on the top floor which Brian was renting in it's entirety.

Steve took a minute to introduce me. "Brian, this is Mike. He was a great help while I was here last month. Mike, this is Brian _____."

We shook hands as I told him to call me if he needed anything. He has a strong, confident handshake but not overpowering as many high-rollers seem to be. After he released my grip, I felt the tingle for some time. And his smile was etched in my brain too. (Probably seeking out my old fantasies.)

A hour later, after getting the last bit of luggage settled in the right room, I stopped by the Presidential Suite where Brian was staying. The name is a bit of a misnomer, no president has slept there since Kennedy.

"So, Steve says you're the man, Mike. Or is it Michael?"

"Mike is fine, Mr. _____."

"Please, call me Brian. Regardless of what you may have read, I'm not too pretentious. At least I hope I'm not. Am I Steve?"

"Maybe a bit," Steve replied with a smile.

Brian laughed, "That's why I love this guy. He's not afraid to speak his mind. What about you, Mike? Think you can handle me?"

"uh... Well, I don't... That is..."

"Brian, c'mon. Give him a break. He doesn't know your sense of humor yet."

"Well, I'll give you a month, Mike. If you haven't figured out when I'm kidding or not, I'll eat my old varsity baseball hat. Now, both of you, get outta here. I'm taking a shower and then hitting the mattress."

We quickly complied and left the suite. When we were in the hall, Steve started to laugh. I turned and shot him a look which stopped him immediately with a muttered, "Sorry."

"So what's the deal with him?"

"Once you get to know Brian, you'll understand. He's really a great guy. And fun to work for. I haven't regretted it once since I joined his crew." We reached his room, next door to the Presidential Suite. "Well, that's not entirely true. I did regret leaving last month but work..."

While saying this, he was using his cardkey to open the room. I pushed him in and grabbed the back of his head, smothering any further words with my tongue in his mouth.

Finally, after breaking the kiss, I asked, "So, you miss me?"

He stroked the front of my uniform slacks, which were quite tight at the moment. "Oh yeah," he said.

"Or is it you just miss that?" I asked with a glint in my eye.

"Oh, I missed this big ol' thing here but I missed who it's attached to even more."

In seconds we were on the couch kissing passionately. At the same time, I was busy trying to open Steve's pants. I wanted him in my hands, and my mouth, in the worst way.

Steve moaned loudly into my mouth when my gloved hand wrapped around his throbbing meat. When I stroked it, his tongue mimicked the action against my tongue.

Finally, I broke the kiss and moved down to his beautiful erection. I took a moment to just look at it, admiring the size, shape, and structure. Then I licked the head and down the shaft. After playing it like a lollipop, I sucked the entire thing into my mouth.

I was in heaven. I felt like I could suck Steve's sweet meat for eternity. But, work also has a price so I skillfully brought him to a strong climax.

Steve grabbed my blonde locks and blasted wave after wave of his delicious spunk into my mouth. I took it all happily. After swallowing most, I kissed him and shared his seed with him.

"That's a down payment on later," I promised.

Steve smiled and said, "Good. I can hardly wait."

"When will you be free?"

"Unfortunately, probably not before 10 PM. Is that okay?"

I nodded, "I'll use my passkey and wait for you. Still got any porn to watch?"

Steve laughed and shook his head. I found out about him by stumbling on him whacking off to gay porn. It was the only time we watched any the whole rest of the week he was here.

"See ya, Hot Lips," he said, kissing me lightly.

I left his room walking on air.


That night we made love for hours. We started slowly, just kissing and murmuring to each other while sitting on the couch. It started out sweet and tender and soon we were ready for the next step. Taking Steve's hand, I led him into the bedroom.

Once there, we took turns removing each other's clothes, kissing newly revealed areas while we did so, but making a point of avoiding the turgid meat between our legs. That would come later.

Although, when I was kneeling to remove Steve's socks, his beautiful dick was right there and oozing his sweet precum. I 'accidentally' rubbed it with my cheek. Steve helped me to my feet and licked his essence off me then shared the flavor with me.

After a long kiss, we walked into the bathroom, our arms around each other's waists. The heat from his body was turning me on even more as we stepped into the shower.

Then we began what had become a favorite foreplay ritual of ours. We took turns washing each other thoroughly. It involved the most sexual aspect of our evenings to that point when we would each clean the other's ass.

I often cheated during the showers too and kissed Steve's semi-hard dick. On occasion, I'd even tickle the head with my tongue but that was as far as we would get in the stall.

Most of the time we held each other and kissed. The feel of his hard body against mine while our tongues played and our hands stroked and caressed was always tender, fun, exciting and arousing.

After drying each other, we returned to the bedroom. Facing each other on opposite sides of the king-sized bed, we'd crawl onto the mattress and walk towards each other on our knees. Our hands would reach out and grasp the other as we came together for still more kissing.

This night was pretty much a replay of those nights before when we'd make love to each other as long as possible. We made out, showered, and ended up in bed naked. Tonight we moved into the classic 69 position and took each other into our mouths.

We started slow, licking and kissing each other's hard shaft while fondling our partner's balls. I seemed to lead the way with Steve copying my actions.

I started by treating him like a lollipop, a favorite method of mine. Slowly licking the shaft from the root to the head then swabbing all around the head and then licking down the shaft. I traced the veins with the tip of my tongue and traced the mushroom shape where the head swelled out from the shaft. Then I took him into my mouth and began to lick and suck.

With Steve sucking me at the same time, and the fact that we were both highly aroused to begin with, it wasn't long before we both started to spasm and shoot our loads.

Swallowing only a bit of Steve's cum, I moved around to kiss him. We faced each other and shared our semen, mixing it before swallowing it. The kiss didn't stop at that point as we both seemed to excel at sharing our emotions through our mouths and tongues.

After several minutes of passionate kissing, Steve fell back onto the mattress. I lay next to him, my head resting on his shoulder as we recovered and readied ourselves for the next session of hot sex.

That's when he brought up an idea I hadn't considered and wasn't sure I was ready to go along with. "Remember when you told me about how Brian had been a fantasy lover?"

I nodded, "Yes. Why?"

"He was for me too. And then, after I started working for him, I became his sex partner in real life."

I pulled back. "You're lovers?!?"

I was shocked and worried. Was I the other man in a relationship? And, even worse, was I falling in love with a man already in love with someone else?

"We're not lovers. Not in the true sense of the word. Not like you and I...I hope." Steve looked at me with longing in his eyes and my dread slowly faded. "Brian and I realized that we could never be a couple but we did enjoy sex with each other on occasion."

"Like Bob and I," I said. Steve knew all about Bob's and my relationship. But it was something I was already evaluating in light of my feelings for Steve.

"Yes. And like the two of you, we enjoy hot sex. But there is none of the feeling that I have for...for you." Steve's eyes glistened as he said that. He quickly added, "I know we agreed not to talk about anything like this yet but..."

I held his cheek and kissed him tenderly to let him know I understood and felt the same way. This tender, loving kiss helped to heat us both up and soon Steve was thrusting deep into my ass.

After that wonderful fuck, it was my turn and I was soon sliding in and out of Steve's tight, hot ass.

Later, we lay cuddling together, enjoying the feel of each other's seed in our rectums. As we lay and kissed softly, Steve talked about a time he and Brian had a third guy in bed with them. While I am far from a prude about such things, I wondered at it. And, my cock seemed to do the thinking for me. Somehow, after two massive cums, I was getting stiff again.

Holding my hardening dick, Steve joked, "Seems you like the idea too."

With that, he took me in his mouth and sucked me to a phenomenal third orgasm. After that, we adjourned to the bathroom for our usual post-coitus bath.

The bathtubs in most of the suites are actually small jacuzzis and just right for two lovers to cuddle intimately in. We sat amidst the churning bubbles and kissed to show how we felt about each other.

Seems silly now but, at that time, we were still too afraid to put our feelings into words. But our bodies betrayed us. And our kisses, like now, were magical.


The next night, I returned to the suite about 9:30. I knew he wouldn't be there and I would be surprised if he made it there by 10. But, I couldn't wait.

So, I made myself comfortable and light some pillar candles I had brought. After turning down the lights, the candle flames gave both the living room and the bedroom a wonderfully romantic touch.

Then I stripped, showered, and put on one of the large, complimentary bathrobes with the hotel's initials on the breast. I put my gloves back on but I had requisitioned another pair so I wouldn't have to worry about cum stains.

Then I reclined on the couch and waited for my man to arrive.

He was so on time it was amazing.

I heard the lock click and stood quickly. I had arranged the robe to hang open above the belt but to just cover me beneath. I knew, from the reflection in the mirror behind the bar, that the candle light was highlighting my hair and skin nicely.

Steve froze, looking around the room in awe. "Oh my," he whispered.

I walked up to him, removed his jacket and tie, then kissed him deeply. The kiss was fervently returned as he ran his hands over my terry-cloth covered back.

I stepped back and said, "You have too much on..."

Steve smiled happily and started to tear his clothes off. I slowed him down. After all, these duds would probably cost me a month's salary. He eased off but did toss them around willy-nilly.

In moments, Steve was naked and, I could see, hard and practically dripping. Deciding to try something a bit different I took him in hand and led him to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet and watched through the glass door of the shower as he cleaned himself. He was watching me as well.

I sat with the robe still on but pulled open slightly. I sat and stared in loving awe at his body as he showered and slowly stroked myself. Steve saw this and stroked himself a couple of times.

I pulled the robe closed as he shut off the shower. Taking a large towel, I slowly dried him off. I was particularly careful around his engorged crotch. He was truly excited tonight.

With a gloved hand, I took his rock-hard cock and led him to the bedroom. I kissed him again and pushed him back onto the king-sized mattress then I dropped my robe to the floor. "Move over some," I whispered.

Steve did and I crawled onto the mattress on my knees, my rigidness bouncing in front of me. Steve reached for it and just ran his fingertip around the head then along the little slit.

I moved closer and lay atop him. We meshed from head to toe, our mouths fused, our torsos pressing against each other and our cocks rubbing together.

Using my gloved hands, I roamed up and down his body as we kissed. He was especially sensitive near his armpits and as I neared his crotch. I ran one fingertip along his ear and he moaned into me.

I feel I should share this. Whenever Steve moaned into my mouth during a kiss, my erection always seemed to grow almost painfully. So I tried to get him to do this every chance I got.

I rolled to the side, pulling Steve with me; our kiss never breaking. We lay there for an untold length of time kissing and stroking each other. We were like teenagers who just discovered how hot French kissing can be. And it can be red-hot with the right person.

We didn't break apart until I heard a muffled, "Oh, that is so beautiful..."

Gasping, my heart in my throat, I rolled onto my back to see Brian standing at the foot of the bed. He was rubbing the crotch of a pair of silk pajama pants which were tented and showed a small wet spot on the front.

"What the hell...?!?" I started to say.

Steve touched my arm. "Mike, it's okay. Remember I told you last night that Brian is like us? Well, after I told him about you, he really wanted to meet you."

I wasn't taking anything in at the moment but I did feel Steve slowly caress my still-hard cock. (Why I hadn't deflated is still a mystery to me.)

"It seems you aren't too upset by my appearance, Mike. Would you mind if I joined the two of you?"

My cock was thinking for me as I nodded slowly. I tried to ask a question (I cannot even recall what it was now) but Brian interrupted me.

"You're probably wondering about all those women I've been reported with in the tabloids? And about Francine." I nodded although I knew that Brian had to be bisexual at least.

Brian untied his pants and began to slowly stroke a very attractive cock as he said, "I keep up a front for the tabloids with girls but I prefer men." His eyes moved from Steve's body to mine. "I have to be cool for the family. My grandfather would not understand his favorite preferring cock to cunt."

I glanced at Steve, who had been stroking my chest lightly. I had to ask what in hindsight was a stupid, inane question. "But you're engaged to...that hot young pop star, Francine Lance."

"Cover for both of us. She prefers the ladies and I prefer men. So being together gives us the alibi for not playing the field while still appearing straight. It really is so much easier not having to pretend to be with a girl I'm not interested in and still come across as straight for the press. And being engaged to a girl that People called one of the top 10 sexiest girls in the world makes it hard for the tabloids to give any credence to rumors of my real sexual antics."

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