tagIncest/TabooA Beloved Mom Goes Down Ch. 2

A Beloved Mom Goes Down Ch. 2


Thanks to NormaJeanne for her editing and to Vermillion and Maquinna for useful comments.

This story continues ‘A Beloved Mom’. Yet it can stand on its own. It contains graphic and deviant sex, besides incest and is not to the taste of many. It is no frolic, though it should have appeal to certain kinds of dark imaginations.

© author; the story may be reproduced for personal, non-commercial purposes, only; no reproduction for other purposes, especially commercial, without express written permission.

* * * * *

My sister and I had succeeded in fucking our mom. When we met that night, we hugged and congratulated each other. 'It was great to see Mom's pussy jammed with your cock,' Jill said.

'I was hoping you'd go after that puss later,’ I replied.

'That wasn't possible. ...But there's always a next time.' She smiled wickedly. 'How was it for you, Garth?' she asked.

'That was some hot hole, and I have you to thank, Jill.’

I remembered. Images flashed before me. Mom lying naked, reddish bush split. Jill straddling her mouth, facing me to the ‘south.’ Mom’s breasts, a little fuller and older, were being kneaded in Jill’s hands. Jill’s own breasts--I’d come to love them even more--were presented to me, and I took them. She moaned; Mom’s tongue thrust up her hole, and I pinched her nipples. When I shoved my prick into Mom’s cunt, Jill had an expression on her face I’ll always remember; as if she viscerally experienced the violation, yet relished it.

I remembered how the slurping sounds got louder as Jill, in her excitement, was gushing into Mom’s mouth. I played with Jill’s tits as I thrust into Mom’s cunt.

In the midst of these memories, my cock stirred. Jill saw. ‘That hot hole really does it for you.’ She added slyly, ‘You’re not going to start preferring that pussy to my cute little one, are you?’ (After our first experiment, she’d directed me to eat her a couple more times.) Watching me intently, she raised her skirt and pulled her panties aside. My cock sprung up, and that answered her question. The lips of her pussy had become part of my favorite sandwich. My sister had a dream twat, with puffy outer lips and scarlet inner ones, now opening over her slick tight entrance. She sat back on a nearby chair.

‘Suck me,’ she said. ‘The way I like it.’ I would part the outer lips with my tongue, and suck on the inner ones, drawing them into my mouth, licking at the edges. I leaned forward and began again, feeling the inner labia between my lips and tasting her flow. I smelled the aroma of my favorite cunt, as I started licking around the entrance to her hole, which had started to bloom, open and inviting. Slipping along the rim, my tongue made her yield further to me; I aimed at the center and thrust my tongue in as far as it would go. Wet darkness enveloped my face. She moaned and rotated her hips up as I twisted my tongue inside, feeling the slick walls contracting in an irregular rhythm around me. My face was now coated in my sister’s fuck juices, and the pressure of her cunt against my face made me yearn to plunge into her. Her fingers were moving faster, alternately stroking and pressing her clit while she groaned and bucked to my face, now awash in cunt juice. She frigged her clit savagely while I sucked and drank that pineapple flow; as she started to thrash, I jabbed my tongue into her repeatedly. I heard her grunt as she came suddenly, a flood onto my face against her. I felt her body convulsing against me, and then her fingers, for a delicate moment, were in my hair.

I fell back as she disengaged. She looked at my cock, which was no longer so stiffly erect. ‘Jerk it for me,’ she said. I did, watching her curious eyes. When it soon stood full and hard, deepening purple at the head, I could see she was pleased. ‘Think of Mom’s cunt. It’s OK to. Picture how we had it all stirred up, dripping, even before you went in.’ She whispered, ‘Remember how we watched her pussy lips clasping your cock.’ She perked up as she saw the remark had brought me to the brink. ‘Stop,’ she said. ‘You’ll have to take care of that later.’ Authoritative; a new tone in her voice. I complied and stopped stroking, hoping obedience would pay off. I thrilled to her new power; it would give fresh energy to our quest. She continued, ‘Don’t wash your face in the meantime; come to my aroma.’ Seeing the lust in her face, I didn’t mind being sent to jerk off. I knew her mind was running a mile a minute about our next times with Mom.

‘What shall we do to Mom, now?’ Jill was thinking aloud.

‘She’s got to get into her debauchery. Act out her depravity.’

'Yes, exactly. Garth, she's fucked you, but she tells herself it's for my sake. I’d like to see her admit her own lust. I want her to beg for it.'

'There has got to be a way.' I was trying to come up with something. 'Jill, what would it take to break her spirit?'

'How about guilt and despair?'

‘Tell me about it.'

'Well, first I want her to be eating my cunt regularly. I will have some dates. I'll come home, pussy leaking cum; I’ll let her know how upset I am, how my life is out of control, and get her to comfort me. Then I'll gradually escalate.'

'Sounds good. You've had her lapping you for some a while; have her service your pussy.’

‘Yes, it’s fitting for her to clean my cunt--that she once accused me of peddling.’ Jill still remembered the tongue lashing she’d gotten, years ago, when she came home after a date, with a wet spot on the back of her skirt. She’d not forgiven the severity commonly displayed by mothers of teenaged daughters.

‘But where do you go from there?’

'I have in mind, for the second phase, a scene where she discovers me getting fucked by three or four guys. And then I’ll really fuck with her mind. The third phase will demolish the last of her dignity.'

I was eager to watch the first phase.


Mom was home; it was late in the evening, and Jill came in. I had openly said goodnight an hour before, but could easily steal up the dark hallway next to the living room.

'Mom, I'm so glad you're up.'

'What is it, dear?'

'I'm not proud, Mom. I got drunk and went home with this guy. He said he liked me and we were fooling around. He told me how beautiful I was and took off my clothes. I knew he just wanted to fuck me. But I liked hearing those words, and I lay down with him. He had his fingers in me and then his cock, and I got carried away.’

‘Oh, honey.’

‘After he came, he dressed in a hurry and told me I had to leave. “You just used me,” I said. “Baby you loved it, and you gotta go now, but maybe call me if you want some more.” Mom, I feel so dirty, yet I can’t help myself.'

'We all make mistakes.'

Jill pressed into Mom's arms and started to cry. Mom kissed her neck and held her. My sister pressed against Mom, and I could see Mom begin to respond, stroking Jill's back and then her breasts. 'Mom, I love you. I feel so worthless.' Jill unbuttoned her blouse and loosened her bra. 'Please love me, Mom.' Mom's hands went to those firm breasts quickly, and my sister began moaning. Jill unfastened her skirt. 'Mom, look' she said, as she took off her tiny black panties. It was a masterpiece. There was cum all through her pubic hair. It dripped from her slit. 'Mom, do I disgust you?' Mom was plainly shocked and upset, but she couldn't say it. 'Honey, you are a fine young woman.'

'Mom, look at my pussy. Who would want it?' She began to cry again. That was the opening. 'I love your pussy,' Mom said.

‘Yes, Mom, I remember how you reassured me after I told you about how bad I felt, and I didn’t know if my pussy smelled bad.’

‘I love your smell.’

‘But Mom, it’s covered in slime; I’m sure you feel disgusted.’

Mom was firmer this, time. She had to be. ‘Jill, your pussy is sexy, and it’s fine to be all gooey and excited.’ Mom sat on the sofa.

Jill moved toward her and Mom reclined. I believe she knew what she had to do when Jill straddled her face, holding this dripping pussy over her. Mom simply couldn’t turn up her nose, or even hesitate, and Jill knew that. Jill lowered herself onto Mom, who, as expected, proceeded to kiss my sister’s cunt. Jill made sure to open it up. 'I love how you lick me, Mom.' She bore down and soon the cum was flowing out. Mom, after waiting just a split second, began lapping it up. Jill moaned and pressed her cunt hard onto Mom's mouth. I could see the tongue thrust in there and the cum all over Mom's face. I was so aroused, I took out my cock and quietly jerked off.

Well, this incident set the stage. My sister appeared to sink further into abasement. She came back home a couple more times in even worse shape. One time it was two guys. Mom did not even hesitate any more to offer Jill this strange comfort and reassurance. And the next morning my sister would make loving eyes at Mom. In front of me, she'd say, 'Mom I feel so much better this morning.’ Of course by evening, her despair would show, and I heard her telling Mom, ‘I’m out of control.’ I tried hard to sound unsympathetic. ‘Sounds like you’re turning into the neighborhood bicycle.’ We had decided I would remain the ‘bad guy.’ Mom was to despair over Jill, feel torn over her plight. Then we would move ahead.


After a few nights of this, we met and congratulated each other on how things we going. ‘Garth, I'm doing the corrupting, here. What are you doing?'

I could see her point. ‘I’m ready to pitch in,’ I said. ‘Well, in the mean time, we must not stop your education in evil.’

'Do you want to degrade me, like before?'

'Well, there are no free lunches... I mean shows.' 'Tonight,' she said, 'I want you, when you're watching, to come onto a saucer, then take it to your room. When Mom's gone to sleep, I will come and visit you.'

The thought puzzled and thrilled me. I could see that my sister was no longer a partner, but was taking charge of the whole project. That night, Jill came home leaking cum from a couple of guys. What a mess. But it was oddly exciting, my sister’s pussy ravaged, dripping. Mom didn't bat an eye, and I almost came in my hand when Mom's head plunged into the goo. When Mom was noisily slurping away, I shot a huge load and coated a saucer in my sticky white jism. I retired and did not have long to wait. Sister knocked very quietly and entered. 'Do you have the saucer?'


'Do you know what you are to do with it?'


'Do you know why?'

'I suppose you're going to get off on seeing me eat my own cum.'

'Well, the white mustache suits you,' she said smiling. ‘But that is not the reason. Just as Mom is yielding to power, you must also. As her boundaries are violated, yours are too.'


'You sound unsure,' she said. Jill opened her nightgown, exposing her pussy, freshly tongue cleaned, black hairs shining. 'Look at it, ' she said. My cock hardened. She watched me intently. With her fingers, she spread open the lips. ‘Jerk yourself.’ I started to; I couldn't help it.

'See how you are driven, my brother. Now I want you to stop.'

I did. I saw her point. She was to show her power; she enjoyed its exercise, in overcoming anything that stood in the way of her arbitrary decision: my feelings, my standards.

'Hand me the saucer.'

I did.

She drew a finger through the goo, and presented it to me. 'Lick it.’

I took the finger into my mouth, and I could see her satisfaction as she checked my hard cock. 'You don't relish licking off this saucer, do you, Garth?'

My face gave me away. 'That's fine, so long as you accept my alternative.' 'Anything,' I said, foolishly.

She had brought with her a large glass bowl. She took the saucer from me and held it in front of her pussy. ‘Hold the bowl below.’

As I did, she unleashed her piss onto the saucer, deflecting it into the bowl beneath, rinsing my cum. And she must have saved up, for the bowl soon held almost two cups of her golden fluid, with my whitish ribbons floating in there.

‘Mom is going to be subject to both to my pussy and your cock. You however are subject to me; as is your cock and its cum. Take the bowl and drink it down.'

At first I felt nausea. She saw it. 'Transgression,' she reminded me.
‘ I don't know if I can keep it down,' I said. ‘We don’t know,’ she said. ‘But you can see the point?' Clarity. That moment. It didn’t matter if I could keep it down. Let my stomach revolt under the transgression. So much the better! The queasy churning now took on a different quality. It was a weird exaltation in being sickened in transgression.

She had become my teacher in willful degradation. I tipped up the bowl and drank deeply. Waves of nausea hit me, yet my cock was upright and she saw it. 'Your cock appreciates transgression.' The nausea vanished as I heard her next words. 'You have earned the right to witness the second phase.'


We planned the scene rather carefully. Three guys she knew would come over while Mom was out. I would be at the door to signal Mom's arrival, and then disappear into the shadows.


Jill’s three friends came over and she introduced them. ‘This is Bruce,’ she said of the short one. ‘Josh, here, is the one I look up to.’ He was well over six feet; we greeted each other. ‘Rock, here, is our “enforcer”. Sometimes we call him ‘truncheon.’’’ This fellow, though polite enough, was built like a refrigerator. And I was soon to learn the other reason for his nickname.

Sister took off her clothes in a hurry. When she was nude and the guys had stripped down. She'd flaunted her pussy to get them excited. Bruce’s and Josh’s cocks were up in an instant. Rock’s expanded and I was amazed at the length and thickness. It seemed to reach half way to his knees. Jill approached him and said, ‘The truncheon. Will it rise for me?’ As she stroked the monster, it became half erect.

‘Well, Garth, I’ve gotta get ready here, so why don’t you fluff up Rock?’

She lay back on the sofa and began fingering herself. I’d never sucked a cock before, but I had no time for qualms. ‘Jill’ I said in protest. ‘Garth,’ she replied, wickedly, ‘this pussy is running the show. Suck him!’ I knelt by Rock and took his giant tool to my lips. I opened wide to accommodate the large head. I tasted his precum and for a second was revolted, but I could see Jill frigging herself in obvious delight at the scene. I began licking the slit and soon the organ stood tall and thick. I swear it was more than seven inches around. ‘Fine,’ said Jill.

The tableau had been planned. I went and stood by the door, watching for Mom, ready to signal. Sister took Bruce’s cock into her mouth. Josh, according to plan, lifted her legs way up toward her shoulders. This enabled Rock to quickly use the bulb to split open her flooded pussy. She pulled her labia apart and thrust up to engage the truncheon, which stretched out my sister’s cunt and slid slowly into the depths of her belly. I could see the Rock's eyes roll back as he eased her cock in and out of her. I caught sight of Mom, through the peephole, and gave the signal. Rock was just beginning to pick up speed, when there was the sound of the key turning, and as the door opened, Jill slurped Bruce’s cock noisily, jerked off Josh standing next to her, and vigorously fucked Rock’s formidable intruder.

Mom froze in utter shock. Sister pushed Bruce’s cock out of her mouth, and dropped Josh’s. She gave a cry, but left her pussy impaled on Rock. Mom strode toward them, and there was pandemonium as the guys gathered their things and fled out the door, clutching their clothes to their genitals.

My sister started to cry again. 'Mom, I don't know why I’m doing this.' Mom threw a comforter from the sofa over Jill and sat there nearby. My sister, lying there, pressed against Mom. ‘ I just want to die.' That got to her. 'Nonsense, my dear. You are not so bad. You have lost your way.’

'Mom, I think of what you did for me.’ Jill wanted to remind her. Mom winced; she had tried to put it out of her mind. Sister began to turn the key in the lock. 'I saw your pussy get fucked for me; I know I have got to suffer.' Mom looked puzzled.
‘I must pay the price for what I asked of you and for what you suffered.'

Mom was beginning to see how the old scene with me, was affecting Jill. As we had expected, she was clearly becoming quite distressed. 'You don't have to pay, honey,' she protested.

'When you came in, I was paying. I love you Mom.'

Seeing the connection, Mom looked suddenly guilty. The degrading sex and now, even the gangbang, were my sister's reaction to Mom's act. 'Honey, I was trying to save you.'

'I know what you're saying Mom. But when I picture your pussy being fucked, I know there is a price to be paid. I'm a piece of shit. I know what I made you do, and I can’t stop myself from going to hell.' Mom got a look of utter hopelessness. The next day, she even apologized to my sister about the gangbang. 'I'm sorry,' she said, 'it happened because of me.'


When next we met, we agreed the plan was on track, but Jill said she hadn’t figure out the details of the third and last phase. Mom, by now, seemed like the walking dead. She was not sleeping. Jill made a point of going out two more times in the next week and coming home looking freshly fucked. I made a point of being nasty, and one time brought her to tears--or so it looked. ‘You are loathsome,’ she said to me.

Mom saw a downward spiral and was just devastated. We saw her crying at times, and Jill mentioned repeated apologies.


Jill and I were talking, when the idea came to her. ‘I’ve got it,’ she said. ‘If she now sees me go down into the most extreme degradation, her guilt will max out. There will be only one way to make it clear to me that I was not the reason she fucked you. And you will have no problem making her say just what we want.’

‘How will we do it?’

‘Garth, at least for a couple minutes, you’re going to get your wish.’ She pointed to her cunt. ‘Play along; take your clues from me; above all, act mean and evil.’

‘I do my best.’

We set the scene the following night. Sis took off her clothing, and said, ‘Have a look at the promised land!’ She showed off the freshly washed pussy I’d eaten so many times lately, but never gotten my cock into. ‘Can you get it up?’ she teased. I was as erect as a lamppost. ‘Show me your cock.’

Flattered, I dropped my pants and shorts and approached. Taking it in her hand, she said, ‘I want it super hard, Garth. Is this as hard as it gets?’ I didn’t know what to say. ‘Let me help, big brother.’ She took two fingers and shoved them into her pussy, wetting them; ‘Have a lick!’ My cock felt like it would explode. She saw the twitch as I took the fingers in my mouth.

‘Do you know the drill?’ she said, ’It’s almost time.’

‘What do I do?’

‘I will be acting as self-degrading as possible. You reinforce it. … It’s almost 5,’ she said, ‘Show time.’

She lay back on the sofa and drew up her legs. She parted her labia while watching my cock intently. I still hadn’t figured out the whole plan, but she wanted it that way, so it wouldn’t look rehearsed.

I knelt between her legs and stroked the head of my cock between those lips. I had long imagined the moment. My own sister. This time we were acting a bit, but I knew it would lead further; and it wasn’t all acting; she’d enjoy it and wouldn’t try to hide it. ‘Give it to me,’ she said

She was tight and slick already and bucked up her hips to impale herself. In a couple minutes, her pussy was oozing. The scene, so long awaited, had unimaginably hardened my prick, and my juices were leaking into hers. Our timing was perfect, for we heard the key in the door. She started talking.

‘You like this slut’s pussy, don’t you, Garth. …Yes, I’m scum and I want more scum. Give it to me!!’

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