tagLoving WivesA Bet That Went Bad Ch. 01

A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 01


As Luke walked into the parking lot, outside of his office building, he noticed a large group of people standing around his car. As he worked his way through the crowd, he saw what they were looking at. All of the windows, headlights and taillights on his BMW were smashed. "What the hell," he screamed out.

Luke then noticed, an envelope under one of the windshield wiper. Ripping it open, He found five, one hundred dollar bills, and an unsigned note written on the back of a business card.

" This should have been you good buddy," was all it said.

A cold shiver went up his spine. "Oh shit." He now knew who had done this to his car.

Luke took his cell phone out, as he raced back into his office. "Damn, how in God's name did he find out?" As the phone on the other side rang, Luke kept saying to himself, "pickup, come on pickup." After about 6 rings a women picked up.

"Luke, I was just walking out the door, what do you want? You still can't be horny are you?" the voice on the other end asked him in a perturbed tone.

"Mary, just listen," he told her. "I don't know how, but Jim knows about us. He just did a number on my car, and I know it was him, because he left me his business card. I don't think it would be wise for you to go home tonight, especially while he's in this frame of mind," Luke told her.

Mary, sitting back down at her desk, felt the tears starting to well up in her eyes. "Luke I have to go and try to figure out what to do," she said hanging up the phone. She now knew her fling had cost her, everything, and with that realization she started to cry. Luke was right, no way was she going home tonight, and even though her parents lived close by, she wasn't about to put them in the middle of it either.

As she debated what to do, her friend Cindy walked by her office. "Cindy," Mary called out. "You got a minute?"

"What ya need girl?" Cindy replied in her normally bubbly voice.

"Anyway I can crash at your pad, for a night or two," Mary asked.

"Sure no problem, anything wrong?" Cindy replied.

"I have a problem, that I've to get resolved, before I go home," she told her.

"Well you know where I live. I'll just see you at my place after work," Cindy said as she bounced out of Mary's office.

Mary thought, "Do I dare call? Maybe Luke was wrong, and it was some other angry husband. He was always screwing around, and probably had made a lot of enemies." "On second thoughts, maybe I had better lay low, for a day or so, and let Jim cool down. Boy I really did it this time," she said to herself.

It had all started out, as a stupid bet. Tonight like every other night, Luke was bragging about how he had scored the night before. Last night, Luke said he had been with the wife of some guy, he'd picked up in a bar after work. Luke proceeded to tell all who would listen, about how she was putty in his hands, and that he could bed any woman he set his mind to.

Me, Luke and the others had gone to high school, and college together. Luke was the jock that never grew up. He was about 6'3", 225 lbs, in great shape; and in his eyes, a real ladies man. Luke owned a consulting company, and thus could set his own work hours. In that way, Luke said that he could meet, and score with whomever, any time during the day. However, this night was going to be different.

I was getting sick and tired of hearing about all his exploits, night after night, on how no woman could resist his charms. After about 10 minutes of the hot details, I spoke up. "I know one women that you could never score with Luke," I said confidently as the group went silent. "I'm so sure, I'll bet you $100.00, and give you two months to try," I told him.

Everyone in the group was now interested. Luke, now puffing up his chest, like a damn peacock, replied, "if she's breathing, and not over 80, I'll take that bet. Who's the girl anyway?" he asked.

"Mary," I replied.

"No way, friend's wife's are off the table," he said shaking his head. "Jim, I'm not looking for any trouble, and I'm sure as hell, not going to breaking up anyone's marriage," he told me.

"Well, Mary is breathing, and is well under 80, but she is way out of your league buddy," I now taunted him. "If you don't want to take the bet, hey no problem, I'll understand," I said sarcastically. However, the rest of our friends were now getting more than a little uneasy.

"Come on you two," my buddies said trying to defuse the situation. "This is getting out of hand," they told the both of us. But I wasn't going to let it drop.

"Hell, I'm just calling him out on his statement that no woman can resist his dick, and I know someone who can," I said pushing the issue.

Luke was now starting to let his macho ego get the better of him. "Hell, I'll take that bet and if you're so sure, why don't we increase the bet to, let's say $500.00?"

"Luke, you've got a bet," I said as we shook on it.

Everyone was dumb strucked. "You guys are letting your ego's screw up a good friendship," one of them said.

"Hell, in two months, we'll have a good laugh about this, and we'll get back to what really counts; beer and football," another piped in.

As I walked into the kitchen Mary was finishing up dinner. She was a treat for anyone's eyes. At 5'3", brown hair, blue eyes, and a killer body, she was something else. We had been married for almost six years, and were about as happy as two people could be. I snuck up behind her, and grabbed her around the waist.

"I've got what I want for dinner, what are you having?" I told her. Mary just laughed, turned around and gave me a wet kiss.

"You seem full of yourself, mister, but if you ever want dinner tonight you'll let me finish," she said trying to break my hold on her. Picking her up, and setting her down on the kitchen table, I told her dinner could wait.

Mary had great lips for kissing, full and wet. As I slipped in between her legs, Mary pulled me in tight, and mashed her lips onto mine. The kissing was now hot, and nonstop. We exchanged spit, as our tongues danced in each other's mouths, as the electricity between us started to grow.

Mary pulled her shirt, over her head, and I was glad to see she wasn't wearing a bra. Mary had smallish, perky tits that stood straight out with a set of nipples, when erect, were over a half-inch long. I dove in between her little peaks, moving from one nipple to the other, licking and sucking. I loved to twist them, and suck on them, until they got just like a baby bottle nipple.

It didn't take Mary more than a minute, to unbuckle my belt, and was search my boxers for my now throbbing member. Stepping back, I kicked off my pants, and pulled off my boxers and shirt. Now naked as a jaybird, I moved in for the kill. Mary's skirt was all ready hiked up around her waist. I pushed her thong, to the side, and slipped two fingers deep inside her hot wet pussy.

Laying her back, on the kitchen table, I pulled off her thong and skirt. Putting Mary's legs over my shoulders, I started to dine. Her pussy was shaved smooth, except for a small landing strip just above her slit. Spreading her pussy lips, I could see everything was coated with her inner juices. Flicking the tip of my tongue over her clit, made Mary raise her ass off the table. She was now grinding her cunt up against my lips, and tongue. After licking her, from clit to ass, I concentrated solely on the clit.

"I'm going to make this bitch scream," I said to myself as my tongue did its best. With two fingers fucking her pussy, I pulled the hood back from Mary's clit and sucked it between my lips. Mary was now bucking and wiggling beneath my oral attack. It didn't take long to get the results I was looking for.

Mary, grabbing the back of my head screamed, "Oh God, harder, suck it harder," then let loose and climaxed. It took her about two minutes to come down from her after glow.

"That was nice, I really needed that, but now it's your turn," Mary said as they traded places.

Mary gave good, but not great head. She could just handle my 7 inches, but would gag when she tried to deep throat me. Hell I didn't care what she did, as long as it felt good. She used just the right amount of suction, and saliva, to drive me nuts. A lot of women, wanted to just get it over with, but Mary liked to give me as much pleasure as possible.

Mary grabbed it by the base of the shaft, and sucked it half way down. After about ten strokes, she had it all the way down her throat. Every once in a while, she would pull it out with a pop, lick the under side, and nibble on its swollen head. I was close, very close, and had no intentions of letting her suck me dry tonight. I wanted to tap her pussy.

Against her objections, it was like taking a sucker away from a baby, I laid her over the table and spread her legs. Moving in behind her, I positioned it against her love pit, and eased it in, with one gentle push. Mary gasped and pushed back hard against me; she wanted it all, every inch of me in her.

The love fest began. I don't know which one of us was pushing harder, but none-the-less, it felt great. I could feel it building up now, and knew I'd only last a little time longer.

Mary was squealing beneath me, screaming, "harder, oh my God, harder." Two strokes later I started to cum, and Mary followed right behind me.

Both drained, I laid on her back and kissed her neck. "Dinner ready yet hon?" I jokingly said.

"Shit, I never turned off the stove," Mary yelled as she pushed me to the side running for the oven. "You're luckily this didn't burn, or we wouldn't have had anything to eat," she told me.

"I can always find something to eat," I said winking at her.

"You're never satisfied are you?" she said with a laugh.

With that, I put my clothes back on and helped her finish dinner and set the table.

At dinner I told Mary about the bet I had made with Luke. "I made a $500.00 bet with Luke today, that you wouldn't go to bed with him," I told her.

Catching her by surprise, Mary said, "Come again?"

"Luke, like always, was going on and on about his latest conquests, and said that he could bed any woman married or not; so I called his bluff. It started off as a $100 bet, but escalated to $500 when his ego got the better of him; talk about easy money," I told her.

Mary wasn't amused. "Leave me the hell out of your stupid, manly, bets from now, or you'll be doing it by hand for the next month," she told me.

"I'm sorry hon, it's just that I was so sick and tired of his constant bragging and wanted to finally put him in his place. Besides, you'll have $500 to buy clothes with, in two months when he loses," I told her trying to make points. Mary's eyes lit up at the thought of extra money for shoes. "I figure I had tell you about it, so when he starts flirting, and coming on to you, you will know the reason. Mary, you can flirt, and toy with him, all you like, you just can't sleep with him."

"You know I'd never cheat on you, don't you?" Mary told me.

"Exactly, that's why I made the bet."

With that, the game began. Luke was on Mary, like stink on shit. From flirting, to drinks, to rides in his corvette, he went all out. Since we hung out in the same circles, Luke had plenty of chances to be in contact with her. Mary loved all the attention and believe it or not, it put an extra spark into our sex life, if that was at all possible.

Wed morning I woke up with Mary's lips wrapped around my dick. "Morning honey, time for you to get up, one way or another," she said with a smile. With that she went back to sucking, and trying to get off. It didn't take long, before I had a raging hard on. "How about a little ride this morning?" Mary said as she flung her leg over, impaling herself on my shaft. She loved to be in control, and she had that, in this position. "Just lie back and enjoy," she said.

I loved her on top. Her tits may have been just out of reach, but I still could get to her clit. As she moved up, I would rub and stroke her clit, which only heightened and increased the speed of her strokes. I could tell, just by her moaning, and breathing, she was close. Moving my hand from her clit, I grabbed her ass and helped her rise and fall on my dick.

As she started to quiver and climax, I sat up, and started to suck and twist her nipples. "Don't stop, mother of lord, this feels so good," she cried out as I erupted as I shot my wad into her pussy. Holding her in my arms, I pumped the remaining amount as deep inside her as I could and then pulled her to me. We lay there motionless for a few moments just enjoying being with each other.

"Shit, I got to get up, or I'll be late for work," Mary said as she lifted herself off my now shriveled dick. "I get the shower first," she announced as she bounded into the bathroom.

"Too bad this wasn't Saturday, or I'd be thinking about seconds," I thought to myself.

As I sat at my desk, and flipped the calendar, all I could say is, "Yes." Two months had gone by, and it was time to collect my winnings. As I walked into the bar after work, it looked like I was the last one to get there. I tried not to have a shit-eating grin, on my face, but it was hard.

All Luke said was, "here's you blood money, and I hope you choke on it."

We all laughed, and joked about it, and I ended up buying the next two rounds of drinks, because I was the one with the extra money.

When I got home, the first thing Mary asked was, "where's my shopping money?" I gave her five, crisp, 100-dollar bills and said, "Enjoy." That would have been the end of it, had I not received a call from our sales manager not more than a week later.

"Jim," Carl started. "I'm at the Holiday Inn, by the airport, and I need you to come out here right now."

"Carl, I can't sneak away right now, haven't you picked up our client yet?" I asked.

"I just picked him up and am heading back to the office but Jim, there's something here you need to see."

"Shit Carl, what the hell are you talking about?" I said getting more than a little annoyed.

"Look Jim, I don't know how to tell you this, but I just saw Mary checking into the hotel with some guy."

My heart sunk, "Carl, are you sure it was Mary?" I asked.

"Yes it was her all right, and believe me, this is the last call I want to be making right now, but I thought you should know."

"Carl, did you happen to see where she went, or a room number?"

It looked like number 110 or 111, in the middle, on the first floor,' Carl replied.

"Thanks for the call, and I'll check it out but I know you've got to be mistaken, there's no way on earth Mary would do anything like that; I'll see you later," and I hung up.

"Stupid salesmen, no way no how she would do something like that," I thought to myself. "Instead of driving all the way out there, I'd just call her at work and end it now," I told myself. I called Mary's work and was told she'd taken a couple of hours, off to go shopping, but she would be back by 2:30. "Shit, I'll just try her cell phone," I thought dialing that number. After four rings it went to voice mail, I hung up.

The drive to the hotel seemed to take forever. Traffic was slow and I was driving way too fast. "What the hell was I going to do anyway when I got there? Do I bust into the room? I'm not even sure it's her."

I then pulled up to the hotel, and drove around the parking lot looking for Mary's car; it wasn't there. "I was worried for nothing, just like I thought." I parked in the short tem lot, and went to the front desk.

"Hi my name is Jim Reed, I'm suppose to pick up my wife, who's staying here, but I don't remember if it was room 110 or 111."

"Let me check" she said. "I'm sorry, room 110 is vacant and #111 was just rented this morning, are you sure it was this hotel?"

"I must have made a mistake, sorry about that," I said as I turned and walked out.

"Now what do I do? Do I go up to the door and knock? What if it isn't her, and shit what do I do if it is her?" I went back to my car and pulled around so I could see the front of #111. I think I'll just wait for a while and see if anything happens. Two hours later I look down at my watch, "2:10, shit if it was Mary she would have to have left by 2:00 in order to get back by 2:30, I'm wasting my damn time on this wild goose chase."

I just started my car, and was putting it in gear when room #111's door opened. "Perfect timing," I thought to myself. As I watched, Luke stepped out of the room followed closely by Mary.

I wanted to drive them both down, with my car, but they were getting into Luke's car before my brain kicked in. "Fuck," is all I could say as they pulled away. I turned off the car and sat back in my seat. Now I wondered how long it had been going on. Nothing had changed at home. Life was still good and the sex had been great lately. "I've got to see where they're going."

I followed then at a distance, and saw Luke drop Mary off at work, and give her a kiss as she got out. I then followed Luke back to his office, as he parked his car. I was hurt, angry and had about ten other emotions running through my head as I sat there. "What the hell do I do now? I can't kick Luke's ass, no way, and what do I do with Mary? I didn't know what or where to start but I had to do something," I said hitting the steering wheel with my fists.

I went to the bank and cleaned out both the checking and savings account; well I did leave $100 dollars in each. I went back to Luke's office and took out my tire iron. Windows don't shatter the way they use to, when I was a kid, but they do crinkle. I did get the satisfaction of shattering all the lights on his car though. I was shocked and surprised, that no one stopped me or even called the police. I guess people just don't want to get involved anymore. I finally took out five $100 dollar bills, and put them in the envelope along with my business card, so Luke would know who it was from.

I then drove back to work, and went into my office. I was still so angry I was shaking. No messages on my phone, or any e-mails, I guess Luke hadn't seen his car yet. Seeing I was back, Carl stuck his head into my office and asked, "everything all right?"

"Not really," I replied, but I'm taking care of it.

"Anything you need, you can count on me; sorry Jim."

Luke called my cell phone shortly after 5:00, and I just let it ring until it went into voice mail. After it stopped, I listened to the message. "Jim, I'm sorry you found out, but it wasn't Mary's fault, only mine. We need to talk, but after you cool down. I'll let the car slide, I owe you that, but don't do anything stupid, that you'll regret, with Mary." The phone went silent. Well if Luke knew, so did Mary.

I told my boss I needed a couple of days off, but I'd be back before Wed's big meeting. Carl knew why, but he wasn't about to tell anyone. I called home, to check my voice mails, but there were none. I was sure Mary was too afraid to call. She knew I didn't have a huge temper, but we were now in uncharted territories, and she didn't know what I was capable of doing; and neither did I.

I went home to a dark quiet house. Looking at the answering machine, still no messages. I cracked open a bottle of wine and poured a large glass. "Now what the hell do I do?" I hadn't a clue. I hated them both, but I hated Luke 10 times more than Mary. I knew I'd never be able to trust her again. I just needed to know why? Was it Luke's way of getting back at me, for trying to deflate is massive ego? And how many times had they done it? At least they didn't do it in our bed, because it would be on the front lawn by now. I wonder how long it would be before Mary called? Hell, were her and Luke together right now? My head was spinning out of control, and I needed a drive to clear it."

I didn't drive anywhere in particular, I just drove. Windows down, music blasting, I felt like I was 18 again. I was starting to feel a little better, when I noticed I wasn't in the greatest part of town, and remembered I still had all that money from the bank in my back glove box. "Shit," I thought. "What are you nuts? Get the hell out of here, before you really do loose everything." With that I headed back downtown.

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