tagLoving WivesA Bet That Went Bad Ch. 02

A Bet That Went Bad Ch. 02


"What are we doing here?" Joan asked.

"Breakfast?" I replied.

"You know what I mean. Look you're a nice guy Jim, and a really good lover, but I don't want to get mixed up in a messy divorce?" she said trying to be up front with me.

"Joan, I'm enjoying myself with you, and no I'm not going to let you get in the middle of what's going to go down, so why don't we just play it by ear for now? So what's your plans for today?" I asked.

Joan said she had a class at one, so I dropped her off at school and waited in my car for her to get out. I checked in with work to make sure everything was getting done and let my boss know I'd be in Tuesday bright and early. After class we went back to her place, to drop off the clothes. It wasn't a dump, but it wasn't anything to write home to mother about either. It was a small, one bedroom apartment, and the size of a large walk in closet.

"I know it's not much, but the rent is cheap and I can walk to whatever I need."

She hung up all her new clothes, and we rearranged her bed and dresser for the other two boxes of clothes that she couldn't hang up. It was a little tight, but we made everything fit. Looking at my watch it was now close to 5:00, so I asked if she had dinner plans.

"I work at the club Tuesday's, Thursday's and Friday nights, besides that I usually have no plans, she told me.

"No boyfriend?" I asked.

"I was dating a guy for a while, but he turned out to be a total control freak, and I dumped him, why do you ask?"

"Well I just don't want a jealous boyfriend coming in, while I make love to you on your bed," I said moving towards her.

"Pretty sure of yourself aren't you?" With that, I grabbed her, and pushed her back on the bed.

Within minutes, our clothes were somewhere on the floor and our lips and tongues were getting to know each other, again. Sometime you just need raw passionate sex to fill that burning need inside, and right now, I don't know which of us wanted it more; Joan or I.

Joan straddled my lap, facing me, so we could kiss and I could have full access to her breasts. She loved to have her nipples played with, and took great pleasure feeding them to my lips. "You can suck and play with them all you like, just no biting; they're too sensitive right now. They haven't seen this much attention in a very long time," she told me."

I could feel her pussy juices starting to flow, and drip down on my dick. Making a slight adjustment, I lifted her up and sat her down right on my dick. Her pussy fit my dick like a tight, silk, glove. Holding her tightly around her waist, I shoved it to the hilt on the first stroke. Joan gasped, and started smothering me with kisses. We were now moving in unison, and she was meeting me stroke for stroke.

"God this feels so good," she whispered in my ear. Wanting to pound her harder, I lifted her up and we changed positions. Bending her over the back of her chair, and spreading her legs wide, I moved in behind her. She was so hot, my dick slipped right in. Holding her hips I pounded away as she pushed back at me. I loved to pull my dick all the way out, and then drive it back in, it gave me such a rush.

In less than a minute I could feel Joan's pussy tighten, and I knew she was cumming. "Oh Yes," she screamed as I started to shoot into her. I don't know if was because I was making love to someone new, but I had the best climax I could remember having in a long time. It seemed to go on forever and when I was finished, we were both a sweaty mess.

"We've got to let my pussy rest for a little while," Joan said as she shifted around. "It hasn't seen this much action in years, and I don't thing I'll be able to walk, if we do it again."

We jumped into the shower, and then headed out to get something to eat. "What do you want to eat?" I asked her.

"Mexican is my favorite, and I know a little place about three blacks away if your game." It was a little hole in the wall but the food was good.

"All right, now that you've balled my brains out, I think you owe me your full story," Joan said sitting in a comfortable chair.

With that I gave her the short version. How I had a great life with Mary, and about Larry, and the stupid bet. How I caught the two of them, walking out of the motel room, and how that all brought me to her.

"I can't believe she was so stupid. You always end up making a mistake, and get caught; and for what, a roll in the sack. I hope Larry was worth it, because it looks like she just blew a great marriage. Any chance, you can forgive her?" Joan asked.

"I could forgive her, but I would never be able to forget. She screwed one of my friends, an asshole, but someone I knew. It would have been a lot easier, if she'd met someone in a bar, and had taken him to bed; at least I wouldn't have known him," I told her.

"You know, you kind of set her up by making that bet," Joan replied.

"I thought about that, but never in my wildest dreams did I ever think she'd cheat on me. I know it was a stupid bet, but at least I know now, she can't be trusted when it really counts. Hell, I would have given Larry back the $500, after I'd let him stew for a few days, now I never want to see the bastard again," I shouted getting angry all over again.

"So now you're having sex with a stripper, you just met, while your wife wonders where you are tonight; does that about sum it up?" Joan asked.

With dinner done I asked if she had plans for the night.

"I'd love to spend the night with you again, but I've got a test to study for and I work tomorrow night," so reluctantly I drove her home. "Am I going to see you again?" Joan asked.

"I'll see you later tomorrow at the club, so we can go out afterwards." With that she gave me a wet kiss and walked to her apartment.

"What the hell was I doing anyway?" I thought as I drove away. Your starting something with a girl you just met, and you haven't even talked to Mary yet. I've got to get a handle on my emotions, before anything goes too far. As I pulled in the driveway, Mary was waiting for me; this was not going to be the high point of my day.

"My key won't work in the lock, and you cleaned out our bank accounts," she started in on me.

"I wasn't sure, if you and your lover Larry, weren't going to cleanout everything and head out for greener pastures," I replied opening up the door.

"We need to talk, can I come in?" Mary asked.

"You want a glass of wine, I'm going to have one," I replied.

"Sure why not," Mary replied taking off her jacket.

I was starting to get angry again. It was much easier dealing with Mary, when I didn't actually have to look at her, but with her in the kitchen I found myself both wanting and despising her all at the same time. Handing her the wine I asked why she was here.

"I live here," she replied.

"Not anymore, I use to have a wife who lived with me here, but not anymore," I said fully intending to hurt her.

With that she started to cry. "I'm so sorry, I never meant for it to happen and it was only one time," she told Jim.

"Bull shit I yelled," which took her by surprise. Not knowing any of the details, I played my bluff. "You've been cheating with Larry for a while, I know everything and how long; did you think it would go unnoticed?"

Mary looked shocked, "Alright it was more than once, but Larry said that he would tell you if I didn't go along with it after the first time," Mary said between her sobs.

Getting angrier by the minute, I said, "there shouldn't have even been a first time, I trusted you, and you betrayed my trust in you. I thought I knew you, I thought we had a pretty good life together, but you threw it all away for a roll in the hay with Larry; I hope you two will be happy together because you deserve each other," I spat at her.

I know you're mad, and have every right to throw me out, but I'm asking for another chance; no one knows about it but us," Mary said trying to reason with me.

"Sorry to bust your bubble sweet heart, but my sales manager saw you and Larry. And after what I did to his car, the story's probably all around town by now. I just really want to know why, because I can't for the life of me understand it Mary," I told her."

"Because of that stupid bet, Larry was all over me. He would call me at work, take me to lunch and when you weren't around, he'd brush up against me, by accident of course," she started to explain.

"I told you the night I made the bet, so it shouldn't have been too much of a shock," I shouted back at her.

"Well, the week before the bet was to end, the night you and your boss took that guy out, Luke called to tell me that since the bet was over, he'd take me to dinner so there wouldn't be any hard feelings," Mary said downing her drink.

"We were just having dinner and a lot of wine. When I told him, I'd had enough, the server came over and said management was giving us a bottle of red wine to try; something about testing it out before he purchased a case of it. By that time, I was hammered and had, more than enough. Larry asked if I wanted to dance, and I don't even remember answering him. The next thing I knew, we were stumbling around on the dance floor. His hands were all over me, by this time and I was so damn drunk, I couldn't stop him. After we sat down, I told Larry I was starting to feel sick and needed to go home. We left and drove somewhere. I don't have a clue where we ended up, but the next thing I remember, we'd stopped, and he was all over me."

"Honey, I was so damn drunk, I couldn't stop him. I know I asked him to stop, but he didn't. He was in me, pumping away, before I even knew it. The last thing I remember was him shooting inside of me. After that, I got sick and threw up in his car. I guess that made him stop."

As he pulled up his pants, all he said is that "I guess I won the bet."

I felt, and looked like shit, so I just begged him to take me home; I didn't care about the stupid bet. I took threw up again, and finally took a shower and went to bed. When you got home, I felt you slide into bed beside me, and prayed you'd let me sleep. The next day I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid. I just didn't know how you'd react. Jim, he got me drunk and basically raped me," she said starting to cry again.

I said nothing for a moment. "After lying to me all this time, how can I believe you now? You slept with him after that night, and when he approached you again, why didn't you come to me and tell me everything?" I asked her.

Mary was crying again, "Larry said if I didn't do it again, he'd tell you, so I did; but he wouldn't stop with one time and kept blackmailing me. You know about the last time when you saw us. Larry's scared shitless that you're going to kill him. I stayed away, because I didn't know what your reaction to me was going to be."

I didn't know if I believed her or not. "It's a good story Mary, but I don't know if I believe you. You should have come to me the first night, and it would have been over and done with, but now you tacked on lie after lie. I don't know what to believe anymore. How long were you going to let this go on?" I asked her point blank.

Mary, still crying said, "I don't know, at this point, I didn't know how to get out of it. This was eating me up inside, and I just wanted it to end. Jim, I just wanted for us to go back to where we were before," she said moving towards me.

Mary reached for me. "I don't want you touching me," I screamed backing away from her. "I can still picture Larry climbing all over you, and it makes me sick. I don't know if we'll ever be able to put this behind us," I told her as she was crying now almost hysterically.

"Please, you have to give me another chance, I love you," Mary now begged.

I threw her a house key. I said she could come back, but only to the guest room. "I need time to think this over, I'm not saying I don't believe you, but I need to hear it with my own ears some how. Oh by the way, your closet is a little light of clothing, I gave a few items to a new friend of mine," I told her expecting some type of reaction, but there was none.

With that, Mary went back to Carol's house to get the rest of her things, and I went out to dinner by myself.

After dinner I stopped at an electronics store. "I need something I don't see on the shelf," I told one of the floor salesmen. "I want to eavesdrop on a conversation from about 25 feet away, what do you have that's not going to break the bank?" I asked.

"Do you want to record it also?" he asked.

"I never thought about it, but that would be a good idea also." He set me up with a remote microphone the size of a dime and a listening/recording devise all for under $300.00. "I'll find out who's telling the truth once in for all," I said to myself.

Stopping at a local bar, I started to put a plan together. I'd use Mary as bait and see if Larry's ego would get the better of him, as always. Looking at my watch it was almost 11:00 so I headed home, luckily I didn't have to go to work on Thursday. As I came in the house it was all quiet. Going up stairs from the light I could see Mary was already in the guest room. Going into my room I changed and went to sleep.

Mary had already left for work by the time I got up. About 2:00 I called her, and told her to call Larry and set up a meeting for Friday night. "Just say you need to talk to him, and you'll meet him anywhere; except a motel." She agreed and asked what I was doing tonight. "I've made plans and I won't be home until about 11:00", with that I hung up. No use telling her that I was meeting Joan again tonight.

About 9:30 I walked into the club. Took about three minutes for my eye's to get adjusted. I didn't see Joan on stage, or working the floor so I took a table and waited for her. After I'd been approached by at least three girls, looking to buy them drinks, I saw Joan hit the stage.

Her pole work sucked as much as last time, but the drunken guys in the front row could care less. It was a big crowd tonight, and she was making a killing on tips. Her set lasted a total of ten minutes, and as she stepped off the stage a guy grabbed her g-string and ripped it off. I jumped to my feet but by then, a bouncer had grabbed the guy and was dragging him out. "Cool you jets Jim," I said to myself. "You can't be her lord and protector here."

Joan saw me, and came over to my table. Giving me a big kiss she sat down. "Wasn't sure if you would really show up tonight."

"Girl I'm a man of my word you know that," I said giving her a full mouth kiss.

"Did you get your other problem resolved?" she asked.

"Ran into a few complications, but by tomorrow, it'll be done one way or another. You want a drink?" I asked.

"Jim, if I drink another glass of tea, I'll pee for a week straight," she said with a laugh.

"How many more sets do you have tonight?" I asked.

Joan looked up at her watch and said two more.

"You want to go back to my place tonight?" I asked her.

"Thought you'd never ask, of course I do," she replied.

After her last set, Joan and I headed back to my place. It was dark and quiet as we came in, Mary must have gone out. "Care to join me in the shower?" She asked.

It was a non-stop kiss and grab fest. She felt so good in my arms I could hardly wait to get her in my bed. Still dripping wet, I chased her into bed, laughing as I grabbed her by the waist and rolled on top of her. She was warm and moist and tasted wonderful. Joan had her legs wrapped around me, and was grinding her pussy into my dick.

"Easy girl, I'm not going anywhere." With that said, I rolled her on top of me. I slid down lower until her pussy was just above my face. "Ever ridden a tongue I asked?" With that, I licked her slit from asshole to clit, and pulled her pussy down on my tongue.

Joan was getting a pussy sucking like she'd never experienced. Her cunt was flowing juice and it was dripping down the sides of my mouth. She was moaning and taking short gasping breaths, enjoying every minute of her tongue-lashing. Reaching up and massaging her clit was enough to drive her over the edge. The one thing she didn't expect next, was when I drove my tongue up her ass.

"Oh God I'm cumming, don't stop now," she cried out. With a tongue in her ass, two fingers up her snatch, and my thumb working her clit, I had all bases covered. As she climaxed, she ground her pussy into my face. Picking her up, I laid her face down on the bed, and put a pillow under her stomach. I'd been hard as a rock, for the last 20 minutes, and as wet as she was it was no effort to show my member home in one stroke.

As my first stoke bottomed out as she lifted up off the pillow. She pushed back, on every stroke, and kept screaming, "harder, oh God, harder." I reached forward and was grabbing her small tits with one hand, while the other was tweaking her clit.

She was my wild child now. She was now moaning, screaming, and gyrating below me. I don't know how many times she climaxed, but it was at least two. I was getting real close when I decided to tap that ass of hers. Wetting a finger I shoved it in her ass to the second knuckle.

That did nothing but excite her more. Pulling out my dick, I put it against her brown hole and pushed. "Oh shit," was the only words she said as her head flopped down on the pillow in front of her. I waited a moment for her to get use to me inside, and slowly started stroking in and out. She just laid there for the first few strokes and then I noticed her starting to push back against me.

With a final push, I droved it in all the way to my balls, as Joan let out a loud gasp. Stoking a couple inches at a time, and working her pussy with my other hand, we were almost at full steam again. I lasted only a couple of minutes before dumping my load in her ass.

Exhausted I pulled out and lay down beside her. Climbing on my chest, she kissed me. "That was one wild session, I've never had anyone in my ass before tonight."

"I thought you might enjoy that," I said with a smile.

I'd no more gotten the words out of my mouth when I glanced up and saw Mary in the doorway. She was silently crying, and as our eyes met she raced down the hall and slammed the door.

"Who the hell was that?" Joan asked.

"My wife Mary," I replied.

"Excuse me, what's she doing here?

"This is one of the complications I mentioned earlier tonight," I told her.

"I need to leave before this gets ugly," Joan said trying to get out of my bed.

"It's not going to get ugly and your going nowhere," I said grabbing her and not letting go. With that said, we started kissing again.

"Just a minute," Joan said as she leaped from the bed and locked the bedroom door. "I'm just not taking any chances, now where were we."

I was making coffee and breakfast as Joan came down stairs, followed closely by Mary. Looking up, I said "Joan this is Mary, Mary this is Joan; lets eat." You could cut the tension with a knife.

Mary fired the first shot. "Where did you pickup this slut?"

Joan countered with, "Jim, I thought you threw the whore out, did you check her room to see if she's fucking anyone else?"

This was not going well.

"Both of you put your claws away and let me tell you how this is going to play out. Mary, what time are you supposed to meet Larry?"

"About 4:00 today," she replied.

"Good, you'll be wearing a wire, so I can hear exactly what is said. Joan and I will be in the back of the club, and after that we'll all go out to dinner and talk. Anyone want anymore coffee?"

We got there early and picked a booth in the back. We could see Mary but she couldn't see us. I told her what to say, hoping Larry would take it from there. I had finished testing the unit as Larry walked in.

"I can only stay for a few minutes, I want to keep as far away as possible from you and that crazy husband of yours," Larry said as he sat down and ordered a beer.

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