tagLoving WivesA Bet to be Paid Off

A Bet to be Paid Off


Allow me to fill in those of you who have not read the previous story. Macy my wife and I had done some exploring into our sexuality on our vacation. Part of that exploration lead to a bet. You can go back and read more about that if you wish but suffice it to say that she had misjudged an acquaintance of ours.

She was so sure of his actions that she made a bet that she lost. I knew she would and tried to warn her but she wouldn't listen. So anyway the pay off of the bet if I won, was to be her inviting Kelly a friend she has at the office to our home for some ... extracurricular activity.

Kelly is the office flirt, but she is much more then just that. She is a stunning 5'5" redhead with 34"d breasts and a body that could stop traffic at rush hour.

It seems that I made a good impression at the last company get together. I didn't fall all over her like so many of the other guys did. Most of them would have jumped through hoops of fire go get next to her. All I did was ignore her and there she was.

I was a gentleman even when she turned on her charm and turned up the heat flirting with me. I didn't become a monosyllabic, drooling, Neanderthal the way many of her easier conquests do. I knew it was a sport with her, making men act foolish, and I didn't plan on allowing her that kind of entertainment at my expense.

Outwardly I stayed steady and gregarious but not extraverted. Inwardly I was thinking my god look at that body. Those green eyes and deep red chestnut hair. She had fresh looking fair skin that seemed free of any blemish, and full pink lips.

Kelly had the classic face of an angel with a body build for sin, and she knew how to use all she had.

She leaned her head on my shoulder laughing a little quip I had made as we sat on a deep cushioned settee. Kelly leaned towards me giving me a great view down the plunging neckline of her top into the cleavage between her pillowy pale white breasts. She made sure I got a good long view before she straightened up again. With a sexy half smile and an impish glint in her beautiful eyes, as she dragged her long fingernails down my arm. "You are so funny and handsome. If there is ever ... anything ... I can do for you just let me know." She said in a sexy sweet voice. Most men would have caved under such pressure, but I had Macy and she was all I wanted.

Again for those of you who haven't read the previous stories. Macy is my wife. She is 5'7" tall with shoulder length golden blonde hair, ice blue eyes, a long lean fit body, and an amazing set of 36dd breasts, and a newly rekindled adventurous spirit. OK now back to the story.

What I didn't know at that time but know now is that Kelly had seen my picture on the desk in Macy's office and had told her, "it's a good thing we're such good friends or I'd take him from you." Not one to pass up a challenge Macy told her, "go ahead take your best shot, he loves me." My wife may be crazy but she's not stupid she knows I love her heart and soul. She also knows that I love flirting with beautiful women so we both came out ahead that night.

As the night grew late Macy came over to where Kelly and I were sitting and said. "I see you two are getting along well."

"Yeah we are," I said. "Kelly has been keeping me distracted while you were discussing business with you cronies over there. Are you ready to go home yet?"

"When ever you are," she replied giving a glancing look at Kelly.

"I'm ready."

"I'll see you tomorrow Kelly." Macy said with a sly smile, as I said good night to Kelly. Leaving her some what disappointed about not achieving her goal.

So now Macy was the predicament of having to ask Kelly over to our house and explain why, or she was going to have to do some really fancy dancing to get herself out of this. Macy decided to try dancing first.

At dinner one night she asked me. "Honey do you really want us to have a tryst with Kelly or is there another way I can pay off the bet?"

"I don't know Macy. If you had won would you have collected the bet as we had agreed upon it.?"

Looking at the food on her plate and poking it with her fork she moaned. "I guess so."

"So shouldn't I be paid off the way we agreed. I mean after all I let you set the steaks. I loose you get to fuck Tom all night any way he wants as many times as he can go. You loose I get to fuck Kelly and you. Am I missing something?"

"No," she moaned again. Except we will never see Tom again, and I have to work around Kelly everyday."

I thought to myself, that is a valid point but I wasn't going to let her off that easily. "But you set the conditions of the wager, not me. I just agreed to them. I told you at the time that you would loose, but you didn't listen. So now it's time to pay up."

"I know ... I know ... but are you sure there isn't another way. Kelly gets that cat that swallowed the canary look every time she has a conquest, and with you she'll be shoving the feathers in my face every day. Please ... I'll do anything."

Those were the magic words I was waiting to hear. "Anything huuu?"

"Yes ... anything."

"Let me think about it." After we finished our meal we went into the living room to have our coffee. Macy was being very attentive to my needs. I knew she didn't want to have to deal with seeing Kelly in in office and knowing that she had gotten just what she wanted. "OK ... I've given this a little consideration and this is what I'm thinking. You've told me what a vamp Kelly is, and I've seen her in action first hand and she is very good."

Macy had a mixture of worry and annoyance in the expression on her face. She didn't know where this was going and she also knew Kelly had already tried to seduce me.

"I know we can both get away for a few days, so how about in say two weeks we take a little over night trip to Atlantic City."

With a curious look on her face Macy asked. "OK but how does that settle the bet?"

"It doesn't." I answered. "What it does do is give you a change of venue."

"How does that effect paying off our wager?" She asked.

"Again it doesn't. Just hear me out. I understand what you're saying about Kelly and having to work with her and all. But that leaves me without fucking her too, and if I'm any kind of judge I'll bet she is a really good fuck. So what I purpose is you take her place. It wont be the same, but I intend to push the limits in other ways I assure you!

This will be a role playing challenge for you. Once we arrive in our room you are not to act like yourself. You will be Kelly. You will dress like her, act like her, walk and talk like her. More importantly you will flirt like her but you will only fuck and suck me! I want you consider this role seriously because if I don't get an academy award winning performance when we get back I will expect you to invite her over as previously agreed upon in our bet, and I will be the sole judge of your performance. Do you understand and agree?"

Macy only took a moment before she said, "yes." She thought for another moment. "When you say I will be her, what exactly do you mean?"

I smiled at he query. "That is totally up to you. How in character do you have to be, how far do you have to take it? What do you have to change? How convincing do you think you have to be for me to forgive your debt and consider you paid in full. Just remember the ramification and consequences if you don't do a great job. Then take it from there."

I made arrangements and reservations to stay at one of the monolithic hotels on the Atlantic City strip. The reservations were in two weeks. This gave Macy more then adequate time to prepare for the role playing task that I had set out for her. She had not mentioned anything else about what was expected of her, since the evening we had first discussed our new agreement. I was anxious to see how well she had prepared, like I said Macy was never one to shrink from a challenge.

As you approach on the Atlantic City Expressway the hotels seem to rise as temples of excess and debauchery. The skyline of steel concrete and garish neon rakes across the ocean view. The megaliths stand as monuments to greed and desperation. Reaching for the sky and ready to pick you clean of every cent you allow them to take. But as everyone who has ever been bitten by the gambling bug knows, that with next throw of the dice or the next hand of cards you believe everything is going to change, and your luck will return.

I pulled the car up to the hotel and the valet opened the door for Macy. I could see his eyes scan over her body as she exited the car. She wore tight hip hugger jeans that cupped her ass just right, and a pale pink tee shirt that said Lady Luck on the front. She didn't wear a bra so her big beautiful breasts jiggled and bounced as she stood stretching her long legs after the almost three hour drive. She saw the valet looking at her too so she extended her army straight over her head and did a long stretch arching her back, giving him an even better view of her big tits. She then turned and gave him a wink and a smile as we walked towards the door.

We walked across the lobby to the desk to check in with the door man carrying our bags close behind. I know Macy was swishing her sweet ass to keep his attention. Even in sneakers her ass looked good.

At the desk I greeted with "good afternoon sir." I gave them my name. "Oh yes sir we have been expecting you. I see you've booked a luxury suite." We went through the formalities of checking in. "Here are the key cards, and the bell boy will show you the way" said the desk attendant.

"Right this way sir." The bell boy said as he lifted our bags. I had a weekend bag, Macy's bag look like she planned to move here. He showed us to the elevator. "Here we are sir room 3718," as he opened the door. He went through the usual ritual of showing us where everything is, the bar, the bathroom, and opening the curtains showing us the view of the ocean. Macy stretched again. "Oh man I can't wait to get out of these clothes." She sighed giving the bell boy a nice mental image to take with him. I gave him his tip and he was on his way.

I called to my wife .. Macy... Macy! She didn't turn as she looked out the window. "What's wrong with you?"

She turned and asked. "Who did you call?"

I said. "Mac... catching myself Kelly."

"Oh sorry baby I didn't hear you. What is it?"

I was impressed by her going into character as quickly as she did. "I'm going down to the lounge for a drink it was a long drive. How long will it take you to meet me there for lunch?"

"Give me half an hour more or less and I'll be there."

I agreed and left to allow Macy complete her metamorphosis into Kelly. How much she would change was up to her but she was off to a good start.

I sat in a booth near the bar, and the cocktail waitress in a little nothing of a costume came and got my order. "Gin and tonic with two wedges of lime." My usual drink.

There were a few guys sitting at the bar and another couple sitting a few tables away. I kept checking my watch and looking for Macy ... sorry, Kelly to arrive. I was getting quite hungry. I was taking the first sip of my second drink when I heard one of the guys at the bar say to his friend. "Holy shit look at her!" To which his friend responded. "Forget it she's working and you cant afford anyone in her league." The first guy laughed. "Yeah but it doesn't cost anything to look and dream."

I looked up to see who they were looking at. She was tall, red hair, long legs, big tits barely covered in a silky low cut green top, and a very short black skirt with a pair of stiletto heels. She had the look of being both high class and over the top sexy. It took me a moment or two to realize that it was my wife's version of Kelly. The wig and make up really changed her look, and she looked great.

Seeing me she walked across the room exuding confidence and sex appeal with every stride. Her body swayed and jiggled in all the right places. I had a feeling of excitement as she got closer, she had taken this role further then I had imagined.

The two guys at the bar were intently watching and commented. "Dam look at those tits bounce."

As she got closer she gave them a glance knowing that they were looking at her. She approached me and bent over at the waist giving me a nice warm lingering kiss. She also gave me a unobstructed look at her beautiful breasts as the blouse hung away from her body leaving them completely expose to my view.

The guys at the bar had a great look at her long strong legs and sweet ass as she bent over to kiss me. The heels accentuated the muscles in her legs, as the short skirt rode up to the bottom of her peach shaped ass cheeks. She knew exactly what she was doing , every move was intentional, and deliberate.

"Did you miss me?" She asked loud enough for them to hear but not so loud that they knew she wanted them to hear.

"Of course I missed you Kelly. What man wouldn't."

"So what do you have planned for us this weekend Baby?"

"Oh I just thought we'd have a good time and party a little."

"Where does your wife think you are this weekend?" She said loud enough for our two eavesdroppers at the bar to hear.

"Pittsburgh on a business trip." I laughed as I answered. Nice twist I thought.

"Oh the steel city... Well lets see how many steel bars I can get you to pound out for little ol' Kelly." She said with a sweet put on southern voice." She slid into the booth next to me and gave me a big kiss making a show of slipping her tongue into my mouth, as her hand obviously moved under the table. "Oh my ... It feels like you have one of those steel bars in your pants already. How about after we eat, we head up to your room and you slip it into my furnace lover?" She said teasingly still in the put on sweet southern voice.

I thought the two guy were going to fall off their stools.

So far my wife was doing a pretty good impression of a vamp, and I was enjoying every minute of it. When we finished our lunch Kelly asked me. "Would you like to go up to the room and relive some tension or would you rather go to the tables for a while?"

I stood and took her by the hand. "Lets see where fate takes us."

"Oooo I like the sound of that she cooed." As she stood she bent over to pick up her purse letting the front of her blouse fall away again but this time giving the guys at the bar the view of her breasts. She stood and as we walked away looked back over her shoulder and said,"bye boys."

We headed out of the lounge and onto the gaming floor. The slots chimed and rang lights flashing with each payout. The ratcheting sound of the wheel and the pit bosses calling no more bets all murmured in the background. We walked slowly through the electric environment absorbing it all, drinking it in. With Kelly holding my arm as we strode steadily across the floor. Till we got to the craps table.

I stopped and watched for a second. It was mid afternoon and the table was crowded. I moved in closer at the end of the table with Kelly at my side. Craps was called out ... new shooter ... new shooter. I reached for the dice and handed them to Kelly.

She scooped them from my hand laughing as I place my bet then shaking them in a long up and down stroke as if she was trying to jerk the luck from them. Then leaning over and giving them a strong toss across the table. While she was doing this I know that the stroking motion of her hand and the bounce of her large breasts didn't go unnoticed by some of the players, and when she leaned over to throw the dice I know that at least one breast was exposed to the view of the men on our right.

Eight ... eight is the point, as the dice were shoved back to within her reach. Kelly made sure she reached out to get them causing her breasts to strain against the silk of her blouse. Then with a long up and down stroke of her hand she shook the dice leaning over again throwing them. The men to our right now grinned as the got another perfect view of her breast as it almost popped out of her top.

Six ... eight is the point. Again the dice moved within her reach and again she went through the same movements except this time when she released the dice her left breast fell briefly from the confines of her top. Eight a winner! My wife jumped up and down at having just won her tits bouncing and jiggling to the pleasure of the other men near by. She picked up her winnings and we were on our way.

Kelly asked, "how much did we win?"

"Two thousand dollars."

"Tow thousand dollars how much did you bet?"

I laughed, "enough to win two thousand dollars. Why does that matter?"

Our next stop was at the Roulette wheel. I asked her, "how luck do you feel?"

My wife looked at me with a very loving look in her eyes and answered. "Very lucky."

"OK what your favorite number?"

"32" She answered.

"Red or black?"

"Well I have red hair but I look so sexy in black ... So black."

"OK put these two black chips on 32 black."

The wheel was spinning no more bets was called out... 32 black was next called.

"Oh my god I won!" She squealed jumping up and down again entertaining the other players.

As I picked up the pile of chips that was pushed my way and put them in my pocket she asked again. "How much did we win?"

"Listen honey you never count you chips before you leave the floor."

"OK she said pouting."

"Don't worry you did good."

I was having a great time, not only were we winning but my wife was putting herself into this role of Kelly completely. She was as much fun to watch as it was to win. Her persona of Kelly didn't care what strangers thought. Didn't worry who was watching as a matter of fact I'm sure she enjoyed them watching her as much as I did.

I decided that we should head up to the room so I left Kelly to wait for me in the lounge while I cashed in the chips. It didn't take long just five minutes but by time I got back to the lounge there was a guy standing next to the table where I had left her. The conversation seemed friendly enough from a distance I could see her smile as they spoke. I watched for a short time before approaching them.

As I got closer I could hear my wife say. "No I'm sorry I just can't but thank you for the offer anyway." As I got closer the guy saw me approaching and calmly walked away.

"What was that about?" As I looked at the guy walking towards the gaming floor.

"Oh he just asked if I would like to have dinner with him tonight. He was very charming and polite' but I declined him invitation. Then he offered me a thousand dollars you go with him to his room so we could become better acquainted as he put it, but I declined too." She said with a sly smile.

"Good thing you did."

"Oh and why is that?"

"You'll find out later. Let's go." I offered her my hand as she stood.

When we got into the elevator and the door closed I pulled Kelly close to me and slid my hand inside her low cut top kneading her firm full breast. Exposing her left breast and sucking the hard nipple into my mouth causing her to moan softly. As the floors chimed off on the counter I passionately kissed Kelly feeling her tongue twist and twine with mine. My tongue moved into the mouth and she sucked it like she would if it was a hard cock her tongue flicking and circling it.

When the doors opened on the thirty seventh floor I was about to take her right on the spot, and there was total acceptance of her situation on Kelly's part.

I took her by the hand and quickly walked down the hall to our room. She made no attempt to cover her fully exposed swaying bouncing tits, as she pranced on her stiletto heals trying to keep up. I opened the door as fast as I could not for her sake but for mine. I didn't really care if someone else saw Kelly's naked breasts. Lord knows how many people had see at least a glimpse of her beautiful tits in the last few hours, but now I wanted to taste the flesh of her prominent erect nipples for myself.

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