tagLoving WivesA Better Man than I Deserve

A Better Man than I Deserve


To my Ex: if you are out there, this one's for you. This submission is a little fiction and a lot of fact. It is a vicious, cheating wife story about a woman who believed false evidence presented by another woman who had her own agenda, which included destroying a marriage. If only you would have talked to me. In this, you are Senna's victim, but in this story the wife works through the lies -- you didn't even try.


"I'm fertile right now. If you cum deep inside me, you will probably make me pregnant with your child. My husband will be a cuckold raising another real man's baby for him." I was excited, and egging him on. I wanted him to fill me with his sperm, to impregnate me; and he wasn't my husband - that BASTARD I was married to. Fuck that troll! He wasn't fooling me any more with all those things he gave me or did for no reason other than just to see me smile. All those poems from his heart, each with a rose, every day; none of that mattered.

My best GF told me that my husband has been cheating on me. That bastard! I've given him six good years of living and loving, together. I've given him two kids. And he has the gall to CHEAT! I'll get even with him. I'll get so even, he'll wish for hell instead.

When she first told me, I thought she had to be wrong, Garth would never cheat. It just wouldn't be in him. Then there was the fact that Sen's always seemed to be a little interested in him for herself, maybe more than just a little. But that didn't taint the facts when she showed me a picture of him and his 'woman', both naked. His pose seemed familiar; but he often uses the same moves when we get together. I was sure I'd never before seen that woman in the picture.

She was thin, beautiful, with pert breasts and jutting nipples, firm butt, slender legs, great ankles and pretty feet. Her hair and makeup looked almost professional, her 'baby doll' nightie almost completely transparent. Nobody wore those these days. Her nose was a little like mine; but no, I was sure I'd never seen her before. She was much too pretty for Garth. No wonder he had that stunned look on his face in the picture, it was as if he was worshipping a goddess or something. Bastard!

I used to look pretty good, but now after the kids and six years of married life wasted on a cheating bastard, I wasn't all I used to be. At least that's the way I see myself. I see sagging breasts with elongated nipples; a 'pooch', varicose thighs and flabby underarms, the beginning of crow's feet at the corner of my eyes. I had too many shortcomings to count. Not that Garth ever saw any of them. He still treats me the same way he did when we first met. He's even still shy with me at times.

Sen, short for Senna, and I had been friends since we got together in the same clique in high school when we were the two hottest "hotties" in the school. The only competition we had was with each other, especially when we were going after the same cock...oh, I do mean guy.

I thought I'd hit the jackpot when I hooked Garth. He was the star quarterback. So what if he was a bit of a nerd too. He was built, great on the eyes, fast on the field, and had a soft and easy way about him. He was smart, too; smarter than about anybody else in school. I was elated to have beaten Sen for the grand prize, and mad as hell when he graduated at the end of his junior year, forgoing another year of football -- and my time to shine, to gloat. Bastard. Yeah, the star college football hero came 2,000 miles back to take me to my junior and senior proms, so what?

He went to college, walked onto the football field, placed second in the Heisman race both years, aced his scholastics, and graduated in two years. I had barely started college when he graduated. I was so lucky. A college football hero and academic all-star took me to my high school proms. Everybody was SO jealous back then. Oh, I played coy, a little; but I pursued him with a passion.

I'd withheld all but an occasional blowjob from all my boyfriends in the past; but with Garth, I pulled out every stop. I would have given him anything; even my anal virginity, and I had promised myself not to ever give that to anybody. Nobody had ever turned down one of my rarely-offered sexual gifts. Fondle my breast; how about that necklace? Grab my ass in the school hallway between classes; how about that concert I want to see at $75 a ticket?

Garth was different. He refused my offerings. It wasn't that he made it seem not enough for me to offer him my virginity. It was just that he didn't see things like I did, or maybe he saw more. It made me crazy. I pulled every dirty trick a woman can pull on a man. When I ran out, I went to my friends and got more tricks, and tried them on him. Nothing. He was immovable. Finally, I just gave up.

The very next Wednesday after my surrender, he called me -- out of the blue -- and asked me out. What the...? I had racked my brain, my friends' brains, even stooped to checking the library for information. I busted my ass for nearly a year, and all I had to do was to sit tight and wait? Sometimes, I think I'm such a dummy.

Well, life went on and Garth asked me to marry him. Of course, I said yes; and the last six years have been wonderful. We have two children, and were talking about a third when this shit hit the fan. Cheating! Well, I wasn't going to put up with it. I would get my revenge, and in the worst possible way.

I schemed, I planned, I engineered, and I made it happen. What I didn't know was that none of it would have happened without me. Since Sen was still as hot as she had ever been and I already knew she was attracted to Garth; and not wanting to introduce some strange slut off the street to my situation, I drafted Senna to be the instrument of my ultimate revenge. It took a lot of wheedling and cajoling, and it was like pulling teeth; but I finally convinced her to seduce and fuck Garth.

Convinced her....HA! Can you say, "I was scammed"?

If he was cheating with some other slut, he would drool over getting a chance to fuck Sen. She was TOO hot! And, I'm going to have a video tape of it to show in court and use to rake him over the financial coals. I might agree to monthly supervised visits with my kids...not ours, mine; but only if I get the house and car, free and clear. We'll split the money 50/50, as long as he puts his half into the kids' college funds.

I was going to use the "scorched earth" strategy. That bastard was going to be out on his ass with nothing but the clothes on his back. I'd burn the rest of them in the front yard. Bastard!

Sen and I used anonymous email accounts for the more sensitive topics and things involved in my plan to make a stupid cuckold fool out of my husband. We limited phone calls between us so as not to give rise to suspicion should Garth see the phone bills.

I planned and schemed some more and found myself the perfect dupe for my end of the equation. He was just a guy with a monster cock, the brains of a horny goat, the build of a sumo wrestler, and somehow still had a face that didn't make me want to puke...immediately.

Bubba and I were in my hotel room when Sen texted me from her hotel bathroom to tell me that she had my Garth naked in her room and the video camera was running. I hung up my phone and turned to my lover. Damn, he was big all over.

That was four hours ago, too many orgasms to count; and five huge loads of man cum soaking deep in my, at the moment, very fertile pussy. The baby he's just put in my belly is gonna eat Garth out of house and home. Ha! Cheat on me, will you? I'll show you cheating! Do you see this virile cum draining out of my fertile pussy? It's full of sperm attacking the egg that would have been yours for the taking if you could have just stayed by me.

I would have said that to Garth if he was here.

I did manage to work one more pussyful of cum out of Bubba for insurance before I left him sleeping just after sunrise and drove home with his china-white cum oozing out of my pussy in thick globs. That boy definitely had what it took to breed. There was so much of it.

Just as I pulled into the driveway, my cell went off with the TM tone. I turned the car off and checked the text message.

"Don't do ANYTHING! Garth dodged everything. I had to get him so damn stinking drunk it took four guys to carry him into my room. He was passed out when they carried him in, and I texted you that he was here. I thought I'd be able to wake him up at some time during the night, or at least get him stiff enough to ride; but all you have is four hours of video of a naked sleeping drunk with a limp dick. Sorry."

"Uh, oh" wasn't what came to my mind. Sorry? Is that what she said? She's SORRY!

I'm the one who's freaking SORRY! I've got a womb containing a fertile egg and 5 large loads of another man's sperm in there with it; billions of little buggers doing their very best to make me a mommy. One of them is going to win. And I'm going to lose. My cheating husband didn't even get his weenie wet in my trap.

But, what am I thinking!? Tough shit. That was his fault. It's all his fault. He cheated on me first!!! That rat bastard! I'd just gotten even, and "did it my way". Who does he think he is, cheating on me? Me, his ever loving wife, the wife who would never do him wrong.

I stomped into the house and slammed the front door behind me. Damn him, sleeping off a drunk in some hotel while I'm waiting with a leaking, stinking, just impregnated pussy to rub his nose in. That philandering bastard can't get away with this. I'll just go find another 'Bubba' to load my pussy up again. I make sure another man is drooling out of me when he gets home, maybe more than one or three.

After getting a shower, I went to the closet. What? My dirty 'handwash-only pile' was pulled away from the closet door, as if it had been opened. Garth never looked in there. He said it was "my country", and he never has. That was sweet of him. But if not him, who had been in my closet?

I looked inside. Nothing seemed to be out of place or moved around at all. Why was there so much dust on the shoulder of my suit jackets? I looked up at the only thing on the shelf above them, the box of our old pictures. I pulled it down and opened it to find........

Oh My Gawd! NOOOOO!!!

The top picture was the exact same picture that Sen had shown me. It's of Garth and I on our honeymoon, the night we recorded for posterity. Senna had shown me a picture of myself, and used it to weasel my permission -- no, my adamant insistence - that she take my husband and fuck his brains out on video. How could I not have known the picture was ME!!!???

And Garth refused, or was least unable to defend himself. Ohhhh... I am such an IDIOT! I've been played like a fiddle with four loose strings. He didn't do anything, and the picture with me was the single shred of false evidence I relied on and I fucked another man just to get pregnant, what did that make me?

Where does that leave me now? Married to an honest, loving man; and pregnant by some slug I drug in off the streets because I was mad over a lie and the stray had a big cock. I picked the timing, so I would get pregnant and make my loving man a cuckold raising another man's child out of wedlock, out of unholy anger. It was my choice, my decision, my demise. Christ, that toad could have given me a disease!

How had this happened? The only answer was that Senna had intentionally set this up so she could fuck my husband, the ultimate victory in our longstanding battle. Not only that, I had no recourse but to accept her final victory. The only bigger victory would be if she had gotten pregnant with Garth's child, and taken him from me; but my wonderful, loving husband hadn't taken the bait. It's not that he chose not to cheat; it's simply that he didn't even get the chance to decide on his own. That scum slut BITCH set me up!

She'd used the key I gave her to get into my house and snooped through my stuff, knowing that I'd be the one hoarding pictures. There weren't any of Garth with other girls. He was a one-woman man, so Sen had to find one of me that was so different than I've become that I wouldn't know it was me if I didn't have the other pictures to remind me. She only showed me the one.

That understanding brought on nuclear fusion. It wasn't going to be scorched earth; it was going to be memory earth, as in A-L-L-L G-O-N-E!!! That conniving bitch was going to be visited by the greatest scourge of all time, far worse than all the plagues Moses visited on the Pharaoh.

First stop was my doctor's office. I got three morning-after pills and took one of them, and had a full VD screen done. Second stop was the sex shop where I got a good selection of balls gags, hoods, toys and shackles of varying lengths. Third stop was the liquor store, followed by a swing by a drug dealer who knew me. Final stop was to see Bubba, the love sponge or squirter, or whatever.

Then I waited. Garth came home and I played it as cool as cool can be, overlooking his pathetic excuses as if they didn't matter. They did matter to me. I knew he was telling the truth. I was the one hiding the terrible lies.

Girlfriends talk about the grossest things, such as when their periods are. I knew Senna's as well as I knew my own. I knew what days she wouldn't be in the mood to talk, let alone go out for some fun. So I waited until I knew she was within hours of ovulating.

I knocked on her door and, thirty minutes later, she was on her third drink of triple vodka and another little pill. Thirty minutes after that, Sen was unconscious, shackled on her bed, gagged and hooded. Bubba was just getting naked. As I set up the video cam, I couldn't decide which had more curve, his cock or his grin. She should have a memento of this momentous occasion, the conception of her first child, by Bubba the Great.

Over the next eight hours, Bubba's cock seemed unflagging, as did Bubba's toothless grin. I know I counted eight Bubba-sized loads in Senna's cunt, because I made sure to lick and toy her through protracted orgasms right after each load, while we kept her ass almost straight up in the air. That way, his sperm would be sucked in by the spasms of her vagina and cervix, to attack her egg in force, just like it had mine. But this time, I wouldn't let her know she'd been fucked.

When Bubba was shooting air bubbles, I let Senna rest for an hour and then douched her so as eliminate DNA evidence and yet not to disturb the work of all those diligent little soldiers. Bubba and I retrieved everything and 'hit the silk'. Sen was still out cold and would be for at least another three hours. I couldn't wait to find out she was pregnant with Bubba's love child.

She would never know she'd been fucked, other than the fact her pussy was a little raw. I pulled her dildo out of her nightstand, ran it up my pussy once, and left it in her hand. I hoped not too much sperm would drool back out of her womb. But she when she did finally wake up, she would probably lounge around in bed another hour or more. By then, her little fertilized eggie would be looking for a place to grow.

I went back to being the dutiful housewife. I threw myself at Garth is more like it. I gave that man more pussy in the next three months than he'd had in years, and in more places and positions than we had ever tried before. Of course, the fact I had more cock kinda goes with the territory. He would be the only one I'll ever have inside me again, in any hole; and he can have them all, my treat.

I wish it could have gone that smoothly. Somehow, Garth found out about my little tryst. Maybe he talked to the hotel desk clerk, seen my cum-soaked panties or smelled my puss stinking like dead fish; hell, I don't know how. He just knew, like he'd read my mind or something.


But he's never said a word about it.

Yes, Senna did get pregnant. How could she not? Bubba faded back into the shadows and Senna couldn't even figure out how she got knocked up. With no morning sickness, she didn't even know it until she was just entering her second trimester, which eliminated the possibility of abortion, and she was forced to have the baby.

The first thing I did when she told me she was pregnant was to hand her the video disc from her memorable night. I hoped she enjoyed the memories and orgasms she would never remember. Most of the video is of Bubba's flabby ass and gross beerbelly overhanging the short, fat schlong sluicing in and out of Sen's flacid pussy. There were white cum streaks all over her pussy patch, her thighs, breasts and face. I loved it.

She wanted to adopt the baby out, but it seems nobody wanted a 26lb, 26" long, day-old pug-nosed, nappy-haired, half-black infant with lungs that shattered bank windows down the street when the doctor slapped his ass; not even the orphanages could find room for that baby ogre.

Somehow he's known part of the story, although I never told Garth about either night; and Senna didn't dare to unless she wanted both videos on hacked onto her Face page. Fortunately, by the grace of God and those morning-after pills three days in a row, I didn't get pregnant. It is a heavy onus to have to hide inside my soul; but to reveal it just to lighten my burden, would be to hurt the finest man I've ever met more terribly than I could bear. If I have to die a death each time I think about his next tender kiss, then I can only hope to die slowly.

Thirteen years later, I overheard a supermarket conversation. It seems that Bubba's son just knocked up his mother. Sen's in jail on predator and incest charges, and pregnant with her own child/grandchild. Couldn't have happened to a nicer BITCH, I thought as I went home to my five children and my loving husband, their father. Now, when he ticks me off over something, I just smile inside and thank God I have such a man, and I am his.

I've finally decided that the day after our forty-year anniversary next week, I'm going to clear the air. I'm going to show him both videos and tell him the whole story. It's time for him to know everything; time for me to throw off my burden; time to finally make things right... or destroy them; and I don't think that will happen. He is a better man than I deserve.


Your votes are wonderful and much appreciated, but without your comment or contact to assist me in improving myself, I have little chance to please you more than this. I can, and want, to become better. Comments by other authors and members are particularly appreciated, but anonymous remarks will be given due consideration, as well.

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