tagGroup SexA Bi 20 Something Party

A Bi 20 Something Party


We were in our twenties and we were drunk. Not that that makes it any better or any worse, we were pretty much always drunk or stoned at that point in our lives, but this was a special night for the crowd I hung out with. There were about five of us that always hung out, going to clubs or bars, experimenting and trying different things in order to find ourselves. There was Danceteria and Area, Nell's and the Tunnel, and Dorian's Red Hand uptown when we got up there.

I had a pretty good sized place near the Meat Packing area that we would all meet up at before heading out clubbing or meet up after we'd left the clubs. But on this one night there were a few extra people that joined us - two girls and one guy. So, all in all there was a small party of four girls and three guys sitting around in the living area finishing off some leftover martinis and a few joints. The night was winding down when Julia, the new girl, stood up and drunkenly raised her t-shirt over her head and shook her perky little boobs and proclaimed that the party was not over, it was just beginning.

We all hooted and hollered and raised our glasses, both girls and guys, at keeping it going. She admitted that we were all pretty horny and had nowhere else to go, so why not have a show? We all agreed and the guys started laughing and shouting for a show.

"No, no, no," she drunkenly said, "why is it always the girls who had to put on a show?" Which is when all the girls started calling for a guys show. We laughed and one by one said fine, thinking it would be like doing a strip show for the ladies. So we stood up and started to dance and grind to the music that was playing. We were getting into it but the girls wanted to see more than just a few guys dance. +Grace, one of the girls we usually hung with said from her lounge chair "we want to see you dance with each other."

The dudes kind of stared at each other for a minute or two. Some of us had whipped off our shirts and one of the guy's pants were unzipped, but other than that we were pretty much dressed, so we more or less paired up and started to dance. We thought nothing of it. It's not like we were gay or anything, we thought.

The girls started getting friskier as they watched us. They were enjoying the show as Julia sat down next to Grace, put her arm around her and said something in her ear. Grace let out a laugh and kissed her cheek before calling out, "That's right, we want to see a real show. Get closer, get closer."

One of my friends shook his head, backed out and sat down. One of my buds and I kind of laughed at him for being such a phobe. We kept on dancing, pulling off each other's shirts and throwing it them to the girls. They responded by pulling off their shirts and whipping them over their heads. Their breasts were out, nipples sticking up in the air, as I bent over to Jonathan, licking his nipples. It was all in good fun as we egged each other on. None of us knew how far it would go which was part of the fun of it - kind of like a series of unspoken dares.

The tipping point was when I danced up behind Jonathan and grabbed his chest as if they were breasts. I cupped them and pulled his nipples as he ground his ass back into my crotch. The response from the girls was not the loud cheer I had expected but a low level groan. Both Jonathan and I watched the girls as they entwined their tongues and went in for a long deep kiss. We could see them eyeing us as if it were indeed a dare to see what we would do next.

Me being behind him, I reached down and unbuttoned his pants and slid his zipper down. I could feel his erection through the front of his pants and he could feel mine against his ass. And no, this did not go past the girls and guy who were watching the whole thing. Now there was no sound from any of them. There was just this heat that simmered around the room. As I reached in to take his cock out, he reached back to unzip me and pull mine out as well.

"Do it guys. Do it for us," was all Grace said. So we did. I had Jonathan's cock out as I turned around and knelt down. I used the flat of my hand to press it up against his belly and then went under it to lick his balls. I could see that would make a bigger impact on the crowd as well as on Jonathan. I felt his hands on either side of my head, pressing me into his balls where I nestled my tongue, softly sucking each into my mouth. He pushed my head back before gently guiding his almost eight inch cock into my mouth.

I looked over at the girls to see them almost in shock at what they were watching. I mean their mouths were open in wonder as I started to suck in earnest, taking his meat deep into my mouth before dragging my lips against it as I pulled back. I stayed at his mushroomed tip, playing my tongue against his slit, before opening my lips wide, getting as much as I could into my mouth, and once again enjoying the feel of his muscle as I dragged my lips back over him.

While on my knees and sucking him in long, slow thrusts and retreats, I undid my own pants and at least got the back pulled down. I heard an "oh my god," before I felt the girls practically run over and felt a hand going down the back of my pants. I felt that hand grab my ass cheek and massage it as I continued to suck. Those same fingers found their way between my cheeks and onto my actual opening. I was so turned on by what was happening that I was not about to get the one to stop.

One of the girls, I think it was Julia, said "that's so hot. I love seeing bi guys get it on. Kneel down and give me a 69, and I'll be the first one to rim you both."

It wasn't the neatest, made for movies choreography, but we made it work. Somehow we both got our pants off and were on our sides, sucking each other's dicks as the girls begin to feel each other up and play with our asses. I could feel a tongue lick my ass before running its wet self up to my balls. I could feel what I thought were Jonathan's fingers pressing into my ass. I even think that Mike even came back to get in on the fun, that's how hot it was all getting to be.

I looked over to see Julia and Grace riding his mouth and dick while kissing each other's nipples. I could see Jonathan licking Mike's balls as Grace was fucking him. I watched as Jonathan and Julia shared my cock before tonguing each other over it. What didn't go on that night I'm not even sure. What I do know is that at some point we dragged the mattresses off the beds and threw them into a soft, cushiony, dream-room flooring we could all share and sleep together on.

The next morning I was awoken to the sound of someone sucking cock. It was one of the girls taking on Jonathan's penis. I smiled at their endurance and his. Watching the show made me stand at attention. I only did what I thought I should do which was to knee-walk over and offer my penis to Jonathan's mouth. He readily accepted which made the girls smile and begin their play all over again.

As Jonathan sucked me, pulling against my cock and balls, Grace whispered in my ear that she and Julia really wanted to watch Jonathan and I fuck. I just knew that was going to happen at some point, so I crawled my way over to Jonathan's ass and gently rolled him over a touch as I started to rim him. Without knowing where I was going with it, he readily complied and lifted his ass up in the air, eager for me to continue. I did, moving my tongue around the soft pucker of his anus. Grace came over and smiled at me. She squeezed out some lube onto her finger and begin rubbing it in as she also reached down and firmly stroked his cock, jacking him off. Jonathan really got into both sides being pleasured, bucking back and forth, not knowing which way to go or what was coming up.

I gently rubbed lube on my cock before pressing it against his opening. I could feel a hesitation in his movements as he begin to realize what was happening. But then he settled back on his heels and relaxed his ass. Grace gave his ass a hard slap then pulled his cheeks apart.

Jonathan looked over his shoulder at me, "do it," was what he said. "Go slow, be gentle, but do it." Grace, Julia and I all exchanged looks. We knew there was no going back and that somehow life would never be the same after this. I went as slowly as possible as Julia and Grace helped me ease my cock into him. There were a couple of moments when Jonathan bucked or gave a small shout of pain, but one of the girls would roll over to give him a deep kiss and together both Jonathan and I lost part of our virginity.

After Jonathan lost his ass to my cock, they ganged up on me with an "it's your turn" guilt trip. Grace spread her legs in front of me, pulling my head down to eat her out as I could feel Jonathan and Julia spread my ass and, as gently as possible, open my ass to Jonathan's assault. It all went find until he hit my O-Ring. Man it felt as if a bolt of lightening ripped through me.

At one point when I gave a shriek I felt the loving hands spread the cooling lube onto his cock for his next plunge into me. By the end though, I was moaning for more as Julia slipped under me to slip my harder than hard, hard-on into her sopping pussy. Grace just let her lubed hands make sure we were all slippery little sluts as our weekend continued.

It was a very long weekend of drinking, d**gs and a****l rutting.

We did leave the apartment a few times, making sure everyone knew that we were a bi crew. Reaching across the table at the diner to kiss and tongue-swap, talking about cum and who did or did not swallow. We were asked to leave. But that was okay, we found another breakfast spot where we pulled the same stunt over again. We loved being out nasty slutty selves, trying to shock those around us, letting them all know we had just fucked our bisexual brains out and swapped loads of cum back and forth before stopping for a breather and starting all over again. We even went into a sex shop and had a small field day buying lube and sex toys - mostly anal. Picking up the dildos and vibrating cocks and asking each other over the displays whether it was suckable or fuckable. I think we even embarrassed the clerk at the sex shop who just kept shaking her head but didn't want to lose the sale that could make her weekend, if not her week.

That was almost twenty years ago. But I just sent some emails out to see what everyone was now up to and if any of them wanted to join me at a house in the country to revisit that weekend in its entirety. I'm waiting for their responses, but I remain hopeful to what their answers will be...

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by Anonymous

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by goducks108/08/18

great story

5 stars looking forward to the next chapter

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by Badger195308/08/18

Great story

I love bi stories. I hope you continue with the people being older. Some discrption of their bodies would be great.

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by Anonymous08/08/18

Liked it

Good story, grammar suck to the point of being distracting.

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