tagBDSMA Big Mistake Ch. 02

A Big Mistake Ch. 02


Letter from author: This story is about blackmail, female domination and humiliation. If this is not what you like, please go read another story. Don't read it then trash it in the comment section please. If you like that, please enjoy. I encourage feedback, good and bad as long as it's constructive. It helps me to know what the readers like. Hope you enjoy.


"That's not begging!" Missy snapped at Larry. "I don't think you really want my pussy. Convince me!!!"

"Pleeeeeeeeease may I have your pussy." Larry pleaded. His cock was rock hard from the scent emanating from the folds of her uncovered sex just inches from his nose.

"Please may I have your pussy Mistress!!" She corrected him

Larry already felt a tinge of humiliation. How could he be here? Just a week ago, he was the one making the woman beg him for his cock. He didn't need this. He could have Claire's pussy anytime he wanted. However, her daughter who stood in front of him commanding him to beg for her snatch, had the sweetest tightest pussy he had ever felt, and he did want it badly. Discounting his shame, he again pleaded for the right to have it.

"Please may I have your pussy Mistress."

"This pussy?" she asked, spreading the lips so he could see her clit. "Do you want this sweet pussy?" She slid her finger inside to coat it with her juices.

"Yes Mistress." Larry replied.

Missy removed her finger and rubbed it on his upper lip so he could smell her scent with every breath. Larry breathed in deeply, savoring her aroma.

"Open up!" She demanded, placing her finger near him mouth.

Larry opened his mouth and she slid her finger in his mouth. Larry tasted her juices. Missy pulled her finger free and stepped back.

"Show me how bad you want my pussy. Stroke your cock." She told him.

Larry hesitated a moment. He didn't want to do that with Missy watching him as she stood over him.. He just stared at her pussy and did nothing.

Missy dropped her skirt and yelled at him, "I said stroke it! Unless you would like my mom to see that little film we made."

Larry looked down at his stiff cock and reluctantly grabbed it with his hand. Slowly he began to masturbate. Missy moved back close to him.

"That's a good boy. Mistress wants to see you cum. Make that little thing spew." She told him. He did not have a small dick, but she knew all men's confidence was dependent on their cock size. So if she told him enough times that it was small, he would, over time, become convinced that it was small. She lifted her skirt again and placed her pussy right in front of his nose. "Don't lick it until I say. Just smell it" She told him.

Larry breathed in again. His hand began to move faster on his rod. This really turned Missy on. Her pussy was getting really wet now. She dropped her skirt over Larry's head and grabbed the back of his head.. Grinding his nose into her clit, she continued to encourage him.

"Yea, that's' a good boy. Stoke that little cock. It makes me hot watching you play with yourself."

Larry was really turned on. His nose was covered in pussy juice and his cock was fast approaching orgasm. Missy could see him stroking fast and figured he was close. She pulled his head in hard and commanded him to lick her. Larry stuck his tongue out and began devouring her dripping cunt. Her taste was intoxicating. He licked and swallowed her sweet nectar. Almost immediately Larry began to cum. Shot after shot spewed from him cock. He grunted into Missy's pussy as his orgasm took over. Missy continued to grind her sex into his face until she screamed out from her own orgasm. She came all over his face. Her cum dripped from his chin as she relished her climax. When she was finished, she pushed him back, dropped her skirt and walked out of the room.

"Clean up your mess, I will see you after school.

Larry sat on his haunches for a long time just staring blankly at the puddles of cum he shot all over the hardwood floor. He was dumbfounded by the sudden turn of events. Feeling sorry for himself, he stood and retrieved a towel. He knelt back down and wiped the mess from the floor. He tried and tried to figure out a way to get out of this position he now found himself in.

He spent the next four hours searching without results for the missing DVD Missy said she had. He looked everywhere in her room.. When he reached her dresser, he opened each drawer and moved things around hoping to find it. He opened one of the drawers and inside of it was all of Missy's naughty under garments. His cock instantly stirred as he imagined Missy's magnificent hard body filling out the material he was holding. He came across a particularly sexy negligee. It was dark purple satin with black lace trim. He again imagined Missy's big beautiful tits pushing up out of the half cups. He dreamed of the back riding up between her perfectly firm round ass cheeks. His cock was now forming a tent in his sweats. He pulled the draw string and they fell to his ankles. Wrapping his rock hard cock with the material, he began to stroke it. The silky material tantalized his prick. He closed his eyes and recalled the smell of Missy's cunt. He stroked harder and faster. His muscles began to tighten and he was preparing to explode when he heard the front door close.

"Larry?" Came Claire's voice. "Where are you?"

Larry froze. Stuffing Missy's unmentionables back in her drawer, he pulled up his sweats. He raced out of her room and into the bathroom.

"I'm in here." He called back as he sat down on the toilet and stuffed his stiff unit between his legs.

"I came home to have lunch with you." Claire said as she passed the bathroom and headed for the bedroom.

Larry sat for a few more moments until his dick drained enough not to bbe seen in his sweats. He flushed and followed Claire to the room. When he walked in, Claire was standing in front of the mirror straightening her outfit. Larry took one look at her. Her outfit hugged her body in all the right places. Her big round tits strained against her blouse. He full round ass pushed against the tight short skirt. It was not Missy's body, but Larry was so horny.

"Any port in a storm." He told himself.

He walked up behind Claire and crotched behind her. Clutching the hem of her skirt, he pulled it to the floor. He grasped her panties and pulled them to her ankles too.

Claire wasn't expecting anything like this, but she wasn't complaining. Lately Larry had been a bit distant, and the attention was well received. Stepping out of her panties and skirt, her body tingled as he ran his fingers up her legs. Reaching her sex, he slid one finger between her lips and found her clit. Claire closed her eyes and delighted in the sensations.

Larry diddled her clit with one hand, as he rose up to stand behind her, he pushed the other hand inside her blouse until he found her large bra covered tits. He massaged one until the nipple was nice and hard. Taking it in his finger tips, he pinched it hard.

"Ahhhhhhh!" Claire gasped.

Larry pressed his hard cock, still in his sweats, between her ass cheeks. He moved up and down as he continued the masterful stimulation with his hands.

"Tell me what you want!" He instructed Claire.

"I want your hard cock in my wet pussy." She answered..

"You don't have a pussy." He snapped, feeling his confidence return. "What do you have?"

"A cunt!" Claire replied. "I have a cunt. I want your hard cock in my wet cunt."

Larry turned her body and pushed her toward the bed. Then he bent her over it. He dropped his pants and drove his cock deep inside her. Not wasting any time, he immediately began taking all his aggressions out on her pussy. Pounding her pussy he again spoke to her, "Is that what you want? You want my big fat cock inside that sloppy cunt of yours?"

"Oh yea!" Claire returned. "Fuck me harder Baby."

Larry grabbed hold and assaulted her forcefully from behind. The skin slapping and the screaming were clear to Missy as she entered the house.

"Fuck me baby, Fuck me harder." Claire screamed.

"You love it when I take you like the slut you are from behind don't you?" Larry barked back.

"Yes, fuck your slut." was what Missy heard as she peeked around the door opening to the room. She watched for a few minutes as Larry fucked her mom from behind hard and fast. She was very turned on, but at the same time very mad. She needed to break this up before Larry came. She hurried to the front door and opened it.

"Mom, what are you doing home?" she hollered as she slammed the door. "Mom, where are you?"

Claire and Larry both panicked. Larry knew if Missy saw him like this, she might get mad. She had told him she was now in charge of all his sexual activities. Claire on the other hand, didn't want her daughter so see her like this. She pushed Larry back and rushed into the master bath. Larry pulled his pants up and sat on the bed as Missy reached the room.

"Hey Larry, what's mom doing home?" She asked innocently.

"She came home to have lunch with me." He answered with a guilty look on his face.

Just then Claire emerged from the bathroom in a pair of pajama bottoms and her work blouse.

"Why are you wearing your PJs?" Missy queried.

"Oh, I just wanted to be comfortable during lunch." Claire replied. She then retrieved her panties and skirt from the floor and returned to the bathroom. She knew Missy was on to them, but as long as she didn't see her in the position she was just in, she didn't care that Missy knew Claire might have been having sex.

As Claire got dressed in the bathroom, Missy sat next to Larry and whispered in his ear, "I saw you two, you are in deep trouble mister." She reached between his legs and grabbed his cock. "This belongs to me now, and I say when and how you can use it. Get it?"

Larry nodded. Missy stood up and when her mom returned from the bathroom Missy asked if she could have lunch with them.

Embarrassed a bit, Claire declined, saying she needed to get back to work. Feeling the inevitable punishment, Larry tried to convince Claire to stay and eat. Claire kissed him on the cheek and left.

"We can finish what we were working on later when I get home." She commented to Larry as she left the room.

Both Larry and Missy followed Claire to the door. They watched as her car left the drive.

"What do you think you are doing?" She snapped at Larry. "I told you I was in charge of your sex life now, and I will not have you treating my mom like a common whore. Is that understood?"

Larry instantly reverted back to his submissive self from that morning. "Yes mistress." he replied.

"Now get undressed and get on your knees. My mom will be expecting you to continue that tonight, so we need to make sure that cock of yours won't work." She told him.

"Start stroking!!!." She snapped again.

Larry complied and began to masturbate on the floor. Missy took off her skirt and walked up to Larry. Mashing his face into her dripping cunt, she again gave him an order, "Eat me!"

Larry abided by her command.

"When mother asks you to fuck her tonight, you will decline. You will then offer to eat her pussy as you are doing now until she cums three times, understand?"

Larry mumbled an affirmative answer.

Then she fucked his face harder with her smooth drenched snatch. Larry stroked his cock hard and fast until he was about to cum.

"That's a good little boy, stroke your little cock for me. I want to see you cum again." She encouraged him.

Larry was really finding this a turn on. He stroked hard and fast. Soon both were on the verge of climax. Missy came first. Pressing Larry's face into her crotch, she screamed out as the pleasure coursed through her.

"Yes, my slave, That's it.........Oh, I am cumming." She screamed. "Cum for your mistress!" she told him as her orgasm subsided. Let me see you shoot it all over the floor."

Larry felt his orgasm approach forcefully. He shot the first jet far from him. Stroke after stroke more of his seed spilled onto the ground. He grunted as his face was pushed into her folds.. When he was done, Missy commanded him to do it one more time.

"I can't. I did it twice today already." He told her.

"Oh yes you can, I don't want you getting any ideas tonight with my mom. From now on, it is all about her pleasure. Your cock is going to be so limp, you couldn't get it up with a crane. Now stroke it."

Larry reluctantly did as he was told. After about five minutes, it was barely hard. Missy noticed and began teasing him.

"What's the matter? Big bad Larry can't get it up? Do you need some encouragement?"

Larry just stroked harder. He was not going to let her think he was impotent.

Missy began to open her blouse. I'll bet it would get hard if it was between these." She said as she displayed her big round tits.. Larry got very turned on. He watched as Missy removed her bra and began to tease her nipples. His cock began to respond and he grabbed it tighter as he stroked. Missy sat back on the chair and spread her legs as well, giving him a clear view of her magnificent pussy..

"You want my pussy Larry?" she asked.

He just nodded as his cock firmed up. The remnants of his last orgasm were lubing his masturbation. Missy pinched and squeezed her tits as Larry watched and approached orgasm.

"Come on little boy. Let's see that little ding-a-ling cum one more time. Cum for Missy." She teased.

"Let me see how much more cum is left in your little pee pee."

Larry just watched as she kneaded her perfect mammories. His orgasm hit and he let out a grunt as the last few spurts left in his balls spilled onto the ground.

Satisfied with his compliance, Missy closed her top and addressed Larry again, "Now for your punishment. I told you no using that little thing without permission, and you disobeyed, so now you will clean up that mess you made on the floor. However, this time you will use nothing but your tongue.

"Are you fuckin' kidding me?" Larry snapped. "No fuckin' way!!!!"

"OK, but I'm pretty sure mom will be quite mad when she sees you fucking her daughter on that DVD." Missy reminded him.

Larry just stayed there on his haunches contemplating his next move. Not wanting to have his meal ticket end, he reluctantly leaned over and placed his hands on the ground with his puddle of cum between them.. Lowering his head to the ground, he placed his tongue in the gooey liquid and lapped it up like a dog. As the salty taste hit his mouth and slid down his throat, he again wondered how he could have slid so low so fast. Suddenly a bright flash caught his attention. He looked up to see Missy standing over him with a camera covering her face as she looked at the digital screen and laughed out loud.

"This will look good in my collection for mom if you don't behave." She told him as she continued to snap more pictures.

Defeated, Larry just finished his task.

When he was finished, Missy walked up to him and spoke, "Whose in charge?"

"You are." He answered.

"You are Mistress!" she snarled.

"You are Mistress." He corrected himself.

She turned around and bent over so her ass was in front of his face. "Show me! Kiss my ass." She barked as she spread her cheeks. Larry planted his lips on her puckered hole and kissed it.

"What do you say?" she said after he had finished.

"Thank you Mistress." He said, feeling quite humiliated.

"Go take a shower." She commanded. "You have a long night of servicing my mom ahead of you."

Larry stood and did as he was told. Missy retired to her room and waited for his return. She had more instructions to give him when he was done.

to be continued.........

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