tagBDSMA Big Mistake Ch. 03

A Big Mistake Ch. 03


This story is about female domination, blackmail and humiliation. If this is not your cup of tea, please move on. If that excites you, I hope you enjoy. Feedback is always appreciated, good and bad, if it is constructive.


Claire arrived home and was as horny as could be. All afternoon she had been thinking of her lunchtime activities and how she was going to continue them that evening when she got home. On one occasion she had even slipped her hand under her skirt while she was at her desk and rubbed her hot sex through her silky panties. The moisture of her pussy had soaked through the material and she felt its warmth. She slipped a hand into her blouse and fondled one of her large heaving breasts.. She found her clit and manipulated it with a finger. She panted as her pleasure mounted. She was really getting into it when she was startled by a knock on her office door. She regained her composer and called out.

"Come in."

In walked Drew the mailroom attendant. He had an interoffice memo that needed Claire's signature for proof of receipt. Drew was a student working his way through college. He was a good looking boy and seemed to work out, by the looks of his strong muscular arms.

Before Claire took the envelope to sign it, she noticed Drew staring at her with lust in his eyes. Claire noticed he was not looking at her face, but rather looking in the direction of her breasts. She glanced down and realized in her moment of lust, she had caused a button on her blouse to unfasten. Her deep cleavage, along with the top of her silky dark blue bra, was in full view. Drew's manhood began to stiffen. He just stared at her massive boobs and imagined what it would be like to touch them. Not wanting to embarrass the young boy, she signed the envelope and returned it without a word. Regaining his composure, Drew grabbed the envelope and hurried from the room.

Claire buttoned her blouse and giggled to herself. It was nice to know she could still have an affect on such a young man. The more she thought about it throughout the rest of the afternoon, the more it turned her on. Thoughts of Drew, in addition to her lunchtime fun, had conspired to keep her from doing any work that afternoon.

When she walked in the door, she found Larry making dinner. She didn't see Missy so she asked Larry where she was.

"She went to a friend's house for dinner and to study." He replied.

Feeling mischievous, Claire walked up behind him and rapped her arms around him. She grabbed a handful of his crotch with one hand, and rubbed his chest with the other.

"I am so hot right now, I would let you bend me over this counter and fuck my wet cunt if you wanted." She whispered in his ear.

Oh how he wanted. However, he knew he couldn't because Missy would find out and punish him, and besides, his cock was so used already that it was almost sore. He wouldn't be able to get it up if he wanted, and man, he wanted. He needed to quell her advances without raising her suspicions.

"That sounds nice, but I already have the pasta in the water and I don't want it to go to waste." He told her.

Claire took him at his word and told him she was going to change for dinner. She left and he sighed with relief. He knew what she was like when she was horny, and it was going to be hard to satisfy her without using his cock.

Claire went to her room and began to undress. Looking at herself in the mirror, she removed her blouse. The nipples of her big full breasts poked through the material. Claire rubbed them with her palms, teasing them until they were rock hard. She pinched each one several times and felt the tingle shoot through her body. Her pussy was already wet and she slipped off her skirt so she could play with it. Like earlier in her office, she rubbed her moist sex through her panties. The moisture coated her hand. She found her clit and rubbed it for a few moments. He knees became weak and she could feel her pleasure mounting. Fighting against her desire to finish herself, she stopped with a moan of disappointment. She couldn't wait to have Larry inside her. She removed the rest of her clothes and slipped on a robe.

Claire returned wearing her short thigh length satin robe. Larry took one look at her and fretted the rest of the night. Claire walked up behind him again. She rubbed the front of her body against his back, pressing her tits into him.

"I'm not wearing anything under this, are you sure you don't want to fuck me right here like the slut I am?" she tempted him.

Yes he did want to fuck her like the slutty little whore she was acting like. Larry again used dinner as an excuse, assuring her he would take care of her after they finished.

Claire had never known him to turn down such an offer, no matter what he was doing. She was further perplexed, because he had been so attentive this afternoon, and had not gotten to finish. She re-assured herself that is was nothing and sat down at the table and waited for dinner. As Larry set the table, Claire teased him the entire time. She loosened the belt on her robe, allowing her boobs to be almost totally exposed. She squeezed his ass and made nasty remarks. This persisted through dinner. She ran her naked foot up his leg and pushed it into his cock. Rubbing up and down his shaft, she looked at him seductively. Larry was very frustrated. This would usually make his cock rigid and he would fuck the shit out of Claire. However, his dick remained limp. When they had finished, Larry began to clear the table. One time as he walked to the sink, Claire stood, opened her robe and sat on the table.. Spreading her legs, she leaned back on her elbows and waited for Larry to turn around. When he did, he stopped dead in his tracks.

"Come over here and fuck this naughty slut." She told him.

Larry was petrified. One again, his cock had no reaction to all this teasing and exposed flesh. His unit was as limp as a punctured balloon. He was not sure if it was because of Missy's ultimatum, or all his masturbating this afternoon. Whatever the reason, it was not going to satisfy Claire right now. Then he remembered Missy's instructions.

He walked to Claire and positioned himself between her legs. Looking at her with as much lust as he could muster, he tried to distract her from thinking of his dick.

"I have a better idea." He told her. Then he lowered himself and placed his lips on her pussy.

Claire was stunned. She couldn't believe he had turned down the invitation to treat her like a nasty slut. Nevertheless, before she could really ponder the situation, her pleasures took over as she felt his tongue enter her juicy, needy cunt.

Larry did as he was instructed by Missy. He plunged his tongue deep inside her pussy. Then he fucked her with his tongue until she was screaming for more. He ran his tongue the length of her sex and began to flick her clit. Claire lifted her hips to meet his face, hoping to get even more pleasure from this. Larry licked and sucked Claire's pussy until her first orgasm shook her. She was so turned on, that it only took a few minutes. Claire screamed a carnal scream as the thunderous orgasm swept over her. She grabbed his head and ground her sex into his face. Larry just continued to lick and tongue fuck her dripping pussy the whole time. As she recovered, Clare let go of his head and looked at him.

That was incredible babe. Now pull down those pants and fuck my horny cunt right now." She said.

Larry stood up and slyly said to her, "If you like that, there is more where that came from. I need to do the dishes. Go get in bed and I'll be there after I am done." Then he turned and walked back to the sink.

Disappointed, Claire figured this was one of Larry's games, and he was just teasing her. She got up and walked to the bedroom.

Some time later, Larry followed. As he entered the room, Claire threw the covers off her and revealed her naked body. Larry stripped and jumped into bed with her. Again he instantly positioned his face between her legs and dove in. He began by licking the length of her lips. Up and down he traced the folds of her pussy with his tongue..

Soon Claire was encouraging him, "Yes Baby, lick me, eat my juicy pussy. Make me cum." She was not used to all this. Larry rarely ate her pussy.

Larry eagerly did as he was told. He began flicking her clit with his tongue. Then he slid three fingers into her. Before long, she was screaming her instructions "Lick me! Eat me! Suck my cunt!"

Larry did just that.

""That's it, right there, YES! I'm going to cum." Claire bellowed.

Larry continued his tongue assault. He nibbled on her clit and continued to finger fuck her hard and fast. A few minutes later Claire came again hard. Her hips bucked against his face, and again she grabbed his head. Larry didn't stop. He rode her pussy with his face until she was over that orgasm.

When Claire again begged him to fuck her, he ignored her and devoured her pussy for what seemed like forever until her third orgasm spilled out onto his face.

Exhausted, Claire pushed his face from her snatch and almost instantly passed out.

Larry rose and walked to the bathroom. He cleaned up and went to the living room. He was sitting there watching TV when Missy entered the room.

"You did well my little boy, I watched the whole thing." She complimented him.

She was not at a friend's house; she was in the house the whole time making sure Larry did not break the rules.

"I will see you in the morning after mom leaves for more of the same." She told him. Then she went to her room.

A little time later, Claire woke up and came to the living room. Larry feigned sleep to keep from having to talk to Claire. The next morning there was not much conversation. Claire was a bit curious about what was going on, but Larry avoided conversation as much as possible.

When Claire left, Missy beckoned for Larry. She again made him masturbate in front of her. This time, when he was near climax, she turned around and exposed her bare ass to him and told him to cum all over it. Larry gladly spilled his seed all over her beautiful smooth tight ass. Then she commanded him to lick her clean. Larry did as he was told and when he was done, she again made him thank her for allowing him to do it.

These exercises went on for a number of weeks. Claire became more and more frustrated as she could no longer get Larry to fuck her, but on the other hand, she was really enjoying his masterful tongue. When she asked him what was going on, he just told her he was thinking of her and her needs. He didn't think it was right to treat her like an object and he wanted to prove it to her by filling her needs without filling his. Claire thought it was nice, but she really needed a cock and she needed it bad.

The funny thing was that over time, Larry had grown to like eating pussy and whacking off. Missy had started to train his brain to look forward to licking her and her mom. He got hard when he knew he would be performing for Missy. His cock never had anything left for Claire, but still he really looked forward to making her cum.

One day Missy came home with a boy. Jeremy was a boy that she had hooked up with a while ago and had a wild time with, so she knew he would be up for the wicked game she had planned for Larry that day. She explained her plan to Jeremy and he found it very erotic.

When they arrived at her place, Larry was doing some chores. Missy introduced Jeremy. Then she looked at Larry and said, "Jeremy is going to fuck me and you are going to watch while you yank your little cock."

Larry was stunned. Jacking off in front of Missy was one thing, but in front of a total stranger, that was different. He didn't know if he could do that. He knew he had little choice so he just stood there and waited for instructions. Missy sent Larry to his room and told him to strip and that she would call for him when she was ready. About fifteen minutes later, she called for Larry. He came to her room and found Missy kneeling over Jeremy as he lay on his back on the bed. She was stroking his rock hard cock with her hand.

"Go sit over there and don't touch that little cock of yours until I tell you." She snapped at him.

Larry moved to the chair she was pointing to and sat down. He watched as a naked Missy slid her hand up and down on Jeremy's stiff shaft. Larry's cock began to stiffen. He watched in amazement as Missy slowly stroked Jeremy and talked to Larry.

"Now this is a cock." She told him. "I am going to love feeling this slid deep inside my pussy." Your little cock doesn't satisfy me the way this one does."

Jeremy's cock was not much bigger than Larry's, but Larry had been told everyday by Missy how small and useless his cock was, so looking at Jeremy's rock hard pole, it looked massive to Larry.

Just then, Missy lowered her mouth to it and swallowed the whole thing. Larry's cock jumped at the sight. Slowly Missy continued to deep throat the large stiff shaft. Up and down she moved methodically. Larry's cock was dribbling precum down itself as he watched. Her masterful technique was enthralling. She lifted her head and as she did it she wrapped her hand around it and stroked it in unison with her mouth. Then she would slide both her hand and her mouth down his cock until her hand was in the way. She would let go and drop her mouth down until Jeremy's cock disappeared. She did this for a long time. By the time missy spoke to Larry again, his cock was completely covered in his precum. She stopped sucking Jeremy and commanded Larry to masturbate.

He grabbed his aching pole and did as she said. The slick fluid all over it made it really feel good. Soon he was stroking hard and fast. Missy resumed her activities and watched as Larry exploded all over himself in no time.

Missy heard him spew and when he was done, she commanded him to clean himself up. Larry scooped up the mess and licked his hands clean of his cum as Missy and Jeremy made fun of him.

Then Missy mounted Jeremy with her back to Jeremy while facing Larry. As she impaled herself with his unit, she looked at Larry and described every feeling she was experiencing.

"It is so big. It feels so good. Your cock is no comparison to this one. Look how it fills me up. My pussy is so wet. Can you see it fill me up?"

Larry just nodded as he watched Missy rise up and slowly lower herself onto the monster over and over. She started to massage her own tits as she did it. She roughly squeezed them and aggressively pinched her nipples as she continued to fuck Jeremy.

"Yes, yes, it is sooooooooo big. This cock is going to make me cum." She told Larry. "Your little cock is worthless. I need a real man like this."

Larry's cock was responding to her. It was hard again and he again stroked it as she watched. Missy lost herself in the moment and began to move faster and faster.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" she told Jeremy.

He grabbed her hips and helped her up and down on his man meat.

"I'm Cumming!!!!!" She screamed as she reached orgasm. She bounced up and down frantically as her climax over took her. Larry was feverishly stroking his cock too, and he too reached orgasm, shooting his seed onto his belly. Without instruction, he cleaned himself.

Missy collapsed on Jeremy's body. Jeremy was still hard. Her pushed her to the side and laid her on her back. Mounting her missionary style, he drove his dick deep inside her. Missy screamed with pleasure. As Larry cleaned himself, Jeremy pounded Missy's cum soaked cunt as she screamed and hollered for more.

"Fuck me! Fuck me hard. Show that worthless runt how to fuck a girl!" She screamed at Jeremy.

"Come her Larry and watch a real man fuck my pussy. Watch his big hard cock fuck me silly. You never made me feel this good, and you never will." She said to Larry.

Larry began to watch as Jeremy built up to a vigorous pace. Soon skin was slapping loudly and both were huffing and talking to each other.

"How's that? My cock feel good? Jeremy asked.

"Oh yea, drive it in. Fuck my cunt hard." She encouraged him

Within a few moments, Jeremy grunted and released his cum deep into her pussy. Missy could tell it was a large load as he kept pumping and pumping it inside her. He stopped moving and pulled his still hard cock from her. The mixture of their fluids began to spill from her now gaping hole.

"Want to see something that will blow your mind?" she asked Jeremy.

"Sure." He answered.

She looked at Larry, and as she spread her legs, she commanded him to come clean her pussy.

Larry was disgusted by the thought, but had almost become accustomed to listening to whatever Missy commanded. He climbed on the bed and started licking her sloppy cum covered valley. The salty sticky fluid almost made him gag. However, soon he grew accustom to the taste, and Missy was beginning to move against him and talk to him.

"That's a good boy, clean mistress' pussy like I said. Mmmmmmm, that's good. Your tongue is so nice my slave. Eat it good; lick all that nasty cum from my cunt."

To Larry's surprise, his cock began to grow again. Her approval was turning him on. He licked and sucked all of Jeremy's fluid from Missy and made her cum. When he was done, Missy walked Jeremy to the door and sent him on his way. When she returned to her room, Larry stood there with a hard on. Missy was a bit amazed.

"Did you like licking Mistress' cum soaked pussy?" she teased.

"Yes Mistress." Larry answered.

"We can't have that thing hard for mom, can we?" she said sarcastically. "You have been a good little boy today, so Mistress is going to give you a reward." Missy lay down on the bed. She grabbed her magnificent breasts and squeezed them together. "Come here and you can fuck Mistress' titties until you cum. However, make it quick."

Larry jumped on the bed with joy and straddled her chest. Within seconds he was fucking her tit flesh like a teenager having sex for the first time.

Missy pressed her tits around his cock and cheered him on, "There you go, that's it. Fuck Mistress' big beautiful tits. Cum all over my chest like a good little boy."

Larry fucked hard and fast. The feeling of those mounds around his cock was fabulous.

"Come on, sweetie." Missy chided. "Mistress doesn't have all day, cum for me or you will have to finish it yourself."

Larry pumped faster and faster.

"Cum for me now!" Missy commanded.

Larry lost control and pumped with all his might. A few moments later, the last trickles of his seed dribbled from his cock as he groaned with pleasure.

When he finished, Missy made him clean up his mess with his tongue.. He gladly took advantage of the opportunity to lick and fondle her big firm breasts. When he had finished, she sent him off to the shower. She closed the door and opened her closet door that was ajar. She grabbed the DVD camcorder, stopped the recording and removed the disc. She opened a small, locked cash box that was buried in her closet and tossed the disc in with the rest of her collection. She was going to have quite a show for her mom if she ever needed it.

to be continued...

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