A Big Mistake Ch. 04


Drew assaulted her pussy roughly like she wanted. He grabbed her wide hips and slapped her fat ass with his pelvis. Harder and harder, faster and faster her fucked her. Soon Claire was screaming and cumming all over his cock. Remembering where she was, she closed her mouth to muffle her screams while he fucked her through the whole thing. Not long after that, Drew exploded again, this time in her pussy. She could feel it filling her cunt with his warm fluid. He grunted and moaned as he finished. Enjoying the moment, Drew pulled his cock out of her and ordered her to clean his cock. Claire happily did as she was told. She was all too happy to do as the man who had just fucked her better than anyone in a long time asked. As she knelt in front of him and cleaned his cum covered cock, she felt his seed begin to ooze from her snatch. She squeezed her pussy muscles and legs together, trying to hold it in. When she was finished, Drew thanked her, got dressed and left the room.

Claire got dressed as cum dripped down her leg. Twice she had to reach down and scoop some up, licking it from her hand. She straightened herself and left the room, stopping at the bathroom to clean up before returning to her office.

When the euphoria wore off, she began to feel guilty. She didn't want to cheat on Larry. He hadn't done anything wrong. He was actually acting sweet by pleasing her. He didn't deserve this. What was she supposed to do now? The guilt over took the pleasures from the afternoon. She continually tried to figure out what she would do now. Twice she picked up the phone to call Larry. Finally, she couldn't take it anymore. She grabbed the phone and dialed home.

"Hello?" Missy said as she placed the phone to her ear.

"Oh my gawd Missy, I have done a terrible thing." Claire said into the phone as the tears started running down her face.

"Mom, what's the matter?"

Claire couldn't hold it in. "I cheated on Larry. I feel terrible."

Missy tried to console her mom, but she wouldn't listen. She was determined to confess to Larry. Then Missy decided this was it, she would save her mom from herself.

"Mom." Missy said sternly.

"Yes?" Claire replied.

"Don't do anything until you get home. I have something to show you. Promise me you won't say a word to Larry until we talk, promise?" Missy instructed.

Confused, Claire agreed. What was Missy talking about? She asked herself. Whatever it was, she had promised, so she hung up the phone and took the rest of the afternoon off.

to be continued........

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