A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 26


"But you aren't there anymore," Selena smiled, "if it rained warmly here, I'd want to dance with you."

Shaevre smiled and nodded once, "You're right, Selena. I think that I would now."

"Wait a minute," Faith said, "What you're talking about here, you mean that you just start to dance just 'cause it's raining? Shoot, I've done that before. I'd bet that it rains even less often where I've lived. I can remember a few times when I was in a little cave that I used to hole up in now and then. I'd be making myself something to eat and then I'd hear it start right outside. Why, I'd run right out and get wet every time, just because it felt so nice to do that."

"Look," Cha'Khah laughed, "we are up to five dancers in a group as unlikely as us all. I am really sad that it is winter. And you know that if we had the chance of it and we all began, then your Nahl'een would want to dance with us."

She sat back and sighed, "That would be something. I hold it as a very warm thought." She looked at the males who sat listening and she grinned, "And warm thoughts are all that you all may hold of it."

Dahlgren's eyebrows rose, "I don't understand."

"It's something a little silly and it's a lot of fun," Rachel said, "Cha'Khah and I have done it a few times and really, it's just a girl thing. We just get happy and laugh a lot and dance in the rain for a little while. That's all there is to it, and we don't let males watch. It's just for us."

Shaevre sat down across from Cha'Khah, "May I ask something?"

The Drow nodded, "Of course. Ask."

"I was told that you come from an underground city. Yet I can see the joy in your face only to think of dancing in rain. How can this be? It cannot rain where you are from."

Cha'Khah smiled a little coldly at her memories, "It does not rain there. The cities are ruled by cruel females, and everywhere there is plotting and misery while the rulers of all of the houses tell themselves that they are happy. If they are, they are perhaps the only ones. Perhaps if it did rain there, it would be a better place.

I learned from Rachel, and I can say that to me, it is such a simple joy." She reached across the table and placed her dark hand on Shaevre's forearm, "From what you said, I think that there is something between us that we share, wolf-girl. You have seen battle and death, perhaps more than I, and that is much."

Shaevre nodded, "Far too much, but it was what kept me fed. I do not know, but I think that what fighting that you may have done carries maybe even a touch of honor, in a few brief moments, yes?"

Cha'Khah had to think. "A little every now and then, mostly is was grisly work, just trying to get it done and live -- with luck. How was it for you?"

Shaevre looked down at her ale, "The only honor might be between the fighters of one side to each other. The leaders were always fools and caused needless losses. The rest?" she shook her head, "pure slaughter.

Consider that each of us carries a way to kill many others. If every projectile was not wasted or missed, each one could kill two hundred in a day. But that never happens. Most shots miss."

"Is that from this Meg that you carry?" Cha'Khah asked, her eyes opening a little.

Shaevre shook her head, "I can, I also have a weapon like this. But Meg?" She laughed bitterly, "Think that for every twelve to twenty fighters like that, there is at least one like me who has a meg. If I am careful, and only use three shots at a time, and every three kill one, I could kill over three hundred before I need to load again, and a meg can throw rockets, over twenty. Each can kill several.

Look at me," she said, "Imagine a thousand of me -- two thousand, males as well. When the rifles and the megs run dry, we do not stop. It goes on until it is over or we are dead, I have killed with nothing but my hands and my teeth. Where I am from, war is a very dark thing."

Shaevre felt Cha'Khah squeeze her arm gently and she looked up. "This is past for you and I," she smiled and reached to take Shaevre's furry hand in both of hers. "Do not think of this too much. Think as I do, as Vadren does. We left it behind -- you as well, from what you say. Think only that you lived through it all.

We were both fighters and we are still alive, Shaevre. That is the important thing. Think that you are making friends here." She looked across at the Xer's face and she smiled, "You are different. I can read your thoughts because it shows in your face. Look around you. There are two very different kinds of demons here who now find that they are the same under everything. Look at Vadren and me. We are different too. You belong here with us," she nodded, "we are all different."

She pointed off in a direction toward where all of the sleeping quarters were. "There are two children there who knew at once that they are not the same thing. Did you see how long it bothered them? I think that you and I could have killed each other before we met. Now, I am happy that you are all here, though I do not know how this will work between us all. I could think on it until my head hurts, but I think that I will look at it in the way of those children and only smile."

She smiled widely then and said, "When it was time for the children to go to bed, I felt in my heart the way that you and the girl Nahl'een are so close. To see you pick her up and hug her with her little arms around your neck and how she shut her eyes and smiled, it was something, Shaevre. If I had no reason to know why you are here, I knew everything after that. I know that we are not so different, my wolf-girl friend. We have both lost our hardened hearts to a small one; I to Sariel and you to Nahl'een."

Shaevre looked for another moment and then she nodded, "We have gotten here, and I like the way that you think. Thank you for this."

I am having other warm thoughts now," Cha'Khah smiled as she looked at Azrael, "Can you think of a few places where we could use someone such as Shaevre to keep everyone down as we leave? How many times have you wished for this?" She indicated Selena and grinned, "How many do you know of, Azrael, who could steal from a Drow such as me? Who would dare to do such a thing and grin and laugh at me as she did?"

She patted the Xer's arm, "It may be that we have work for such a fighter and her proficient thief friend. But first the matter of what hunts you must be resolved, and that is for another day. Tonight, I am making friends in the ones who need to be hidden. Have we any more ale, Rachel?"


Out in the world that night, there wasn't much stillness with the storm in progress. Inside the mountain, it was quiet, thought it was not completely still.

Nahl'een slept in a different bed tonight, one that she'd gently been told that was hers now for the time being, in a room of her own with very softly glowing walls. Not far away in another room of this apartment, Faith sighed and kissed Dahlgren as they made love quietly.

The scene was repeated almost exactly on the other side of what might pass for a 'street' in this community. Sariel slept in his room and down the hall, Rachel rocked her legs back for Azrael. Far down a long hallway, in a set of offices which they'd taken for themselves, Vadren looked up at Cha'Khah as she smiled and rode him on their bed in bliss.

It was in a place far from there, in a set of detention cells that Shaevre had spotted and asked about that she and Selena lay on a bunk. It had once been built as a precaution and they had never been used, but there had once been over two thousand humans down here. One never knew what might happen.

"Why did you want to be here?" Selena asked as she kissed her way up Shaevre's belly, "I don't mind, but it is a little strange to me."

"The bars," the Xer sighed, "I am what I am, no matter what beautiful Cha'Khah might say, though I do try to take her words to heart. This place is like a den to me. It is a natural place to breed and have whelps -- not that I wish to.

I think that my time comes very soon now and I want to have a place where I can be until you can do what I need. It is only a precaution that we will likely not need at all, but if I feel this coming and you are not near, then I will come here and lock myself inside. I do not know how bad this will be, but I wish to harm no one. Some of us only sit and whimper or cry, but most make a lot of noise at the least. I have heard of many who grew very violent. Some," she sighed, "some had to be killed."

"I can tell that having a Xer girlfriend is going to be an adventure all on its own," Selena giggled a little, "Do you think that these bars can hold you?"

"I have a hope that they can, and that I will not be too bad. If I grow wild and lock myself away here, do not fear, Selena. You alone would be safe. You are the mate that I want for me," Shaevre whispered as she kissed the half-demon softly. "I ... I --"

"Don't," Selena said, "Not yet. Don't use that word yet. I'm sure that I feel pretty much the same, I'm just not ready to hear it yet. The word is so true about our friendship -- I've never had a closer friend, and that word applies completely. The rest -- this, we have to see if it's deeper than just the fun and pleasure."

Shaevre nodded, "What was in the package that Arrax gave you? Have you not even looked inside?"

"I have a clue," Selena smiled, "I've been trying to decide if we ought to use it now, that's all. We sure couldn't have tried to last night. Want to play a little more?"

"I want to do anything with you, Selena," Shaevre smiled as Selena got up to look in her pack. She returned to sit on the bunk with the Xer as she began to unwrap it. "This has to be something for me to use on you to keep you calm," she giggled, "well, maybe not at first. Have you ever had a male at all?"

Shaevre nodded, "Yes, once. It was mostly for fun and curiosity. I felt nothing for the male, but I liked it, I guess. I thought that he was selfish and quick. It was over before I really got to feel very much. We just got started, it seemed, and then he was locked with me and filling me. That part felt nice, but I know that it could have gone much better from what I have heard from other bitches my age."

"Well, if that's what it was like for you, then I'm going to try to do it a lot better for you," Selena grinned a little as she worked at the old paper wrapping, "since I don't have to be in a hurry to squirt. I saw the way that Xhan looked at you yesterday, by the way."

"I think that he is learning to see me a little differently now," Shaevre smiled, "He is good to look at, but he is not as good to look at to me as Arrax."

Selena stopped and looked at Shaevre, "Oh yeah, "she nodded with a grin, "Arrax even looks good to me. He makes such a big deal about being old, but, ..."

"He is only older," Shaevre smiled, "He is only at most, maybe ten years older than I am, Selena. He was a few months older than I am when he lost his family. Have no fear, he is still well in his prime as a Xer male. We live long -- if we are not killed -- and he will be a true force of nature to any Xer bitch that he takes for a long time to come."

"He doesn't have to have a Xer, " Selena said as she looked over, "He was with Ny'Zeille. I mean, I just had a little daydream right here. What if we could both have him? Wouldn't I be able to handle him, or would he just be too violent or what?"

Shaevre looked at Selena for a moment, "I do not think that he would be any more violent -- as you say - than what I imagine that a human or a demon male might be, though there are three things which might be very different, from what little I know of human or demon males. A Xer swells fatter near the base. It is made to lock him to a female. This would not work on you," she looked over with a grin, "though it might feel very good, I think.

Another thing is the way that Xer's ... squirt, as you said it. If he stays in you, he would do that many times -- a lot, but I think that you would need to be careful to keep him in you the whole time that he does. It is the third thing that bothers me a little for you."

Selena stopped unwrapping again. "Well are you going to tell me?"

Shaevre looked at Selena, "This would be the dangerous part for you. " she shrugged, "When he feels that he gets close, a Xer male always bites the bitch he is mating with," She touched Selena over her shoulder beside her neck, "here. It is to hold her so that she will get all of his seed, even as they lock together."

"I'm not really put off my little daydream just yet," Selena grinned, "Sometimes I think that I would kind of like something like that."

Shaevre shook her head, "A danger comes with that if he bites hard enough to break the skin. You remember that he spoke of abominations. It might be passed from one to the next by a bite now, but how do you imagine that the first one was bitten?"

"Oh," Selena said, "Well again, he was with Ny'Zeille and nothing happened to her, but I get your point. It was just a nice thought, that's all. I thought that we might share him," she giggled, but she stopped suddenly as she looked down, "Whoa, ..."

She reached in and held it up. "I thought that I was just supposed to uh, poke you with this, but, ..." She looked at the straps on it and looked over at Shaevre.

"You may poke me with that," the Xer smiled, "and you may do that as you wear it." She laughed, "I think that I really can be the bitch here."

She took it and held it for a moment, "It would fit you as well," she pointed at the part that the wearer was to insert, "You only need to adjust to the swell here. It was made to be used by a Xer couple, but I am sure that it would work for you. You are big enough there, bigger than I am. I am the one who must open enough to take this part. You have to push it a little at a time, until you get the fatter part near to me. Warn me when you want to ..."

She thought about it for a moment, "or perhaps I ought to say when I am ready for it. Then you must hold it there in me. Wiggle it a little and wait for me to help get us apart after. This fat part will lock us. Do not try to pull out without warning me."

"I think that would hurt, wouldn't it?" Selena asked, "are you sure that you want to try it?

"I need to, Selena" Shaevre said as she stood up to take it to the sink outside, "Can you bring me the water there? I want to wash this first."


"Well this feels interesting," Selena smiled as she worked at getting her end of the thing inserted. Shaevre leaned over to kiss her and took over as she moved it for Selena, "How is that?"

Selena sighed, "It's really different, but I'm starting to like this a lot. Do you think you're ready for this boy?"

"I need a few minutes," Shaevre said, "This will feel cold to me. Xer males are as hot as the females. Remember how you always tell me that you like how hot I am inside?"

Selena nodded with a quiet groan as Shaevre kept up her gentle motions, now that Selena had it all. The Xer sank to her knees and began to use her mouth to wet the dildo as much as she could. She chuckled as she withdrew it from her mouth, "Do not look too happy. I need you to be the male this time. We can try it the other way after."

When she thought that it was enough, she got onto the bed and looked over a little hopefully, "Come and make me yours, Selena. Maybe this will get it started in me, I do not know, but I know that I want you to mount me."

Selena got onto her knees on the bunk and leaned down to line the thing up as carefully as she could before she moved to mount Shaevre and lie down on her. She was careful as she began to move the just the tip in and out. She didn't want to delay the insertion of most of it for too long, because it would get cold for Shaevre. The position was different, but she remembered seeing dogs do this and the male didn't just plunge straight in. Shaevre sighed and a few seconds later, Selena saw that Shaevre was beginning to rock her hips back a little in tiny amounts.

"More," Shaevre groaned, and Selena complied.

"More, ... oh, ... more, please, Selena."

As much as Selena loved the feel of this, she made sure to keep a watchful eye on the thicker part and how it was now nearing Shaevre's opening. "We're getting close," she warned, and Shaevre looked up into Selena's eyes. Selena smiled at what she saw in Shaevre's face, but then she shook her head.

"Don't say it," she warned, "don't Shaevre."

She saw Shaevre's grin and before she knew it, Shaevre had rolled her hips back so far and reached for Selena to pull her so that she had the swell inside of her. Her bucking quickened, but it was only in very short strokes, "Fuck me, Selena! Fuck me," she cried out.

Selena tried to comply but she was afraid of hurting Shaevre with the fat, bulbous swell.

"I'm afraid," Selena said, "I don't want to hurt you."

"Harder, ... "Shaevre begged, "please Selena, I need it now."

Selena looked down at the shaft and she saw a little blood." You're bleeding!" she said, and then she felt her heart stop as she saw Shaevre's face. Her tongue hung out of her mouth and her lips were pulled back into a feral grin.

Shaevre grunted, "It begins, Selena. Please, give it all to me now, I need you so much!"

Selena began to slam into Shaevre now, and it only drove her wilder.

Selena felt her lower back beginning to complain a little, though not much as she kept up what seemed to her to be an assault to her. It didn`t matter what she did or how hard or even how slow or fast she went, Shaevre was happy but wanted more.

The way that the Xer looked at Selena was a little haunting as well. Selena told herself that this was only she and her friend enjoying each other, but the edges of that blurred a little as she considered it. She grinned at Shaevre, "This is only us fucking a little, Shaevre, and I`m happy that it`s good for you."

It had been a little way to toss out a test, since Selena wanted the safety of being in love with her friend, just not being in LOVE with her friend. It made sense to her, if nobody else.

Shaevre even knew what Selena meant in an instant. "This is ... only us ... fucking, but ... I will need it a lot. Let me deal with ... my troubles and do not worry, Selena. Most Xer ... choose one only for their devotion. You ... worry about nothing. Now fuck me ... because I need to love you.`She groaned and arched her back as she stretched in pleasure.

"It will all make sense," she growled, "I promise it."

Selena's thighs slapped softly against the furry haunches and she was a little amazed at how Shaevre could hold her tail aside that way. It never moved an inch.

They went on much longer than Selena would have wanted to, but Shaevre was insistent. She kept calling out her love to Selena, and Selena went on and on, the thing inside her feeling wonderful, but she wasn't being allowed to enjoy it much. She was afraid that she was hurting her friend, no matter how much she seemed to be enjoying it, but she did make a bit of progress for herself as she learned that she could enjoy it if she clenched on it more, as strange as the swelling of the thing in her felt.

Selena heard herself begin to pant. Shaevre had been panting for twenty minutes or more by this point.

"Tell me," Shaevre whined softly, "Please tell me that you love me, Selena."

It was such a plaintive little thing, but it brought Selena to a halt and they stared at each other for a moment.

Selena reached for Shaevre's face and stretched a little to kiss her as softly as she could while they grunted a little. She looked at Shaevre and thought about them on her farm, or walking as stealthily as they could to steal something out of a castle. She saw herself looking down to see them holding hands and then looking up into that face. She sighed. This would work, but Selena knew that it wasn't what either of them would really want. They knew that they loved each other, but this would be constant -- a way to go on if it was all they'd managed for themselves. But there wouldn't be the thrill of being in love, and they both wanted something else in their hearts.

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