A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 26


Still, she thought, they meant a lot to each other, and she could see them living together comfortably.

"Is this what you want with me, Shaevre?" she wiggled her own bottom from side to side very slowly for the feel of the hardness inside her, "Can you see us doing this when we're not young anymore?"

Shaevre looked back and nodded a little, "It will not be so bad, Selena. Remember that you can still take a male. I only know that I love you and, ... and I want to be in your life."

Selena smiled, "We're not negotiating here, sweet Shaevre. I do love you. I only need to know if it's what you want when your time comes. If this is how Xer love is, I know it lasts, so we need to think a long way down the cart path."

Shaevre rocked her hips a little and they both groaned quietly. She smiled up, "You mean that? That you love me?"

Selena nodded, "I do, it will need to grow, since you're so much faster than I am in this, but I love you, Shaevre. I never thought that I could ever have somebody like you." She kissed Shaevre for several minutes as they moved in little ways for the sensations.

"You will never be cold at night anymore, ..." Shaevre teased and Selena laid her head down with a smile while they just fucked slowly for an hour or more.

"Do you want to try to finish?" Selena asked.

"We should do that for you," Shaevre smiled, "I had mine before you stopped to ask me things. I love this, but you should finish."

She began to rock her hips again and Selena was swept along. Before very long Shaevre was feeling it for the second time and they began to fuck furiously. They didn't make much noise at all, other than their quiet grunting, but they managed to say everything that was in their hearts from an inch apart. Finally, Selena cried out softly and Shaevre held her tightly as they both froze looking into each other's eyes, and then they were still for a long time.

"Can we get apart?" Selena asked.

"I think so," Shaevre replied, "but we'll need to wash."

Selena looked down, "It's not bad, I'll try to pull out."

They ran for the bucket of water that they'd brought and it took only a minute.

"That was it?" Selena asked, laughing quietly, "That was the whole thing? I was afraid that you'd make a lot of noise and howl and yell and, ... and I love you, Shaevre."

The Xer put her arm around Selena, "I did not know how bad it would be. I thought that it would be much worse. It seems as though I got off lightly and now I feel foolish, but the madness would have come as it comes to any who deny this from their bodies. If you want more noise, then leave me locked in here and stand outside to tempt me. I promise to howl the place down then.

I didn't think that it could be this gentle, but I will need you a lot in the next few days, and ... it is my nature, I am afraid, but I will want to make this place darker and closer in for the feeling. We always wish for a den at this time, and I feel it in me."

"I get to do this a lot and we even get to decorate?" Selena laughed a little and kissed Shaevre, "I think I'll manage, but you have to promise me that I get to have the other end of our toy at least some of the time. But I'm wondering about something. Why weren't we locked together?"

"We were when I had my joy," Shaevre said, "but we could still pull apart. I think that it was made a little small." She looked down and lifted the dildo with a tiny little smile.

"Would you, ... do you wish to love me again? I promise that you will have your turn then."

Selena held up two fingers, and Shaevre nodded her agreement.


Book of the Merren Part 14

Ny'Zeille hadn't expected to see anything like this as she approached Dahlgren's home. The top of the mountain was busier than she'd ever seen it before as she landed in the gardens and walked to the entrance, looking at the Xer moving things into the back of a Xer cutter, not unlike the one which Arrax often used, though the markings were different. Another one sat nearby. She strode down the corridor to Arrax' office and found him doing paperwork.

"What's going on here?" she asked. He ignored her.

"Look, Arrax," she began, "I am sorry for the way that I acted. I was upset. Who wouldn't be if their son acts so irrationally? He attacked me, you know. He hurt me and I --"

She stopped because she'd thought that she'd heard him say something.

"What did you say?" Ny'Zeille asked.

He raised his head from his work, "I said, please get out of my office. I am rather busy right now arranging transport for everything. I have no time to listen, and just as much desire to hear your noise."

"Transport? Why?" She asked.

"Because we are leaving," he said, looking back at his arrangements.


He looked up at her then and he slammed his fist onto the desk. "You are wasting my time, Ambassador. The outpost is closed. If you wish to speak to me, then it will cost you the standard fee. But you will need to arrange for an interview. I have no time. Go and ask your questions to your own people. If you stay here, I will begin to bill your government for my time -- beyond what I am already billing them. This outpost is being closed by both of the parties involved.

If you were to pay any attention and answer your calls, you would know that. They have been trying to reach you for days. It is known that you attacked Dahlgren and his new mate. "

He pointed to the ceiling as though it was the sky, "It was seen, Ambassador. You attacked your own son, the Merren Ranger, because you don't like who he has paired with. If nothing else, that earns you a rather expensive ride back to Merr on whatever transport that you might arrange.

"Why?" she asked.

He shrugged, "Because I am not going to Merr. I have no need to."

"Couldn't you just drop me off?" she asked.

"Couldn't you just pay for the expenditure from my fuel pod life?" he smiled in return, "In case it has slipped your mind while you've been trying to kill your own offspring and his female, I am not your male anymore. Nobody rides for nothing.

They knew that you'd come so your employers were ready. I've seen the satellite feed myself. Good luck trying to blame your son for that one. In case you weren't paying attention, that was not Dahlgren's strike which fried you out there. It was what you were about to send to Faith. They took it from you and sent it via your son.

You've violated a lot of protocols in the last little while. If I were you, and I am pleased that I am not, I would think of something to tell them that is not a bald lie.

The outpost will be closed. No one knows where the Ranger is, and no one knows where Nahl'een is at the moment, either. You left her here while the Ranger was not present. The protocol which is to be followed at such times is clear. Nahl'een is to be placed into the care of the orphanage then. The Xer do not carry the responsibility for her sole protection in that event since the Merren would not pay for that."

"But I left her with her sister!" Ny'Zeille objected, "I asked her to look after Nahl'een."

"You lie," the Xer said, "I had to present the house security feeds to them as well. There is no record of you saying much more to Selena than your advice to her to leave before you returned. You said nothing about watching Nahl'een. And you left Nahl'een in the care of her sister, you say.

Her sister," Arrax repeated, "Where in the protocol is she mentioned? And as long as I'm asking, since I am curious, what does this sister do for an occupation, exactly? I seem to recall hearing you tell me that she is a professional thief. Brilliant. Maybe she's decided to move up to kidnapping.

I'm only asking to give you clues as to the sorts of things which you are about to be asked. Go on, ask me where the Xer were when this happened.

I was flying final geomagnetic surveys with my nephew. No arrangements were made with me for Nahl'een, so I went about the business for which I am paid. Now get out of my office please."

Arrax bellowed and a Xer came running. Ny'Zeille didn't recognize him.

"Draw a rifle out of lockup," Arrax barked, "Load it up, get back here and keep this person out of my office. Warn her only once. After that, shoot her."

Ny'Zeille smirked, "A rifle. Really, Arrax, do you think that I can be harmed by a --"

"No," he said, not looking up. "I do not. But I know that it'll sting an awful lot and if you kill him, I'll be justified in killing you," he looked up, "And you can be killed by a Xer like me. Do not give me the opportunity after you insulted my mother. Good day."

She walked in shock to the chapel. The usual calming sense that she felt when she came there was conspicuously absent. The atmosphere in the room set her teeth on edge, and the idol was already speaking before she was even close.

"... violated protocols. You have caused unwanted attention to be drawn to yourself. You have been derelict in your duty to the little one's safety. You are recalled immediately. You --"

"Shut up!" Ny'Zeille shouted and the room fell silent.

"Explain yourself," the idol said in a multitude of harsh voices. "You acted without permission in direct contravention of your instructions. You were not instructed to attack the Ranger. You were not instructed to seek them out. You were not instructed to attack Faith Runei. You -- "

"Who? She asked, "Faith who?"

"Faith Runei. They are paired. You were about to attack the mate of a lawful Ranger. "

"When did you recognize the union?" she demanded.

"It was recognized by the Xer. The Merren share information."

Ny'Zeille grinned coldly, "That allows you to recognize the union without giving it sanction. How convenient."

"Change your tone!" the idol warned.

She bowed onto one knee instantly, "At least allow me to clear my name," she said.

"There are enough records to render your request impossible to grant," the voice stated flatly, "You appear to be too distraught to reason."

"You want reason?" she asked, "where was the Xer Shaevre after the disappearance of Nahl'een?" She has an emotional tie to the girl. You find Shaevre, you'll find Nahl'een."

Arrax sat at his desk waiting for the call. He sighed and walked to the chapel.

"Where is Shaevre?" Ny'Zeille snapped.

Arrax looked at her, "I suggest that you rephrase your question and ask nicely, Ambassador, or I will not answer."

"Rephrase your question," the idol instructed, "Commander Arrax may not be addressed this way."

"Fine," Ny'Zeille said, rolling her eyes, "Pardon me, Commander. Where is the Xer Shaevre?"

"All of the Xer in the contingent have been reassigned. What do you wish to know?" he asked.

"Where was Shaevre the day before yesterday?"

"She was with me on a geomagnetic survey."

"You told me that Xhan was with you. You said nothing about Shaevre." Ny'Zeille said a little pointedly.

"I did not volunteer the information about Shaevre," he said, "She is a lower rank. I assumed that you might wish to know the name of any officer who was present."

"Where is she now? I wish to speak with her," the demon said.

"This Xer mission here is closed, "Arrax replied, "The Merren declined the offer of our continued support at the higher rate. Our work here is now for Xer alone as we leave. The information that you request is classified, from the time at which our offer was declined. This is standard practice and the Merren are aware of this."

"We show a trace fix for her in the foothills of the Colorado Rocky Mountains on that day, "the idol stated, "It is only a transient fix. What was that, Commander? That occurred not long before your offer was declined and we wish to know, since at that instant, you were on our clock."

Arrax looked a little uncomfortable for a moment, but he held his gaze steadily on the idol, "The on-board lavatory on that craft had malfunctioned. I will make the service request for the repair available to you. The Xer that you ask about had to perform a biological function and eliminate waste."

"Where is she now?" Ny'Zeille asked.

"The identities and whereabouts of the Xer elements is classified information, Ambassador," he said wearily, "You know this. The members of the contingent are or were reassigned. I do not know the present whereabouts of all of the members at present. Most of them are bound for our mining deposits, I believe. I do not know if any of them are still here, and frankly, I am a little busy. Is there anything else that I might help you with?"

"No Commander, that will be all. Thank you."

After Arrax had gone, Ny'Zeille turned to the idol.

"He's lying," she said, "Give me a chance to clear my name."

"Your name," the idol droned, "is falling more out of favor more every time that you open your mouth. Give it up, Ambassador. The Xer will leave and we will find Dahlgren ourselves. You will report to the council on Merr to face an inquiry for your misconduct."

"Give me two days to clear my name," she said, "and I will submit willingly."

"You will submit by your own will or by ours, Ny'Zeille. But we will give you one day to complete the total loss of your dignity, since you seem to be so bent on it."


He stared over the desk at the demon, "You can't be serious... Do you have any idea as to the cost? The Merren will not pay for anything like that."

"I will pay for it myself," Ny'Zeille nodded, biting her tongue to hold back the comment that she'd have thought that he might have been able to arrange a discount for her. It was obviously not on the table, from the way that he looked at her.

"To be clear," he said, "You wish for transport to where you surmise that I tried to deceive you as to why Shaevre disembarked, even though I have shown you that the records show that she was onboard afterward? And you want to hire a team to search and apprehend ...

You have lost the last of your mind, Ny'Zeille."

"I also wish for Xhan to be the pilot," she said, "I don't trust you."

"I do not blame you for that," he said, "but I reserve the right to go as mission commander. There will be too many Xer assets in this to leave the responsibility in Xhan's hands. He does not have the experience yet, though he is a fine and able pilot.

You must know that this is absurd, Ambassador. It would cost you more than you have to your name, very likely."

She rolled her eyes, "Just give me a price, Commander."

Arrax began to work on it at the screen in front of him, "You are only asking me for this because you know that your request would be declined if you tried this with the Xer directly."

"I know that you have the ability to arrange work on an ad hoc basis, Commander. You kind are all about ways to make a profit," she smiled, knowing that the remark would be taken as the slight that it was. She knew that she was going out a little far here, and really ought to be a lot more gentle, but his recent attitude to her had more than pissed her off.

"Here," he said, pointing. "If you can stand that much on the scales, then do it and I'll make the arrangements. It's your gold. That will buy you the flight there and back, four hours of search time, a team of six - "

"I want them armed," she said, looking at Arrax' face closely to see how he'd react.

He didn't blink as he went on with a nod, "Armed, standard assault rifles. I have already factored that into the cost. I hope you don't want more than that, since the price gets ridiculous above that. You're looking to find Nahl'een. The sister is a thief, not a fighter. I figure a six-member armed team on one girl bodyguard ought to be enough to handle it, IF I lie, as you quite obviously believe. And neither my employers nor I will be held responsible. There will be waivers for you to sign.

I know that you won't care, but I am furious with you that you do not believe me, though I guess that I really ought to know you by now. I think that I will now begin to really enjoy your decline into final disgrace, since you've worked so hard on it. Do you want to play or not?"

Ny'Zeille slid her diplomatic card into the reader, and then she placed her hand on the screen, "I can provide a retinal scan if you'd like."

He shook his head, "You've spent enough time on cameras here and your scent is known to the Xer database. That and this will be sufficient. Enter your release number and if it is accepted, the funds will transfer when the signal reaches your financial institution. In the meantime, there are enough Xer finance units between here and Xer to handle and approve the request. It will be your problem if there are not sufficient funds then."

He sat back and wondered just how stupid she was willing to get for this, but he had his answer in a moment. As she entered the codes, he thought that her expression was something like the ones that he'd seen on gamblers in the interstellar casinos, the ones who already knew that they'd dropped too much and now had some insane notion that the jackpot was only another spin or two away.


They sat glumly in the waiting area, six washed-up hellhounds, bitching and commiserating quietly to each other at the unfair turn in their luck. They'd leafed through all of the periodicals months ago as they'd wasted time during their shifts. Today, they'd all just done it again, waiting for the order to climb aboard the transport to the salt outposts. They heard quiet footfalls out past the closed door, and looked up, one after another. They were a little surprised at who it was who walked through when it opened.

"There's been a possible change of plans," Xhan said a little carefully.

"Are they going to send us to guard the refuse planets?" one of them asked bitterly.

"No, not yet, at least," Xhan smiled, "but there is a job on the go, a search and apprehend job. I thought that you had it a little tough the way that my uncle rubbed your noses in things. It was a bit unfair to ask you to go up against that bitch. I think it might have gone a little differently if my uncle hadn't been standing there. You probably would have killed her."

A couple of them nodded and before the comments could get too crude, the young Xer officer raised his hand, "Listen, I thought that you might like to have a shot at getting a little of your own back. The Ranger's kid is missing, and it's believed that Shaevre helped that thief to kidnap her. We've got a two day-old fix on Shaevre. If you want a little payback, I need a team. I can guarantee that success in finding her will get you off the shit list, and maybe even go a way toward restoring your rank and pay, but I can't guarantee that part yet.

I need you to do this, find Shaevre, find the girl and bring her back."

"What's the rule on this hike?" one of the lower ranks asked, "The kid is gold, so ..."

"Right," Xhan grinned, "the kid is gold, so she needs to be safe and kept that way. The thief is copper, so if she gets a little roughed, well that's alright. I won't be looking that hard at her face. The Commander will be along, but don't try to talk to him, he's some pissed at being double-crossed and what this does to his reputation. You deal only with me. The customer will be along, but it's the same. You talk only to me."

"And the bitch?" one of the females asked, "You haven't mentioned her in this. How do you want her handled?"

Xhan smiled, "Once you're in place and the kid is in the clear, it's weapons-free on Shaevre. This has been pretty embarrassing to us, so we'd rather not bring her back alive. Shoot the shit out of her, we'll clip her wire and leave the body there. You game?"


"What will you do, Uncle, when this is all over?" Xhan asked as they ran through their checks.

Arrax shrugged, "Well I know what I had planned to do, but plans have a way of changing under one's feet. You know how I enjoy looking into the past of a place if it is possible and I have the chance of it, yes?"

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