A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 27


"Yes we do," Selena smiled, "We need something. You and I have been together for a couple of weeks now, Shaevre."

She looked at Arrax, "We still don't even know which one of us is the bitch between us," she giggled. "I can't fight you and I wouldn't even want to over this, unless I'm allowed to tickle you. That's something that I can beat you at."

She shrugged, "I just know that I want you and I also want Arrax. I'd just let Arrax decide. As long as we're pretty even and there's a lot of love for us all, I don't care."

The females grinned at each other and both turned to smile at him expectantly. But before Arrax even had a chance to look confused, Selena lost her self-control and began to laugh.

"We're supposed to kneel before him and ask, you said," she smiled as her laughter wound down, "Look at it from my side, and I mean no disrespect to anything Xer, since I'm sort of trying to be like one in this, but it looks so funny to me. I close my eyes, and all that I can imagine is one of those dirty videos or whatever they're called. I found some on the machine in my room at the house."

She set her mug aside and moved to her knees, pulling Shaevre with her, "Arrax, we're both really happy that you're here and we both love you. I can't think of anything else that needs to be said other than to suggest two things to you both. I think that if there needs to be a prime female between Shaevre and I, well then I think that it ought to be her.

She's the one who can have your babies, though I know that I'll love them too. She's also stronger than me, if that means anything here. So let's just start this. I want to begin, and we're wasting time."

"I do not agree," Shaevre said, shaking her head, "but I will accept the position in our pack if it gets Arrax inside one of us a little sooner. Will you have us, Arrax? All that I wish to hear is that you believe that you will love us both as equally as you can and that any work be shared between us -- and I include washing and cooking. For that, I will bear your whelps and we will both do our best if you will for us."

"Wait a minute," Selena said, "We have to allow for his protection. I read about all of this stuff. It's his job to keep us safe -- as silly as that seems looking at you here, Shaevre, but fair is fair, and I don't think that I want him washing my clothes. I'm afraid to think of what I'll end up with. So let's drop the washing part, and I'm pleased."

She felt Shaevre's hand on the side of her head as she was pulled close to the Xer female, "No you would not be pleased," Shaevre chuckled, "That was not what was meant, oh learned reader of all things Xer. We seldom wear clothes, unless we are to be on a truly harsh world. When I mentioned the washing, I meant washing ourselves, Selena. Xer are very clean as you know," she nodded, "We like a bath, but it is wondrous to bathe with another who cares for us.

But," she sighed in a dramatic way, "I know that you know everything worth knowing about us, and if you do not wish to have this fine male to bathe you, I will understand."

"Hey!" Selena objected and Shaevre laughed and smiled up at Arrax. "Do you think that you can stand having us? We are like this often."

"I cannot think of this in any other way," he smiled, "But I am still waiting, and I grow older while you both play."

"Come on, Selena," Shaevre grinned, "we must both ask him, before we find that he has passed on and is only a pile of bones before us -- with the most important one missing. Take off your clothes, I do not know how this is done among humans, but I know that demons never make their choices wearing anything."

"I have to be naked to ask?" Selena looked surprised.

Shaevre rolled her eyes, "Yes, my heart, you wish to use all of your charms to help when you ask. That is why they are there or, one of the reasons why. If we have gotten this far with him, we can have a little expectation that he will accept us as his now. What do you think will happen when he says yes? Are we to stand and drink tea?"

Selena blinked for a second, and then she was throwing her clothes off as quickly as she could while the others chuckled. She threw herself to her knees beside Shaevre again and looked up, nudging Shaevre.

"What now?" Shaevre asked.

"Offer us," Selena said, "You're the main bitch here."

Shaevre groaned and Selena leaned forward, "Arrax, I don't know the words, but would you please accept me as your female? I -- I love you, and I want to be yours. Please be our male."

"Selena speaks for my heart as well," Shaevre said, "We will walk with you as your females, a pack and a family to ourselves. We wish this and wait for your word."

He nodded with a warm smile, "I cannot think why I am wanted by two such fine ones as much as I see. I accept and will do as I must for our pack, uh, ... family." The two females rose to stand against Arrax and he found himself in their arms.

"It's alright, Arrax," Selena smiled, "I want you to use that word for us. I'm still the same girl that I was, just a little confused at all of the things that I seem to be as well. That doesn't matter, but what does matter very much, I've found after making love with Shaevre a few times, is that when I think of doing that now, I feel less like who I was, and more like one of you. It feels so much nicer to me like that, so this family that we're becoming, well, I don't mind at all if you call it a pack -- as long as I'm in it with you both."

Their kisses between each other began then and after a few minutes, Selena heard Shaevre's whisper in her ear. "You have made me the main bitch. Do as I say now and begin to show our Arrax how we thank him for his kindness in accepting us both. Kneel and begin to love him with your mouth. It is not much different, I would think, but you need to learn to please him there. It is important. I will join you soon."

Selena felt Shaevre's quick kiss on her ear and she nodded after breaking her kiss with Arrax. She knelt slowly, sliding her fingers against his hard body as she went. She took her time since, given how tall he stood, there was a lot of him to love.

At last, she was on her knees looking at that hardness in front of her. She found that she had to kneel up fairly straight to have her mouth at the right level. She reached out and took his scrotum in her hand, trying to hold it and marveling at how large it was. It felt so heavy, she thought. She leaned forward and kissed the end of him softly, liking the warmth of it on her lips.

This was what she'd wanted, she told herself; this was what she had just willingly traded for. She hadn't even had him inside of her yet, but she'd said the words that she felt so strongly and she'd allowed herself to become a Xer male's bitch. She knew what it meant. She knew that Xer choose their partners for life, if it was possible and with her words, she'd very likely just said goodbye to ever making love with a human or a demon again. From now on, she'd be pleasured by a large and very strong beast whose maleness resembled a larger and much thicker version of what she'd seen on wolves. And yet for all of that, Arrax had showed himself to be the most gentle sort of lover to her the previous night. She felt no hesitation. She wanted the kind of love that she knew that the Xer shared.

She thought about that and saw them in that stupid daydream in an inn common room again. This time, she knew what they'd all think. They'd all know that she took one of these into her every night. She kissed it again and smiled as she looked at it. This was hers now. She opened her mouth and took him in with a little groan.

She suddenly wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

"See how eager she is to begin," Shaevre hissed into Arax' ear as she kissed him there, "She hungers for you just as I do. I give her much credit for this, trying to learn to be as one of us.

She tells of never feeling so strongly as she does when she wraps that fine body around her Xer. You are her other Xer now. Wait until you feel that from her, it will surprise you. I love her so much, Arrax. You will find that she carries your heart away as easily as her little sister can capture you with one tiny hug. They have this magic to them. You cannot resist it. She defeats me with a single embrace each time. Treat her well, and you gain even more of my love for you."

Selena saw Shaevre moving down to join her. After getting comfortable, Shaevre began to whisper into Selena's ear, "You do so well. I have only had one male fuck me, but this I learned to do on the streets where I grew up. With a little practice, you can get what you need from a male who has some coin, and if nothing else, the amount that a Xer gushes will give you a meal if you have nothing else to keep you alive. Watch me now."

Selena leaned back with her arm over Shaevre's shoulder. It wasn't long before Shaevre began to moan a little and Selena saw her begin to squirm as well, so she reached down and ran her fingers over Shaevre's wet sex as she watched. She could tell that Shaevre had something of a repertoire of movements to use and tried to memorize what she saw.

Shaevre stopped and kissed Selena for a moment, and Selena had Arrax in her mouth again as Shaevre slipped her long tongue under those heavy testicles for a moment before she pulled back to watch Selena a little more. Selena felt Shaevre's hand on her head a moment later.

"He surely loves the way that you do this for him," Shaevre hissed, "but remember the fat part of him at the base. You wish to be a Xer bitch and you do so well, sweet one. Now think that you must reach out for that to squeeze with your lips a little. Shall I show you?"

Selena released the shaft and before it had bobbed twice from Arrax' strong pulse, Shaevre had it once more. Selena watched in a little disbelief as Shaevre slid it between her softly closed lips, sucking gently as she took more and more of it in until her lips reached and opened to take the bulbous swell of the base in. Selena looked up and saw that Arrax' head was thrown back and she felt the groan from him in her hands. She hadn't even noticed that she was holding on to his hips until now.

"My mouth isn't as deep as yours," she said quietly in a disappointed tone, "I can't do that."

Shaevre pulled her head back and held the shaft to point it at Selena's mouth as she pushed her head forward gently, "I know this," she said as Selena's mouth opened and she began again, "but your throat is. Try anyway for our male. Allow it into your throat and fight the reflex if you can. Any male aches for this from his bitch, and look at the one that we share, Selena. There are thousands that I would not look at, but this one is worth a lot. He is the finest that I have ever seen. Think of your love for him and try."

Selena pressed her face forward and little by little, she worked the tip against her reflex. Shaevre knew what was happening and she held Selena's head there gently, "Suck a little more, my heart. He is getting close. All that you need do is squeeze him as you saw me do and swallow when he releases. Reach for that hard knot with your sweet lips and give him bliss. Only a little more, Selena. You are so close. You must surely feel it against your lips."

The pressure was still there on her head and Selena thought about what Shaevre said. She pressed forward and her lips found the swell. The last inch seemed like a mile as she rose on her knees more so that she could straighten her throat for him and then she had him, squeezing softly as she heard him roar out quietly. The shaft in her throat twitched and bucked, but Selena wasn't going to lose it now. She hung on determinedly in her joy at achieving this.

"You have done it, my love, and I am so proud of you. He is surely done with his first gush now. Pull back a little and see. If he gives no more, then let him go and I will take a turn. Did you get any to taste?"

"I don't think so," Selena said as she fought off the gag reflex, though it wasn't too bad. "I can taste a little."

"Try to get some of the first," Shaevre said as she leaned in to kiss Selena, "Some like the first and some prefer the last for the taste. I like it all," she grinned as she moved her head to hold him in her mouth and suck him gently now.

Nothing happened as Selena watched, and then Shaevre groaned and she could be seen swallowing the next gush from him. When she was done, she held it for Selena.

"How many do you think we'll get from him?" Selena asked before taking her turn without waiting for an answer.

"Certainly four and maybe six," Sheavre said, "He is a fine male. We would get more if he was fucking us. They always give more then, I think."


Selena writhed as Arrax lay between her legs working her with that tongue. Shaevre grinned and ran her hand down Selena's hard belly and then back up over the ridges of her abdominals. She leaned over her and began to squeeze her breasts.

"Until I saw Selena, I never had the thought of taking anything other than a Xer to my bed. Now, she is a part of me." She looked down at herself and saw that a little of Arrax' semen was leaking from her. She was a little surprised since she'd thought that Selena had gotten it all with her tongue not long after Arrax had put it in. She sat back on one haunch and with a little bit of a stretch, she licked it away herself.

She thrilled to see the way that Selena's hips lifted up to wave up and down in the air a little in response to what Arrax did to her. "Such a sweet toy she has too. Do you think there is room for us both there, Arrax? We might work together to pleasure our girl, ..."

Arrax nodded and they pushed Selena's legs farther apart. The two Xer began to lick and probe Selena feverishly, though they soon found that it worked best if they rolled Selena onto her side a little and divided the up the front and the back between them. They caressed her as much as they could and grew insistent in how they drove her with their tongues. Selena was on her face groaning incoherently for many minutes, stopping to shake and yell on occasion, though sometimes, she only lay with her eyes closed, saying "...fuck, ...oh, fuck..."

The strange feeling that she'd had earlier in the day now returned to her in force. She didn't feel ill or anything other than different, and after a moment, she found that she felt better as she accepted the feeling. But there was something.

She found her head at a slightly different angle, and when she tried to move it, her head moved vertically a little bit as well and she heard and felt a small thud against the floor plates of the skiff under the blankets that they'd put down when they'd begun to make love. She opened her eyes and her hand was in her field of view and she stared.

It was red, a bright, full, vibrant shade of blood red.

She wiggled her fingers and moved her hand, thinking that she was bleeding somehow, but she wasn't. Her hand was dry. Worse, she could see something else at the edges of her vision. She reached for her cheek and hit something hard with her hand, making her hand smart a tiny little bit and feeling the impact in her skull.

Sheavre lapped between Selena's cheeks in happiness. She was delighted to do this for her lover and she loved the feel of Arrax' body against her as they lay facing each other while licking Selena. But she felt something move against her forehead which was most definitely not the cheek of Selena's flank. That was where it had been since they'd begun this in the way that they had. She opened her eyes and she saw ... red.

While this had been going on, Arrax had noticed that his tongue had become constricted in Selena's channel -- even trapped once for a moment. But it slid free again and he lifted his head to look down.

"What -- what's happening to me?" Selena wailed, "Shaevre, Arrax, ... help." She trailed off, feeling foolish since she wasn't bleeding or in any discomfort. Actually, she felt fine.

Shaevre lifted herself up, feeling something slide down the fur of her back. She stared at Selena. Arrax gaped and whispered, "It has begun."

The Xer looked at each other and then Selena was in their arms between them as they held her, asking what was wrong, and trying not to lose their eyes to the horns on Selena's head.

Selena hissed once with her eyes squeezed tightly shut.

"Where does it hurt you, my heart?" Shaevre asked, the first of her concerned and worried tears coming to her.

"I don't know, I -- "She looked and almost bumped Arrax' chin with a horn. Selena groaned, "I have, ... a tail, a - and you're on it, Shaevre."

Shaevre lifted herself and meant to move the tail, but it was moved as soon as her weight was off. Selena looked up, "Arrax? Is, ... is this what you told me about?"

He nodded slowly, "Yes, it must be. You are as I saw you before. Is there pain?"

Selena looked away, "No, I feel fine. I just feel ... different, as though all of me is tingling." She looked down at herself and gasped. Her body was very different like this, fuller, rounder in places, and there was the weight of fuller breasts there on her chest.

Now Selena was frightened. She looked over, her face a mask of fear and worry, "Shaevre please," she said in a small voice, a little different as it seemed to want to settle a bit lower, "... tell me, I need the truth and you don't ever lie, am, ... am I ugly?"

Shaevre sat with her mouth open as it had been for over a minute now and she slowly shook her head, "No Selena, you are still beautiful. But you are red. It is fading now and growing darker. You have that tail, and you have ... horns."

"How many horns?" Selena raised her hand and began to feel, groaning a little as she found each one.

"There are seven that I count, "Shaevre said, "but you are not ugly. Far from it. You are still very beautiful, only now you have a different kind of beauty."

Selena turned to Arrax and he pulled his head back with a grimace from the way that her horn had hit his chin. "Sorry. Arrax, how do I look to you?"

He smiled then, and Selena felt so much better, "You are just as I saw you, very lovely."

"Looking at you," Shaevre said quietly, "I feel very primitive to see you. It makes me, ... want you. I have always wanted you, at any time, but here, like this, I want only to ..."

Shaevre's world flashed by her as a blur in a background of Selena's low laughter. She found herself on her back, with Selena moving her legs apart.

"Well that is good, lover," Selena heard herself chuckle low down in her throat, "Because I want you the same way."

Shaevre looked up in confusion and alarm, "Selena? Are you alright?"

"I'm fine," Selena laughed softly, wondering at the sound of her voice as well now, "I'm not crazy, I don't think, any more than I ever was, I guess. I just ... I felt your thoughts as you spoke and I want you so much now. I love you," she said as she began to rub her mound against Shaevre's.

It was the familiar feel to Shaevre and she rocked her hips back to pull Selena into a better position for them both but another change became apparent then. Every other time, Selena had been forced to stretch to kiss Shaevre. Now she could do it easily. They both groaned as they humped.

"Your skin is turning redder again," Arrax said as he watched them.

Selena nodded and she suddenly slid a little lower down on Shaevre, who reached for her to pull her up again, thinking that this had been accidental. "No Shaevre," Selena grunted a little. "Wait a moment."

Shaevre nodded, not knowing what it was that she was waiting for, but then she felt it, something moving a little between them. She grew a little alarmed and was about to push Selena off when she felt that something slip just inside of her and it felt nice to her as it grew. Selena began to shift this from a little humping to something much more like fucking.

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