A Big Shiny Blue Marble Ch. 33


Ksyusha nodded, understanding, but she added, "Who didn't speak obviously, smelled bad, and ate everything when you weren't leading him around talking to him."

Nika grinned, "You have had boyfriends like that, Ksyusha."


Ksyusha was on her side holding one leg up for Vadren who had his head on one of her thighs as he made love to her with his mouth. Ksyusha looked so happy as she stroked his head softly.

Nika sat watching for a time and then she noticed that Vadren was hard again. She moved to sit down in the water so that it was easier for her to take him in her hands to hold it as she opened her mouth and began on him. After a few minutes, she held him with only one hand. The other was between her thighs as she helped herself.

Ksyusha whimpered and cried out, but then found that she'd become sensitive, so with Vadren lying on his back on the decking, she knelt over him as she held Nika from behind while she rode his face a little. Nika was back to being the small dark redhead and she was so happy as they loved her. Ksyusha held onto her and caressed her breasts while kissing her neck and whispering her love to her.

It was something which Nika could never get enough of. Besides having such an incredibly fine body, Ksyusha always made Nika feel cherished. They'd been together since the desert wastes, but because of the bond that they shared, loving each other was like loving yourself. Vadren was the focus here for them and they wanted a life with him, but a touch or a caress which helped the other girl in this went without a thought.

The two friends had developed one simple rule for times such as these. If during any coital act, the female experienced an orgasm which she considered significant, but the male had not yet, then if he didn't mind when they asked him, they would switch so that the one who had just come could relax in the feeling of it if she wished to. It also offered the other one less of a wait and it gave the male more time with them both and if he came not long afterward, oh well, there was always more later. Vadren didn't mind at all.

The first time with Ksyusha had gone like lightning and it was very satisfying -- but it was also the kind where she knew that she definitely would get very sensitive soon after, so they'd switched with Nika sitting on Vadren and bucking crazily while the others still wondered where she was hiding the length of the shaft that she was riding so happily. By the time that he came, she was almost lying on his front to let him hold her tightly in the way that they' d both found that they loved and she groaned when he came and ground herself back so that she had one of her best orgasms -- needing to writhe and buck, but needing to be held fast much more.

After a little wine, Ksyusha spent a time on her back with her legs around Vadren, admiring what she had, and when she came, Nika expressed a desire that rather surprised Vadren and Ksyusha.

"At twenty-four, I am no maiden anymore," she told Ksyusha in their language, "but I have flanks which need parting this night."

When he'd heard it translated, Vadren asked if she was sure. She moved over and sat on his lap carefully in the water and put her arms around his neck to kiss him very softly.

"Ksyusha," she said quietly, "tell him, ... "

She sighed and nodded to herself, "Please tell Vadren that I consider that I am one of his females now, no less important than you. I will give myself to him as often as I can when he wishes it, but I will sometimes need him to give to me as well."

She waited as it was said to him, and she watched as his eyes opened a little. She smiled to him, "You ... accept us, Vadren? You take us? We have come long way seeking, but ... need to know."

When he nodded, Nika smiled, "This is something I want, ... give us."

Ksyusha gave directions, knowing her little friend better, and she asked Vadren to sit on the edge of the tub on the wood. Nika allowed herself to be lifted with Vadren's ability and his quiet incantation and she floated so that she could sit on him facing away.

"This is ... very - nice," she smiled, liking the way that she didn't need to struggle to get onto him because of his spell.

Once she was on that hard shaft of his, she put one arm around his neck behind her and let her feet down until they touched the bottom of the pool and she was standing on her tiptoes.

The entire thing was known as The Parted Flanks of the Maiden to the Drow for the incantation which involved some rather gentle and precise levitation in order to get it right, but to the sparks on Ksyusha's homeworld, this was known as the Sweet Impalement, but it was difficult to do as they used no levitation, and also no lubrication beyond what the first part put on the male member.

Nika writhed slowly in her bliss and she smiled when she caused Vadren to groan, but after a time, she knew that it was time to move on, and she asked for her friend's help as she lifted up and began to settle onto him very slowly in another way entirely. By the time that she had most of him inside of her, she was sweating a little, for the whole thing entailed so much trust and it was not something which most of the females of her kind would ever do without that trust in the male.

By the time that she had all of him, she asked if he would wait for a moment, and after that, she looked at Ksyusha, "I am ready- I think."

She smiled, "He is wondrous, Ksyusha. Tell him to please wait for me a little longer."

When the warlock had said that he waited, Nika strained to lift her legs, one at a time, so that they hung to the outside of his. She waited as she felt his breath on her shoulder and neck for a moment.

"I will watch when you do this with him very carefully, Ksysuha," she smiled, "This has never been so hard for me to do as it is with him."

Ksuyusha nodded to Vadren, "She is ready, part her flanks and begin."

Vadren slowly moved his legs apart, taking Nika's along, spreading her legs slowly wider until they couldn't be separated any further. Though he was holding her, she hung there impaled on him in his grasp, trusting him not to let her sag too much and loving the way that he held her.

Vadren helped to begin to move Nika up and down very slowly and they both moaned to each other. As she became accustomed to it with him, Nika was able to take some of this from him by flexing her hips and thighs. It took them many minutes before he began to speed this up, and long before then, Ksyusha dove to her knees and took one of Nika's nipples in her mouth as her fingers toyed along her opening. As they began to move a little faster, Ksyusha gave up on the nipple and pressed her face against Nika's wet sex and did her best to follow along for as long as she was able.

Nika was trapped in this, impaled on his long, thick shaft and at his mercy as to how the fucking of this went. She was thankful for Ksyusha, because she knew her body so well. What she was doing with her mouth only added to this, Nika's eyes closed in rapture. She'd never been taken this way by a male as wonderful as Vadren.

Nika was in heaven.

She was making her statement to him, and she would do this for him periodically, just not every night.

Some of the sensations were acting against each other, and others worked well together. That wasn't the point. She was helpless in this and her eyes closed as her head lolled backward against Vadren's face as she groaned and shuddered. Her first orgasm in this had been the best, but she welcomed the others as they came to her because Ksyusha never stopped and Vadren didn't either. Nika was the captive female in this and she just accepted what came.

Back home, it was a point of pride among female spark demons that this didn't stop until the male was done. This was the girl's statement that she was taking a male for herself and that she was confident that she could please him well and it was usually done a little publicly among a group of close friends.

If the one that you had couldn't finish like this, you used the next one who was interested if you trusted him, but among the females it was your honor to finish your male with this submission. That was why it was the way that they asked when they had one they wanted for as long as possible. The males who couldn't finish were scorned afterward.

She tilted her head back to look at Vadren and when he kissed her cheek, she wanted to cry for the way that she felt so happy. The way that her horn rested against his collarbone spurred him on in a very primal way.

Just before his orgasm tore through him, Vadren was fucking Nika fairly hard, and it the motion of it was too much for Ksyusha to follow, so she just knelt there, dragging the fingers of one hand against Nika's outer lips and the fingers of the other hand were busily working her own as she watched Nika's face change from what looked like pain to bliss and back, over and over.

"Does he hurt you?" She asked Nika.

"Not now," came the reply, "but I ... love ... him for ... this so ... so much. So, .. good."

His release was just around the corner and Nika felt him harden inside of her. Her face became a grimace and then Vadren cried out as he hugged her and when he froze to press into her as hard as he could as his seed left him, Nika had her own orgasm then and she screamed to him for a long moment until she couldn't anymore. The intensity of it had been unexpected and it was better than her first like this by a wide margin.

His quiet words of thanks and love in her ear meant more than anything to her and they relaxed together as he softened so that she could dismount from him reluctantly.

As she sank into the hot water with a groan, she found herself in Ksysuha's arms and she hung on to her tightly. "I have done that before, but never with a male like him, and never so well. If I was a fool, I would do it all over again right now."

The warlock pulled back and stared at her, "Really?"

Nika nodded wearily, "Really. Even now, I miss having him there. It was hard to get off him because of that."

She hugged Ksyusha again, "I am so lucky to have you both, and it is your turn now, warlock. I will wash him and then I want to see you hang from that spike. You will love it."


The next morning, Nika and Ksyusha left Vadren asleep in the bed and after a quick shower, they began to walk to the bar together, since that was where they'd been told that the meals were served. They were looking for breakfast and also, wanted to tell Rachel that they wished to learn where everything was so that they could take their turn cooking breakfast - once they'd learned how to cook this food for everyone.

"How does Nika feel this morning?" the warlock asked.

"Happy and content," came the reply, "We have what we wanted, and now it is to be seen if it can last."

"I think that it can," Ksyusha said, "and think, Nika, we are free today, and there are so many here that I like. It makes me happy that they all seem to like you very much."

"They like you just as much," Nika smiled, "I think that we can have a home at last."


It was Rachel's turn to cook this morning and her heart wasn't in it. She thought about going for a long walk after breakfast. She just wanted to make sure that everything had gone well with Mo-Wenn and her new parents.

But then the pair of newcomers strolled in and looked so cheerful.

"Why are you two so dammed chipper this morning?" Rachel asked, "I'm pleased that you want to get into the rotation, but - "

Her face pulled into a grin, "I'm an idiot," she said, knowing the reason.

"Looks like somebody had some fun last night," Selena smirked, and Ksyusha nodded and translated for Nika -- who laughed with a smiling nod at the potatoes that she scrubbed.

"I know, ... secret now," she smiled.

"Secret? What kind of secret?" Rachel asked as she looked over, "Come on, honey, tell it. There aren't any secrets here, not among the girls, anyway."

Nika looked at Ksyusha who grinned back, "Try to say it if you wish, Nika. I will help if you stumble."

Nika nodded and when she turned, she saw Rachel, Selena, Shaevre and most of all, Cha'Khah hanging on every word -- or ready to.

"Nika knows Part-ed Flanks of Vadre -- Maiden now."

She laughed at the mistake that she'd almost made.

"And?" Selena urged. She turned to Ksyusha who only smiled enigmatically. "Do you know?"

Selena looked desperate, and Cha'Khah looked like she would explode. "I have been trying for long over a year to get that out of him - over a year. Tell it now. I must know."

Ksyusha shook her head, "Let Nika tell it. She needs the practice with her English."

There were groans all around but they all sat down to hang on anything that Nika would say to them now.

She considered how to say it, and just as she was about to begin, Nahl'een and Sariel walked in with Dahlgren and Azrael.

They wondered why all of the women looked so unhappy to see them this morning, but it only lasted a minute and the children were introduced to Ksyusha and Nika.

Rachel looked at Azrael for a moment. She said nothing and turned back to the cooking.

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