tagLoving WivesA Big Surprise

A Big Surprise


My wife, Liz, lay naked before me on the bed, arms curled above her head and legs splayed wide, her shaved, wet pussy exposed. My head dipped between her thighs, my tongue working it's way up the wet folds of exposed skin, diving towards her engorged clit. She moaned, her long, wavy brown hair falling across her flushed cheek as she turned to bite the pillow that cushioned her head. My fingers tested and teased the flesh surrounding the opening of her vagina and anus as I slid the cold tip of a glass dildo across her thigh. She moaned encouragingly, but I hesitated. We had done this many times before -- Liz loved to be fucked with a dildo while I performed oral sex -- but this was a little different. A little intimidating, frankly.

My wife has always had a voracious sexual appetite. We started dating when she was only twenty-two, yet when things became serious and we had "the talk" about our sexual histories, she revealed that in her short life she had already fucked over forty men and lost count as to the number of blow jobs she'd bestowed. To say that I was shocked to learn that the skill with which she sucked my own cock, an activity Liz reveled in, was not merely instinct, but honed through many years of practice, would be an understatement. Her sexual history put my own to shame, but I was too young and too horny to let my jealousy interfere with what was the best sex of my life. Even though we became a monogamous couple and eventually wed, she is still to this day relentlessly flirtatious in public and sexually insatiable in the bedroom. We have coupled in every position utilizing a wide variety of private and public locales, role-played countless scenarios, and experimented with a broad spectrum of toys and outfits. Liz is brazen and direct when it comes to our sex life, completely unashamed of her fantasies and desires.

So, when she had expressed interest in a new dildo -- curious how a glass toy might feel sliding between her legs -- I ordered one online as a surprise gift. It was this dildo that now rested between her thighs, that she eagerly desired to fill her. What I hadn't realized when I ordered the toy -- and did not discover until after Liz unwrapped it -- was just how large it was. My ego had come to terms with the eight-inch plastic dildo she often used, its size dwarfing that of my own six-inch penis. I intellectualized her desire to be filled with big, throbbing cocks as being akin to my own desire to fuck young, tight cunts. It's just in our nature as man and woman. But this? The glass dildo was a massive ten-inches long and over two-and-a-half-inches in diameter. The lusty gaze that crossed my wife's face as she freed the glass monster from its shipping box had left my mouth dry and my guts twisted in knots.

"Oh my god, Matt! It's huge!" She leaned back on the sofa and winked at me. "And marvelous." She absentmindedly licked her broad, pink lips as she ran her fingers down the length of its mighty shaft. At twenty-nine, Liz was just as stunning as she'd been the day I met her. Her natural 34c cup breasts still managed to defy the laws of gravity and, except for her exquisite round ass, her small, tanned frame remained lean and toned. After giving the toy a thorough examination, she leaned back and playfully positioned the dildo between her breasts, the tops of which were peaking out of a scoop-necked sweater.

"Yeah? You want to see your little wife fucked by a massive cock, Matt?" It dawned on me then that she thought I'd intentionally picked this toy for its size. And why wouldn't she? One could not look at the dildo and fail to notice how obscenely large it was. My desires seemingly obvious, there was no need for Liz to disguise her wanton lust for this glass beast. After all, she thought it was my own fantasy to see her pussy stretched around its enormous shaft! Liz slid the dildo lower, so that it rested on her belly, its length extending from the intersection of her thighs to the bottom of her rib cage. She bit her lip in mock concern as she measure the length of the toy against her body, using its position over her womb to illustrate how far inside of her the toy would go were it to be completely inserted. My stomach flipped as I was consumed with feelings of jealousy and inadequacy. I was speechless as she blatantly teased me with the extraordinary size of her new friend.

"Mmm. It's been a long time since I've had a cock this big inside me." She said as she grinned and look me in the eyes, her hands still stroking the length of the dildo's shaft. My stomach dropped. Liz had never before revealed that she'd ever been taken by a cock this massive. "Too long. If I'd known that my husband wanted to see his little wife's pussy stretched around the shaft of a giant cock, I would have bought something like this years ago. Or maybe made you post an ad for me on Craigslist for a young, hung stud." My mind was racing. As I imagine most couples do, we've fantasized many times about inviting a third into our bed, but cock size had never before been mentioned as one of my wife's turn-ons. Had she always had a preference for large cocks? Had she ever really been satisfied by my cock or had her moans and gasps been nothing but lies?

Liz leaned forward, her hand reaching out to cup my groin through my jeans, revealing to me yet one more startling revelation: my cock was rock hard. As feelings of embarrassment, inadequacy and jealousy washed over me, I had somehow become more aroused than anytime in recent memory. My wife seemed a little shocked about the profound effect her tease was having on me as well, but she didn't miss a beat. In that moment, I think we could both feel that something was shifting -- perhaps irrevocably -- heretofore unknown and unexplored territory of our sexual relationship slowly being navigated and mapped.

"Oh my. I thought my teasing might just make you a little jealous and, you know, end in you fucking me silly like some wild, hyper-possessive caveman, but you're really into this, aren't you?" Liz cocked her head to the side. "I knew this must be doing something for you or you wouldn't have given me this... this amazing toy. But your cock -- you haven't responded to my teasing like this in quite some time."

For once in my life, I really didn't know how to respond. I knew that I had a slightly submissive streak -- nothing that prevented me from taking control in the bedroom and doling out the occasional, well received spanking -- but I had never felt such a strong sexual response as I did then to the idea of being humiliated before my wife by stronger, more well endowed lover. The thought of being unable to measure up to the sexual performance of a piece of glass was driving me wild. What was wrong with me? "If it means that I get to feel this inside of me, I guess I shouldn't complain. Come on, let's go try this thing out."

She guided me, in my dazed and confused state, to the bedroom. Liz continued to tease me, talking about her new "lover." As we undressed, she took her cue from my obvious state of arousal and continued to play with her new toy. "I can barely fit my lips around this thing. Can you imagine me trying to put a cock this big in my mouth?"

I was growing more comfortable with my role and managed a response. "I bet you'd like to give it a try." A part of me want desperately to hear that she, in fact, did want to be offered the chance to suck a cock as large as that glass dildo -- another part of me was terrified of that same answer.

"I'm always up for a challenge." She said as I sucked on her nipples. "Besides, even if I couldn't fit it very far in my mouth, I'm sure we could find some other places for it." Her broad grin was enough to make my knees weak. She slid the dildo into my hand and pushed my head down between her legs.

Her moans became more insistent the longer I licked her, yet still I hesitated. I had a strong desire to see my wife's pussy filled by the toy, to watch her thrash and hear her moan. But I feared that the experience would expose me as an inadequate lover, never again to sate my wife's sexual needs. In the end, my strange and disturbing desire to see my wife penetrated by the large glass wand that I gripped tightly in my hand won out. Liz gasped as it was inserted, her small, petite pussy -- impossibly -- stretching wide to accommodate the dildo's enormous girth.

"Oh, yes, yes, yes! That's it. Oh, baby... Come on, fuck me. Oh, god. It's soooo big. Fuck! Fuck! Yes!" My brain kept hoping she'd ask me to stop even as cum leaked from the end of my cock at the sight of her obvious arousal. I marveled at how easily her small body was handling the girth of the new toy. How could she have ever found satisfaction in my cock if she could so easily accommodate this massive dong? Had she ever shown this much excitement when I had entered her? Would she ever again?

"That's it, Matt. Oh! Yesss. You like watching me get fucked? You like watching your wife act like a total slut for this big fat cock? God, I want it all. How much of it have you fit inside of me? Fuck me hard. Pleeeease." After taking the first few inches, the dildo didn't seem to make much progress penetrating my wife's cunt, a wash of relief flooding over me as it appeared that the toy was, in fact, too large for Liz to handle. However, that feeling of relief didn't last. Inch by inch, the toy continued its obscene descent, Liz's tiny body swallowing more and more of the lengthy shaft with each stroke. Soon, less than an inch remained exposed. Liz was clearly on the verge of cumming and, to my own chagrin, so was I. I fucked her hard then, driving the dildo in and out of my wife faster and faster, my hand slamming against her drenched lips each time the dildo plumbed the depths of her womb. As my mind tried to make sense of what was happening, my tongue mechanically serviced her clit.

My wife came fast and hard and would not let me stop. My arm ached as I continued to fuck her with the toy. Liz writhed on the bed, loud moans escaping her lips as the dildo brought her to orgasm again and again. Finally, she grabbed my wrist with her hand, forcing me to stop. "Oh. My. God. That felt wonderful!"

My cock was throbbing. I quickly cast the dildo aside and prepared to mount my wife but, to my chagrin, I was rebuffed. "I'm good, sweetheart. I'm good. I don't think I can take any more." Liz gently guided me onto my back next to her on the bed, her body curling up next to mine. "Besides," She said, holding the glass dildo next to my six inch erection, comparing the two. "After getting my brains fucked out by this giant cock, I'm so loose that I'm not even sure if I'd be able to feel this little dick of yours." As she spoke, her free hand wrapped around my penis and gave it a couple of hard strokes, my chest almost instantaneously coated in semen. I blushed. The speed at which I climaxed left me no way to hide how aroused I'd found her clear acknowledgment of my inadequacy as a lover. Liz giggled, delighted at my quick performance and obvious embarrassment, clearly intrigued by the new desires she had awoken within me.

While I lay dazed next to her, Liz languidly stretched out her body across the bed and gave a satisfied sigh. After laying in silence for several minutes, my wife rolled towards me onto her side, propping her head up with her hand. Her eyes met mine then traveled the length of my body, finally coming to rest on my now shrinking member. She reached out and slid her finger softly up my shaft, smiling wistfully. It was then that Liz spoke the eleven words that would haunt me for many months to come:

"You know, I'd almost forgotten what a real cock feels like."

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Big dildo

On a visit to a local adult toy store, I pointed out an outrageously large dildo to my wife commenting "do you believe the size of that thing?".
She replied "two 8 pound babies came out of mine. What makesmore...

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