A Binding Oral Agreement


I arrived early and composed myself for Gemma’s arrival but she breezed through the door with a cheery “Good morning!” as though nothing untoward had happened.

“Gemma, I want to talk about what happened yesterday.”

“Perhaps later. Diane Logan will be here shortly. She’s married but if I’ve read her correctly I think she is bi-curious. “

“Gemma! Take a seat and listen to me.”

“Do I sense a little rebellion? You wouldn’t be trying to defy me would you? Not when I need you to be a good dog.”

It was as if a cell door had closed with a slam and I was locked behind it with my futile anger. I tried to protest but I could not form the words and when that failed I tried to shut out what Gemma was saying but her words were soaking into me like water into a sponge.

“Logan wants the best service but she only wants to pay a bargain basement price. You are going to get her to sign up at the top rate. You will do whatever it takes.”

I wanted to get up and run, to find somewhere to clear my head, but I could not sign up Logan if I was not in the office and, at that moment, signing her up seemed to be the most compelling issue in my life.

It was a moment before I took it in that Gemma had left and then there seemed to be a blank in time before I was drawn back to reality by a tap at the door.

Diane Logan came into the room preceded by a waft of heavy floral perfume. She was a tall woman, broad hipped, with a large bosom which, in years to come, was clearly going to lose its fight with gravity. Her legs were her best feature and on this occasion she had brought out the best in them with high heels and a skirt that was an inch shy of her knees. I was shocked to realize I had not yet looked at her face. Normally, I would try and make eye contact immediately to try and make a client feel at ease.

Logan put out her hand and I shook it before unthinkingly ushering her towards the sofa. Her file said that she was forty-four but her make up was skillfully applied and she could have easily passed for years younger. Her mistake was her hair. She wore her blonde hair styled in a tight perm that immediately added back the years she had gained with cosmetics.

After some initial small talk we got down to business and I found myself enjoying the challenge. She had a shrewd business brain but I felt I was right in my assessment. She was prepared to sail closer to the wind than I would have felt comfortable with and I set about outlining a strategy which would give her what she wanted whilst still staying well within fiscal regulations.

We had talked for ninety minutes, but it had seemed far fewer, before we arrived at the thorny issue of fees.

“Let us be frank. I like what I’ve heard but we are talking a lot of money here and your fees are somewhat higher than I’ve been used to.”

I tried to interrupt but she leaned forward slightly putting a hand on my knee in the process.

“Hear me out. You strike me as a young woman deserving of my trust and I think that I will probably be able to sell the deal to my husband...”

I felt elated. Throughout the interview Gemma’s instructions had hovered threateningly in the background of my mind but now I had sealed the deal on the basis of my business acumen.

“… however, if I’m going to pay premium rates, I’ll be looking for a little value added.”

“Value added?”

I said it sotto voce whilst the adrenaline of fear made my heart race.

“Your partner said you were the best, but what made you special was the nature of the personal service you provide for your clients.”

As she said it she took her hand from my leg and, with hers eyes locked with mine, she pressed it

against my blouse and rubbed the edge of her thumb across my breast. My breath caught in my throat and I remained frozen as, with deft fingers, she slowly unfastened a couple of buttons and slipped her hand inside.

“You’re a very beautiful young woman, but I guess a lot of people have told you that.”

She spooned her hand into the cup of my bra and eased it aside. I could immediately tell by the clumsy attention that she paid to my nipple that this was something new for her and I prayed that she would go no further. Unfortunately, in my attempts to overcome the suggestion that Gemma had placed in my mind my body shivered with effort and Logan must have misread this as a good sign.

“Does this do it for you angel?”

She carried on with her awkward mauling but then, with no subtlety at all, she pushed her hand up under my skirt and began to rub at my sex through my panties.

“No! No! No!”

The words were clear and loud but my lips never moved and they echoed around hollowly in my mind. My whole body had tensed, to the extent that her attack on my sex had become physically painful, and I gave silent thanks when she stopped as suddenly as she had started. I sat still hoping that she could see in my eyes that I was an unwilling participant but I knew that the expression on my face was being governed by a part of my brain over which I no longer had control.

“Let me take a look at you sweetie.”

I watched in dismay as she dropped to the floor in front of me. She began to ease my legs apart and then reached up to take hold of my panties. I willed myself to stay still but my traitorous limbs lifted me enough for her to divest me of my underwear.

“You have lovely skin.”

She was brushing the inside of my leg with the back of her finger and my body began a new betrayal. I felt total revulsion but my unconscious was telling me that she would be pleased if she thought that she was arousing me. Almost immediately I felt my labia begin to swell and the unmistakable scent of my arousal began to permeate the room.

“My, my, you’re a hot little thing aren’t you?”

She had her head between my legs but she seemed to be battling with herself. After a momentary hesitation she turned aside and pecked an almost chaste kiss on my inner thigh.

“Don’t take this wrong honey, but I don’t think this is what I really want.”

I almost fainted with relief and, as she got back to her feet, I quickly closed my legs, retrieved my panties and adjusted my skirt. My mind refocused itself on the business at hand and I began to speak as though the last few moments had never happened.

“I can let you have a summary by tomorrow and we should be able to get a draft contract ready for your consideration by the end of the week.”

She flashed me an indulgent smile.

“We can finish discussing the arrangements afterwards.”

I was just wondering what “afterwards” meant when, with a sickening lurch, I saw that she was removing her skirt. She had pale, solid, thighs given emphasis by the dark blue garter straps that held up her stockings and she stood for a moment, as though to be admired.

“Kneel down here and I’ll make myself comfortable.”

Once again my zombie limbs followed their own course and I found myself kneeling by the sofa as she removed her panties and sat back down. She registered my shock as she slowly parted her legs.

“I prefer to keep things au naturelle.”

The first surprise was that she was not a natural blonde. The second was the unruly growth of thick dark hair that covered her pubis and spread to her inner thighs. It seemed so incongruous. She was clearly a woman who took a lot of pride in her appearance and spent money on expensive designer clothes to bring out the best in herself. It all seemed so at odds with the savage sight that now presented itself.

“Come on baby, I know you like it … eat me.”

As she said it she opened her legs even further to reveal her thick, dusky pink, labia which were already glistening with moisture. The battle being fought in my head manifested itself as a throbbing pain but, yet again, I was on the losing side. My body leant forward even as I tried to draw it back and, as I got closer, I could smell where she had dabbed perfume on the inside of her legs, the floral scent contrasting markedly with her own natural, earthy, essence.

“Such a pretty mouth …”

I already had my tongue out and I proceeded to lick her labia which seemed so rough when compared to Gemma’s almost coy offering. Her taste, too, was stronger and I guessed that she had been aroused for quite some time.

“Put your tongue inside baby, I like it nice and deep.”

I moved down slightly to do as she asked and she was so wet with arousal and lost in her own pleasure that she did not notice the tears of distress that flowed down my cheeks. I pushed my tongue as deep as I could and then licked upwards. Only then did I realize how difficult it must have been for Sebastian when I insisted that he pay attention to my g spot but it had the same effect on Logan as it had on me.

“Oh YESSssss! Just there…”

My mouth was full of her matted hair and I was almost choking but I struggled on. My tongue was at full stretch and the effort was causing tiny muscular spasms which Logan seemed to find to her liking.

“SOOooo nice…don’t stop”

Just to make sure she put her hand to the back of my head to keep me in place and then, without warning, she started to come. To my disgust I found my mouth filled with sprays of moisture which I had little option but to swallow and this too seemed to please her.

“There’s a good girl…”

She held me to her until she had wrung out the last drops of pleasure and then let me go. I knelt there with my face hot, red and wet with a mixture of my own perspiration and her moisture and tried to work some life back into my sore tongue. When I eventually looked up it was to find that she had freed her breasts and was gently caressing her nipples.

“Come up here honey and lick them for me.”

I told myself that I had already done enough to please her but the dissenting phantom in my mind told it that it was not my choice to make. She leant forwards to present herself and I knelt up to meet her. Her breasts sat heavily in her hands; the nipples were dark brown with no distinct shape and the teats themselves seemed impossibly erect. As I took it into my mouth I was surprised by the slightly salty taste and the rubbery texture of the dimpled flesh. Once again I was guided my own preferences. I worked my tongue in a tight circle around the teat which, amazingly, seemed to become more engorged.

Logan petted my head and encouraged my efforts making me alternate between them every minute or two.

“Suck them…”

I did as she asked and compounded my own misery. The more I pleased her the more she wanted.

I began to draw her nipple between my teeth and nipped gently. This always stirred me up when it was done to me and so it proved for Logan.

“You little tease…I think I’m ready again now.”

She was pressing me down until I was, once again, faced with the matted mess that her sex had become.

Chapter 2

Logan was insatiable. By the time she had finished with me my knees were numb and my whole face ached but her parting words echoed chillingly in my memory.

“Send me the contract and I’ll sign it. I’m really looking forward to a long and fruitful relationship…sweetlips.”

The office was empty and I assumed that Gemma had gone out to lunch. I noticed this with an enormous sense of relief and knew then that I was afraid of her. With a renewed sense of determination

I set off across town to make the short trip to Jenny’s office only to find that she too was out at lunch and it was not known what time she would be back. The helpful receptionist offered me the assistance of another partner but I politely declined.

I went back to my flat and began to unload my car. I had crammed into it as many files as I could so that, for the time being at least, I could keep the business running from home. The first thing I did was to make a list to see which clients were likely to stay with me after the split. It was tempting to make a few phone calls to sound people out but I decided that it was better not to open myself up to a charge of poaching before the dissolution of the partnership.

The finished list looked quite healthy and I felt quite excited at the prospect of being a sole practitioner; the whole partnership arrangement had been a wrong move from the outset. Before going to sleep that night I decided that I need never see Gemma again. I felt an almost overwhelming urge to do her harm but common sense prevailed. Jenny could handle the paperwork and we could go our separate ways.

The next morning I rose as usual and thought about the day ahead. I was still ordering events in my mind when I realized that I was standing at the door of Gemma’s office. It was a terrifying moment. I had gone through my usual routine, shower, dress, breakfast but then I intended to work from my living room. Somehow, whilst pre-occupied, I had followed my routine through to its usual conclusion and driven into work.

“Come on in.”

With an ominous prescience Gemma had opened the door to usher me inside.

“I’m leaving.”

I said it with as much conviction as I could muster but Gemma merely smiled. She stepped back into the room and I followed her without thinking.

“I spoke to Logan. You really made an impression. Do you know that when she signs she’ll be our third largest client? I’ve drawn up a list of other prospective female clients. You might want to cast your eye over it. I’ve ticked those where I think your particular talents can be brought to bear.”

I was dumbfounded. The list had a dozen names on it, at least half of which were ticked, including that of one of my oldest friends.

“Gemma, this has to stop and it stops right now!”

“Do you think so? If that’s the case what are you still doing here?”

She was right. For a vain moment I entertained the hope that I was free of her influence but, try as I might, I could not leave her office knowing that to do so would incur her displeasure. I tried another tack.

“You can’t believe that all these women are lesbians.”

“I don’t, but they are all successful, broad-minded women and I ask myself, if I were to offer them the services of a pretty girl, willing to do literally anything they asked, would they turn it down?”

It was hard to argue. There were at least two women on the list that I thought of as unscrupulous bitches who would probably jump at the opportunity and, in an odd moment of self-doubt, I wondered what my own reaction would be if the offer were made to me. For an instant I felt faint and I wondered if I was losing my grip on sanity but just as I tried to drag myself back to reality Gemma pushed me to the edge once more.

“I’m going to spend the morning catching up on paperwork and I want you to help.”

I answered almost defiantly.

“I have two clients coming in.”

“I took the liberty of cancelling them. I have need of your expertise.”

My professional ego was flattered for barely a second before I saw her starting to unzip her skirt.

“Gemma, please, if our relationship means anything to you, don’t do this.”

She did not reply. She simply smiled as she took off her panties.

“Come here and kneel under the desk.”

“Gemma, for pities sake!”

“It looks a little like a kennel don’t you think? Just the place for a good dog.”

Any final vestiges of defiance melted like ice and I crawled into the restricted space beneath her desk almost like the dog she had made me become. She sat down on her leather office chair and rolled it forward until she could splay her legs on either side of my cramped body.

“Just keep me on the boil for a couple of hours and then you can show me some of those wicked tricks that Logan told me about.”

I suppose it should not have come as such a shock to find out that they had discussed the merits of my performance but it did nevertheless. I knelt there, unmoving, trying to take it in until I felt her knee pressing against the side of my head.

“Don’t keep me waiting.”

I edged forward in the darkness, between the canyon walls of her thighs, and I applied my tongue to her sex. She was almost fully aroused from the start and she allowed herself an orgasm within the first few minutes but she took no pity. For the next two hours, as she rustled through paperwork above me, I was called back to service time and time again. She did not even miss a beat as she took the occasional phone call. My muscles were screaming in protest, not least my neck, but Gemma just laughed as I banged my head on the underside of the desk from time to time.

“Okay, you can take me the whole way this time.”

The atmosphere beneath the desk was hot and fetid. The smell was a heady mix of ancient wood, sex and, to my embarrassment, nervous perspiration but, once again, I put myself to the hated task.

“OOOhhh, that is so good…I think we’re going to have to reschedule your mornings for the foreseeable future.”

By lunchtime even Gemma had had enough. She dismissed me as though I was a servant of old and I went back to my own office where I could do nothing but sit and cry. She did not speak to me again until mid afternoon when she popped her head around the door.

“I’m off for the day. See you tomorrow, bright and early…keep your strength up.”

Once she was gone I felt something of my old resilience creeping back and I was inspired by a new idea. I found a phone number for the pub we had used for our celebration drink and spoke with the manager. He told me that the stage hypnotist was a late replacement sent by the agency that dealt with all his bookings. He was happy to give me a contact name and I made a second call. At first the agency was not forthcoming but when I suggested that I was a booker for the lucrative University circuit there was a sudden change of attitude. I was told that the hypnotist’s name was Helen Heller and she was new to their books. They would not give me a number nor would they pass on mine to her, presumably fearing a direct booking which would cut out their fee, but I had enough to be going on with.

I checked with Equity, the actors union, and, sure enough, she was a member. I left my contact number and, less than an hour later, I received a call. When I heard her voice on the phone it felt oddly comforting, like talking to someone I had known all my life. I explained that I had a personal matter that I wished to discuss and she sounded slightly intrigued when I refused to elaborate over the phone. She told me that she would see me that evening and gave me address which was only ten minutes away from my own by car.

I bathed and changed, all the while considering the wisdom of my proposed course of action, and then I summoned up my courage and left the house. The address she had given me belonged to a detached house the upkeep of which must have been beyond the means of a mere pub entertainer. I rang the bell and looked up to the security camera mounted in the corner of the entranceway. A few seconds later the front door opened and I had to do a double take to convince myself that it was the same women. At the pub I thought that she was a lot older than me but seeing her again, with her chestnut hair hanging loose about her shoulders I could see that there was probably only a couple of years between us at most. The business suit, too, had done her no favours. Dressed as she now was in an expensive silk kimono I could see that she had a body that any man would find desirable.

“Take a seat.”

She led me into a tastefully furnished living room which was dominated by a matching pair of leather Chesterfield sofas.

“Would you like a drink? I was having some wine.”

I accepted the offer and the first sip was enough to tell me that this was a woman who appreciated the good things in life.

“So to what do I owe the pleasure?”

“I saw the show at the pub the other night. You put me under.”

“Yes, I remember.”

“Well since then I have remained susceptible to suggestion.”

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