tagRomanceA Birthday at the Lake

A Birthday at the Lake


It was a warm summer day in the first week of June, Jennifer and I had decided to go to the lake and have a romantic picnic to celebrate my 25th birthday. As we arrived at the lake she grabbed the picnic basket and I got the blanket. We walked towards a shady, secluded hilltop that overlooked the lake. I spread the blanket out as Jennifer began to empty the picnic basket.

Feasting on strawberries dipped in chocolate, along with an assortment of fine cheeses and delicate cake, drinking wine as we sat on the blanket watching the sun set across the shimmering horizon. As we watched the day turn to dusk, Jennifer pressed her head on my shoulder, and we talked on about nothing of importance.

Oranges, yellows, reds, and pinks were now barely visible over the horizon. As the sky darkened into night, and the night's stars began to appear accompanied by the full moon.

Jennifer started kissing my neck under the collar of my Polo shirt as she slid her hands under my shirt and rubbed her hands up and down my back. I reached for the bottom of her dress, then moved my hands up her soft silk like skin. My hands followed her inner thigh, moving slowly upward between her legs, caressing from the cleft of her ass up to the small of her back.

The sun dress Jennifer was wearing allowed me easy access to her satin panties, and I started in making circular motions with my fingers where her clit lay beneath the soft fabric. She drew her thighs together to hold my hand between her legs. I pulled her panties aside and allowed my fingers to probe her dampness then pressed my body close to hers, pushing the hardness of my cock against her inner thigh. My lips found hers, and soon my tongue discovered hers in a sensual kiss that left no doubt the desire of how much she wanted me. I pulled her with me as we fell to the blanket, half of my muscular body covering her petite frame.

I slid the straps of Jennifer's dress off her shoulders and pulled her dress down unveiling her beautiful breasts. I drew one of her nipples in my mouth and teased the peak to an agonizing hardness, my teeth raking gently over the tip, then I administered the same regimen of sweet torment to the other nipple.

I wanted to savor more of the taste of her voluptuous body, so I ripped her dress off and began kissing and licking my way down her body. As I trailed my way down her body, my tongue exploring her naval. I covered her stomach with nibbles and kisses, as the fingers of one hand moved to the edge of her pussy lips and started to follow the outline slowly. Feeling her wetness, I ran my fingers just between the edge of her lips and up to the hood of her clit, giving it a quick tease.

My lips descended slowly over her pussy, the tip of my tongue dipped briefly between her lips to savor the sweet nectar then glided completely inside her before withdrawing to a kiss. I had begun circling my tongue around her pussy when she pushed my head down, so I started licking her pussy faster and faster. I slid two fingers in her, finding her g-spot and stroking it lightly. As my tongue brushed across her clit, my fingers plunged swiftly in and out of her. Jennifer meanwhile started swaying her hips to my motions, trying to keep herself from cumming as long as she could. I could feel her muscles become tense, and her pussy very hot. Then, I felt her body convulse in an ecstasy of exploding pleasure, as a tingling sensation ran down from the back of her neck to the tip of her clit.

After tasting Jennifer's sweet pussy, I stood up as she knelt before me, and pulled my raging cock out of my jeans. She steered my cock between her wet lips as I nudge my hips forward at the contact of her mouth. She ran her tongue from the base of my cock to the tip and flicked her tongue over the head savoring every drop of pre-come. I arched my back and started to fuck her mouth as she was looking up at me with her beautiful green eyes. After a couple more minutes of Jennifer tasting my cock I couldn't wait anymore, I had to feel her hot, wet, tight pussy wrapped around my cock.

I pushed Jennifer back onto the blanket and knelt in front of her. Moving my body over hers, I used my thighs to spread hers further apart until I was lying within them. Taking my cock, I slid it up and down her pussy teasing her clit, her ass wiggling in anticipation, awaiting the feeling of my cock deep inside her. My thumb and forefinger rubbed her clit as I entered her slowly, inch by inch. Slowly, she began thrusting her hips up and down meeting my own rhythm. I love the feeling of her hips shuddering and her pussy contracting, gripping my cock tightly. Getting lost in the feeling of every inch of her pressing against me, like we are one in this instant, her excitement pushes me to the edge and beyond as I erupt deep inside her.

As soon as I've finished, I place her hips in my hands and guide her up my body to straddle my face, I see our mingled juices glistening. They start to ooze from her pussy and my tongue darts up to capture it, sliding just inside her pussy lips to the very spot that makes her moan so softly. She presses down against my face, and my tongue slides slowly all the way inside her tasting "us". Then she starts rubbing her clit against my nose, looking down to me with that beautiful smile of passion which makes me melt every time.

Seeing our cum on my lips, face, and tongue sets her racing toward another orgasm, she starts to grind her hips against my mouth as I work my tongue feverishly over her clit. Feeling her ass cheeks, tighten I squeeze them intently as she explodes once more, ever more passionately than the last time. Slowly, she relaxes, as the waves gradually subside. She slides off me, and lays beside me as I wrap my arms around her. We kiss eagerly, yet gently and stare into each others eyes, registering the pleasure and passion we have just unleashed between us.

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