tagRomanceA Birthday Gift Ch. 01

A Birthday Gift Ch. 01


Deepika was on cloud nine today. Her dear, lovely, caring and wonderful husband Kiran was finally coming back home after a six months of separation. And what would be a wonderful day to return home other than her birthday.

Kiran was an employee in a merchant navy. So staying away from home for long period was not a new thing to him. As he was working domestically for time being generally he would return home within three months but this time due to some unexpected but important assignments his working period was extended for another quarter year. But he didn't complain as he was paid hefty amount for his dedication towards completion of the assignment. But he too was a human, suffering from separation from his wife and yearned for her company.

To welcome Kiran, Deepika decided to have an intimate dinner party at home just for herself and her life partner. She also decided to have a final solution for her loneliness. Yes she did had huge friend circle and her own family lived at very close distance but she missed the presence of 'special' one in her life.

On the 'D day', Deepika started preparing for her hubby's welcome with full zeal. She woke up early in the morning. Looked at her stale reflection from last sleep in her mirror smiled back to it and turned on the faucet of the bathtub filling it with lukewarm water. As the faucet filled the tub she concluded her everyday pre-bathing drill.

Then she stripped of her pyjamas and entered in the bathtub. As it was summer season she avoided wearing lingerie (And for whom will she wear those sexy plunging bras, tiny thongs & sexy G strings?). The feel and touch of lukewarm water gave goosebumps to her. But only she knew it was not just because of water! She took her favourite bodywash and started applying it generously on her body. She massaged her soft twin orbs and her blueberry coloured nipples imagining of her hubby until they became stiff like a bullet.

She vigorously kneaded her soft belly with loofah. As she was about to explore her gorges she came out of the trance and took control of herself. She thought she should save it for tonight's tryst. But she definitely remembered to make her gorges and underarms clear as a sunshine. Then she quickly finished her bath, dried and wrapped herself in towel and marched towards her wardrobe.

Deepika quickly disrobed herself and took good look of her nude figure in the mirror. Her thick buxom figure of 38-28-38 gleamed in the mirror. She looked just like a statue of Goddess Venus only more animated. She smiled from ear to ear and took a moment or two to admire herself. She perfumed and powdered herself with gentle care. She took out her choicest set of an emerald green G-string and strapless bra and petticoat. She finalized her look by wearing a sexy moss green georgette Saree and matching blouse. While draping the Saree she blushed as she kept her navel uncovered as her husband preferred. So she tied the pleats accordingly. Pinned them for safety. She accessorized herself with diamond earrings, matching bangles and a thin gold girdle which parted her belly button in two halves and gave support to her 'pallu' all gifted by her husband and her mother-in-law at her wedding. She finally finished by applying vermilion dot on her forehead. Her heart skipped the beat and her eyes gleamed as soon as the doorbell rang!

Deepika's heart skipped the heartbeat. Her breaths got deep. She quickly picked up the pace and opened the door. Her eyes gleamed with happiness and excitement as her eyes got fixed on visage of face her beloved husband . She welcomed Kiran home in traditional Indian style. Deepika finally saw him her dear, lovely, husband Kiran was back home finally. Her eyes gleaned with happiness and satisfaction as she welcomed her husband in traditional Indian style.

Kiran too was overwhelmed after seeing his lovely wife after such long period. He quickly bolted the door, entangled his firm arms around his wife's waist and invaded Deepika's ruby coloured lips with his. An electrical wave went through Deepika's body and soul. What started as soft lip kisses of love quickly transformed into passionate kissing of each other's tongues. Their strong, powerful French kisses resembled to fight of that of the seasoned wrestlers who refuse to accept defeat before giving a tough fight. The deep passionate toungue wrestling was going on for good ten minutes. But Deepika soon came to her senses revoked her lips from her hubby's and freed herself from her darling's embrace with great difficulty to save her best of her burning passion for the finale on their bed.

"I missed you a lot" said Kiran with a quivering voice. "Me too" Deepika replied by putting her arms around husband's neck. "Now I am back at home for six good months. We will fulfill all over wishes which we couldn't do earlier" He again tried to kiss Deepika but to his misfortune the doorbell rang. Deepika quickly escaped from her husband's arms and answered the door. The dinner was arrived. She asked her husband to get fresh while quickly served the dinner. But Kiran was not ready to let her move away from his sight for an even for a moment. When she saw her husband was not enough enthusiastic. She drew the trump card from her sleeve. She told him he will miss post dinner surprise if he does not act fast. No sooner than he heard word 'surprise' Kiran immediately took a nice bath and got ready for dinner. He was too excited to know that what surprise waited for him...

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