tagBDSMA Birthday Gift from My Wife Pt. 02

A Birthday Gift from My Wife Pt. 02


I leaned against the shower wall as my slave lapped at my balls with her tongue, ensuring she removed every last hair when she shaved the returning stubble from on and around my cock, while also having the entire length of my meat shoved down her throat at the same time. This girl was amazing. She had been sucking me no longer than five minutes before I could feel that familiar tingle of my orgasm setting in. My slave could sense it as well as she increased her sucking and licking, while grabbing my ass in an attempt to push my thick meat further down her throat. Finally I unleashed my cock cream into her mouth, every spray of fresh cum encouraged out of my balls by pleading, satisfied mewls from my slutty present as she continued to suckle my cock like a starving infant.

After we had taken our time drying each other off, I instructed my slave, "Go clean up our mess in the kitchen from breakfast. Then get the massage table ready. I'd like a nice massage for my birthday too. Come and wake me up when you're ready for me, I'm going to take a nap until then."

"Mmmm, but I'm always ready for you, Master," responded my slut, as she gave me a flirty smile and reached out to gently stroke my slowly reviving cock.

"You know what I mean you dirty little slut. Now go and do as you've been told. And put your uniform back on too. I don't want to be too tempted to mount you again too soon by having you walk around and doing your chores nude all day."

While that last bit is partially true, I do enjoy a bit of teasing by having some bit of clothing to hide her beautiful assets. My wife has even told me I get more fired up when she "seduces" me in a sexy set of bra and panties, than when she starts off fully naked.

After about an hour, I woke up to find my sex slave riding me like a cowgirl in a rodeo, like the cockslut she is. Her little skirt was bunched up around her waist, to look more like a belt, and I had a clear view of that smooth pussy gliding up and down my shaft. From the amount of cunt cream coating both of our pelvic areas, she had either been grinding on me for quite awhile already or she had started on herself during her chores. That kind of behavior I will have to deter before it gets out of hand, I don't want her getting too tired before I'm done with her this weekend. I grabbed her hips and held her at the top of an up stroke, only my head inside of her lips, and kept her from plunging back down on my cock.

"Hmmph! Master why are you making me stop?"

"What were the orders I gave you?"

"To wake you up when I was done with my work. Have I upset you in how I woke you, Master?"

"No, it's not that. But you were doing something else while you did your chores didn't you? "

She bit her lip and cast her lusty green eyes downward, knowing she'd been caught.

"I'm sorry, Master. But when I thought about how I was going to wake you up, I just couldn't stop from touching myself." Even while she said this she already began to start hunching her pussy against my rod, now laying flat against my stomach, her lips splitting around my width, clit grinding along the ridge of my cum shaft.

SLAP! "Ow!" I gave her left ass cheek a nice firm spank.

"You bet you're going to be sorry," I told her and sat up laying her across my lap, "You think my wife will like it when I tell her that the slave she gave me wore herself out before I was done with her?"


"You think I want my slut so tired of cumming on her own that she's just laying there when I fuck her?"


"From now on, you are not to touch yourself in any way unless I tell you to."


"Your cunt is not to be fed my cock unless I give it to you. And most important of all, you WILL NOT cum until I say that you can. Do you understand your Master, you fucking Slut Slave?"


"Oh god, no, Master! Please not that. I'm so sorry. Please forgive me, Master! I won't be such a naughty girl anymore! But please don't take away my privilege to cum! Please! I promise I'll be good! OW!"

She screamed again as I gave her bottom another series of thorough spankings, giving her creamy white globes a nice reddish hue. I ripped off the small cloth sheet that was the top of her skimpy little uniform and tossed her, face up, onto the bed before straddling her at her chest, waving my cock in front of her face.

"You're not getting it. I still want you to be a dirty Slut. I just have to make sure you know your place. You're here for my pleasure, not your own." With that I grabbed her mane of red hair with both hands and shoved my still glistening meat down her throat. I fucked her face with abandon, my balls slapping into her chin. I have to admit; my thrusts were being fueled by a little bit of anger at this too eager Slut. With my punishment of keeping her from cumming, I was punishing myself too. I really wanted to be fucking that tight pussy, but I knew there was no way I could do so without her cumming. Sure, I could just give her permission, but that would just ruin the point of disciplining her so soon after placing it on her. I did have one idea, it was still a risk, but even then it could allow my Slut to prove just how badly she wanted to please her Master if it worked.

I kept slamming into her mouth until I felt myself getting close to my orgasm. Before I lost all control I held her head to the base of my shaft, the tip of it buried in her throat. My release standing on a razor's edge, being held back by sheer will power.

Looking into her green eyes, I told her, "Remember, you can't cum unless I tell you too. And if you do so before hand, then I'll have to find some other slut to replace you with. The neighbor's seventeen-year-old daughter has been coming over here to swim and tan out by our pool whenever my wife isn't home. She's even started going topless ever since those D size tits of hers filled out over the spring. I bet she would be running over here naked from school if she knew I needed a replacement Slut. So are you ready to prove to me that you can be an obedient Slut and keep your Master's cock to yourself by not cumming?"

She gave a confirming muffled moan, and I withdrew from her mouth with a wet slurp, spread her legs wide and plunged into her dripping snatch. I bellowed out a contented groan as I drowned her pussy with my thick load. With every blast of my seed, my slave let out a frustrated scream through clenched teeth, trying her best to stop her own orgasmic release. Her cunt was drooling out a lot of her juices, but I'm proud to say that she didn't cum. This girl was good.

"I didn't cum," she whispered with a smile on her face.

"No you didn't. You did very good, Slut. Maybe I won't have to replace you after all. But I won't let you have your release until much later tonight just to make sure your lesson sinks in. Now clean me up." She got up onto her hands and knees and slurped off our mixed juices from my still hard dick. I stroked her face gently, "Good Slut. Now go clean yourself up as well and come out to meet me in the living room for my massage." She stood up and unbunched her skirt, so that it barely covered her slit and left just a hint of her ass visible. When she reached for her top I grabbed it out of her hands and told her, "This stays off." She smiled and turned toward the bathroom to clean out the cum juices in her pussy and dribbling down her thighs.

Shortly after I laid face down on the massage table, with my slave's uniform top covering my ass, she walked into the living room ready to begin giving me a nice relaxing rub down. It had been a few weeks since I had gotten a massage last, and I was fully looking forward to enjoying this one. Normally my wife and I swap off massaging each other every week or so but the last several times we never really quite made it to my turn, as I got kinda carried away and proceeded on to fucking her as a wrap up to her turn. What can I say, my wife is a beautiful woman and I enjoy getting myself lost in her. Anyway, back to my massage.

When she finished with my backside I turned over so she could then get my front, the cloth not entirely covering my erection. Once she had finished with everywhere else, she turned her full attention to the one muscle that her eyes have been lusting over since I turned over. She rubbed a little more oil between her hands before removing the cloth to reveal my entire stiff rod and cum sacks. She took hold of my shaft with one hand and massaged my balls with the other. With each stroke of her hand up and down my thick rod she slowly bent down lower and lower, her tongue licking at her lips, until she was close enough to envelope the head of my cock with her soft lips.

"Uuummm. Your cock tastes so good." She said as she began kissing and licking down the length of my shaft to my nuts and back up. "Will you feed me with your cock, Master? Will you please feed me your cum? This Slut has been starving for so long for a nice, big, cream filled piece of cock meat like yours. Please, will you feed my hungry mouth and pussy with your big cock, Master?" She already knew my answer, and she didn't bother waiting for one. Almost immediately she was on my cock, shoving it down her throat, her head bobbing up and down so savagely that if my hands weren't gripping the sides of the table, I would have thought I was the one shoving her head down on my cock.

Of course, as soon as I started to feel my balls begin to boil signaling my impending release, the doorbell rings. I pulled my slave's head up by her hair and asked, "Did my wife mention anything to you about expecting visitors?" She shook her head no. Who the hell could this be and why do they have to have such shitty timing? I asked myself. I got up off the massage table to check who was at the door when I had a better idea. "Go and see who is at the door."

My slave dutifully walked over and asked whom it was through the door; the voice that responded was that of my sister-in-law. This could get interesting.

"Open the door and let her in."

"Shouldn't we get dressed first?" my slave looked at me panicked.

"No. I want to show off my present, and how much I'm enjoying it," I said with a growing smirk. She opens the door, while keeping herself hidden behind it, and in walks my wife's sister, Rachel. Now, being my wife's sister, Rachel was quite the looker. At 5' 11" she is closer in height to me than my wife, with long smooth legs leading up to her nice firm ass, D sized tits, brunette hair ending at the middle of her back, a killer smile, and brilliant green eyes.

She gave my slave an appraising look as she entered through the doorway before turning her attention to me, her eyes scanning me from top to bottom before resting her gaze on my erection.

"Hello birthday boy, looks like you've been having a fun day already."

"Indeed I have. Your sister has given me this lovely little sex slave to enjoy over the weekend. If you don't mind I'd like to have her finish what she was doing before you rang?" I said, beckoning my slave back over to me.

"Not at all. I wouldn't dare want to keep you from playing with your toys on your birthday," she responded with a wicked smile on her face.

My slut got on her knees and started again on her blowjob duties as I continued my conversation with my sister-in-law, "So what brings you by today? It can't just be to wish your favorite in-law happy birthday."

"Well not entirely. In addition to saying happy birthday, I was hoping to treat you and my dear sister out to dinner for your present. But it looks that maybe you may be a little too busy tonight?" She says, never taking her eyes from the bobbing head on my cock.

"Actually that sounds really good. Ungh. Besides, I'm going to need some energy if I'm going to be able to keep myself as busy as I want to be tonight. Unnngh! I just have to get a hold of Aurora first to see when she can meet us for dinner. Oh fuck yes!" With that last outburst I came into my slut's mouth.

"Mmmmm, looks tasty," Rachel commented as she made her way over to us, grabbed a fistful of slutty red hair and pulled my slave up to her feet, licking a small stream of cum that had dribbled out of her mouth.

"Mmmm, I was right. It is tasty."

"Let me go get dressed and tell this one here what needs to be done for her punishment before we leave."

"Ooooh, is your slut toy giving you problems?"

"Only a little. She seems to think she can cum whenever she wants."

Rachel slapped my slave on her bare ass. "Naughty slut toy! If you were my plaything, I'd make sure you wouldn't disobey me the first time let alone anytime after that. I hope your Master punishes you something good."

"Oh, she'll get what's coming to her alright. Now come along now, Slut. I have instructions for you while we're gone to dinner."

I pulled my slave along into my room and started looking into one of my wife's clothes doors. I pulled out a pair of lacy, see-through, blue, thong panties and tossed them over to my slave. "Put those on."

"Won't you want easy access at some point during dinner, Master?" she asked as she put the thong on.

"Maybe, but you'll need those to hold this in."

Her eyes went wide as I pulled out my wife's 9 inch remote vibrator. I pulled the thong aside just enough to re-expose her pussy and slipped the vibrator inside her dripping hole.

"Remember your punishment. No cumming," I gave her an evil smile and turned the remote for the vibrator to its highest setting of 5.

"AAAAAAAAHHHHHH! OOOOHHHHHH!!" she screamed and collapsed to the ground with the sudden shock of pleasure.

"You bastard!" she screamed at me.

"Oh hush. You know you love it," I winked at her and began dressing while she writhed, panted, and moaned on the floor in pleasurable agony, doing her best not to give in to her orgasm. When I was finished, I turned the vibrator off and said, "Now hurry up and get dressed so we can go eat with your sister."

She looked up at me smiling, "Yes, Master."

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