A Birthday Party


I groaned as I felt the prick in my ass soften and slide out. Another cock was shoved up my ass. While I fucked this new cock with my ass, I sucked the cock in my mouth. The owner moaned and thrust up and came; sending spurts of cum down my throat. I sucked his cock dry of cum and kissed the head of his dick after letting it fall out.

The prick in my ass moved deeper. It was the longest cock yet and I felt fulfilled as he entered me completely. He fucked me faster and faster and I tried to keep up. He groaned and I felt his cock harden and than he came with short powerful spurts. His hot cum bathed the walls of my rectum and the pleasure was intense. I moaned as his cock slid out and I collapsed on the floor.

I felt hands roll me over and they started caressing my body. I could feel cum running down the crack of my ass.

I mouth closed over a tit and another mouth sucked on the other tit. Another wave of pleasure passed through me as they sucked and gently nibbled on my nipples.

I felt a mouth and tongue run down my belly and hands playing with my balls. Another hand clasped my cock and began giving me a handjob. The combined sensations were driving me to sexual heights I had never experienced before.

I moaned as a mouth closed over my cockhead. I felt the tongue probing the slit at the end of my cock.

The mouths left my tits and hands tilted my head back. I felt legs on each side of my head and then the tip of a cock on my lips. I groaned as I opened my mouth and felt the head of the dick slide past my lips into my mouth. I heard a moan from above as I sucked on his cock. He pushed and more of his dick slid into my mouth. I gasped as the mouth on my cock slid down. I could feel the tightness of his throat as my cock slid deeper into the warm wetness of my loving cocksucker.

Hands grabbed my hands and placed them on laps on each side of me and I clasped a cock. I started giving each cock a hand job while I sucked the cock in my mouth. It went deeper and the mouthfucker started fucking my mouth and throat at a faster pace.

I moaned as I felt cum boil in my balls and I moved my hips faster. With a final lunge of my hips, I exploded, sending spurts of cum into my lover's mouth and throat. I almost passed out from the intense pleasure of my first orgasm of the evening. I fucked his face, jetting spurts of cum into his mouth, until my cock softened. He lifted his head, my cock slipping from his mouth, falling on my belly. He massaged my balls and ran a finger up and down between my balls and anus.

The cock in my mouth got harder and I heard him grunt. He pushed forward and I took his hard prick all the way. He orgasmed and the first spurt hit the back of my throat. As he continued to fuck my face, his spurts of cum would hit my throat or the top of my mouth. I swallowed, savoring each hot slimy juicy glob.

Finally, his cock quit spurting and softened. He sighed as he pulled his cock from my mouth. I kissed the wet head and he moved away.

I was still giving the two cocks hand jobs and I was able to concentrate completely on them. I felt a hand wrap around each cock and my hands were pulled away. I looked to each side and watched as they masturbated. The one on the right moaned and moved towards my head. He gasped and hot cum spurted from his cock and splashed on my face. Some of the spurts hit my nose and forehead and some landed in my open mouth, onto my tongue. His last glob landed on my chest and I smeared it into my skin.

I heard a moan and looked to my left. His hand was a blur on his cock and he moved closer. I rolled over and opened my mouth. He put his cock near my mouth and moaned again. I lowered my head so that only the head of his cock was in my mouth and I sucked and ran my tongue around the head of his cock. He grunted and came. I swallowed each spurt of tasty cum as he jacked off. I sucked on his prick until I felt it start to soften. He dropped his hand and I swallowed his soft cock, milking it of every bit of cum. He pulled back and I moaned as he cock slid from my mouth.

I lay back down and looked over at the sofa. John was sitting on the end closest to me. He was wearing a robe. Without realizing it, I was playing with my cock and my balls.

He leaned back with a smile on his face and said, "Go ahead. Play with yourself. Make yourself cum. Spurt cum from your prick and rub it into your body."

I ran my fingers up and around my scrotum, turned on having men watch me play with myself. I rolled each testicle between my fingers and pulled on the loose skin. I moved both of my hands up to my hardening prick. I ran the fingertips up and down the side of my prick, feeling it getting harder. I stroked my hard cock using both hands. I closed a hand around the head of my prick and squeezed. I licked the palms of both hands and ran them up and down my prick. I moaned as my hand brushed the edge of my prick. I started to masturbate faster and closed my eyes. Using both hands, I stroked my cock. Raising my hips up, I moved a hand under my ass and pushed two fingers up my ass. My fingers slid easily into my cum-filled ass. I fucked my cock with my fist and fucked my ass with my fingers.

I gasped and felt my orgasm start as I fucked my ass with my fingers and slid my other hand up and down my prick. Looking down, I watched as a shot of cum flew from the end of my dick straight up and splashed down on my belly. Another burst landed on my chest. I moaned as another spurt landed on my hand. White cum oozed from the head of my cock and ran down my cock and hand making them slippery. I used the slimy jism to milk more cum from my cock and rubbed it into my skin. I picked up the glob from my belly, raised my fingers to my mouth, and sucked my own cum.

My cock softened and I looked around the room. Men were sucking each other's cocks in the sixty-nine position. I looked towards the sofa and gasped. John was naked and slowly jacking off. His eyes were closed and there was a faint smile on his lips. I crawled over and knelt before him. I watched as his hands slid up and down his hard prick. It was long and thick, with a large head. A small drop of precum formed at his slit.

I lowered my head and touched the crown of his prick with the tip of my tongue. He moaned and I rose up and sucked on his hard nipples, doing each tit with my lips and tongue. I moved back down, running my tongue down his belly, towards his hard cock. I opened my mouth and felt the head of his cock slide past my lips. His stroking hand touched my face and moved from his prick to the top of my head. I swallowed more of his cock and he moaned. I started sucking on his cock in earnest and felt the tip touch my throat. I bobbed my head and his cock slid down my throat and my nose touched his belly.

I rose up, letting his prick slide from my mouth. I lowered my head, kissed, and tongued his clean-shaven balls. John raised his hips and slid forward. I swallowed his balls and sucked on them. He moaned as his fingers touched the tip of his cock. Still sucking his balls, I watched as he ran his fingers around the head of his dick, still slippery with my saliva and his precum. I let his balls slip from my mouth, lowered my head, and tongued his anus and John groaned.

I tongued his balls and ran my tongue up and down his prick, pretending it was a lollipop.

"Suck my cock. I want to cum in your mouth. Suck it loverboy."

I swallowed his cock in one gulp. I stopped with his cock buried in my throat and tried to swallow, using my throat muscles to squeeze his prick. He moaned and I raised my head slowly, loving the sensation of his cock sliding up my throat. I stopped at the top of his dick and as gently as I could I bit down.

He gasped, "Harder."

I bit harder and he gasped again.

I opened my mouth and sucked on the head of his cock, running my tongue around the soft skin.

I lowered my head and took the entire length of his prick down my throat. I moved my hands up and played with his balls. His balls were pulled tight against his body and I knew that he would soon be spurting cum. I sucked on his cock, my head moving faster and faster. His prick hardened and he groaned.

"I'm going to come."

Both of his hands pressed on my head and he shoved his hips up, driving his cock all the way down my throat. He exploded. I swallowed blast after blast of John's hot cum. He came at least eight times and I did not miss a drop of his love juice. I continued to suck on his cock as it softened in my mouth.

I did not want to stop; I wanted to thank him the only way I knew how for the night he had made possible. I finally let his cock slip from my lips. I kissed the head of his cock and rested my head on his thigh. I finally rose up and looked at John.

He patted the sofa and I got up and sat next to him. We watched the six men as they continued sucking each other's cocks. The smell of sex and sweat in the room was thick and heady. We watched as each man came and his partner swallowed the cum that we knew was spewing forth from his cock. After what seemed like an eternity, the room was empty except for John and me.

John put his arm around me and pulled me close. He told me that he had thought that I was gay, but that I had been unwilling to admit it to myself. He asked me about my feelings. I told him that I was feeling a tremendous sense of relief. I also could not believe how rabid I had been about what I was willing to do.

"You have a wonderful cock and I loved swallowing your cum," John said.

"Same. God I have waited so long for this to happen. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."

He kissed me and I kissed him back. My already hard cock hardened even more as we tongued each other's mouths. I pulled back, lowered my head, and sucked on his tit, feeling the nipple harden. I ran my hand across his chest, ran my fingers across his other tit, and pinched its hard nipple. I looked down and his cock was hard, the head pointing right at my face.

I looked back up, the hunger I was feeling obvious in my eyes as we looked at each other.

He kissed me and pushed me back against the sofa. John leaned over, sucked, and nibbled on my nipples and I moaned. He ran his tongue down my belly and I shifted my body. He took his free hand and played with my balls. John ran his fingers up and down and around my hard cock. He lowered his head and licked the top of my cock.

I twisted my body forcing John to stop sucking on the head of my dick. As I lay down on the sofa, John swung his legs over my body. I looked up at the legs straddling my head and gazed at his cock, balls and ass only inches from my face.

I gasped aloud as one of his hands closed around the base of my cock. He had slid his arms under my legs and the other hand was playing with my balls. I moaned as he ran his tongue up and down the side of my cock. He tongued the area at the base of my cock causing small tingles to spread up my belly. I moved my arms around his legs and ran my fingers up and down the crack of his ass. He lowered his hips slightly and the head of his prick grazed my face.

I played with his ass cheeks, caressing and squeezing the firm flesh. I raised my head, feeling his prick slide down my face and kissed his swollen balls. I sucked on them, getting the skin soaking-wet from my spit. I raised my head even further and ran my tongue up his crack. He moaned, sending vibrations up and down my cock. He had been sucking the head of my dick while slowly giving it a handjob. I spread his ass cheeks with my hands and ran my tongue around his anus. He moved his hips so that his anus was more accessible to my tongue.

John responded by inserting one, two, three fingers into my ass and slowly fingered my ass, while still sucking on the head of my cock that he was stroking with his other hand. I forced my tongue into his anus and he moaned. I felt his fingers push deeper into my ass and I tongued his ass as deep as I could, matching his rhythm. When my tongue began to tire, I moved it down and licked his balls. John moved his hips back and up and I studied his gorgeous cock, memorizing the color, veins, and size.

I raised my head and pulled down on his hips and his cockhead slid into my month. I sucked as hard as I could on the head of John's dick. John's head flew up in surprise at the strength of my sucking action. He lowered his head and swallowed the entire length of my cock in one swift motion. The sudden sensation was overpowering and it was my turn to gasp and lose control. I raised my head, opened my mouth, and inhaled his cock. It was unbelievable how it felt as his cock slid into my mouth and down my throat.

He slowly moved his hips up and down, fucking my throat with his cock, while he sucked on my cock. I cannot begin to describe to you the feelings and sensations I was experiencing. Imagine a circle that never ends of cocks sliding up and down in eager, hot, wet mouths until you cannot separate yours from his. It was the most incredible sexual experience of my life.

We sucked each other's cocks faster and I knew it would not be long until cum was gushing. I deepthroated John's cock as best as I could. My jaw muscles ached from all of the cocksucking I had performed this evening, but it did not matter. I wanted John's cum and I wanted to bring him as much pleasure as I could.

I felt the fire in my belly and moaned as I slammed my cock into him. I erupted, spurting cum deep into his throat. My first pulse sent him over and his cock spurted hot cum. We each swallowed the eruptions and sucked the cocks gliding up and down our throats. I swallowed John's cock as his climax subsided and his prick started to go limp. Coming up for air, I squeezed his cock with my lips forcing more cum to ooze out that I eagerly swallowed after tasting it. We both lay still, gently sucking on the supersensitive cocks until the soft cocks slipped from our mouths.

I kissed and sucked on his tight balls and patted his ass. John rose up and I tongued his anus a few times.

He crawled from me and sat on the floor. I rolled over on my side and looked at him. I closed my eyes and kissed the man that had opened the doors for me into my rightful sexual identity.

"Thank you for more than the best birthday ever. The presents were out of this world," I said.

He smiled and said, "You are entirely welcome."

That night occurred over thirty years ago. John and I became lovers and lifelong companions.

We were completely faithful to each other and I miss him.

He died last year in a terrible automobile accident.

I wrote this in his memory and to our love.


[This story was related to me by ANON. I hope I was faithful to him and his memory.]

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