tagInterracial LoveA Birthday to Remember

A Birthday to Remember


I was trying to figure out what to do for my wife's birthday. After the anniversary sex in Las Vegas with a black man that drove her into a frenzy of orgasmic activity I didn't know what could be done to ever equal that. Roger the man we had met had moved on from where he was then and we were unable to find him. He was so good that both Cindy and I felt there was little point in trying to relive it. But then I heard of a service available about 100 miles away that was supposed to be out of this world. I decided I needed to check it out.

I drove over one weekday to check this place out. I was shown to a waiting room and after about 5 minutes a counselor comes in to interview me. After about 20 minutes of questions about my wife and her ability to orgasm she gives me a sheet showing several options that she felt was appropriate. They were all expensive but the ultimate hour of orgasm was 1500 dollars. I truly had to question the value in that but was told that it included not only the service to prepare Cindy but also an hour with their greatest lover, Samboney who had 9 ½" of powerful black penis that was 8" around or almost 3" in diameter. With the special love crèmes and stop power for him I was told that he would be able to drive her into a coma for about 1 hour. Afterwards she would be to weak to walk and I was to wheel her to a recovery room or leave her on the cot where she had up to 12 hours to sleep and regain her strength. There was a 2-way mirror that led to a viewing room where I would be able to watch the entire show and it would be taped with only a single copy made that we would take home with us. The entire service would take about an hour and a half and during that time I could ring for 2 blowjobs. We also would receive 2 tubes of the secret love gels and a stop gel for me. One tube was used on the women and would awaken nerves they didn't even know they had. The stop gel would numb the head of the penis to prevent orgasm for 30 minutes or longer if I learned control and then the male gel combined with the gel in the vagina had a reaction that I was told was mind blowing and the same result was felt by the man once the numbing gel wore off. I was fidgeting in my chair thinking of all of this and decided what the hell, go for it. I made an appointment for that Friday night.

When I got home that night I told Cindy that we had plans for Friday night. I couldn't keep the total secret but I just said, "Remember our anniversary in Vegas? This will surpass it if the place lives up to their talk." While she was making some noise about not wanting to do that again I could see a flush and fidget in her chair that said something else. Friday could not come soon enough.

Finally Friday arrived and we were on our drive over. Cindy was chattering like a nervous Nellie and I could hardly steer without moving my raging hard on. It was a long drive but finally we were there. I led Cindy into the waiting room where immediately Sharon the counselor met us.

Sharon introduced herself to Cindy and then began to tell her of her night to come. She said, "First you will undress and take a warm bubble bath that will relax you. Then you will be introduced to Karen our message and preparation specialist who will give you an erotic message and other things to open you and prepare you for your encounter with Samboney our number one stud. Karen will also administer the female love gel into your vagina. This gel will awaken nerve endings that you didn't even know that you had. Your vagina will feel on fire and wanting like it never has. Then Karen will apply a numbing cream to Samboney's penis and then coat his penis with the male version of the love gel. The two gels mixed together provide a sensation that nobody seems to be able to describe other then the pleasure is beyond anything ever experienced. At about the one hour point the numbing lotion applied to Samboney will wear off allowing him to experience this great pleasure with you and he will finish up with frantic pounding of your vagina and then will fill you with more sperm then you've ever been filled with before. His orgasm will likely cause you to have one incredible final orgasm and he will then withdraw leaving you basically asleep or unconscious. You will have orgasmed so many times that your legs will be to weak to support you and Tom will come down and help you into a wheel chair and take you to our very comfortable recovery rooms where you will be able to sleep and recover for up to 12 hours. Now do you have any questions?"

Cindy asked, "Where will Tom be?"

"Tom will actually be in a viewing room watching you. This encounter will also be taped and you will get the one and only copy for your future pleasure. Also you will receive the love potions used here today for your home use and a reorder form for more, which I have little doubt you will want."

Cindy then said, "Karen is preparing who I assume is a women. I'm not that way if that is the case."

Sharon replied, "Cindy, Karen is the best at what she does. You are just receiving, not doing. Whether she is a man or women should not matter to you. Trust me when I tell you this, you want her to prepare you for this. Samboney has 9 ½" of penis that is 8" around or almost 3" in diameter. This isn't much smaller then the head of your child when it was born. For this to be pleasurable, and it will be, you need to allow Karen to do her job."

Since there were no other questions I kissed Cindy goodbye who looked quite nervous and was led back to my viewing room. It turns out it was Karen who led me to the viewing room and she told me that she would actually be the one tending to my needs if and when I wanted relief. "Obviously this can't happen until Samboney has taken over for me but any time after that you may ring this buzzer and I will come help you out." She flashed a smile and gave me a peck on the cheek and out the door she went. She was a distractingly beautiful red head and my cock gave a stir at the opportunity to have her head in my lap. I decided to undress to free my cock from constraint and to make it available for Karen when that time comes.

I see Karen guide Cindy into the room and it's like they are only feet away. I could hear Karen tell Cindy to relax and to undress while she ran water into the tub. It looked like a large sunken tub and she was adding some bubbles or something to the water. Karen said, "I want you to just relax in the tub and go with the jets for about 20 minutes. The water will maintain at 103 and you should find it very relaxing." Cindy walked over and settled down into the tub and Karen left the room. After just a few short minutes Cindy looked like a sleeping angel in the tub with the sound of soothing music coming through the speakers.

20 minutes went by in no time and Karen was back and telling Cindy to jump up on the massage table. Cindy got all situated and Karen pulled down the towel showing a naked Cindy and begins to apply hot oil over her back and shoulders. She was working those muscles and I could hear moans ever now and again as she hit a knot. Soon Karen was working Cindy's ass and upper legs and I could see her hand slip down between her legs on occasion. Cindy not only didn't seem to mind she opened up a little bit. Soon Karen was done on the back and had Cindy roll over. Immediately Karen applied oil to Cindy's breasts and began kneading them and working the nipples. Cindy seemed to just soak it all in and her nipples said they were enjoying the attention. Soon Karen worked down to the upper legs and vagina. Working oil into the inner thighs and then pulling her hand back up the slit of Cindy's vagina. She not only didn't seem to mind that but her breathing was looking a little ragged. Soon Karen was concentrating solely on the vagina and was working on the clit with increased speed. Cindy was moaning and writhing and soon arched up into her first orgasm. Karen let her down slow while working back on her upper legs and knees.

Karen walked away and returned with a rolling cart with some creams and dildo's on it. Cindy looked and said, "What are you going to do with that?"

Karen replied, "We need to open you up and prepare you for what is likely the largest cock you'll ever have. I am going to use these tools to do that for our final preparation. Just relax and go with the flow." She then picked up a medium size dildo that was about the size of my penis, 6" or so and she lubed it up. She got Cindy to slide a little lower and she raised stirrups for her to put her legs on and in. The bottom half of the table then folded down and Karen sat on a rolling chair and moved between Cindy's legs. She worked the dildo up and down Cindy's slit. Cindy was starting to get into this when Karen slipped the dildo in. She worked it around for a minute or so and then withdrew it to Cindy's displeasure. She told Cindy to relax while she went to the next size up. Cindy grabbed one that was thicker and perhaps 8" long. She lubed that up and carefully began to work that into Cindy. It didn't seem long and Cindy was rocking up wanting more of that dildo until suddenly Karen popped it out much to Cindy's displeasure.

Karen told Cindy, "I'm going to give you your application of your love jell and we will finish your final prep before you get the real thing. You will at first feel a slight burning and then your vagina and clit are going to awaken with nerves you didn't even know you had, now just relax and go with the feelings." She reached down and grabbed an applicator that looked like a large syringe pushing into a long slender dildo that was full of little holes. She slid that in to it's maximum depth and then began pushing on the plunger. Cindy didn't seem to react until a low moan began to come from her. Then Karen withdrew the plunger and dipped her finger into what I assumed was a jar of the stuff and rubbed it on the outer lips of Cindy's vagina and then rubbed some on her clit. After about 15 seconds Cindy gave a bit of a whimper and said, "My god, my pussy is on fire and wanting to be filled and my clit feels like it's going to explode." I looked closer and her clit was so swollen it almost looked like a little penis protruding. Karen didn't say anything but just bent down and started flicking her clit with her tongue. Cindy didn't even consider protesting but rather just started bucking into her face. Karen then quit again to Cindy's dismay at not having come and pronounced her ready.

She reached over and hit a button that I assumed was probably a signal for the stud. Within a minute a large black man in a robe came into the room. He slowly dropped the robe and stood before Cindy just out of reach. Cindy was quivering and whimpering looking at him while he just stood and looked down at her. He was a magnificent specimen of a man. 6' tall with broad shoulders and slender waist and six-pack abs. Very large leg muscles and a very strong looking ass. But his cock was something else. It hung about half hard at a 45-degree angle to the floor and almost looked like a pulsing living thing. Karen wheeled the cart over and begins to apply a cream to the head of his penis and then grabbed a second cream and began to apply it to his entire cock. She was almost giving him a hand job applying the cream and his cock was stiffening. It really wasn't gaining in length because that was already there but it appeared to be growing in girth and her hand hardly fit around it. Karen quit and looked at Cindy and said, "Have fun. Your about to take the ride of your life." She then turned and left.

Samboney walked over and lifted Cindy with ease and carried her to a mattress that was only feet away from me on the other side of the mirror. Cindy had just kind of a low moan escaping her lips and he laid her down and then moved between her legs. He grabbed his cock, which even made his hands look small and aimed for my quivering and moaning wife. What a sight. I realized I was holding my breath as he started to press that monster cock against the outside of Cindy's waiting vagina. Slowly she opened enough for him to start sliding it in. Cindy was moaning and bucking and he didn't have 2" of that monster in her yet. I was mesmerized. Slowly but surely he worked that bad boy in until he pressed against her clit with his pelvis. Cindy seemed to have a small orgasm with just that action but then he started thrusting. Only sliding it out about 3" and then pressing it home and smashing against her clit. It was an amazing site. After just a bit of this you could tell Cindy was ready to go again and he just stabbed that thing home and held it there. She gasped and then just started panting and squealing and was rocking her pelvis against him like she was possessed. He gave her just a bit to settle down and begin his thrusting again. Not real fast but a good steady strong stroke. After some minutes she was ready to pop again and once again he made one final slam and then just held it there. She went even more nuts this time and was bucking like a maniac for a good minute and half and making noises like a wild animal. Again after giving her some time to come down he began his attack again.

I couldn't take it anymore and pressed the button for my release. Karen quickly came in and without a word knelt between my legs and put her mouth right to work. Since I had removed my clothes knowing this was coming there was no playing around but right down to business. Her mouth wasn't going to be at this long and she was massaging my balls and doing a downright excellent job. I doubt it was two minutes and I felt the orgasm building. Karen sensed it also and really started working that nerve filled spot right under the head of my cock. Now I was really boiling and warned her that I was about to come. That seemed to make her work even harder so I just laid my head back and let it rip. I mean I almost saw stars. Fantastic head and the sound of my wife having orgasm after orgasm just left me drained and shaking. Karen stood up and bent over to give me a little peck and I kissed her full on the lips and thanked her for one of the best orgasms of my life. She just smiled and said, "You have one more and if you keep watching the other room I'm sure you'll need it." Out the door she went and I just sat there weak kneed and tingling all over watching the ravaging of my wife.

Cindy's noises were just animal noises and she just kept bucking on the end of that cock like she was in a constant state of seizure. It was positively amazing. She seemed to be having harder and harder orgasms and they were coming every 3 minutes or so. I thought it's no damn wonder she is going to be to weak to walk when he gets done with her. It wasn't very long and I was stiff as a post once again and dreaming about Karen's mouth. I didn't want to rush things too much but listening to Cindy and watching this show was just too much so I punched the button again. I figured if I needed further help later I would just have to take care of it myself.

Karen came back in and said, "My but you seem quite hard again." She smiled and bent down and went right to work. It was amazing but it was not very long and I could feel my balls churning and the head of my cock start swelling for orgasm again. Karen was kneading my balls and working that sensitive area between my balls and my asshole. She was really quite good at what she does. I again gave warning, which again started her going to town on the underside of the head of my cock. Just then Samboney again slammed it home and Cindy shrieked and started bucking into another orgasm. It was more then I could take and I just exploded like I hadn't come in weeks even though it had only been moments ago. Karen again sucked me dry and left me drained of all energy. Amazing women and the man keeping my wife in a constant state of delirium was equally amazing. I thought how in God's name would we ever be satisfied with anything less then this again.

I actually voiced that concern to Karen. Her response was, "Don't you worry about that. You will have these creams to take with you and you will recreate this at home. Now his size does increase her pleasure to a degree but that will fade from her memory when you guys join up with the love creams." I wasn't sure I believed her but it sounded good. Karen looked at the clock and said, "Would you mind if I stayed and watched the finale with you? It is really quite incredible and we have no other customers or staff here tonight." I replied that was fine with me but I may end up having to tug one off if it's as incredible as you claim. She laughed and said she planned on having some finger action herself. With that she disrobed and we both began watching the scene in front of us. I noticed before looking away that she had a killer body and nice pert little tits. I would have to concentrate on the show in front of me to keep from pawing her.

Cindy was winding down from yet another orgasm when Samboney spoke his first words of the session. "The time has come for Samboney to come. I will no longer be stopping for your orgasm and I am going to pound your pussy into mush and a constant state of pleasure."

I looked over at Karen and she said, "Keep an eye on this because it is quite simply unfucking believable."

I turned to look back as he drew that weapon almost fully out and slammed it home. He propped himself up on his hands and placed them above Cindy's shoulders to keep her from sliding away from his attack. He picked up the pace and was really giving her a slamming. Now she was screaming, "Oh my fucking God" over and over again. Her breathing sounded like she was running a marathon and she just kept screaming and he kept pounding. His pace was going faster and faster and every muscle in his body seemed to be tensing I realized I was not only hard again but was sweating and panting like I was working out. I looked over to see Karen mesmerized by the show and fingering herself furiously. For some reason I didn't start tugging but just turned back to the show. Cindy seemed to be in a constant state of orgasm and he was plowing her like he was trying to drive it through her head. Her oh my God's were almost indecipherable because of the quaking of her voice. She sounded like she was yodeling it. Samboney began making some grunting and groaning noises as his pace became even more frenetic. Suddenly he slammed it home with violent force and just kept it buried with his face aimed at the ceiling and a low moan escaping his lips. Karen was having an orgasm, Cindy was shaking on that spear and just making almost sobbing noises and Samboney let out a yell and I assume began depositing his seed. This seemed to send Cindy into even more spasms and noise. This kept on for what seemed like minutes but probably only 20 seconds or so when Samboney almost collapsed upon Cindy. Slowly he started withdrawing his shrinking but still massive cock from Cindy until it plopped out causing shudders to run through Cindy. Cindy dropped her knees down and looked like she was basically passed out. Her cunt was gaping and still open with semen leaking out of it like she was over flowing. I was so busy looking at her cunt that I hardly noticed Samboney was leaving the room.

I looked over at Karen who was kind of dreamy eyed after her own orgasm and thought to myself I should maybe return the oral favor. I didn't ask but rather just got on my knees on the floor and just crawled over to her she looked me with a questioning look in her eyes but didn't close her legs. I just moved up between her legs and started tonguing the sweetest tasting pussy next to Cindy's. She was quickly trying to buck up into my face a bit and was running her fingers through my hair and making low moaning noises. Her breathing started quickening and suddenly she just grabbed my hair and mashed my face into her bucking pussy. I almost couldn't breath but kept my tongue flicking across her clit as fast as I could move it. Finally she shuddered a little and loosened her hands and I stopped my assault as I know Cindy's clit gets overly sensitive after orgasm and she claims continuing with the tongue is almost painful because of it. I was just kind of blowing on her clit and kissing her thighs and running my tongue around but not on her pussy. She was enjoying that and when I looked up and made eye contact with her she said, "Thank you, that was really quite wonderful. I don't know how this all works between you and your wife and if this doesn't work for you please don't be offended but would you be willing to fuck me?"

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