tagGroup SexA Bisexual Haitian Story

A Bisexual Haitian Story


Paul Jean-Francois stood in front of the mirror, and checked out his reflection. At the age of twenty, he stood six feet two inches tall, a bit rugged, with dark brown skin and short black hair framing a round, animated face. Ever since he came to America from the Caribbean island of Haiti where he was born, he'd been getting checked out by men and women left and right. Sometimes, he welcomed the attention, and other times, he really could care less. He grew up poor on the island of Barbados. All she ever wanted was to make something of himself. In 2002, at the age of seventeen he won the Pan American Scholastic Contest. The winners won an all-expenses-paid trip to New York City and got to meet the Governor of New York, who made it all possible.

Paul Jean-Francois won a student visa to America and once there, he applied for Resident Status. Although it was difficult, he won it. He lived with Mack, an old uncle of his in the town of Dorchester, Massachusetts. The young man lived in a poor neighborhood and he was determined to make his way out of it. He won a scholarship to Bridgewater State College and went there to study Criminal Justice. Growing up in nearly lawless Barbados gave Paul a strong sense of justice. He didn't like bullies or criminals, those who preyed on the weak. He wanted very much to become a police officer. The scholarship he won was athletic, for playing soccer. Ever since he was little, he loved playing soccer. It was his favorite sport. In America, many sports were popular, especially football and baseball, but soccer wasn't really at the top of the list. In the rest of the world, from Africa to South America to the Caribbean to Europe, soccer was an all-time favorite. Paul led the Bridgewater State Men's Soccer team to the state finals in 2004 and they finished first place. It was his crowning achievement.

Paul Jean-Francois had become a celebrity overnight. His picture was in the papers, from the school paper to the Boston Globe and Metro. Paul wasn't quite sure how to take it all. He was a simple, hard-working young man. Now, all of a sudden, he was a Soccer star. His life was forever changed. He noticed it soon enough. When he went out, men and women stopped him and congratulated him. Also, he'd go into restaurants with friends and all of a sudden, he'd be able to get one of the best tables. It was unusual, but he was starting to like the attention. He tried not to let it get to his head. During soccer season, his GPA dropped from a four-point-three to four-point-zero. Paul had a standard to maintain and he poured himself into academia to return to the top of the class. So overworked was the young man that he scarecely had time to do anything other than study.

What Paul Jean-Francois didn't know was that some of the other students on campus had noticed him. One of them was Rebecca Smith. Rebecca Smith was a tall, attractive white woman with short black hair and pale green eyes. She was an officer with the Bridgewater police department, currently attached to the college as part of the security team. Like every sports fan in New England, she had heard of Paul Jean-Francois, the stud who was captain of the school's soccer team. Heck, the guy had his picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated, a rare feat for a college athlete.

The first time Rebecca saw Paul, she almost walked into a door. He was something to look at! In her forty years on this planet, she hadn't seen a better-looking man. Tall and broad-shouldered, with dark brown skin and short black hair, he was simply sex on legs. His face was handsome, clean-cut and his features were fine and masculine. She hadn't seen a man that fine in a long time. That's when she decided that she had to have him. She asked around about him on campus. Was he single? Did he have a girlfriend? What she heard pleased her. She spoke to Emilia, the younger sister of Mario, one of Paul Jean-Francois's teammates. From what Emilia heard, Paul was a hard-working single guy who didn't have any female in his life. Rebecca was certainly willing to help the brother out!

So, one day, Rebecca walked up to Paul while he stood in the school library and introduced herself. They talked and discovered that they had a lot in common. When he asked her out for coffee, she didn't hesitate. And that's how it all began. Somehow, a cup of coffee resulted in them going to bed together that very same night.

Rebecca led Paul into the apartment where she lived, somewhere in East Bridgewater. She gave him a tour, but the young man was understandingly more interested in her than the rest of the house. They ended up on the couch, making out. Rebecca kissed him, and they slowly began to undress each other. Soon, they were both naked. Rebecca admired Paul's sexy body. The tall, muscular athlete had a really nice body. He was checking her out as well and touching her. His touch was gentle, and a bit hesitant. She took his hands and placed them on her breasts. Emboldened, he kissed her and began to suckle on them. His hand slipped between her legs and he began to explore her flesh.

Rebecca moaned as Paul caressed her breasts, licking the areolas and fingering her pussy at the same time. She closed her eyes and enjoyed what he was doing to her. The young man definitely knew his way around a woman's body. After twenty minutes of licking and probing and fondling, he brought her a shuddering orgasm. She screamed at the top of her lungs. A few minutes later, she was still breathing heavily. She looked at him, surprised. Paul grinned. Yeah, he definitely knew what he was doing.

After what he had done for her, Rebecca was more than willing to do just about anything the young stud wanted. Paul told her to get on all fours and obediently, she did. He positioned himself behind her, and caressed her sexy ass. She felt his hands on her butt cheeks and groaned. His hands felt so nice, even when he pinched her. She felt his hands spread her cheeks, then felt something wet being rubbed against her little asshole. Rebecca flinched. She knew what was coming. He wanted to fuck her in the ass. Oh, well. After giving her the most earth-shattering oral sex, she was down for anything. As he rubbed his cock against her puckered asshole, she muttered encouragements to him.

Paul held his cock in hand and slowly guided it into Rebecca's back door. It had been some time since he did anything like this, especially with a hot woman like this. Truth be told, this was his first time with an older woman. He guided his spit-covered cock into the older woman's rear entry. Rebecca stiffened when she felt the young man's cock slide into her anal cavity. She had only been fucked like this a few times. A guy had to be an exceptional lover before she let him do that to her. Paul definitely qualified as one. She opened herself up to him, and his cock plunged into her ass. He thrust until he reached bottom, then stopped.

Rebecca grimaced when she felt the full length of Paul's cock inside her anal canal. She took a deep breath, then pushed back against him. He put his hands on her hips and thrust deeper into her. He thrust into her, hard and deep. She felt his cock sliding down her back door, nice and easy. His cock felt huge inside her but she was getting used to it. Once she got past her initial discomfort, she felt full...and wonderful. Her fingers slid into her pussy and she fingered herself as Paul thrust into her, hard and fast. She urged him to fuck her harder, and he did. They went at it like this for a long time. He slammed his cock into her back door and she grimaced, loving the mixture of pain and pleasure that she felt. Paul felt a rush in his loins and shouted. Rebecca grimaced. She knew what was coming. When he came, she welcomed the flow of hot semen that flooded her rear. Paul cried out in pleasure, his screams echoing her own. It was over.

A little while later, Paul Jean-Francois and Rebecca Smith shared a shower. The two stood there, under the warm water, kissing and soaping each other up. Later, he kissed her and left. Rebecca stood inside her apartment, dry and fully dressed. He had left his cell phone number and email address written on a piece of paper on her coffee table. She was surprised at her actions. Oh, when she was young, she often took lovers to her place and had sex with them but there was something different about Paul. She was surprised by the things that she let him do to her. Things that she enjoyed but still...yeah. She looked at the piece of paper he had left. She smiled to herself, knowing that she was going to call him again. He had it like that!

When Paul returned to his place, he smiled to himself, thinking about the things he did with that hot police woman. Man, he hadn't had sex like that in a while. He found the door open and checked stuff out, and was surprised. Very surprised. The surprise came in the form of his old friend Michael Pierrot. Paul's heartbeat spiked as he stared at his friend. Michael Pierrot, his old friend stood before him, wearing a black shirt and blue jeans. He looked fantastic. Michael had come to Massachusetts and needed a place to stay. He wanted to stay with Paul. The two friends sat down, and talked.

Michael filled him in on what was going on. The political climate of Haiti had forced Michael into temporary exile. Michael Pierrot was the son of Miguel Pierrot, a wealthy Haitian businessman. Since things were unstable back on the island, Michael's father sent him to the USA with some money in his pocket. He would be safe in America, until things cooled down. Paul thought this over and over, perplexed. His buddy Michael had a way of turning his life upside down. That's what Michael did. Just looking at his sexy nubile body had flipped something inside Paul.

Paul was a guy who loved women. He was a regular Joe, most of the time. Still, there were things about him that he'd rather keep secret. Such as his bisexual past. A past no one knew anything about. No one knew about the secret sexual adventures he had with men, a long time ago, or the role that Michael had played during his sexual awakening and development. Paul sighed as he looked at Michael's body. Michael was definitely looking hot. In spite of himself, Paul felt...aroused, just looking at his friend's body. While not pornographic, Michael's whole image was definitely erotic. Tall, broad-shouldered and athletic, Michael had dark brown skin and curly black hair. His eyes were a pale gray color. He was sexy as hell. Always sharp, he read the desire in Paul's eyes. He smiled and started undressing, in spite of Paul's protests. Once Michael took his shirt off, Paul stopped protesting.

Pretty soon, he was nearly naked, save for a black thong. Paul licked his lips. Michael's form had awakened the urge and he had to feed it. Paul unzipped his pants and took out his cock, the cock that had so pleasured Rebecca Smith earlier. He stroked himself while looking at Michael's body. The sexy image of his best friend burned into his mind. He closed his eyes and stroked himself, letting his imagination roam. His wandering mind took him to the 'pleasure place'. The place where only Michael could take him. He pictured Michael, completely naked, coming to him. Soon, he was rock hard. Michael licked his lips. He gently touched Paul, and Paul opened his eyes, gasping when he saw Michael's naked body up close.

The two friends kissed, and embraced each other. Paul longed to feel Michael's body against his. Something about doing it with a hot guy had always stirred a primal instinct in him. He led Michel into his bedroom. He lay on the bed, gesturing at his lover to come to him. Michael came to him, smiling cockily. Paul looked at the sexy bastard, and kissed him on the lips. Michael kissed him back and embraced him. Paul pulled him down on the bed, and they began romping joyously. The two friends rolled around on the bed, wrestling playfully, and somehow Michael came out on top. He looked down at Paul, who grinned. Michael looked down at Paul, smiling. They kissed again.

Paul embraced Michael. He looked into his best friend's eyes, and knew what was coming. Wordlessly, he agreed. Michael took Paul's legs and raised them into the air. Paul lay on his back, looking at his lover. Michael took Paul's cock in his mouth and sucked it. Paul closed his eyes. Michael gave the best head ever. Paul relaxed, enjoying what Michael was doing to him. He thrust into Michael's mouth, and grunted as Michael took all of it inside his mouth. Michael sucked him like he was a milking machine. Paul grinned, loving what his best friend was doing to him. He soon came, and Michael drank his seed. Until he was dry. Once it was over, the two best friends lay on the bed, cradled in each other 's arms.

Paul lay in Michael's arms, not believing what he had just done, but loving it. Michael and Paul had been best friends since they met in the first grade. They Played on the same soccer team. They were like brothers. Best friends forever. When they hit their teenage years, they became different. Michael began hanging out with some boys whom many at school suspected of being gay. Paul confronted him about it and Michael admitted that he was bisexual. Paul couldn't believe it. Michael Pierrot was the gorgeous captain of the school's soccer team. How could he be one of those guys who slept with other guys? For years, Paul kept his friend's secret, in spite of some misgivings. Michael continued to have discreet affairs with women and men. Paul wasn't supportive of his friends' same-sex attractions, but remained loyal to him anyway. One day, Paul became aware of the fact that his feelings for Michael ran deeper than he previously thought.

Paul was scared of what he felt. He was raised in the Haitian culture. He didn't want to be gay or bisexual. Most Haitian people thought that gays and lesbians were the seed of the devil. Michael helped Paul get over his fears. It took him a long time but eventually, Paul got over it. He could admit to himself that he was a bisexual, attracted to both women and men. He had affairs with women, but he never sought male lovers. He loved Michael. Michael slept with women and men left and right, but he only loved Paul. The two of them had scarcely seen each other since Paul left the Caribbean. Now, they were together. At last.

The End.

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