tagNovels and NovellasA Bizarre Corporate Takeover Ch. 02

A Bizarre Corporate Takeover Ch. 02


Authors Note: I wrote this story based on another request. I requestor provided me with a detailed list of talking points to use in the story. Since the story covers so many aspects of sex I decided to list in under the novels and novellas category. I changed all the names of the characters and all characters are at least 18 years old. The story will be submitted in several chapters as it would be too long for one read.

In chapter one Sharon unveiled her plan to take over the company so that it was not sold. Sharon recruited her secretary and lover to assist with the takeover plan. Using their sexual prowess they were able to secure 6% of the stock. They still needed to acquire another 5% but it would be more difficult as the shares were spread over a number of investors. In chapter two more meetings and seductions take place in an effort to acquire the stock.


Beth was ready for a massage as she had spent another marathon day of sex with her on and off again boyfriend. Cliff and Beth continued their sexual escapades on an irregular basis. However when they were together, Beth could always count on having all three of her holes filled with cum on each occasion. Cliff and Beth's normal routine was that Beth would suck his cock swallowing as much cum as she could. Cliff then licked her pussy until she was on the brink then he filled her cunt with his thick cock. He fucked Beth thoroughly bringing her to multiple orgasms before he shot his second load deep into her cunt. The final round was with Beth on all fours with her beautiful ass in the air. Cliff fondled her ass and probed her with his fingers until her asshole was well lubed. He continued to play with her ass until his cock was rock hard again and then he eased his big thick cock into her ass. He penetrated her slowly until he was all the way in, then he fucked her ass while stroking her ass cheeks and Beth plunged her fingers into her cunt. Cliff would fire his third round of cum into Beth's ass and Beth would cream all over her fingers. Such was the case last night and Beth was ready for a relaxing massage.

Beth made an appointment at the salon owned by Tom and Carla Brown. Beth planned to get a massage from Carla and talk to her about the stock in the process. That Friday morning Beth made her way over to the salon. Beth was not prepared for the beauty that would greet her. Carla was two years younger than her husband Tom and she was a knockout. Carla had gorgeous blonde hair that she wore down to her shoulders and she had cute blonde fuzz on her pubes. Her hazel eyes seemed cat like and she looked as if she were ready to leap on you. She stood at 5'7" and she possessed a rock hard 35-23-35 figure. Her tits were firm and stood out proudly from her chest. Her ass was marvelous and as hard as her abs. Her legs although muscular were shapely and attractive.

After a brief introduction, Carla led Beth to the massage room and Beth felt her loins tingle as she walked behind the blonde beauty and watched the roll of her curvy firm ass. Carla led Beth into a room where she handed her a towel and told her to undress and make her self comfortable on the table. Then Carla selected some body oils. Beth took off her clothes and looked at her naked body in the mirror. She was pleased with what she saw as she too worked hard to keep her figure. Beth then lay naked face down on the massage table and awaited her massage from Carla. Beth became particularly horny that day after seeing Carla's beautiful body and she found herself wondering what Carla looked like completely naked.

Carla poured a hand full of massage oil and began with Beth's neck and shoulders. Beth was instantly relaxed by Carla's touch and she closed her eyes and let out a relaxing sigh. Carla was very good at her job. After giving a considerable amount of attention to Beth's shoulders she continued slowly downward to Beth's sides and lower back. Then Carla slid her hands over Beth's buttocks and firmly massaged Beth's ass. Beth was surprised but she didn't mind in fact it felt good. Then Carla slid her warm oily hands down between Beth's thighs and Beth felt the edges of Carla's fingers briefly brush against her pussy. Beth tensed up a little and gave a short, almost silent gasp.

"Oh sorry," Carla said and then continued down to the backs of Beth's knees.

"Its okay you just caught me by surprise," Beth answered in a raspy voice secretly hoping that Carla would touch her again.

Carla gave a subtle laugh as she gently bent Beth's leg to massage her ankles and feet. Beth wondered if Carla realized what she had done and wondered if she meant to do it. Carla applied more oil to Beth's feet as she carefully massaged the soles and between each of Beth's toes. Then Carla worked her way back up the inside of Beth's legs until she reached the same spot as before. Again Beth felt the edge of Carla's fingers brush against her pussy. Beth instinctively parted her thighs slightly giving Carla's hands more room to work. But to Beth's disappointment, Carla didn't seem to notice and she moved upward eventually back to Beth's shoulders.

"Okay, you can turn over now," Carla said as she walked over to supply table with the lotions and oils.

"Carla, I need to ask you about some stock you own. My boss is trying to buy back all outstanding shares at the fair market price. Would you be willing to sell the stock to her?" Beth asked.

"I wouldn't know anything about that. You would have to speak with my husband. He handles all the investments," Carla replied.

"Would you mention it to him for me? It's important that my boss obtain the outstanding shares and I would be willing to do anything to help her get them," Beth said in a submissive tone.

"Anything really," Carla uttered.

Beth was now lying face up bare breasted and her nipples were a bit stiff from the erotic touches. Beth raised her head and looked down to see her pubic mound and pussy lips peeking out between her thighs. She felt a little on display, but she was a little turned on as well.

"Are you okay? Or do you want a towel today?" Carla asked.

"I'm okay," Beth sighed and then laid her head back on the table.

Carla returned to the massage table and stood behind Beth's head. She started rubbing Beth's temples then moved her hands down over Beth's neck and chest. Carla applied more oil to Beth's breasts and massaged them softly at first then she increased the pressure little by little. Carla seemed to be focused on Beth's nipples, which aroused Beth even more than the brief encounter between her legs. Beth began breathing heavier as her nipples grew harder.

"You have really nice tits Beth," Carla said as she rolled the nipples in her fingers.

Beth just groaned softly and pushed her chest up harder into Carla's hands. As Carla leaned over Beth, Carla's own firm breasts were just above Beth's face. Beth instinctively reached up and squeezed them gently. Beth could feel Carla's hard nipples poking out through the tube top. That was the sign that Carla had been waiting for, Carla smiled and then she pinched Beth's nipples. Carla then lowered her mouth and met Beth's breast. Carla's warm tongue circled around the swollen areola and Beth felt Carla's hand slide down over her stomach and between her legs. Carla's oily fingers found Beth's clit and gently stroked it before she slipped a finger inside Beth's pussy. Beth was already sopping wet and welcomed Carla's penetrating touch.

Beth gasped in surprise and the moaned loudly as Carla's finger slid between Beth's ass and wormed its way deep inside her nether hole. Carla then pushed her thumb back into Beth's pussy and held her in a bowling grip. Beth's vaginal and anal muscles tightened around Carla's finger and thumb as she slowly pushed them in and out. Carla's mouth moved from one of Beth's nipples to the other, back and forth, nibbling, sucking and licking. Beth was in a euphoric state as she engaged in her very first lesbian encounter.

Carla removed her thumb and finger from Beth's pussy and asshole. They she pushed two fingers into Beth's overheated twat. Carla then slipped her fingers out of Beth and slowly rubbed her hand back up over Beth's stomach and between Beth's tits. Beth watched as Carla stuck the two fingers into her mouth and sucked the juices from them. Carla closed her eyes as she savored the taste of her latest conquest.

Carla walked around to the foot of the table where she pulled Beth's body down until her buttocks were at the edge. Carla then leaned down between Beth's parted legs and licked and kissed slowly up Beth's inner thighs. Carla's hot mouth eventually met Beth's clit and Beth moaned as Carla sucked it and tongued it. Carla spread Beth's legs further apart and tweaked her nipples while Carla's tongue explored Beth's slit. She inserted her fingers in Beth's pussy again. Beth pulled her knees up to her chest allowing Carla to push deeper inside her. Beth's legs began to tremble as Carla licked harder and faster. Carla's fingers probed Beth's g-spot and Beth could feel the orgasm rising in her. Beth's whole body tensed up and she ground her pussy against Carla's fingers and mouth. Carla sucked Beth's clit tight into her lips and vigorously flicked her tongue over it. Carla's fingers pumped in and out of Beth's wet cunt and finally Beth climaxed. Beth's body convulsed, her voice shook in half screams and went silent at times when she couldn't seem to make noise. Beth gripped the massage table and held it for the duration of her seemingly endless crescendo.

Carla's tongue traveled upward and met with Beth's tits again. She nibbled each of Beth's little pink buttons sending waves electricity through her still quivering body. Carla wet her finger in Beth's pussy and held it to Beth's lips so she could taste herself.

"You seem to like that," Carla said and then asked. "Would you like to taste me? You said you would do anything,"

Beth swallowed the lump in her throat and nodded yes. Carla stripped off her tube top and tight shorts and Beth noticed that Carla's blonde pussy hair was moist. Carla lay down on the massage table and Beth got on all fours and buried her face in Carla's pussy sucking up her sweet nectar. She grabbed Beth's head and grinded against her nose. Her pussy smelled and tasted so good.

"Finger me, fuck me with your fingers," Carla cried out.

Beth slid her middle finger inside Carla's gap while she tongued her throbbing clit. Carla got wetter and wetter and Beth drank it all in. Beth's free hand explored upward to find Carla's firm full breasts. Her areolas felt huge and her nipples were very stiff. Beth felt Carla's hand on the back of her head pushing her face hard into Carla's cunt.

Beth pulled her finger out of Carla's pussy so she could replace it with her tongue. Beth had a desire to taste more of her. Beth used her fingers to spread Carla's pussy lips open and Beth's tongue darted in and out of her sweet hole. Then Beth drove her tongue in as deep as she could and wiggled it around inside her getting a good taste of Carla's pussy. Carla thrashed about and bucked her hips as Beth's tongue slithered around inside her.

"I'm going to cum!" she screamed and then, "Oh shit here it comes. I'm cumming, oh hold me, and eat me, oh!"

Beth's mouth went into frenzy as she licked and sucked Carla and stuffed two fingers in her wet love hole. Beth could feel Carla's muscles tighten around her fingers as she came. Then Beth crawled up on the massage table and the two beauties held each other and cuddled together.

Carla took a double dildo out of the table drawer and placed one end of it in her pussy. Then she crawled between Beth's legs and placed the other end in Beth's pussy. The two of them then fucked each other until they orgasmed a second time. Carla thrust her hips into Beth and Beth raised her hips to meet Carla's. They raced toward their orgasms as if it were a contest to see who could cum first. Beth came first and screamed into Carla's shoulder. Carla was right behind her and her body spasmed as she drenched the dildo with her nectar. The two of them remained coupled together by the fake cock for several minutes as they let their bodies recover. They stroked each other as if they were comforting one another and then Carla moved. The dildo remained in her pussy as it slipped from Beth's. Then Carla pulled the rubber cock from her pussy and licked the end that had been in Beth's pussy. Then Carla handed the dildo to Beth who sucked the end clean that had been in Carla's pussy.

The two women then moved apart and toweled off their bodies. Carla put away the toys and oils and then she got dressed. Beth also dressed but she had a difficult time taking her eyes off the beautiful Carla.

"You'll let me know about the stock, right?" Beth questioned.

"Yes, I'll check with Tom. He shouldn't have a problem with it since you are paying a good price," Carla replied.

"Here's my business card. Call me when I can come back and pick up the certificates," Beth offered.

"We should schedule another massage then too. Tom would love to join us and I love he would love your ass," Carla suggested.

"I would love that," Beth accepted.

Then both of them finished dressing and left the massage room. Beth paid for her massage at the front desk and then left the salon. She called Sharon and updated her on her progress. Sharon told Beth that she was meeting with Marion Peoples that evening and hoped that she had success there as well.


Sharon had invited Marion to her home for dinner and Marion was thrilled to be meeting with the co-owner of a company that she owned stock in. Over dinner Sharon picked up on Marion's distrust of men which was clearly brought on by her messy divorce. Sharon decided to use the attitude to her advantage. Marion was all ears listening to Sharon plead her case to get control of the company so that her male partner could not sell it. Marion was appalled that after 15 years of being partners that he would sell the company without discussing it with Sharon.

"That is typical male behavior," Marion announced.

"Isn't it though? So can I count on you helping me out and selling the stock to me," Sharon asked.

"I think so but let me think about it some more," Marion replied with some uncertainty.

"Let's go into the family room and I'll get us some more wine," Sharon offered.

Sharon and Marion moved into the family room. Sharon opened up another bottle of wine and the two women toasted each other once again. They chatted easily and Marion was very comfortable in the presence of her gracious host. Sharon steered the conversation toward Marion's husband asking why he screwed around on someone as attractive as Marion. Marion told Sharon that her husband was just never satisfied with one woman.

Sharon then quizzed Marion about her sexual needs and desires and how she handled her husband's absence. Marion shyly admitted that she used a dildo from time to time now that her husband was gone. Marion told Sharon that her husband was very into himself and that he sought only his pleasure when he was home and if Marion was pleasured in the process that was a bonus. He particularly liked blowjobs the best and he always expected Marion to accept his load and swallow it.

"Haven't you ever been with a woman?" Sharon asked her.

"No I haven't," Marion replied her voice cracking.

"Have you ever thought about it? What it would be like?" Sharon pushed her.

"No, well kind of but I never pursued it," Marion said surprised by her own admission.

Marion felt the wine going to her head and she was getting way to comfortable with this conversation. She would normally have one glass of wine, two at the most and here they were with the second bottle almost empty. However the wine tasted so good and she was in such a pleasant relaxed state. Sharon put down her glass of wine and reached over, trailing her hand along Marion's arm and down to her hand. She took the glass of wine from Marion's hand and set it on the end table. Marion looked at her with a half smile on her face.

"What are you doing," she said breathlessly.

"Hush and relax," Sharon said.

Sharon trailed her fingers back up Marion's arm, stopping at the inside of her elbow. Here she drew lazy circles with her fingernail. Marion started fidgeting nervously and smiled. She moved her hand farther up her arm, stopping on the top of her shoulder and raking her nails along the baby sensitive skin. Marion shuddered involuntarily and Sharon took this as a sign to continue the seduction. She moved her hand to the side of Marion's neck and trailed her finger up behind her ear then she moved her lips to Marion's ear and blew softly causing her to gasp audibly. Sharon used her tongue and trailed it along the inside of Marion's ear very lightly and then stuck it in her ear making it very wet. Sharon then blew on her wet ear sending a chill through her lover.

Marion shuddered again and she knew that she stop this before it went any further. But whether it was the wine or her curiosity or both she allowed Sharon to continue. Sharon followed Marion's jaw line with her tongue until she got to the corner of her mouth, then she flicked her tongue lightly at the corner of Marion's mouth and then ran her tongue along the woman's luscious lips. Marion hadn't kissed anyone for months and she allowed her lips to part slightly as Sharon put her lips on hers. She gently coaxed Marion's lips farther apart with her tongue and probed the inside of her mouth. Her hand trailed down Marion's neck to her breast. Sharon cupped her breast through her shirt and bra and flicked her thumb over her hardening nipple. Marion was surprised when she felt her nipple harden and come to attention. Sharon kept up the exploration of Marion's mouth with her tongue French kissing her as she gently pinched Marion's nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Marion thought again that she should stop Sharon but it felt so good and she had been so starved for attention that she let it continue. Plus she thought to herself she could always stop Sharon before she went too far. Marion moaned loudly and arched her back as Sharon moved her hand under Penn's shirt and raked her nails across the woman's belly. Sharon reached behind Marion and with one hand expertly unhooked her bra. The Sharon moved her hand up and cupped Marion's bare breast allowing the roundness to fill her hand. She rubbed the pad her thumb across her lover's bare nipple and felt the electricity that flowed through Marion's body. Sharon pushed the shirt and bra up over Marion's chest and lowered her mouth to suck in her nipple. Sharon gently nibbled on Marion's hard nub sending chills throughout the woman's body. Marion groaned aloud with desire.

Sharon moved her hands quickly and seemingly in one movement removed Marion's shirt and bra revealing her beautifully rounded breasts and very hard nipples. Marion was caught off guard that everything happened so fast. Sharon quickly covered Marion's nipples with her mouth kissing and nibbling one and then switching to the other. She could hear Marion's breathing getting faster and shallower. Marion let out a moan and grabbed her head as if to push her away but she didn't.

"We really should stop. I really don't want to do this," Marion said rather unconvincingly.

Sharon ran one of her hands under Marion's skirt and up the insides of her thigh toward the woman's vulva. Sharon touched the panty covered pussy and felt the heat and moisture of Marion's steamy cunt.

"I would say that your pussy disagrees with you," Sharon said and then continued to suck on Marion's tits and nipples.

"Oh, that does feel good. It's been so long. Please don't stop," Marion said breathlessly holding Sharon's head tightly to her bosom.

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