tagNovels and NovellasA Bizarre Corporate Takeover Ch. 04

A Bizarre Corporate Takeover Ch. 04


Authors Note: I wrote this story based on another request. I requestor provided me with a detailed list of talking points to use in the story. Since the story covers so many aspects of sex I decided to list in under the novels and novellas category. I changed all the names of the characters and all characters are at least 18 years old. The story will be submitted in several chapters as it would be too long for one read.

In chapter one Sharon unveiled her plan to take over the company so that it was not sold. Sharon recruited her secretary and lover to assist with the takeover plan. Using their sexual prowess they were able to secure 6% of the stock. They still needed to acquire another 5% but it would be more difficult as the shares were spread over a number of investors. In chapter two more meetings and seductions take place to acquire the stock but they still needed another 3.2%. In chapter three the meetings and seductions continued in an effort to acquire the remaining stock but Sharon and Beth had some surprises in store for them. The meetings with Janet Peters and Rick Stevens were delayed and Sharon still needed another 1.5% of the remaining outstanding shares to gain control of the company. In this final chapter we will see if Sharon can get control of the company in time to prevent the sale to another firm.


Beth traveled to the college that Rick Stevens attended but she was late due to her one night stand with Max Steel. Beth managed to get in touch with Rick and reschedule the meeting for that evening. Beth did not want to drive back home after the meeting so she booked a room in a motel near the campus. Beth was still wearing the clothes that she had worn last night at dinner with Max but at least she would have some time to freshen up and press her clothes. She also picked up some toiletries at a nearby store. She had arranged to meet Rick at a local college hangout and discuss the stock issue over a drink. Beth grabbed a sandwich at a fast food drive-thru and then headed for the college bar.

Beth entered the bar and she looked very conspicuous since she was clearly older and better dressed than any of the coeds. She looked around and then she saw a handsome young man walking toward her. "What a hunk, I think that I am going to enjoy this," she thought to herself. The young man smiled and then spoke to her.

"Are you Beth?" he asked.

"Yes and you are Rick I presume," Beth replied.

"That would be me," Rick said holding out his hand.

Beth shook his hand and then Rick said, "I'm having a beer with some friends. Come on over and join us."

"I thought that we could meet privately and talk about the stock," Beth said in surprise.

"Oh we will but first have a beer with us and meet my friends," Rick insisted.

"Okay but just one then we need to talk about the stock," Beth agreed.

"Did you have a long drive?" Rick asked as they headed toward his table.

"Yes it took longer than I thought. I'm going to stay in a motel tonight and head back tomorrow. Hopefully we can wrap up our business tonight but we could meet tomorrow if need be." Beth told him.

At the table there were eight young men with several pitchers of beer on the table and Rick introduced Beth to them. "Het guys this is the lady I told you about."

Each of the students introduced himself to Beth as they went around the table stating their first names. Beth laughed as there was no way she remember all the names not that she was trying to anyway. Rick got a chair for Beth and she sat down next to him. A mug of beer was pushed in Beth's direction. She was usually a white wine drinker but she accepted the beer. She remembered having a second beer and then the room started spinning. Beth passed out right at the table with the students. Time passed before she began to regain her senses and as she woke up she realized that Rick had his hand under her skirt with his fingers buried in her pussy.

"Well look who has rejoined us," one of the students shouted.

"What are you doing? Where are my panties?" Beth asked slurring her words and then she realized that something had been put in her drink.

"You lost those a long time ago." We were waiting for you to wake up so we could get going," Rick said as he continued to finger fuck her.

"Come on it's time to go now but you can't drive. You ride with me and one of the guys will drive your car," Rick said as he pulled his fingers from her pussy.

Beth needed help standing up and walking out of the bar. Rick opened the car door for her and she got in back with another student. As the car took off the student in the back spoke to her.

"Let's see your tits. We have already seen your pussy and ass," he said with a sarcastic laugh.

"What? You need to let me out of this car right now!" Beth yelled to Rick.

Rick laughed and the student in the back seat pulled Beth's dress down to her lap. She tired to cover her bra encased tits but he was too strong and easily pulled her hands away from them. He held both her wrists together in his big hand as he unfastened her bra with the other. Then he pulled her bra away from her tits baring them.

"Nice tits Beth, you got a good rack," he said as he fondled one of her breasts.

The car pulled into a motel lot and Beth found herself being ushered into the room she rented. She assumed they found the room key in her purse. Once inside she was stripped and placed in the bed. She knew it was useless to fight it and she resolved herself to be gang fucked. She was sure Rick was behind this and there wasn't much she could do about it plus she was still under the drug influence. Beth was unsure how many students were in the room but she assumed that all eight of them were there.

Three men were on her immediately and she had a cock in each hole. Beth found herself getting turned on by the triple penetration as it had been awhile since she had three cocks in her. The other men stood by waiting their turn and as soon as someone came in her and vacated the hole another cock was there to take its place. Beth was triple fucked for sometime before she was placed on her back with her holes oozing cum.

One by one the guys then fucked her pussy. As one guy fucked her, another put his cock in her mouth. This time the guys didn't cum in her but on her. A guy would pull out of her pussy and cum on her pussy and abs while the other guy would pull out of her mouth and shoot all over her face and tits. Beth lay there as one after the other came on her body. Her face, hair, tits, abs and pubes were cum drenched. She was sure that she heard someone use the term "Bukkake" as they were cumming on her body.

Beth was then rolled over on all fours with her ass in the air. One by one the guys fucked her ass and each time they pulled out and sprayed cum on her ass. Some of the guys aimed their cocks right at her asshole and she could feel the spunk hit her nether hole. After they came they would push their cocks back into her ass until they went soft. Beth didn't know how long they fucked her or how many times they came and she eventually fell asleep in the bed.

The next morning Beth woke up and her cum drenched body ached. She could feel the dried cum all over her body and in her hair. Beth knew now that she had reached total debauchery. She stumbled into the bathroom and showered first washing the semen from her. Then she took a long hot bath and soaked her worn out body. Beth then got dressed as she found her clothes neatly hung up and folded except her panties were no where to be found. Her purse was there as were her car keys on top of a note.

The note was from Rick. Beth read the note from Rick and it said that he was pleased to meet her and that he and his friends had a great time. It also said that he was holding onto the stock. He checked with a broker who advised him that when a company buys shares back either a sale or stock split is imminent and the stock would be worth more in the long run. Beth was stunned by the note and she knew she had to get in touch with Sharon as soon as possible. Rick owned half of the 1.5% of the stock Sharon needed and without it would be difficult to acquire a controlling interest.


While Beth was getting hoodwinked and gang fucked, Sharon was meeting with Janet Peters. Sharon met Janet for lunch and Sharon explained her dilemma with the potential sale of the company. Janet being a lesbian was easy to persuade and she agreed to help Sharon and sell the stock to Sharon. After lunch Sharon and Janet stopped in the ladies room. As they were about to leave Janet spoke to Sharon.

"Would you like to eat me?" Janet asked as she held up her skirt.

Sharon stared at the cute young girl holding her skirt up. Janet had removed her panties in the stall and put them in her purse. Sharon licked her lips as she looked at Janet's pussy.

"I would love to eat you but let's not do it here. Let's go back to my motel room where we can both get naked and make love to each other," Sharon whispered.

They left the restaurant and got into Sharon's car. As they drove over to the motel Sharon caressed Janet's thighs and rubbed Janet's pussy. By the time they got to the motel Janet's pussy was sopping wet. They hurriedly got out of the car and entered the motel room.

As they entered Sharon's room Sharon pushed Janet back against the door and pressed her knee into the young girl as she pinned her against the door. Sharon's hands were all over Janet as she started kissing her passionately on the lips. Sharon's kisses were so wonderful and eager as her hands cupped Janet's face, Sharon kissed her over and over. Janet reveled in the thrill of all the emotions and adrenalin coursing through her body. Sharon nibbled on Janet's lower lip gently and Janet gushed with exhilaration as their tongues intertwined. Sharon shoved her tongue deep into Janet's mouth causing her knees to almost buckle under her with the excitement of the moment. As Sharon's wet hot tongue explored Janet's mouth her hands roamed all over her body. Sharon explored inside Janet's shirt, up her skirt and stroked the exposed skin of her thighs. Janet murmured into Sharon's mouth as the caresses sent shivers through her body as Sharon seductively stroked her breasts and thighs. Janet's desire intensified as Sharon stroked her pussy.

Sharon dropped to her knees and raised Janet's skirt pushing it up to her waist. Next Sharon steered Janet back against a table and helped raise her up until she was sitting on the table. Sharon smiled wickedly at Janet as she pushed up her skirt and then dropped slowly in front of her. As Sharon spread her legs Janet couldn't conceal a moan and she had to stifle her gasps with the back of her hand. Janet could feel Sharon's hot breath on her sopping wet pussy. Sharon then started to place delicate kisses upon Janet's naked thighs and the sensation of her wet lips on Janet's skin sent waves of excitement through her. Sharon ran a fingertip down Janet's slit causing her to groan with pleasure as Sharon's fingers honed in on Janet's engorged clit.

As Sharon inhaled the sweet odor of Janet's pussy her tongue darted out for an exploratory lick and then she lapped excitedly at Janet's quim. Sharon began to lick Janet from her little dark puckered asshole to her clit. Sharon then pulled Janet's pussy lips open and exposed her pink pussy as her tongue darted in and out of Janet's now dripping cunt. Janet felt as if she were being fucked with a little cock as Sharon stiffened her tongue. Using her thumb Sharon rubbed Janet's clit and she also dipped her fingers into Janet soaking wet pussy. Sharon then took one very wet finger and slid it into Janet's tight asshole. Oh how good it felt to Janet to have something in her ass. Sharon sucked Janet's clit into her hot mouth and slid her fingers into her pussy and one into her ass. Janet groaned with the pleasure of the raw sex and her love of anal sex betrayed her. Soon the intensity in Janet's ass, pussy and clit built up to the boiling point and she came noisily with her juices spilling from her and into Sharon's waiting mouth.

Sharon hurriedly took Janet by the hand and led her to the bed. They frantically removed the rest of their clothes. Janet knew it was her turn to pleasure Sharon and Janet hoped that she could satisfy her. Sharon stood by the bed as Janet moved behind her and placed gentle kisses all over her body. She started at Sharon's shoulders and worked her way slowly down to her buttocks. Janet was enthralled with Sharon's body with her firmness and smooth skin. Janet began to lick and kiss Sharon's hips planting kisses all over her sensitive body. Janet couldn't resist sinking her teeth into Sharon's firm ass cheeks causing the teacher to shiver and gasp in surprise. Janet turned Sharon toward her and then kissed the inside of her thighs and worked her way steadily toward her pussy. Janet kissed the area around Sharon's pussy and inhaled the sweet aroma produced by the aroused gym teacher.

Janet loved the smell of Sharon's pussy and she was desperate to taste her. Janet was pleased to find that Sharon tasted as sweet as she smelled. Janet began by probing Sharon's pussy gently with her tongue and then found herself diving into the luscious pussy. Sharon fell back onto her bed and Janet moved to a sitting position between her legs. Janet then began to lick her clit and loved the way it swelled under her tender touch. Remembering her only lesbian experience Janet enveloped Sharon's clit with her mouth and swirled her tongue around it emitting squeals of delight from Sharon letting Janet know that she was driving her crazy. Janet was gaining confidence with her tactics as she started to lick Sharon's pussy again tasting her sweetness. She ate her, licked her and probed Sharon's sweet hole with her tongue and then slipped a finger into Sharon's dripping pussy and finger fucked her while she sucked and nibbled her swollen clit.

Janet felt Sharon's clit swell and stiffen a little more as she continued to hold the hard pearl in her mouth. Janet lavished delicate kisses all over Sharon's pussy and then returned to lustily licking her clit again. Janet's tongue danced all over Sharon's clit before probing her quim this time her tongue delved into every fold of Sharon's now soaking pussy. Sharon reached down and took hold of Janet's hair and pulled her face tighter to her snatch forcing Janet's tongue deeper inside her pussy and she ground her clit against Janet's mouth. Janet could feel Sharon's body quake as her orgasm rose within her and Sharon continued to push back against Janet's face. Sharon ground herself against Janet as her breathing quickened and she moaned aloud and became uncontrollable. Janet felt Sharon's body stiffen and then she was cumming all over her face and Janet's tongue hungrily searched out every drop of Sharon's sweet nectar.

Sharon collapses across the bed on her back as Janet licked her pussy clean of all female juices. Janet then moves to the bed and lies next to Sharon.

"You know when I ate you before I noticed that you enjoyed having my finger in your ass. Do you like anal?" Sharon observed and asked Janet.

Janet blushed at the question but replied, "Yes I do. I love anal but it has been a year since I have had anything in my ass. Your finger felt great but I wished it was a dildo or butt plug."

"Well it seems as if the little tart would like a nice big cock in her ass," Sharon says teasingly.

"Do you plan on growing a cock tonight?" Janet laughed.

"Not really but I have just the thing for you but let's get you ready first," Sharon replied.

Sharon rolled Janet over on her stomach and lifted her by her hips so that her ass was in the air. Then she wet one of her fingers with her own saliva and rubbed it gently against the opening in Janet's ass. Sharon lubricated Janet's asshole with her spit before sliding one finger into her pressing it past her sphincter. Sharon pushed it in up to her knuckle and stroked it in and out of Janet's nether hole causing her to groan loudly. Sharon then slid a second finger into Janet's ass and gently started to pry Janet's asshole open. Sharon then pulled Janet's cheeks apart and spit on her bum allowing her saliva to dribble into Janet's gaping hot asshole and then she probed Janet's ass with her tongue. Janet almost orgasmed then and there and she marveled in the technique of the wonderfully experienced Sharon. Sharon continued to eat Janet's ass for a while longer dipping and probing Janet's ass with her tongue. Then Sharon stopped and went over to her overnight bag and retrieved a large strap-on dildo and a tube of lubricant. Sharon slipped on the harness and then snapped the large dildo in place. Janet couldn't believe how much Sharon approached Janet again with the lube in her hands.

Janet felt the cool soothing liquid enter her ass as it flowed slowly into her and coated her anal passage. Sharon began to rub the tip of the dildo against Janet's ass, teasing her and causing her to push back against fake cock in frustration before Sharon finally pushed it deep into her. Sharon stroked the thick rubber cock slowly and deeply into Janet's ass and soon they were both groaning in pleasure. As Sharon thrust deeper and harder into Janet's ass, the strap-on base rubbed steadily against her already swollen red clit. Janet was moaning loudly now and Sharon's fingers began to strum her clit as she fucked her really deep and hard. Sharon thrust the strap-on into Janet harder and harder, stretching her tight little ass. The strap-on was rubbing Sharon's swollen clit making it tingle and throb. Sharon knows she was close to her climax and she reached around Janet and as she fucked her deep and hard and she teased Janet's pussy. Sharon stroked and pinched Janet's clit and let her fingers slip into Janet's wet cunt. With a few more thrusts of the strap-on Sharon went over the edge and she came hard; her body trembled in orgasm and her juices ran down the shaft of the dildo and into Janet's cunt as well as down her silky thighs. Almost instantaneously, Janet was cumming too, her body was quaking and her pussy was gushing. Janet's cum gushed all over Sharon's hand and Sharon brought her hand to Janet's mouth allowing her to taste herself.

As they caught their breath and calmed down Sharon was the first to speak, "You are more than welcome to spend the night here if you like."

"I would love to," replied Janet and the two women snuggled up together and gradually fell asleep.


On Monday morning Beth sat across from Sharon in Sharon's off ice and the news was not good. Beth explained how she had been hoodwinked by Rick Stevens and she did not have the stock to show for her efforts. Sharon had received equally bad news from Janet Peters. Janet's father had set up Janet's account with a broker giving him total discretion of the investments. To that end the broker refused to let Janet sell the stock that Sharon so desperately needed.

"What do we do now?" Beth asked in a defeated manner.

"We have to go over the list and see how we can acquire the last 1.5%. There is a special Board meeting this Friday and I suspect it is to discuss the offer to but the company, so we do not have much time," Sharon said in despair.

"How many people do we have to meet with this week?" Beth questioned.

"As many as we need to acquire the stock. The problem is the stock is spread over so many investors and I don't know how to persuade them. We went after the obvious ones that we could seduce with sex but now I'm not sure what we can do. Leave me alone to make a few phones calls and then we'll get together after lunch and decided what to do," Sharon directed.

Beth returned to her desk and left Sharon to her business. Beth worked at her desk for several hours before and excited Sharon called her back into the office. Sharon was beaming with excitement.

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