tagInterracial LoveA Black Baby, Maybe?

A Black Baby, Maybe?



I have read messages on the internet where white males want to get their wives to accept sex with black males. I never dreamed that my husband Gary would fit in this category. Here is my account of what my husband did to make me a cuckolding wife:

Melvin, his boss, was a black male, and he had ben at our house several times with my husband's rotating poker group. He was very nice, always so cheerful and considerate. Our small sons, ages 3 and 5,really liked him. Every time he came to our house he brought some candy and played with my boys.

Well, one evening after the poker players had gone and I was cleaning up the living room Gary put his arm around me. After a hug and a kiss he laughed and said with a smirk on his face, "Mel told me tonight he would like to get into your panties sometime." I was flattered, but I dismissed his remark.

Over the next several days my husband made other remarks about Mel and hinted that he bet I would like to get in bed with Mel. I don't think I ever replied to his remarks, but maybe I did.

A couple weeks later my husband came home from work with some cheerful news. He was hoping to get promoted to office manager. Mel was co-owner of the auto dealership, and it would be his decision. Gary reiterated Mel's desire to have sex with me. if I would have sex with Mel, he would be a shoo-in for the job. His words shocked me. I did not want to do such a thing. Could my husband be serious? At first I refused to even discuss it, but Gary kept at me. He reminded me about our financial problems, and how his low-paying job was hindering us.

After several evenings listening to Gary's incessant pleading I reluctantly consented to have a sexual encounter with Mel.

A few days later Gary called me from work to tell me that the Big Event would be that night. It was a short notice, but it was probably better for me. I had less time to think about it. Like most women I had often fantasized about sex with another man, but a black man had never been in my fantasies. Anyway I was on needles and pins the rest of the day.

Mel took me out to dinner that evening, and Gary stayed home with our boys. After a very nice dinner in a very expensive restaurant we went to Mel's condo, which he shared with his mother and sister. They were out of town, and that was why our date was on such short notice. After a tour of the place and another glass of wine we went into Mel's bedroom.

What a wonderful introduction to black sex. I was very nervous and tense, and Mel realized it. He suggested we shower together, but I just couldn't do that. I did undress in front of him, and I watched him disrobe. I did want to see what I was getting into - or rather what was going to be getting into me. He had been a football player in college and had played professionally, and he had a great body. He was slightly taller than Gary, and at least thirty pounds heavier. I could not help noticing how dark his genitals were. He was chocolate brown, but his penis was coal-black, a charcoal black.

At dinner Mel had told me rather crudely what he planned to do to me in bed, so I fully expected him to jump on me and treat me rather roughly, but I was wrong, way wrong. We lay there for at least 15 minutes, with Mel gently exploring me with his fingers while we talked about everything but sex. I wanted to get the affair over quickly, but I did not want to take the initiative. I did not touch him until he took my hand and placed it on his penis. I could feel it growing in my hand. And I could feel the excitement building in me, too. I think every woman likes to feel their lover's penis growing in their hand, and realizing the sexual power they have over the male animal. He began suckling tentatively on my breast, not nearly the way I had feared. And in a few more minutes he had his face on my pudendum. I soon realized that his tongue was larger than Gary's tongue - or at least he flitted it farther into my vagina. He soon had me squirming and writhing with pleasure. I did have to stop him when he used his tongue too vigorously on my sensitive little button. He apologized, telling me how eager he was to fill me with his penis, but he wanted to make sure I was ready for him. And I was ready for that, too. Before he used his tongue on me down there I had worried that sex might be painful for me. His tongue caused my juices to flow, so I was no longer so worried about pain.

I had wanted to feel Mel's sex organ after it was fully erect, but I did not have the chance until he was ready to enter me. I did feel it while I guided him in. I realized that his tumescent organ was much fatter than my husband's, and as soon as he gently pushed the swollen mushroom head of his engorged member into my vagina I received some feelings like I had never felt before. And when he began slowly moving his virile member back and forth I was in heaven. It was better than any of my fantasies - better than anything I had ever felt in my vagina.

He was killing me with pleasure, and when I felt his warm semen filling me I knew that this was the best insemination I had ever had. I seldom felt my husband's ejaculation. Usually I only knew that he had ejaculated when his semen began leaking out of me later. But Mel let me know. He went "Oh, oh, oh, my God! Oh, oh, it is so good, so good. Oh, oh!" There was no doubt I was pleasing him.

Mel stayed on me after he finished ejaculating. "I know I did not get you off," he said. "I wanted to last longer, but not having sex for so long and being in such a tight pussy was too much for me." I expected him to fall out like my husband almost always did after he ejaculated, but Mel did not. He kissed my lips and my breasts, and very slowly started moving his still swollen sex organ again. My husband was never able to do that, and I had assumed that all men softened immediately after their orgasm. But not Mel. I had been so close to having an orgasm when Mel had ejaculated, and soon I put my legs around him to hold him in me. Well, after feeling his ejaculation and knowing that I had given him so much pleasure, combined with the stimulation of his renewed penile movements, brought me to having the most wonderful - and longest - orgasm I had ever had. And it was the very first time I had ever had a vaginal orgasm. My husband always had to use his fingers after he climaxed in order to stimulate me to an orgasm. I had heard and read so much about vaginal orgasms, but I had long ago decided it would never happen to me.

We spent at least another half hour talking, exploring and kissing. I was aware that Mel's sex organ was again turgid, but I was hoping he would not want any more sex. Just when I decided to get out of his bed, he whispered to me, "Do you mind if I fuck you again? I might as well get my money's worth. I might not ever get you in bed again.

I was puzzled by Mel's remark about getting his money's worth, but I did not ask. Well, without waiting for my okay Mel again moved between my legs and gently and slowly entered me, and we had sex a second time. I did not quite reach that wonderful plateau of pleasure again. I do know that I fulfilled my role as a sex partner, and that I had given Mel a great deal of pleasure.

I did pay a price for it, however. I had used my diaphragm for birth control, and whenever I use it I leak much more after sex. By the time Mel had me back home my panty was drenched - and I am afraid that his car seat was very wet, too. Mel claimed that he had not had sex for several months, and I believed him, too.

As soon as I entered our house my hubby hugged me and patted my behind. Then the questions began. He wanted all the intimate details. Of course I did not tell him everything. I was a little ashamed for my consensual infidelity, and I avoided direct eye contact with Gary. He was eager to get me in bed after I finished washing. I knew that he wanted sex, and I knew that I could not refuse him, although that was the last thing I wanted that night.

It turned out all right for me, but not so good for my poor husband. He tried so hard, but his penis would not cooperate. It must have a mind of its own. He could not attain an erection. I even tried to help, but to no avail. That had never happened before. I felt sorry for him, but I found it amusing. I was able to go to sleep quickly, and the rest of Mel's fecundating fluid seeped out of me.

In the days following my tryst with Mel I thought about him constantly. I guess my husband did, too. He kept repeatedly asking almost the same questions about that wonderful night. I admitted to him that I had enjoyed the evening in Mel's bed. I also admitted that Mel had ejaculated into me twice. I told him that he had given me an orgasm, but I did not tell him the details. I think that would have been too great a blow to his ego. I really think that feeling Mel's semen being ejaculated so forcefully into me is what actually led to my orgasm. Knowing that pregnancy was definitely possible also gave me an additional vicarious thrill. There were surely millions of Mel's sperm cells frantically swimming around in there trying to make me a mother again.


On the morning of our next date Mel called me to confirm it. I suggested that he not come until 8 o'clock. Gary always left before that time. Well, promptly at eight Mel rang the doorbell. The boys were ready for bed, but they were delighted to see Mel. He played with them until I finally made him quit. Mel had brought me a couple pairs of expensive thong panties. It is something I would never wear, but I put on a pair so Mel could see them. It pleased him very much, especially when I let him remove them for our shower together.

That evening I guess I felt daring. In the shower I fondled and kissed Mel's magnificent manhood while we were showering. He liked it, and I think he wanted me to take that delicious piece of meat dangling in front of me into my mouth, but I stopped short of doing that. After showering and drying each other Mel did something different. He lifted me up and placed me on his very erect sex organ. I did not think I was that juicy, but he was able to impale me on his hard organ and carry me to the bed.

I was glad that Mel had not come over the week before. This week I did not need my diaphragm. When I use my diaphragm I always smell so bad the next morning. I don't know why, but I guess it's a combination of spermicide, my vaginal juices and the semen that don't get along too well.

Thanks to Mel's potent sex organ I had another "first" that evening. Mel brought me to a raging orgasm just before he ejaculated. Then, feeling that his semen was spurting into my very receptive vagina excited me even more; and when he resumed his sexual movements he caused me to climax again. It was wonderful; wonderful to be a woman.

Mel also had another "first" that night. The third time that Mel entered me I wrapped my legs around him and I would not let him pull out. Taking the cue, he continued until he ejaculated for the third time that evening. I was satisfied. Now I knew a man could really do it three times in one evening.

Mel had planned to leave by eleven, but it was almost half-past when he hurriedly dressed and departed. I lay there, sated, satisfied and glowing from our activity. Mel's love again was all over me and the sheet, and I knew I had to change that sheet before my husband came home. I did think about the events of the evening. I was glad that I did not have to use my diaphragm. Maybe it was my imagination, but it seemed that I could feel Mel's ejaculations more intensely without the diaphragm in there. I concluded that Mel's semen spurting against my bare cervix is what led to the greater intensity of feeling. And I suppose the volume of semen might also have something to do with it. I thought that sometime I would like to masturbate Mel into a cup so I could see for myself how much he ejaculated. Each of his ejaculations seemed equally copious, but I am sure the volume of semen must be less each time. I think that when a woman knows her partner is genuinely enjoying the sex act by words, hugs and kisses and caresses it enhances her pleasure and leads to more intense orgasms. It does for me. After Mel has his ejaculation and withdraws he always gives me so much love with his kisses, caresses, hugs and words that I really feel I have pleased him. And Mel always thanked me for giving him so much pleasure. The male animal needs the appreciative woman as much as the woman needs him.

I was able to change the sheet and shower before Gary arrived. In fact I was asleep. I noticed it was almost 2 AM. He kissed me and put his hand on my butt. I had my legs tightly together so he could not feel my genitals. I was glad he did not try.

Gary did very little talking the next morning. Did he know what his cheating wife had done last night? He usually talked about his poker game, but that morning he was so silent. I had to make small talk. Even his goodbye kiss that morning was weaker than usual.

Later that morning Mel called me again to thank me for allowing him in my bed, and giving him so much pleasure. "You really emptied my 'balls' last night," he gushed. "I have never shot so much juice into a woman in my life. You've got one hell of a pussy." I don't usually care to hear that kind of talk, but coming from Mel it was okay. I liked it. I knew that I was a woman, a sexual woman.

I told him how Gary had acted that morning, and I asked him if he had mentioned anything to Gary about our planned tryst. He assured me that he had not. I believed him. But that evening Gary still seemed to have something on his mind that he was not willing to share with me.

Before Mel got off the phone he uttered the words that I expected to hear. Mel asked if he could see me again. I had already decided that I definitely desired that we see each other again. The following Wednesday Gary was the host for the card game, so that evening was out. We agreed to have a date the following Wednesday. Just thinking about it excited me. I could hardly wait.

That afternoon the florist delivered a beautiful potted plant. Mel had enclosed a card with a note thanking me again for our evening together. I had to destroy the note, but I hoped the potted plant would serve as a wonderful reminder for a long time in the future.

Our next date began with our shower together. I expected Mel to carry me to the bed again anchored to him by his penis. Instead he carried me like a baby to the bed. Once in bed we did some hugging, kissing and caressing, but Mel did very little touching of my genitals. I did play with his solid erection and the rest of him down there, but he did not reciprocate. I was beginning to think that something was the matter. Then, after moving onto me and giving me a long kiss, Mel looked into my eyes and whispered, "Dee, can I put my 'love muscle' between your upper lips? I would like very much to have you suck the juice out of my 'nuts' for a change."

I had feared that such a thing would happen on one of our dates. My husband had wanted the same thing soon after we were married. I did it a few times, but I did not like it. The only reason that I did it was to please him in a special way after he had done something nice for me. It was a very special treat for him. He always pulled his penis out of my mouth before he ejaculated. During the final weeks of my first pregnancy I did it for Gary's benefit. Again Gary would always withdraw his penis from my mouth before ejaculating. I just could not get myself to permit him to squirt in my mouth. Late in my second pregnancy I fellated him again a few times until one time he ejaculated in my mouth without warning me beforehand. I ran into the bathroom and spat out most of his semen. After gargling I actually sickened and vomited a little. I never let him put his penis in my mouth again.

Mel had such a pleading look in his eyes that evening and I did want to please him, but... . Finally I said that if he would lie on his back I would do it, but not with his penis hovering over me in the position he was now in. I did not want his semen in my mouth, but I knew he wanted to squirt it in there. Mel was aware of my reluctance to have his penis in my mouth, and he promised not to ejaculate in my mouth. Mel promptly moved off me and I moved over him.

It took longer than I had expected. All the time he kept telling me how good it felt, and thanking me for being such a good sport. He told me that he would move his penis from my mouth before ejaculating, but that he preferred not to. I did not say anything, but when he told me that he was going to "shoot" I gripped his penis tightly and said, "It's okay. You can do it in my mouth." Most of his semen ran out of my mouth and down the shaft of his penis where it had come from. Most of the rest I spat into the towel. I wiped the semen from Mel's pubic hair and his penis before lying down again.

Mel tried his best to assuage my feelings over what had just occurred. I believe he was very sincere. We had regular sex later that night, but it was not so great as the first time in my bed. I think having his semen in my mouth dampened my ardor and desire a little. I don't know. I did not have an orgasm the second time we had regular sex. I was feeling much better by then, however.

We lay in bed the last hour just enjoying the closeness. That was the best part of the evening for me, lying there caressing and fondling. Mel did most of the touching and exploring. It was wonderful just lying there in his arms.

We planned our next date while lying there. I told him that I thought we should limit our trysts to about twice a month. I think he wanted to bed me more often, but I reminded him I had a husband, too. He needed me as much as Mel. Before Mel left we agreed to meet in two weeks.

For our next lovemaking tryst in my bedroom I had to use my diaphragm. I wished it were not necessary, but it was the wrong time of the month for me. Precaution is so much better than indiscretion in such intimate matters. Sex was definitely much better without that latex shield protecting my cervix from those millions of swimming little seeds that Mel deposited so forcefully into my very receptive vagina. In addition to the more intense feelings with the unprotected sex I think that the idea that I was tempting fate - the possibility of a pregnancy - enhanced the pleasure. I don't know.

Something happened on our next date that bothered me very much. We always keep our bedroom door partially open at night. Ryan, our older son, has asthma, and we have to be able to hear him if he has an asthma attack. That particular evening we wee having sex when we had an interruption. Mel had just emptied a copious quantity of his semen into me after giving me a wonderful orgasm when Ian, my younger son, came into the bedroom. I saw the door moving open, but I did not see Ian right away. "Momma, I don't feel good," he said. Immediately I tried to get out from under Me. In turn Mel rolled off me and tried to shield me from my son. I grabbed my robe while Mel picked up Ian.

Well, that was the end of our lovemaking for that night. I took Ian into the bathroom to remove his pajamas and clean him. Mel put on his underwear and went out to the kitchen. After I had Ian back in bed I joined Mel. After a rather listless kiss Mel realized that my enthusiasm for sex had waned. No more intimacies that evening. I made coffee, and I cut a piece of cake for Mel. As soon as Mel dressed we had one final hug and kiss before he departed.

When I talked to my son the next morning he never mentioned Mel. I don't think he was aware that Mel was the man who had picked him up. I believe he thought it was his father. I hoped that was the case. Anyway, Ian never mentioned it.

The next time Mel and I had sex my husband discovered that I was cuckolding him. He arrived home very early from his poker game, and he had spotted Mel's car parked out front. Just at that moment Mel left our house and went to his car. Later Gary told me he had left his poker game early because of a splitting headache. I thought that he was not telling the whole truth, but I never said anything. Mel had left early also that evening to go to the airport. If my husband would have come home ten minutes earlier he would have caught Mel and me in bed.

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