tagLoving WivesA Black Black Christmas

A Black Black Christmas


As tradition, my wife Emily began bugging me about attending her annual Christmas Party. Working for an advertising agency, her company always had some type of weird non-traditional theme. For example, last year the firm had a Christmas Vacation theme where everyone was wearing beach attire and drinking margarita cider. As usual, my wife told me that this party was going to be the best ever. The theme was "Its gonna be a Black Black Christmas." I thought that it would probably be Santa dressed in some type of funky black "Goth" outfit. Emily didn't care what the theme was as long as she had an excuse to party. Although my wife is rather prim and proper at work, she looses her inhibitions when she drinks.

Emily is a better-looking version of Nicole Kidman. She has long strawberry blonde hair, bright green eyes, and silky pale white skin. Emily is 5'5" 105 lbs, with firm round 36C tits on a slender frame. She has a tiny waist, long legs and a perfect heart-shaped ass.

Needless to say, I rarely like attending Emily's Christmas parties because her co-workers are a bunch of artsy know-it-alls who talk theoretical bullshit all night. Thus, I always make my wife bribe me into attending this holiday gala with her. The bribe usually consists of Emily wearing sexy thong underwear with thigh highs and a short tight skirt. But, most importantly, she has to cock tease all the guys at the party. Emily knows that nothing turns me on more than watching her flaunt her gorgeous body. Besides, she loves making men sweat by flashing her tits and giving panty shots. On our drive home from the party, she fingers herself telling me which guy she thought had the biggest cock, while I stroke my dick asking her about which guys she would like to fuck. By the time we get home, Emily has already orgasmed three to four times and I have blown my load all over the dashboard at least twice. When we do get home, Emily and I screw like wild reindeer for the rest of the night. Although I don't like her uptight co-workers, the sexual build-up throughout the party and the wild fucking afterward makes it all worthwhile for me to endure. In fact, I actually like going to the party because of how much it turns me on. I just don't want to admit that to her. Otherwise, she would quit bribing me.

Emily and I have only had sex with each other during our five years of marriage, although we both have had many prior partners and experiences. We screw on a regular basis, with our foreplay primarily revolving around us talking about her fucking other guys. Emily plays along because she knows how much it turns me on. Besides, she is the major benefactor of my super hard dick.

This year, as usual, I told Emily that I really didn't want to go to the party because the theme sounded really stupid, my best friend had invited me to a basketball game, and her co-workers were just plain boring.

And as usual, Emily told me that it was really important for me to be there with her, and promised to cock tease all of the guys. Kiddingly, I told her that this cock-teasing thing was getting old and that if she really wanted me to attend that she would have to fuck Santa. Emily said, "Hell, I will fuck his elves too." I laughed and said, "You got a deal." With visions of her teasing other men and me watching in my head, my dick started to get hard. I thought to myself that it doesn't get any better than this, but little did I know.

When we went to the party later that week, it was your regular ho-hum Christmas affair. We mingled; small talked; and had a few drinks. After a few hours, it was announced that it was time for Santa and that everyone would get to sit on his lap. Big deal I thought. Suddenly, the trumpets blared, and in walked these two white midgets who were dressed as elves. They both were about 4 feet tall wearing these little green thongs. It looked as if the elves had pretty big candy canes in their pants for such small people. I glanced over at my wife and smiled. Emily smiled back remembering what she had promised me for attending the party. The trumpets blared again, and in walked Santa. Santa was wearing his traditional red outfit, but was about 7'0, 300lbs, and very very black. I looked over at my wife and winked. She just laughed and shook her head in disbelief.

While everyone was getting in line to sit on Santa's lap, I walked over to my wife, handed her a drink, and told her that it was going to be a black Christmas after all. Emily knew what I was referring to and jokingly asked me if I could handle it (meaning her fucking another guy). I replied, "No dear. The question is whether you can handle ole St. Dick." She chugged her glass of wine and said, "Watch me!"

With that, my wife hiked up her skirt and headed for ole St. Dick. Santa's booth was placed in a dimly lit back corner so as not to get in the way of dancing later on that night. I followed my wife back to the booth to watch her sit on Santa's lap. She placed herself in the center of his lap as her dress inched up past her thigh highs. I watched my wife whisper in Santa's ear and grind down on his lap. Santa had this shit-eating grin on his face as he was looking down Emily's dress. She had worn a little black dress. The neckline was cut very low barely covering her tits, while the hemline was very high showing the tops of her black thigh highs. I sat down at a table directly in front of Santa's booth to watch the action unfold. The elves were sitting on each side of Santa at his feet and I could see them looking up her dress. You could see her black thong panty wedged in between her cleanly shaven pussy lips. The timer bell rang indicating that it was time for the next person in line to sit on Santa's lap.

My wife kissed Santa on the cheek and came over to the table. She asked me if I was getting bored. I said, "Hell no!" I told her about the elves looking up her skirt and about the pole in Santa's pants starting to point North.

Emily knew that her teasing of Santa and his elves was starting to turn me on, so she chugged another glass of wine and headed back for ole St. Dick. She sat in Santa's lap four more times before the night was over. Each time chugging a glass of wine and getting more risqué with Santa and the elves. Emily told me that Santa had to have the biggest cock she had ever felt. Needless to say, she was Santa's favorite and each time he allowed her to sit on his lap a little longer. Near the end of the evening, Emily was totally drunk and very horny. To my surprise, she handed me her soiled wet panties and went to sit on Santa's lap one last time. Before my wife sat down, she slightly flipped up the back of her skirt and placed her ass cheeks on top of Santa's pole. You could see the outline of his big cock protruding through his red pants. Emily looked me right in the eyes and started slowly sliding up and down on Santa's cock. Ole St. Dick had a look of pure pleasure on his face. The elves had their little hands down their little green thongs looking at my wife's glistening bald pussy. My dick was so hard watching her that I thought that I might have a white sticky Christmas right there in my pants.

Suddenly, the lights flickered indicating that the night's festivities were over and the crowd began to disperse. My wife straightened out her dress and sexily sashayed over to me. Emily asked, "Are you ready to go home so we can fuck our brains out?" I told her that I wasn't ready to go because she hadn't fucked Santa and the elves as she promised.

She hastily said, "Is that what you want for Christmas? Do you really want me to fuck Santa and his elves?" I sternly replied, "No honey. You are suppose to fuck Santa and his elves as part of the deal for me attending the party tonight. What I want for Christmas is to WATCH you fuck Santa and his elves!"

Emily quickly walked away from me towards her co-worker who had organized the party. The co-worker pointed to a side door and my wife walked back towards me with this evil twinkle in her eye. She took my hand and led me to the men's locker room. On our way inside, Emily locked the door and said, "Baby, if this is what you want for Christmas, then you got it!"

We crept into the locker room and stood on a bench that peered over a set of tall lockers. This is where Santa and the elves had their changing room. Santa was sitting on a bench talking to his elves. We heard Santa say, "That bitch was hot! Did you see how she was rubbing my cock with her tight little ass? I just wanted to fuck her right there!" One of the elves, added, "I know! She had the sweetest smelling pussy! I wanted to lick that honey hole clean!" The other elf replied, "I wanted to titty-fuck her and cum all over her face!" They laughed and continued to talk about the perverted things that they would do with my wife if they had the chance.

Hearing all of their dirty talk made both Emily and I really horny. My wife stuck her hand down my pants and grabbed my dick. It was rock hard after listening to how much my wife excited ole St. Dick and his mighty elves. She could feel how much this was turning me on, gave me a few quick strokes, and released my cock. Emily walked around the lockers to where Santa and his elves were sitting and unzipped her dress. When they saw her, the elves got immediate hard ons and Santa grinned from ear-to-ear. As her dress fell to the floor, Emily told Santa and his elves that she was going to give them a very special present tonight.

I could see the excitement in Emily's eyes as she stood there in nothing but her black thigh highs and stilettos. Her pussy juice was running uncontrollably down her legs. Immediately, the elves attacked her like pit bulls. One elf began licking her pussy while the other went behind her and started licking her asshole. These midgets were experts. They alternated rhythms. As one would stick his tongue in my wife's pussy, the other one would pull his tongue out of my wife's ass, and vice versa. After about five minutes, Emily's eyes rolled back and she let out her first orgasm. I put my hand down my pants and started jerking my dick.

My wife told the elves to take off their thongs and stand on the bench. She got on her knees and inspected their candy canes. I was actually surprised at how big their dicks were for midgets. They were about 5 inches long and about 3 inches thick. However, they had very small balls-- about the size of walnuts.

As Santa watched, my wife started taking turns licking the elves' balls. She was able to put both balls in her mouth at the same time. She would suck one elf's cock while letting the other elf titty-fuck her. She would alternate between the two. The elves' eyes and balls started to bulge due to the intense sucking that my wife was giving them. At the same time, they both yelled in high-pitched voices, "We are going to cum!" Emily started yanking on their dicks really hard. Suddenly, they both yelped and shot globs of cum on my wife's tits. My wife eagerly licked their sticky cum off her breasts. Having spent the elves, she eyed Santa. Emily crawled over to ole St. Dick on her hands and knees. I could see that her excitement was building again because of the moisture forming around her pussy lips.

She pulled Santa's red pants down to his boots. And what did she see? To her amazement (and mine), it was the biggest blackest cock that we had ever seen. His cock was at least 14 inches long and 7 inches wide. Emily could not even put her hand around it because it was so thick. My wife took a deep breath and started sucking on the head working her way down the sides of the shaft. She could only suck one of Santa's balls at a time because they were the size of grape fruits. After my wife made the shaft all slippery, she started deep-throating Santa and took about 9 inches down. Ole St. Dick was thoroughly enjoying her mouth with his eyes rolled back into head and his occasional grunt.

By this time, the elves were back to their playful ways and ready for some more action. As my wife continued to suck off Santa, the elves got behind Emily and started fingering her pussy and asshole. This made my wife even more excited and she began rocking back and forth opening her pussy and mouth even wider. The elves got to the point where they had two full fingers in both her pussy and ass at the same time. I could see that Emily was about to orgasm for the second time. But before she did, she tensed her neck up and made a swallowing sound. She took all 14 inches of Santa's cock down her throat. It was engorged in her throat so deep that she could not breathe and was snorting like a reindeer. Santa let out a yodel and started shooting cum into Emily's waiting mouth. My wife sucked him dry, sighed and let out her own orgasm. The elves licked their fingers clean of my wife's sweet nectar. Needless to say, their dicks were hard again.

One elf went over and laid face up on the bench with his cock straight in the air. The other elf took my wife's hand and led her to the bench. He had Emily straddle the bench lowering her pussy onto the other elf's waiting dick. My wife easily took his cock into her pussy. What happened next surprised both Emily and I. The other elf climbed upon the bench behind her and rubbed the tip of his cock around her asshole. It startled her because this was the first time that she was going to fuck more than one guy at a time. Let alone getting double penetrated by two midgets. Emily glanced over at me as to ask me what to do. I gave her the thumbs up sign to let her know that it was all right. With that, she leaned forward and the elf rammed his dick all the way up her ass. Again, these midgets were masters. They were able to get into a perfect alternating rhythm as they pounded both her pussy and ass. My wife was being "elf-wiched" and I was loving it! I could see that my wife was really enjoying it too because she was rocking back and forth as though she was going to break off those damn midgets' dicks. We all orgasmed at the same time, with the elves shooting their cum into her pussy and ass and me shooting my load all over the locker.

The elves got off the bench. Emily laid flat on her back and motioned for Santa with her index finger. Santa walked towards her with his big black cock pointing north. He pulled my wife all the way to the end of the bench so her knees were bending over the edge. He centered himself between her legs and put the tip of his big black cock into the opening of her tender little white pussy. It was a beautiful sight! I watched as he slowly slid 6 inches into her. As my wife took 10 inches, I saw her begin to tense up (she had told me that 9 inches from an old boyfriend was the biggest that she had ever had up to that point). Santa began rubbing her clit to make her relax. She took 2 more inches and let out a deep moan. With lightning speed, Santa grabbed her ankles and held them high in the air as he rammed the full 14 inches into her. He fucked her with long slow strokes. Emily had never been stretched so wide or had never been penetrated so deep. My wife began moaning and began fucking ole St. Dick back with force. After about ten minutes, she let out her fourth orgasm.

However, Santa wasn't done. He turned my wife over on all fours and really started fucking her hard. Emily was now really being stretched and penetrated to the max. Santa grabbed her by her long strawberry blonde hair and started talking dirty to her. He said, "Ho. Ho. Ho. Bitch! Santa Claus is coming to town!" Emily screamed, "Fuck me! Oh Santa! Fuck me! Give me that big black cock!" While fucking her, Santa began fingering her asshole. His finger was bigger than the elves' dicks. When he had his finger all the way inside of her ass, my wife tensed up and let out her fifth orgasm.

I thought that he was done. But to my surprise (and Emily's), Santa had one more trick in his goody bag. He pulled his cock out of my wife's pussy and placed it at the opening of her asshole. Emily had fear in her eyes. I thought to myself that there was no way in hell that she could take that big thing up her tight little ass. She quickly glanced over at me. Unfortunately, the thought of Santa's big black cock fucking her tiny white ass turned me on more than I could have ever imagined. With my dick hard once more, I gave Emily the thumbs up sign. She lowered her head to the table and arched her back so her ass was sticking high in the air. Santa spit on his cock and slowly began inching it up her ass. I had been the only person to have ever fucked my wife up the ass until the elf. But, hell that really didn't count since he was a midget. I heard her sigh as Santa got 4" inches in and I saw her face grimace when Santa hit 6 inches. After 8 inches, there were plopping sounds similar to what you hear when you are plunging the toilet because her ass was so tight around his cock. The friction was extreme causing her hemorrhoids to swell. But, it was such a beautiful sight watching his big black cock pummel my wife's tiny little white asshole! I saw tears in her eyes as Santa made 10 inches. The elves began sucking on her tits to take her mind off the pain. Santa hit 12 inches and Emily gasped for air. He paused so my wife could adjust. As she relaxed, he put the final two inches in. I could not believe it! My wife had just put 14 inches of cock inside her ass! Santa slowly fucked Emily's ass with long deep thrusts. Her initial pain started to turn into incredible pleasure as her asshole expanded with each stroke. The elves moved in front of her and she began sucking their dicks.

I could not believe it! My wife was fucking Santa and his elves right before my very eyes! She had both elf dicks lodged deep in her throat, while Santa had his cock up to the hilt in her asshole. There was no doubt that this was the best Christmas present that I had ever got! My dick had never been so hard and I started to stroke it with great vigor. After about ten minutes of intense pounding, my wife screamed with an electrifying orgasm. Santa shot his cum into her ass while the elves shot their cum all over her face. I shot my cum on the lockers again.

Emily's thin body laid motionless as cum was splattered all over her face and was dripping from her ass. It was time to take my lovely wife home. I banged on the lockers pretending to be a janitor. Santa and his elves quickly dressed and ventured into the night. I walked over to my beautiful wife and told her that this was the best Christmas present ever. Emily smiled at me and said, "You know what? This was the best Christmas ever for me too. I can't wait until next year."

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14 Thick Black Inches For Christmas!

I'm not sure whether it's tougher to believe in Santa Claus or the Legendary BBC at 14 inches long and 7 inches wide. (No way that slab of meat was getting up the Ho Ho Ho's ass!) And for the dp/gang bang,themore...

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While a penis isn't an exact circle, it't reasonably close. And the formula . . .

For determining the circumference ao a circle--with "circumference" being the length starting at one point on the circle and then measuring all the way around the circle back to the starting point;more...

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