tagInterracial LoveA Black Change

A Black Change


Xenia still looks stunning at her age. She's Asian by nationality, got great body, nice boobs, and beautiful flirty face. She has been married to Gab for about 6 years and have 2 daughters. She is quite dominant in the marriage, lots of people have known her to be the one that is wearing the pants in the relationship. They live comfortably, nice house and nice cars. Xenia is wild by nature, but tamed by the surrounding society of church people. She is quite active too is church activities. The husband is also the member of the church board. She knows that with her looks, although married, she can get men to stand on their knees. She loves that power and she flirts subtly behind her husband's back obviously. It's just the thrill that excites her. She works at a big firm in the city, working part time so she can still spends time to look after her 2 kids. Her sex life isn't that great, Gab has "problems" in the size department let alone getting it hard. Funny enough, Gab loves to bully his friends saying that they have small dicks and how he satisfy his wife. Being a faitful Christian wife she never said anything that would cause her husband to lose face.

One day as she travels in the afternoon coming back from work she came across this homeless man near the bus stop. He was black. No one was there except for her and the homeless man. He is 60 years old, big built, balding afro hair, black beard with streaks of white hairs. He's wearing this used to be white but now grey dirty singlets, you can see his saggy belly above the 10 year old sweat pants. She can smell him from miles away, the stench is really on the nose. He smiled at her and said hi. She returned the smile and hi, feeling a bit uncomfortable by the friendliness. He came up to her and said how beautiful she is, and that she is the most beautiful things he has ever seen. She blushed and thanked him. They introduced each other, his name is Amos. She gave him $5 to get some food and not long after that the bus came. She said bye and got onto the bus. This happens very regular for about a month. Now she doesn't feel uncomfortable anymore and find it enjoyable to chat with him. She knows that the only thing that Amos had in mind was to get into her panties. But it excites her that someone could lust for her body like that.

One fine day, during their afternoon chat whilst Xenia was waiting for the bus, he popped the question.

"I really want you Xenia" he said.

She was a bit flustered. But deep down inside she knows what he means.

"I am old and I don't think I have much left in me, I am really hoping if I could just lay with someone as beautiful and hot like yourself." he continued.

"But Amos, I'm married, I can't cheat on my husband." she explained.

"I'm flattered Amos, but I don't think that would happen...I'm sorry, I like our friendship, so I hope you can respect that as well" Xenia tried to end the discussion.

He starred at Xenia with a very mean and angry look. She was so scared thinking that he might kill her or something. She threatened her to come with him, otherwise he'll hurt her.

They walk across a seedy alley and go around a run down unused warehouse or factory. Red bricks building with broken windows, graffitis everywhere. He held her hands as they walk into the rear entrance.

"W..wh..where is...this Amos?" Xenia asked stammering.

"My home" he said.

As they entered the building, the smell of old metal, spoiled food, wet dampy timber and building strike her nose. She can see few tents made of cardboards and newspapers in the main area. There were about 12 people there, they are all homeless obviously and they were all blacks. Xenia walked in there with her $500 dress, $300 high heels, $700 bag, $200 perfume, $10,000 jewellery, her $5,000 wedding ring feels unfit in the picture. Everyone was eyeing Xenia and making crude remarks about her whispering to each other. But funny enough no one dares to touch or speak to her, as she walks through few homeless. She figured out Amos is the leader.

He took her into this used to be office like 20 years ago. Closed the door behind him. Xenia is in his room now. The bed was filthy, old pizza with flies all over, cigarettes butts, old wine bottles, rubbish, food scraps all over the floor. She can't believe she is in this kind of room with this man. He turned around to her and told her to take her clothes off. She was scared and did as she was told. She undress and left the black bra and black see through undies on with her high heels.

"My whole life I have been degraded by rich people like yourself. Now it is pay back time, a black homeless man like me fucking a rich married girl like yourself." he exclaimed.

He took his pants down and Xenia saw his african ebony weapon. A 14" black meat hard as steel with thick veins all over it, big purple mushroom head, balls as big as tennis balls. She felt amazed and in awe. He commanded her to come towards him. Once they are close to each other, he told her to get onto her knees. She obeyed.

"I want you to put my cock into your married mouth and suck it" He instructed. At this time Xenia's mouth was salivating. She thought to herself, what is happening to her. She felt so horny of the feeling humiliated and dominated by the unlikeliest man on the planet. A homeless black man.

She opened her mouth and started sucking his cock. When she saw her wedding ring around his black cock stroking and milking his cock, she felt dirty. But she likes it. Amos started to pickup the pace and started to deep throat her. He was fucking her face with power and speed. He would pull out and let her saliva mixed with his precum drools the side of her mouth and chin. Amos, would wipe the wetness of his cock all over her face. The smell made her pussy twitched. The manly musky smell of a homeless man. He told her to lick his sweaty balls clean. Xenia was under his spell. After licking his balls he continued fucking her face real hard, she gags but try to maintain his cock inside. She was slurping and sucking his cock like a pro slut. Strings of pre cums dribbling and hanging from her chin down to her tits. Finally Amos came and he still fucks her hard until she blow the cum bubbles. Amos loved the mess that he got Xenia into.

Amos pulled out and Xenia was still dumbfounded of what just happen. He told Xenia to take his bra off and his undies and go onto his bed. She unhook her bra and let loose great pair of boobs. She slid off her black panties and jump onto his bed. He joins her there.

"Spread those legs for me!"He asked

Xenia obediently spread her legs wide. He guided his cock into her pussy and push it her with all his might. Xenia screams with extassy.

"Ohhhhhhhhhh....Aaahhhhhhh...OOOhhhhhh.....UUUHHHhhh....Ssshhhhh...AAhhh..."Xenia screams.

"You're enjoying this hey? youre just a married whore, desperately need a good fucking..I will treat your pussy right around here...from now on this pussy and your whole body belongs to me!!!" Amos stated whilst fucking her

Their bodies were sweating, Xenia's body looks ravishingly sexy with her sweat from hers and Amos. Her hair was a mess, her side of the mouth had cum frosted from previous "facial" by Amos. He bent Xenia's legs over to her breast and power fucked her from the top.

"Ohhhh...Gooodddd...Ohhhhh...that's it Amos...that's it...fuckme hard.....fuck me harddddddd....just like that...."Xenia screamed

The bed was squeaking and people from the outside of the room was cheering for Amos and calling her whore, fuck slut, cum whore and stuff. Now Xenia's legs and feet were up against her shoulder straight and her pussy is wide open. Amos gets to fuck her with its maximum force. Xenia's hands are gripping the bed post so she wont distract him giving her the fuck of her life. Her tits were swaying back and forth, her body was trembling from one orgasm to another.

"Ohhhh fucckkkk...I'm gonna cum nowwwwww..."Amos grunting.

"I'm gonna cum in your married pussy right nowww from now on you will be bred by me and whoever I ask you to...."he continued.

"Ahhhh yessss...yesssss....cum inside me Amos....impregnate mee....Goddd I need your hot cum inside me...fill me uppp..."Xenia replied.

Amos finally came, wave after wave. He pulled out his cock and her pussy was oozing out his semen. They continued fucking 2 more times. Once he fucked her doggy style, pulled her hair, and he came inside her. Just before she has to go, she rides him hard. Xenia loved to get her nipples bite whilst she rides a good cock. She came home filthy with sperm everywhere, on her face, her mouth, her hair, and her pussy is filled with his semen.

This continued for several weeks and he told her that he wants her marked and branded as a sign of his ownership. She agreed to it.

"how do you want to mark or brand me hon?"she said.

"I want you to get tattoo above your ass, MARRIED WHORE CRAVES BLACK COCKS and PROPERTY OF BLACK COCKS above your pussy." He explained.

"Ok..." she replied.

The next day she got the tattoos. He loves Xenia's new looks. Now, Amos started sharing Xenia with the other homeless men in the warehouse. She would do them all at once. She can't get enough of these black cocks. She'll get her pussy pounded cock after cock. She would suck one cock side to side while spreading her legs cos her pussy is getting fucked. After one squirt his cum on her face or in her mouth, the next one comes in to replace. At the end of the day she would be covered by cums all over, her face, her tits, hair, pussy.

4 months later Xenia broke the news to her husband that she is pregnant with Amos's baby. A black homeless man. He was so angry and wanted to divorce her. Fortunately, he pre-nupt was one sided to Xenia's favour. Hence she still gets the money. So Gab decided to stay with Xenia. He withdrew the divorce and asked Xenia if he can pay her to watch her getting fucked by these men. Xenia got the permission from amos and they do this when Gab is behaving well. Other times, they would let Gab put a video camera and record the whole thing. Xenia that was a queen now is treated like a cum whore by these black homeless men, and she loves it. She feels turned on by getting humiliated by these superior men. She serves these men from now. She has gave birth to 1 twin and 1 son for Amos and the friends. She quit her job, what she does everyday, is to go to Amos, let Amos use her until he finishes and she would have to go to other tents and satisfy these men and give them a full authority to do whatever they want to her. She is now their cum slave, married whore for black men.

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