tagLoving WivesA Black Door Swings Open

A Black Door Swings Open


As I explain in the body of the story which follows, although black/white relationships are common today, in the 60's, when this took place, they were not. It was a first for Linda. Like many others of our generation it came not only to be accepted in our circles, but even sought out when the urge for sex dulled inhibitions even further. Linda was lucky enough to find just the right man at the right time to initiate her. From that day forward she enjoyed the attentions of black men equally to her white admirers.


It started with Angel. Angel was a "thirtyish", 'thick-cream-in-your-coffee' colored black lady who worked in the camera department of a store I frequented often. She was friendly, and quite possibly available, I told myself as I asked to see a camera on the bottom shelf of the glass display case between us. I had no intention of buying that camera, but I wanted to admire the view of her full breasts as she bent over to retrieve it. I almost groaned with pleasure and felt my cock hardening as I saw all but the nipples of those lovely boobs, unobstructed by a bra, swaying beneath her dress.

"You'll like this," she said huskily, rising. Her smile confirmed my hopes. There was no doubt that she knew where my eyes had been and remained focused.

"I know I would…..I mean will," I stammered. What I had come for was the hope of catching a glimpse of her just like I had. Every male in a several mile radius had admired that view and she was well aware of it.

I had thought long and hard about inviting her over to our apartment. It seemed like a good idea, but I could think of no way to clear Linda from the house, or to avoid having Angel's husband join us. Lacking any good way to do it, I managed to stammer out and invitation for her and her husband, Ed, to come over to our apartment that night.

She turned coy on me at first, a shy little smile, while telling me she wasn't sure if they could nor not. "I'll have to ask my husband," she said. "Can you come back just before closing? I'll let you know then."

I walked on air three hours later when I went to my car, cranked it up and headed for home. She had said "yes." All I could hope for now was an opportunity to get next to her, and I thought I already had that figured out.

I had told Linda about my attraction to Angel long before and she had just smiled. I think she was certain that it would pass. When I told her that morning that I intended to invite Angel, and – if necessary – her husband over that night, she realized I was serious. She didn't object. She knew Angel too and liked her, although I believe she still didn't realize the extent of my plans for Angel.

When I had left that morning Linda was already making her own plans, including light snacks, dance music and a way to dim the lights for dancing. Our own first encounter with Laura and Tim has shown her how to set a mood suitable for seduction. I assumed she had no designs on Ed, having never met him, but she was practicing. After all, she could always use it on Mike. I could see the thought going through her head. It was encouraging.

Angel and Ed arrived right on time. At first it was a little awkward. We had never really met Ed and entertained before, but they put us as much at ease as if it had been their home instead of ours.

I have to digress a little here. Both Linda and I come from the pre-integration years in the schools of central Texas. There had been no black students in our schools and we had not had the opportunity to know the black families that were scattered in black enclaves in the city. Thirteen years in the Army had taught me that they were no different from us, having the same dreams and aspirations. Linda had been even less exposed, but she now had as many black friends as I did. We had had no compunction about joining them in social events. The subject of sex with blacks had never come up, but I knew, in this new lifestyle I was cultivating, sooner or later it would. I took my first step toward it that day. Little did I know that Linda would win the race.

Soon we were laughing and drinking together like old friends. Linda, dressed in a long, slinky, form fitting princess muumuu I had bought in Hawaii and which exposed vast expanses of her full breasts without the hindrance of a bra, was apparently enjoying herself as much as I. She sat on the love seat with Ed, across the room from the couch Angel and I had appropriated as the night grew longer, the drinks took hold, and the dances became slower and slower until by now they were almost a swaying in place with each other's wife. I took a few liberties with Angel who kept me moving much slower than I wanted. Ed had turned the love seat ninety degrees from the one we occupied and I really didn't have a good view of Linda, or they of us.

I hadn't expected much to come out of this and Angel seemed to be insuring that. But I was pleasantly surprised to find Linda accepting Ed like and old friend, or even better, a new lover. She danced close to him. I could see he was entranced with her. His hands roamed freely over her body as they danced. He held her gently but firmly against him, almost like she was some fragile doll. She was enjoying herself.

The night ended far too soon as far as I was concerned

"So, how did you make out with Angel?" my wife asked as we got ready for bed.

I had to laugh. The night had been a bust for the most part. I had been able to determine Angel still didn't wear a bra, even on occasions such as this, but that was about all. It had broken down just short of reaching inside her blouse and feeling those heavenly globes.

"Not too well. Heck, not well at all," I bemoaned. "I didn't get to first base with her, but it was still fun. How about you? It looked like you were enjoying yourself."

"Ed is nice," she smiled, "very nice. Maybe we can invite them back again. He has only one problem," she chuckled, "he has roaming hands just like every other man and he likes to have his tongue in my mouth when he kisses me. I thought that was a little bold for the first time, but it was still fun."

I was already at work the next morning. Linda had cleaned our small apartment, taken her shower, and dressed, planning to go to town for some shopping. She hummed to herself as she finished her make-up. Standing in her dressing gown, surveying her closet to select her outfit for the day, her thoughts went back to the previous night. She felt her nipples tingling with the recollection of how Ed's hands had brushed against her breasts and her ass as they danced. She had felt the hard length of him pressed so tightly against her that his endowment was unmistakable.

"And what a cock he has," she whispered to herself as she remembered how high it had risen on her belly. She felt her pussy begin to become wet as the memory gained momentum. She was still lost in that reverie when she heard the doorbell chime.

"Why Ed, what brings you here?" she asked, surprised at the sudden reappearance of the man who had occupied her thoughts just a moment before. She held the door open for him and welcomed him inside, stepping aside. She clutched her housecoat to her, remembering suddenly how she was dressed.

Ed hadn't been prepared to see my wife dressed as she was either. The flimsy housecoat didn't hide all that much and he had to admire once again the full figure beneath it. Full breasts pressed hard against the soft material of her gown. The barely covered dark aureoles of her breasts were visible through the filmy cream-colored bra, centered on the fullness of those lovely orbs. The black panties she wore were hidden, but he could see the faint outlines and where her thigh high hosiery ended just below the junction of her thighs. He felt himself getting hard again, just as he had last night when he kissed my wife and felt those smooth, soft lips against his as their tongues joined. He raised his eyes from the survey and smiled at Linda, taking the large bouquet of flowers from behind his back and handing them to her.

"Angel said I should bring you these and thank you for the fun we had last night. She wants to invite the two of you over to visit us now." It was hard for him to get the last part out as she took the bouquet in both hands and the gown spread. That magnificent cleavage was exposed down to where the filmy bra held her breasts closer to her chest. He was right, he mused, those tits were gorgeous!

Linda murmured her thanks and her face reddened as she realized just how much of her Ed was seeing. "I've got to get these in some water," she said hastily, turning away and going toward the kitchen. Ed followed close behind.

He watched her from the doorway to the kitchen as she took a vase from the cupboard and arranged the flowers artfully, then added cool water from the refrigerator.

"Ta-da!" she exclaimed, smiling over the vase fairly bursting with the floral abundance. "They're beautiful. You didn't have to do that!" Without thinking, she raised her hand and slipped it around his neck. He lowered his head to hers and kissed her softly before she even though about what signal this might send to him. Flustered, she broke the kiss quickly, realizing the signal she might unintentionally be sending. It had been an electric moment. She could still feel the heat of those lips on hers.

Quickly she added, "Let's go into the living room." Although it took a little adroit movement and a long brush of flesh against flesh, she managed to squeeze through the doorway where he still stood to put the vase down on the dining room table.

Ed caught her hand in passing and directed her to the same loveseat they had occupied the night before. He could feel his cock throbbing. The touch of her lips on his had reawakened the need he felt for her.

Angel hadn't said anything when he announced his intentions this morning, merely smiling. She knew what he probably planned, and she was right. Ed had always struck again immediately after meeting a woman who attracted his fancy and Linda had been no exception. It had paid off handsomely for him, with more than half the women succumbing to his "gesture of appreciation" and finding themselves in bed with him only minutes after meeting him alone.

"I just had to show you how much Angel and I appreciated your invitation," Ed smiled, turning on the charm he used so well. He slid his arm over my wife's shoulders and pulled her closer as he almost whispered the words. "I enjoyed myself very much. I love the way you dance."

Linda blushed. She remembered vividly how he had kissed her the first time while they danced and how his hands had moved so slowly, confidently over her body. He had succeeded in arousing her without making more than "accidental" brushes of his hands over her breasts.

Almost breathlessly, and without thinking, she whispered, "Thank you. I enjoyed it too."

Ed looked at his watch. It was an old ploy, but successful more often than it failed. He frowned as he studied the time.

"I've got to be going, but I'd like one more dance with you before I go. Just one more, please" he begged seeing that she was about to say no and stopping her by placing his finger over her lips. It earned him a smile and a grudging acceptance.

"Okay, but just one. I've got to go too." she insisted.

Ed stood up and drew my wife to him. "Wonderful," he whispered softly in her ear.

Linda has seen no reason to refuse. After all he would be leaving soon and she could get on with her plans. Looking up at his smiling face, she giggled and thought to herself, "Why not?"

Turning in the arm she found wrapped around her waist, she turned on the stereo, still loaded with records from last night. It started halfway through one of the songs she liked so much and remembered how he had held her as they swayed to the music in the semi-darkness.

It was almost like that now. She had turned the lights off and closed the blinds after cleaning, keeping the coolness inside. She moved easily in his arms as he began leading her in a slow circle around the still unobstructed floor.

Ed resumed exactly where he had left off last night; one hand pressed tightly to her breast the other clutching that sweet ass, pulling her closer to him.

It aroused a gasp of surprise from her, but she didn't object when he pulled her even closer. When the music ended, Linda found herself once more with his lips on hers, still being held tightly in his arms. She tried to push herself away from his. Her breathing was almost a pant. She had forgotten in the few hours since last night how warm he was, how much those smooth lips excited her, about the comfort of his big body pressed tightly against her. Instead of releasing her, he pulled her closer.

"That was only half of a song," he breathed into her ear, "maybe just one more?" he asked questioningly. He didn't release the unrelenting pressure of his hands on her. He could feel the nipples of her breast tight against the back of his hand and brushed the gown aside slightly exposing more of her breast to his view. As the record hissed into motion once more, he began that same circling motion, allowing her no time to object.

Linda found herself unable to think. Her mind was blanked out by the sudden crushing need she felt for him. She wanted to argue with herself and take the emotion from this moment, but she was unable. She succumbed to him totally as they glided around the floor.

Ed felt her lower her head against his chest. He was aware he had won. It was just a matter of preparing her now for what came next. His hand pushed more of her gown aside until it rested on her bra. Looking down he could see the erect nipples pushing hard against the cup that protected her full breasts. He knew she would feel his erection against her upper belly. He ground it against her like he had last night, letting her feel the full measure of his own arousal.

Linda was beyond caring. He was kissing her again, his lips open wide and his tongue searching her mouth for hers. She whimpered slightly as he found it and released her hand to cover her breast. She could feel the hardness of him grinding against her and it was welcomed by another pulse of wetness that saturated her panties. She wasn't even aware that they had stopped moving. She could feel his hand pulling her bra up over her breast and then cupping it tightly in his warm hand, letting the stiff, erect nipple protrude between his fingers like the muzzle of a gun. Without even a conscious though, she reached between them and put her hand over the throbbing member bulging his trousers.

Ed smiled. He knew he had her. It was just a matter of consolidating his gains and he knew very well how to do that. He held her mouth in that lip lock that aroused most women and explored her breast carefully. It was his turn to almost gasp when he felt the size and weight of it. He knew she had big ones, but these were just….. Lovely! His thumb slid over the nipple as his hand slid lower, cupping the warm flesh. He broke his kiss only to bend forward and inhaled that hard nubbin, sucking it into his mouth and letting his tongue circle it while he inhaled, pulling it deeper into his mouth. He heard her gasp with pleasure, sagging against his arms while her upper body pressed that breast against his suckling mouth. Her hips forced her lower body even harder against his member. He felt her hand close around as much as she could take in one hand – barely half his swollen diameter. He helped her, reaching down with his hand to unzip his trousers and freeing his cock to stand between them. His pre-cum coated the front of her housecoat almost immediately. As soon as he felt her little hand clutch him, he unbuttoned the front of her housecoat right over her crotch. With her breast still held in his mouth and his hand pulling her close to him, he slipped his other hand into the gap and closed his palm over her pussy, feeling the wiry hairs, already sodden with her need, wetting his hand. He clutched that juicy cunt harder and felt a drop of her juices in his palm. She was ready.

He lifted her effortlessly without changing his grip. Linda had one arm around his shoulders, her head dangling. He let his hand on her pussy slide farther back to cushion her buttocks as he carried her toward the hallway leading to the bedroom. Fortunately the door to the master bedroom was open and he laid my wife down on the bed, sitting on the edge and beginning to take off his own clothes with one hand while he continued manipulating her sweltering crotch.

Linda, her eyes closed, wasn't even aware he was completely undressed until she felt him kneeling over her, kissing her breast, then her mouth as she got hotter and hotter with her need for him. Her crotch was soaked and she was almost embarrassed at the wetness flooding his palm.

"You're going to love it," he said, crawling up on the bed with her, letting his throbbing ten inches of male meat swing freely, tight against his body. "I know you wanted it last night, and I wanted this," he said, cupping his huge hand tightly over my wife's sopping wet box, smiling as he heard her gasp.

"You're ready, aren't you?" he asked, guiding the throbbing purplish head of his cock to the point tiny bubbles of lubrication showed him the entrance to her cunt. He was far too big for her, he realized, but he hoped that the slow insertion would stretch her to the point she could accommodate his entire cock. He used his fingers to separate the coral colored lips, without breaking eye contact with her. Her eyes were tightly shut. She moaned as he pressed it slightly forward until it entered her antechamber, just short of the muscular guard that protected her vagina.

Despite her misgivings and fright at the sheer size of this enormous man, Linda felt the sudden gush of fluids inside her lubricating her cunt for his entry. Last night she would have welcomed it, but in the light of day and seeing that throbbing monster, she felt real fright that he might hurt her.

"Please, please don't," she begged, pushing against the wiry hairs of his broad chest, "You'll hurt me. You're too big."

Ed shook his head. "Unh-unh, baby, old Ed isn't going to hurt you, but he's going to fuck this sweet little pussy of yours until you beg for more. I could feel the heat of this sweet thing last night. I could even smell your pussy. You wanted me and I wanted you. I wanted to see more of those lovely tits of yours." He smiled, spreading the folds of her gown all the way back, exposing my wife's 40DD's to his view completely. He unfastened the center clasp of her bra and let it fall to either side of her chest.

"They're beautiful! I'll bet your husband loves sucking them, doesn't he?" The slight forward thrust as he leaned forward to kiss the elongated nipple deepened his penetration of her. He felt the slight relaxation of her vaginal muscles as they moved aside to accommodate him. His head was inside her.

Linda gasped as that fat head entered her, spreading the walls of her vagina farther than ever before. The pain she had expected never materialized, just a feeling of fullness that seemed to flow outward from that magic wand, constantly expanding her core, filling her to an impossible dimension. She felt him withdraw slightly and then slide forward again on the bed of juicy pre-cum already filling her with their jointly generated juices.

"You like that, don't you, baby," Ed whispered, feeling the fluttering twinges of my wife's cunt trying to accommodate her vaginal muscles to the gigantic member that seemed intent on splitting her down the middle. She was so full! Despite the heat of him inside her, there was something else, a beautiful feeling of comfort. He filled every crevice of her void, even distending her belly with the dimensions of that beautiful cock. She felt her legs creeping up over his calves, opening herself wider, despite her misgivings.

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