tagInterracial LoveA Black Man's Secret Desires

A Black Man's Secret Desires


Undisclosed desires. I think we all got them. My name is Claude Premier. I'm a big and tall young Black man of Haitian descent living in the City of Ottawa, Province of Ontario. I attend Carleton University, where I study Criminal Law. Ladies and gentlemen, I am a guy with a confession to make. A lot of people see me as the six-foot-five, burly dude with the dreadlocks and the unmistakable swagger making his way through the Carleton University campus like a lion in the savannah. Sorry if the imagery disturbs you, I'm kind of afro-centric. People know this about me because I often tell them. However, they really don't know what makes me tick. Recently, I discovered something new about myself. Something new. I am into BDSM. And I am a submissive. There, I finally admit it. The question is, what happens next?

I began looking for dominant women online. One mistake I made was to seek out a Black Dominatrix. It's not my fault. In my private life, I exclusively dated Black women up till that point. Somebody forgot to tell me that in the world of BDSM, Black men and Black women simply don't mix. Black Mistresses deal exclusively with White male and White female submissive types. Black Masters deal with White female submissive types and the occasional submissive gay or bisexual White male with a fetish for dominant Black men. Black folks avoid each other like the plague in the world of BDSM. It's a sad state of the affairs but I couldn't do anything about it. The few Black Dominatrix types I approached flat out told me that they didn't deal with submissive Black men. Their services were aimed at White male clients only. Wow. Isn't that a bit racist? I guess they don't see the irony. Whatever.

I quickly grew disgusted with the racial politics of the world of BDSM. A world where Black men and Black women hated each other with a passion and pandered their sensual services to White women and White men. Black female submissive types exclusively sought dominant White men. As for submissive Black males, they were never mentioned. Supposedly, there are no submissive Black men in the world of BDSM. The role of the Black male in BDSM is to be that of a Black Bull, an overly endowed sexual beast who defiles White women while their husbands watch. Such a limit on Black male sexual self-expression doesn't seem to bother either Black men or Black women in BDSM. I found myself increasingly disheartened as I discovered that racial segregation was alive and well in the most intimate of arenas. Black folks ignored their own and catered to the sexual desires of White folks. Both dominant White folks and submissive White folks had unlimited access to Black women and Black men in BDSM. Yet Black men and Black women's access to each other and to White folks was limited. And I'm the only Black person it bothers. I felt ashamed of my brothers and sisters in BDSM. They're pawns without even knowing it.

One day, I finally found the right Mistress for me. A five-foot-two, lean and simply harmless-looking gal who didn't look a day over twenty. If that. She had sparkly red hair, pale blue eyes and alabaster skin. Her name is Donna Ball. We had been talking on a website dedicated to the fetish lifestyle for a couple of weeks. As it turns out, Mistress Donna lived in the West End of Ottawa, Ontario. In the pricey area known as Barrhaven. I took the ninety bus from Hurdman Station and headed to Barrhaven. I'd only been in that part of town a couple of times. I was born and raised in the City of Montreal, Province of Quebec. The region of Ontario isn't a place I know very well. I have an uncle named William who lives in Barrhaven with his Irish-born wife and sons. They do alright for themselves. Me? I'm just a broke guy from Montreal studying in Ottawa. I got off the bus and began walking to the address which Mistress Donna texted me mere moments ago while I was on the bus.

I walked into a really nice-looking neighborhood. The kind of place I could barely believe exists in the same postal code as my pad in the Ottawa sector of Vanier. I knocked on the door, and after a few minutes this young woman came to the door. Clad in a bright blue T-shirt and Black jeans. I smiled and introduced myself. Claude Premier. She smiled and welcomed me inside. I sat in the living room with Mistress Donna, who turned out to be much younger than I thought she would be. I'm twenty four years old and this gal barely looks a day over twenty. Yet when I looked into her eyes I could tell that she meant business. We sat there and talked about our mutual interest. BDSM. Mistress Donna charged a flat rate of two hundred dollars for a ninety-minute encounter. And she had strict rules which she expected her clients to follow. Rules about proper conducts, styles of address, etiquette, safe words, fetishes, etc. I was okay with all that. She led me to the basement, where I undressed and knelt before her. She smiled, and told me that she was ready to begin.

Mistress Donna stripped to her bra and panties. She looked really hot, especially with the scary-looking Black strap-on dildo she had on. She stood before me, posturing while stroking her Black strap-on dildo. Grinning, she asked me if I wanted to suck it. I nodded. With her permission, I began sucking the strap-on dildo. Mistress Donna smiled and ran her hand through my dreadlocks while I sucked the dildo. I sucked it with gusto. Why? Well, this is my fantasy come true. Mistress Donna urged me to suck her dildo like the little bitch that I am. I wasn't used to people addressing me this way. I'm the big and tall, scary Black guy in a lily-White town. However, I guess that's why I was so turned on. I began stroking my nine-inch, uncircumcised Black cock. Mistress Donna told me to stop, because she didn't give me permission to stroke myself. I obeyed, and ceased immediately.

Once I was done sucking Mistress Donna's strap-on dildo, she put me on all fours and gave my hairy Black ass a good spanking. Man, she was good at what she did because it hurt and felt good at the same time. Afterwards, Mistress Donna told me to spread my cheeks for her. In anticipation of this, I cleaned my asshole thoroughly with soap and water. Also, I used a type of perfume which itched like hell but smelled really good. Mistress Donna put a condom on the dildo, sprayed lubricant on my asshole and then pushed the dildo against my asshole. She asked me if I was ready to get fucked. I nodded. Grinning, Mistress Donna pushed the dildo into my asshole. I gasped as she entered me. This was my first time experiencing anal penetration. It hurt a bit, man, I'm not even going to lie. Mistress Donna sensed my tension, and she asked me to relax and enjoy. I asked her to please be gentle. Laughing, she gave my ass a good smack.

And just like that, Mistress Donna worked the strap-on dildo deep into my asshole. She filled me up completely. I screamed as her dildo filled my asshole. I totally loved it, man. After this fun experience, Mistress Donna pulled the dildo out of my asshole. I took a couple of minutes to recover. I looked at her, smiling sheepishly. Mistress Donna grinned, and asked me how I felt. I told her I felt great. Then I showered and left, but not before promising to return to her 'dungeon' for another session as soon as time allows. Mistress Donna smiled, and said she looked forward to seeing me again. Then I left her house, and walked back to the bus station. I got class in half an hour at Carleton University and I'm still in Barrhaven, damn. I'm going to be late but for once, it's totally worth it! Don't you agree?

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