tagInterracial LoveA Black Safari for Sophie Ch. 03

A Black Safari for Sophie Ch. 03


Nightfall came on quickly and the sounds of birds and other animals gave rest to the dark. Sophie was finally brought to the falls and re-united with her mother, Janet. The two were left alone as the Africans began preparing a campfire and cooking some food.

"Sophie.....did they harm you?" Janet inquired." Please girl, tell your mom what they did to you."

"Both of the black bastards stripped me and violated my body. I was drunk and they used me like a slave. I have never had a man, let alone a black man, do such nasty things to me...never. Morgan used me twice and so did the other African. It was humiliating....horrible, yet for some reason my body had numerous orgasms....I can't explain it,"

Sophie revealed.

"Mother, did they harm you?" "Yes, they did. Basically in the same fashion...they're heathens, black heathens,"Janet replied. "We have got to find a way to escape and get help but I don't know how. I've already pleaded with them to take us back but I'm afraid that they fear the authorities will jail them."

Morgan walked up and inquired how both women were doing." Ladies, I hope that both of you feel better. We have some food cooked so come over and have something to eat."

"How in the hell do you think we feel after being molested and fucked like whores," Janet snarled. We are not hungry and want to be left alone. Please....take us back to civilization," Janet pleaded.

"But mom, I am hungry and need some nourishment, especially some water," Sophie countered.

Morgan left momentarily and came back with some bowls of rice, meat and herbs along with two bottles of water. The two women just about yanked it out of his hands and began to eat. They were sore and tired but hunger was apparent since they had not eaten since some breakfast fruits and cereal.

Morgan rejoined the other black guides as the two women ate. The other three Africans asked Morgan what he had planned to do with the women. "We can't take them back and release them, not now. They would report us and there would be hell to pay. What we can do is make some money off of them and take refuge in a neighboring country. I have relatives that would hide us and allow us time to make our plans."

"Just how do we make money off of them," one of the Africans inquired.

"There is a military labor camp about 120 kilometers from here. It's a remote area with little communication to the main base except for supply shipments. My half-brother is in command there and he owes me favors. There are a number of inmates working on the train rails there along with a dozen military guards. They would pay handsomely for a couple of women to bed, not to mention, white women. We will leave at sunrise but before that, I suggest that we let the women sleep and then fuck them before our journey to the camp." Morgan had a plan to entice the women to be more cooperative.

Janet and Sophie were given two blankets. Morgan told them to rest so they could be up early to leave. Janet was surprised that they were leaving them alone and not abusing them again. "Mother, maybe they are actually going to take us back," whispered Sophie.

"I certainly hope so, just rest darling. Maybe we can come out of this alive" Janet nervously replied.

The morning came quickly as the sounds of bird whistles spread across the plain and the sun tiptoed above the horizon. Morgan approached Janet and Sophie as they were still asleep.

"Wake up ladies. Wake up. I have a proposition for you."

"What now," Janet inquired as she was rubbing her tired eyes.

Morgan responded, "We will take you back and release you if you promise not to tell anyone what occurred on this Safari. Just remember, your husband, family and friends would be shocked about your having sex with four black men. Your reputations would be in question along with shame you white women seem to have with black men fucking you."

The two women almost replied in unison "Yes, please take us back. We will not divulge what happened. We only want to go home."

Morgan was good at lying and was convincingly good at fooling these two naïve white women. "But, there is one thing the two of you need to do before we embark."

"What?" Janet questioned.

"You must submit to having sex with me and my guides before we go. Lets just say it will be our sending off gift to you," Morgan sheepishly said.

"Please, please, no more. My daughter and me are tired and do not want to be invaded by black African men again," Janet pleaded.

"You can take it or we can take you, It's a small price for your freedom and if you do not resist....you will enjoy it even more," Morgan replied.

The mom and daughter looked at each other and surrendered their resistance to being blacked again. Both began removing their clothes and then lay bare naked on the blankets.

Within seconds both had two black hands griping their ankles and spreading their legs. There were two very black bodies kneeling down on the blankets while two other naked Africans stood gleefully awaiting their turns. Sophie could feel Morgan pulling her body up to his throbbing black cock as it waved in the air. She had seen this serpent before and knew what it could do.

Morgan wasted no time and plunged his black pole into her vagina. Sophie gasped and felt the penetration. The African then lowered his charcoal black body on to her breasts and grabbed her hands spread eagle. Sophie was seeing the sunrise as her head tilted to the side but her head and body was being jerked up and down as the African was stroking her. Again, she was captive to a very black man on a desolate plain in Africa. She turned her head forward and felt the warm air spewing from his nostrils. Morgan was enjoying this sixteen year old white morsel and was eager to spew his African spunk into her belly.

Meanwhile, her mother Janet had been turned on her belly and the African pushed a rolled up sleeping bag under her stomach. Janet's elbows were entrenched on the blanket and her hands griped in fists as the black man invaded her loins. His hands held her hips as he lunged his black manhood into her vagina. She yelped as he began stroking her long and hard. Janet could only clinch her teeth and try to bear the thrusting of this bare back cock lunging into her body. This African was more thick than long and her vagina was being stretched more than ever.

The African began to slap Janet's ass and yelled out in his old native tongue. Janet was in pain but her instincts told her not to resist. She was being blacked fucked by a native...a very black native. Suddenly, an orgasm shot through her. She was disgusted that she relinquished that but her main thought was if she could satisfy the Africans....both her and daughter would be set free. Little did she know what was actually planned for her and Sophie.

The two women had been fucked for over a half an hour. Morgan was about to shoot a load in Sophie and the African on Janet was about to explode his black balls. Then, in a strange moment, the mom and daughter's heads turned to face each other. Janet watched her daughter being smothered by Morgan's black body as Sophie's head was bobbling up and down. Saliva was pouring from Sophie's lips and her blue eyes were glazed.

Sophie, in turn, watched her mother grunting with a wide opened mouth and the black arms wrapped around her torso. Her mother was full of black cock and appeared submissive to being black fucked. She had never seen this before.

Morgan released Sophie's right hand and she reached over to her mother's hand. The two of them grabbed hands tightly gripping for support. Within seconds, both felt the warm ejaculation of African sperm jetting into their bodies. Their eyes were affixed on each other. Sophie had a quite smile while Janet had one of dismay. The two Africans stroked them until all of their juices filled their bodies.

The two other black Africans had just about dropped their loads watching the seduction of these two white women. Their cocks were rigid and anxiously waited for them being buried into their white cunts.

Both Janet and Sophie were exhausted and pleaded for rest. No rest would be allowed. These black men wanted their final chance at these two white women. It would be a different venue. Both women were pulled up and carried over to a fallen tree trunk. The blankets were placed on the trunk as both were laid over the trunk and mounted instantly. Two white bottoms with arms over the trunk. Whether it was ass or vagina, these two Africans were about to poke their black poles in white flesh.

Moans, screams, yelps and pleas are only melodic sounds over an African plain. Outside of the four Africans and two white women, only the wildlife could hear anything.

Soon, this strange safari would be headed to the labor camp. Mother and daughter thought they were going home. The Africans knew differently. White flesh on the African plain would be shared by many.

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waiting for the next chapter. will they eventually escape? will they end up being black bred? too many loose ends to be tied up...

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