tagBDSMA Blackmail Tale Ch. 03

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 03

byTx Tall Tales©

Part III of the Blackmail tales. If you haven't already read them, you may want to start with parts I and II - A Bit of Blackmail, and A Bit More Blackmail.

* * *

I was really enjoying owning Krista. I didn't get as many chances as I'd like, since we were both married, and we had to be selective about our times and places. But we lived very close to each other, and both our spouses worked. I worked from the house, and she was a stay at home mommy. The agreement was for once a week, but that went out the window almost immediately. When she argued the second time I came by, I told her to shut up or start explaining things to her darling hubby. Then I had her suck me off quickly, and I left.

By the end of the second week, we'd been together four times. On three of the four occasions we were pressed for time, but I insisted she blow me every time. She was just so damn beautiful, with a face off the cover of a magazine, that I was consumed with the need to see my cock disappearing inside that innocent mouth. Knowing I was the only one who had ever seen that incredible sight made it even more exciting.

Then I'd give her a hard fucking, making sure she came for me at least once. The fourth time there was a little more to it, and I teased her into a tizzy. It started with a blow-job, of course. But then I returned the favor, extensively, bringing her right to the edge of release and then holding her there, craving it, before backing off. Then I took her from on top, her legs pushed back far, open for me, and rode her to the edge of her own release again, stopping short, her breath gasping, her skin flushed. I took her from behind and again left her hanging. By the time she was riding me she was almost out of control, desperate to finally come, and she fucked me like a wild woman. After she came on me, it was a couple of more minutes before I won my own release, and then I had her lick me clean. She didn't want to. So what. She not only sucked me clean, she sucked me back to hardness, and then sucked me for the next 15 minutes while I watched the noon report. I'm not mean. I showed her how to alternate the oral with her hands, and how to relax her jaw so she wouldn't cramp. I let her get us both drinks, and I didn't really try to hold out, letting my orgasm come when I felt it arising. Nor did I get mad at her for gagging, but she knew better than to spit it out. She'd tried that once.

Going into the third week her early resistance had almost completely disappeared, and she was growing adept in her ways of pleasing me. Almost eager.

Just this morning I'd been over there with only a short time available to play. Certainly long enough for a good blow job, and a chance to drop another load in her deliciously tight pussy.

The conversation had been especially titillating.

"Why me?" she asked, relaxing next to me as I rested and caught my breath, having just filled her still steaming twat. She'd given up asking me to pull out.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, you had pictures of both Misty and Donna, why'd you decide to blackmail me?" She asked it seriously. She had turned on her side, and was looking at me expectantly.

She had a few drops of cum on her cheek, almost to her ear, from our initial session. I'd spent most of that time in her pretty little mouth. Sexy little mouth. Mustn't think like that. I don't have time for another bout; got a lunch business meeting and really shouldn't be late.

"Silly. Because you're the one I want. You are the one I'd been fantasizing about for months. You make my blood boil, not them." I reached out and drew my finger across her sullied cheek, then placed it between her lips.

Good girl. Suck it with your delicious, tempting little mouth.

No. Don't even think about it. I've got to be in Plano in 30 minutes.

"Well it's not fair. I mean, I didn't do anything they didn't do. And now I'm your damn sex slave, and they get off scot-free." She was pouting. God, she was pretty when she pouted.

"Hell, I probably couldn't blackmail Misty if I tried." I told her, trying to make her feel a little bit better. "If I threatened to show naked pictures of her to Paul, she'd probably ask for multiple copies, insist I give her 8x10's and then ask if I would take some more. I mean, geez, the little harlot just loves to show off her body." I had started out rubbing her shoulder and arm soothingly, but my hand was now at the curve of her waist and hips, and I found my hand cupping her ass.

No. Thirty-three minutes until I was to meet the guys from DG. Don't do it.

"Well, what about Donna?" she asked scooting closer to me, and letting her hand drop down to my partner in crime, who wasn't listening to my arguments about meetings and responsibility.

"What about Donna?" I asked.

"Why haven't you blackmailed her?" Her hand on my cock was tugging gently, and I had to think hard about what she was saying.

"I hadn't even thought about it," I told her honestly. "All I wanted was you." Although the idea was a bit intriguing.

She pushed at my shoulder, encouraging me to lie back, and then she was climbing on top of me, placing my eager member, who was much more irresponsible than I was, back into her warm tunnel. I sighed as I entered her. I love that feeling. And I loved looking up and seeing this 'out-of-bounds' beauty leaning over me, her near perfect melons hanging down, yearning to be in my mouth.

"She wouldn't be that hard to blackmail, you know." She told me, rocking slowly back and forth on my staff. I was getting harder by the moment. Of course I couldn't get that much harder.

"You know her husband is 11 years older than her, and pretty damn insecure. We talk about it a lot. He's just as jealous as Rich, maybe more so." Back and forth, back and forth, her hot little slice working it's magic on my rampant rod.

I glanced over at the clock - 11:20. I was supposed to be there at 11:45. It was at least 20 minutes away. I guessed I had a few minutes.

I reached down and grabbed her hips, working with her, sliding her up and down my happy soldier.

"Maybe, but the pictures of her aren't nearly as good." I told her, in spurts.

"You only need one. She's such a priss, I still can't believe she went skinny-dipping with the rest of us. I mean, she won't even wear a bikini." She leaned further down, letting her breasts come to rest just below my chin. I reached for them and pulled them up enough to tongue her nipples.

"And it's not like she isn't hot. She's got a great body. What do you expect. No kids, no job, personal trainer at the gym. She's, like, 24, isn't she? " She asked, but it was a pretty inopportune moment.

My mouth full of her ample tits, I just grunted my assent.

Donna did have a great body. Not as pretty as Krista. No. But cute, in a bouncy, cheer-squad kind of way. With a rack that could come close to matching Krista's, and a really sexy bubble ass.

"Although I guess she doesn't really know you that well. Not like me and Misty. I don't think she'd be likely to come over to your house to talk." She really sounded very serious about this.

I pulled my mouth free of those incredible globes, at least for a moment. "You're right, I've only been around her half-a-dozen times, and I don't think I've talked to her, just her, for more than a couple of minutes, ever."

Krista leaned over further, her breasts pressed against my chest, her face in the curve of my neck.

"There's gotta be a way," she murmured, nuzzling my neck, nipping at me, tasting me.

I held her hips up just a bit and went to town, fucking up into her hard and fast, the angle working out just right, rapidly bringing me to that ever-so-pleasant precipice.

She gasped for me, "God, you make me feel good." Then her teeth bit down on my shoulder as she came on my cock. It was enough, within moments I was coming with her, holding her hips tight, as I buried my cock as far up her as I could, and bathed her insides with my juice.

I leaped off of her moments later, and started dressing hurriedly, tucking my wet cock into my pants, not even taking the time to clean up. Tying my shoes, I looked over and saw the clock showed 11:33. Shit, I guess if I drove fast, I could probably make up the time.

"I really gotta run. I can't be late for this meeting. We can talk about it later." She escorted me to the back door, naked, and gave me a warm kiss that had me contemplating rescheduling. No. What was I thinking. I jogged down the alley to my house, and leapt into my truck, the taste of her lips still lingering.

* * *

The next day I got a call.

"Did you make it?"


"Did you make your lunch meeting?" she asked me with a giggle.

"Shit. I had to wait almost 15 minutes for them. I probably had enough time for another blow-job." I laughed in response.

"Right. After coming three times in less than an hour? My jaw would still be aching, and you'd have left with blue-balls. Believe me, I know."

It was hard to believe this was the same little chaste Southern Baptist mommy who'd never even SEEN a hard-on other than her husband's until less than a month ago. The same girl who had delivered her first blow-job, on video tape no less, just a scant three weeks ago.

"I've been thinking about it." She said.

"Thinking about what?"

"About how to blackmail Donna." She sounded peeved, like I should have known.

"Are you still on that? I mean, seriously, not that I wouldn't mind having her, but who's got the time. If I've got some spare cycles, I know who I want to spend them in. Besides, I've still got the home fires to take care of."

"I told you I don't like to hear about that. Please." A little more irritated now.

"I'm sorry." I didn't go any further than that. When I explained what I was sorry about, I was usually wrong anyway. Just get the apology out there, and let them apply it as they will. Shit, I didn't need to apologize anyway. What was I thinking? Hell, it didn't hurt I guess.

The line was quiet for just a few seconds.

"It's ok. But you know it's only fair. If you're going to blackmail me, you really should have to blackmail Donna." She insisted.

This was women's logic as far as I was concerned. I just couldn't get my mind around the convoluted thinking.

"Maybe you're right," I told her, trying to placate her. Anything to just get her off the subject.

"What if I invited her over to my place? When the time is right, of course. And I told her you were threatening to blackmail both of us? Then, if she hesitated, I could give in, and she'd pretty much have to as well. And even if she didn't, if you were to tape our little meeting, a video of her being there while I sucked you off would be pretty damning. I imagine at the least we can get her to strip for you, and that should be enough added evidence to really get her in hot water." She was speaking quickly, blurting it out.

"I don't know, it sounds pretty complicated." I told her, wondering what it would take to get her off the subject. If I had been over there, I could just fill her mouth with cock. That usually shut her up.

"It really isn't. Why don't you come over and I can explain it to you while your fucking me with that big fat juicy cock of yours." She almost purred over the phone.

"Jesus, Krista! I really need to finish this report." I told her.

"You can finish it later. It won't take me too long to lay out the whole plan for you, while you're filling me with that delicious hunk of meet you've got hanging between your legs. Just don't stick it in my butt until I'm done explaining it. You know how hard it is for me to talk when your butt-fucking me."

I didn't really know. I'd only been down that path that first time, but it sounded like an incredibly good idea at the moment. Although I was astounded that she was the one to suggest it. What had happened to the shy, hesitant, reserved Church Lady?

"I'll be there in two minutes." I told her.

"Hurry lover. Come in the back. I'll be in the bed. Oh did you hear me? 'Come in the back'. Not until after I tell you the plan, ok?"

I just hung up, and jogged down the stairs.

* * *

I was fucking her doggy style, eyeing the target I was soon going to be attacking. Incredibly I had completely forgotten to get my "welcome" blow-job.

"Tuesday, next week should be good. We are supposed to go shopping for sweaters, and I can invite her over here first. If we don't get around to the sweaters it's no big deal." She was damned insistent. She had the whole thing planned out, down to where I was supposed to put the cameras. But as I started to think about it, the idea of Donna riding my cock to oblivion didn't seem so bad.

"Bring the pictures in an envelope. All of them. The pictures of all of us." She continued.

"I don't have the pictures of you." I told her, as I enjoyed the feeling of sliding in and out of her from behind. I swear I enjoy the view almost as much as the feeling. Looking down across that delectable ass, to see my fat rod sliding into her, and then her pink lips clinging to me as I pulled back out.

"But they were digital. You just gave me the prints." She sounded perplexed.

"I told you I'd destroy them."

"But when you said you'd give me all the copies, and delete them from your hard-drive, I figured you probably still had a copy on a CD or something." Her breathing was a little ragged. She'd been doing a lot of talking and we'd been doing a lot of fucking.

"Listen. I told you I wouldn't lie to you. I'd trick you and deceive you, but not lie. I'm honest, just not all that moral." I reminded her, giving a few hard thrusts for emphasis.

"That's ok. I still have my copies. I assume you have other pictures from that night?" She was leaning over now, her head and shoulders resting on the bed, while her sweet little ass was raised up nice and high for me. I couldn't resist it any longer and after wetting my finger, I started working it around her teasing little butt-hole.

"I have several others," I admitted. "Even a couple more of you. I got rid of all the pictures I showed you. Not all the pictures I'd taken." I worked at it, my finger up to the second joint.

Her voice was getting more ragged by the minute. "Good! You bring the pictures, and I'll bring, OUCH, gentle back there, I'll bring Krista. You come over by 10:00 and we'll have plenty of time to set up." She barely got the words out before I was sticking a second finger in that nearly virgin ass, and opening her up.

"Christ that hurts!" she cried, pulling away a bit. "Get some lube out of my drawer before you tear me apart, please."

I was a little put-off by her demanding tone, but she just looked at me with those big blue eyes, and I could see the glistening of almost shed tears.

"Please," she asked nicely, looking at me worriedly. I wonder how I must have looked to her for her to get so nervous.

Reluctantly I pulled my wet cock out of her, and felt the cool air against it as I opened the drawer. I spotted a red bottle that said "Slippery Stuff". Bingo.

I was back behind her quickly, putting a few drops on the crack of her ass, and using my finger to apply it. My finger slid into her tight butt easily. This stuff really worked.

"I never would have thought, looking at you a month ago, that you'd have sex lube in your bedroom. You wild thing." I teased trying to get us back in the mood. I placed a bit more of the lube on my cock and rubbed it all over.

"Not my idea." She said softly. Again I could hear in her voice the reluctance to talk about anything personal when it came to her love life.

That's right. No matter what we'd been doing, talking about our spouses and our love-life at home was strictly taboo. Although it was Ok to talk about blackmailing one of her best friends. You figure it out.

"Well, for the moment, I'm glad." I told her lining up my cock, and pressing the spongy head against her little brown asterisk. She was quiet as I got ready to enter her, and then she gave a small moan as I pushed and easily slid a couple of inches into her sweet butt.

"Wow!" She said, with a air of relief, "That wasn't bad at all. I'll have to thank Rich for that one," she giggled, giving her butt a wiggle. "Go ahead, stud, give me some more."

I didn't want to disappoint her, so I held her cheeks tightly and pushed smoothly getting half of my length firmly inside her.

"Damn that feels weird," she told me, gently rocking against my insistent intruder.

"I wouldn't call it weird," I told her, working back and forth, and getting a little further with each partial stroke.

"Maybe not from your end," she said, pointedly.


"Touché, my ass," she said, and then giggled at the appropriateness of the comment as I was sheathing my sword in that self-same ass.

That first time, that first day when I made her mine, I hadn't gotten much more that half my length into her butt, but this time, things were going much better, and I was nearly buried. In order to get that last little bit of virgin butt, I had to shove hard, fucking her ass a little more willfully.

"Oh my God. I just felt your balls slap against me as you pushed that beast almost to my tonsils," she gasped.

"That's it. You've got it all, there ain't no more." I told her, pulling her back hard, my entire shaft invisible, firmly ensconced in her back door.

"Do that again. I want to feel your balls banging against Wilma, as you fuck my butt."


I wasn't about to argue. I wanted it bad. I'd been fucking her for at least 15 minutes, maybe longer. Combine that with being inside that tight ass, and the idea of being the first to fuck her there, and I was ready to really go for it.

"Pretty demanding for a sex slave, aren't you," I teased as I started using more of my length on her. Maybe a solid ass-reaming would be a good reminder of who was in charge here.

"Only because you're such a great owner," she replied, breathlessly.

It took a bit of playing around, but I finally found a rhythm, that had me pounding into her butt, with my balls almost tapping out a counterpoint, slapping against her pussy. She was getting really wet, and the slapping of my balls against her love hole was getting to sound juicier and juicier.

She was moaning loudly and her hands where clenched between her legs. I could feel my balls occasionally slapping against her fingers as she worked herself over. Something else that I would never have imagined in my wildest dreams.

Like a firecracker she popped, crying out, "Oh God, I'm coming, I'm coming, I'm coming," and then moaning loudly, almost crying.

I fucked her harder, not worrying about the niceties of making my balls hit her just right, but slicing that ass up for all I was worth. Bang. Bang. Bang. Pounding my cock into her as hard as I could. Fucking that virgin ass like a pussy.

She cried out, "Yes, Yes, Yes, you fucker, fuck my ass, fuck it! Oh, Oh, OOOHHH," and she was coming explosively again, harder than I'd ever seen her come. It was amazing, and just so damn exciting, I had to join her, slamming in all the way to the balls, and filling her bowels with my jism.

"GOD! That feels so wild, your hot juice filling me," she gasped, reaching back and holding her ass cheeks wide, as I finished in her.

I collapsed beside her, breath heaving, bathed in sweat. She'd have to change the sheets.

"That was the most incredible thing I ever felt." She confessed, wide eyed in amazement over her own strong feelings.

"I told you I'd make you come." But I'd never expected anything like that.

"It's not always like that, is it? I mean, doing the butt thingy." She asked curiously.

"Hardly. Never really. Not even close. You were pretty incredible," I told her. She was stretched out beside me, laying on her belly, and I reached down to rub those curvaceous cheeks of her tempting tail. My finger had a mind of it's own, as it preceded to lodge itself inside her butt again. She just gave a delicious little 'mmmm', and wiggled so I could get it a little deeper.

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