tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blackmail Tale Ch. 04

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 04

byTx Tall Tales©

* * *

Part IV of the Blackmail tales. If you haven't already read them, you may want to start with parts I, II, and III - A Bit of Blackmail, A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy. Just click on my name to find all my stories, and start from there.

* * *

Chapter 4: Donna

"Hi Donna," I spoke from the recliner.

She cried out in surprise, and almost jumped out of her pants. It would have saved us some time.

"Gosh! You scared the daylights out of me Alex. I didn't expect to find you here? Is Rich here too?" She asked, looked past me towards the rest of the house.

"Nope. Just me." I answered with a smirk.

She looked at me bewildered, and turned to Krista who was just stepping into the living room herself.

"Alex asked me to invite you over," Krista said shakily, drinking deeply from a glass of wine that had mysteriously appeared in her hand. "What did you want to say, Alex?"

I just leaned over and pushed the two large brown manila envelopes towards the ladies. Each was labeled with a name.

Donna picked hers up, still looking damned confused, and when she opened the envelope I could almost hear all the breath leave her body. She dropped the envelope and most of the pictures, barely holding onto two of them. Her hands were shaking.

I stood and walked past her, looking over her shoulder. "That's not even the best one," I told her, placing my hand on her shoulder and feeling her shudder.

"Jesus, Alex, what's this all about!" Krista exclaimed in well-acted shock.

"Just some pictures I had laying around. I thought maybe it was time they saw the light of day." I reached down to the pile of pictures at Donna's feet, pulling out a truly damning picture. In it Donna was leaning back in a hot-tub, her arms stretched across the back, eyes closed. Her breasts were well up out of the water, and her nipples were clearly hard. Krista was standing between her legs, and leaning towards her, naked as the day she was born, her delicious ass just hovering at the top of the water.

It looked pretty wild, but Krista had just been stepping past her. The picture made it look like she was stepping into her.

"Now this," I said, handing it to Donna, "was one of my favorites."

Donna couldn't speak, it looked like she was still in shock. But she took the picture and looked at it. I saw her eyes glistening with held back tears.

"Please, Alex, be reasonable. You can't let anybody see these. Rich would kill me." Krista whined.

"Oh, I can be very reasonable." I laughed. "Maybe we can work out a deal."

"What kind of deal? You know we don't have much money." Krista asked, feigning concern.

"I was thinking more along the lines of barter." I teased, walking past Krista, and letting my hand run through her hair.

Donna finally spoke up. "Fuck you, Alex. I'm just going to explain it to Dave. He'll understand."

"Really? That's awfully decent of him. And you'll explain it to your Bible group, and the PTA? I've heard those pictures just might find themselves on the Internet. Hell, I can't quite recall. They might be there right now."

"If you show those to anybody else, I'll call the police." Donna growled.

"That's Ok. I'll take them down as soon as the police ask me to. Not that there's anything illegal here. Hell, it looks to me like you guys are posing for the camera in this one. No hidden cameras, no drugs. Just some wild women crying over spilt milk." I laughed.

I stepped over to Krista and asked her, "How about you? You just going to explain these to Rich, your parents, his parents, and anybody else I can think of?"

Krista stared at the pictures, and then asked me softly, "Can you give us a moment?"

"Sure," I said, wandering off to the kitchen and grabbing myself a cold brew. "Take your time."

Krista led Donna into her bedroom and closed the door. It was a couple of minutes before they came out.

"What's it going to take?" Krista asked, as she and Donna stood before me.

"Make me an offer." I answered.

"We want all the pictures. And your promise that this is the last we'll ever hear of it. Every picture destroyed." Donna spoke up.

"Gee, that doesn't sound like much of an offer to me." I laughed. "Surely you can do better than that."

"You make me that promise." Donna insisted.

"And?" I asked.

"And just this once, you can have 15 minutes with me. You can't do anything with Krista." She sounded really angry, and she crossed her arms looking at me almost begging me to argue with her.

"Damn, Donna, that's a hell of a first offer. But why shouldn't I get something from Krista as well?"

"Take it or leave it." Donna insisted, while Krista leaned in and whispered to her.

"And what do I get for those 15 minutes?" I asked, intrigued. This certainly wasn't going where I'd anticipated.

"Me. Naked. Now."

"So it's a strip show? C'mon, you can do better than that."

"Not a strip show, me, naked, to do with as you please." Donna explained.

I took a moment to ponder the offer. I had cameras in the bookshelf over my shoulder, pointed down towards my lap, and I had two more in the bedroom, focused on the bed. Krista had helped me position them that very morning, and we'd even tested them a bit, just a tease for me, still saving up for the real action. Now I just had to make sure whatever happened, it happened in the right place.

"I'm really not in much of a hurry, why don't we make it 30 minutes, and you've got a deal." I countered.

Donna raised her eyebrows. "Thirty minutes? That should be interesting. And in return we get all the pictures, no copies anywhere, and nobody hears about it?"

I stood up, and extended my hand. "You've got a deal, beautiful." I turned to Krista, "I hope you don't mind if we use your bedroom."

She didn't answer as I took Donna by the hand, and lead her down the path of future ownership.

After we entered the room, she closed the door behind us. She then took off her clothing, very matter-of-factly, folding them carefully, and turned away from me, laying down on the bed. She looked so damn good, her full breasts separating naturally, her fair skin almost immaculate. She had a very light bikini tan, just accenting those naughty areas that were mine for the moment.

As I started undressing myself, she spoke savagely. "You may fuck my body, but I'm not going to help you."

"Now Donna, that's not a very good attitude. It doesn't have to be like that," I told her.

I grinned to myself. I could see the wetness in her panties, and I could smell her from where I stood. She was dripping wet. She pretended not to care, but I saw her watching as I lowered my boxers. I was standing fully erect, and I saw her eyes grasp the full extent of all that she was about to receive.

I thought about playing games with her, but the moment got the better of me. I stood at the foot of the bed and reached down and spread her legs open. I looked at her glistening light brown hair, contrasting neatly with the very blonde hair on her head. I climbed between her legs and placed her calves over my shoulders. Her leg trembled, and I saw a ripple of nervousness run down her body.

I was more than ready. Stiff cock in hand, I rubbed the head over her moist opening, parting the hair, and her swollen lips. Then I placed the shiny purple helmet inside her opening, and slowly slid all the way inside her. It was delicious.

She just laid there, trying to hide any feelings. I smiled, sliding slowly out, and then pushing steadily back in.

"That's not so bad, is it Donna?" I asked her softly, stroking her slowly. When she didn't answer, I took her ankles in my hands and spread her legs in a huge upright V. Then I pushed in hard. Slow out strokes, and hard, insistent in strokes. Her tits bounced with each stroke, providing an enticing show.

After a minute or so of that I released her legs and leaned over her, playing with her breasts. I extended myself over her, prostrate, my face over hers. Her face was no longer looking quite as angry as before. I leaned down, nuzzling her neck, and starting fucking this surprising MILF harder.

"God, you feel nice, Donna. Nice and tight." I whispered into her ear, thrusting firmly. "Too nice. I wouldn't want you getting me all worked up too quickly now, would I?"

I pulled out, and laid down next to her, just playing with her body, teasing her nipples, fingering her squishy wet slit. She wasn't moaning yet, but the whole ice queen thing had definitely started to melt away. I was a little irritated with myself, just jumping on her and riding away, with no thought about tomorrow.

"Now, as I understand our bet, there were no limitations set, were there? Thirty minutes with you naked, to do with as I please. Right?" I asked her, getting up on my knees, and then climbing off the bed.

"Why? What do you have in mind?" Donna asked, lifting up onto her elbows and looking at me a little cautiously.

"I'm thinking that pretty, saucy mouth of yours is something I'd like to take advantage of. And we can do it one of two ways. I can lay you down, tilt your head over the edge, and fuck your mouth and throat raw, or I can let you do the work." I told her, reaching out and running my fingers over her red lips.

"I'm not going to give you a blowjob, Alex. You want it, you take it." She told me fiercely.

Now that was an offer just too good to ignore. Just the thought put the iron in my pipe.

I might have been a tad rough, as I laid her out, repositioning her body in such a way that I could get as much of her on camera as possible, while also getting a clear view of her face and soon to be filled mouth. She looked ferocious as I tilted her head back just a bit further, and gripping her well formed chin, I opened her mouth. I leaned forward a bit, and cock in hand, I introduced the bulbous head to her sweet lips. She tried to stay slack mouthed, but what I was offering was a good bit more than a mouthful, and it stretched her lips nicely as I pushed in further.

I thought she might shy away from the stickiness of her own juices, but she took the first couple of inches like a champ. It was a beautiful thing, fucking her mouth, but I wanted more, several inches more.

"Relax now, baby, and open wide. You might want to hold your breath. Stick your tongue out too if you know what's good for you." I told her, and then I pushed hard, blocked by the back of her mouth. I think she was trying to block my progress with her tongue, but I started shoving, in and out, pushing harder, and I felt myself slide into her throat. She immediately started gagging and I pulled out letting her gasp. She tilted her head to the side like she was going to throw-up, but she just gagged a few more times.

"Push your tongue out and relax," I told her, reaching for her face, and straightening it out again.

"I'm--I'm not used to this," she said, a little more diffidently.

"That's ok, I don't mind." I answered, my cock once again poised at her lips.

I slipped it in, and let her get used to it for a few short strokes before warning her I was going for more. This time I saw her tongue protruding from her mouth, along the top of my cock, and I pushed deep. On the out stroke she gagged a bit, but not enough to stop me from giving another push, and once in her throat holding it there. From this angle I could see a bit of swelling across her neck where I entered her throat, and it was exciting as hell. I gave an extra little push, before I pulled out to her gasping and gagging again.

"Shit," she mumbled, spitting up some saliva, and I could see her debating letting me fuck her throat any more. Her eyes were watering, but still looked determined.

"You're actually pretty good at this." I teased her. "Have you tried to deep throat anyone before?" I asked.

She just shook her head, then of her own volition, she laid back down and opened her mouth for me again.

What a sweet girl. I was REALLY going to enjoy playing with her.

This time I fucked her mouth like a cunt. Just driving into it, pulling out and driving again. She was moaning and gasping as I leaned over and grasped her full tits, squeezing her nipples and pulling up on them, and I entered her throat repeatedly. Her nose and eyes were running, but she didn't fight me until it just got too uncomfortable I guess, and she put her hands up and pushed my hips away.

She rolled over onto her hands and knees, coughing and gasping. Finally she said softly, "It's too much."

"Your call." I answered, I laid down cross ways, again looking for the best camera angle, and told her, "I'll let you drive for a while, if you'd like. Although I have to tell you that I really enjoyed that last little bit. I think I could even come like that."

She got off the bed, took my shirt and wiped her face on it. That was naughty. I would make her pay for that one eventually. Afterwards, though. I'll give her credit, she got back on the bed, and went down on me like a champ. She didn't hold back, sucking and stroking my cock, working it. I suspected she was trying to make me come. But that was Ok. If I did come, I didn't doubt I'd be up for another bout shortly.

I sat back and watched as the pretty young MILF sucked me, and was a little surprised when she tried to take me deep. She didn't make much progress, but give her an "A" for effort.

I was loving it, but again, wanted more, so I eventually eased her away, and sat up. I looked at the clock and already nearly 10 minutes had passed.

"I need to fuck you again, Donna. The blow job was nice, thank you, but that first taste of your pussy really was something. But before I do that..." I reached out and flipped her back onto her back again, spreading those legs wide, and I crawled up between them. "Let's just see what we're working with down here."

She had a pretty little pussy. Neatly trimmed for a bathing suit, but not sheared. Her lips were swollen, red and protruding, and I took them one at a time into my mouth, sucking on them. Then I worked on her clit a bit, licking away the length of the pussy, and resting my tongue over her clit, I shook my head, pressing down, giving her enough pressure for fun, but without pain. I wanted her to want me. I wanted her to get into it. It would look better on camera.

Between my tongue and my fingers I was able to do just that. She was into it. She was trembling and soon moaning, and when I felt her fingers in my hair I knew I had her. I pressed deep with my fingers, turned upright and searching out her g-spot, while lashing her clit with my tongue until she was breathing hard and gasping. I felt her rear raise up off the bed, and just before she could come I pulled up, stopping completely.

"Noooo! Don't stop," she cried out, thrusting up with her hips.

I just smiled for her, and lifted her legs wide, crawling up between her legs on my knees and putting my stiff cock at the gates of heaven. "Should I...?" I teased, rubbing the head up and down her wet slit.

"Just fuck me, you bastard," she growled, pushing her pussy up toward me, trying to get me to enter her.

Fifteen minutes gone.

"What a nice offer, I'd love to fuck you Donna," I replied, and jabbed deep with my cock, pushing to the limit immediately.

"God, that's a lot of cock," she moaned as she sank back into the pillows.

I fucked her then, hard and fast. After the previous build up, within moments she was cresting her own mountain of pleasure, and I helped her along the way, reaching down with my hand and rubbing her clit with my thumb.

The pounding did it's job, and once I had the right angle and rhythm she let me know it. With that as my cue, I worked her just as she needed it, until I watched her finally peak. Just as she was about to go off, I reached forward with my other hand and tweaked her nipple.

"FUCK!" She cried out loudly, and then came hard underneath me, almost bucking me off.

That must have been the signal that Krista was looking for. We really had not planned on anything like Donna's martyr act, and solo offer. Just as Donna came, Krista opened the door and walked in, straight to the side of the bed, and reached her hand out and placed it on Donna's head, stroking her hair. Krista was naked, except for a smallish pair of panties.

I continued fucking Donna hard, now at my own pace, turning her on the bed, almost on her side, and lifting one leg up that I hung onto for leverage. I straddled her other leg and fucked her deep.

"I couldn't stay out there, Donna. I felt guilty, you having to pay the price," Krista told her, as she sat oh the edge of the bed, stroking Donna's hair, while I screwed her to another smaller orgasm. She trembled all over, coming on my cock.

I reached out and pulled Krista to me. I grabbed her head, and kissed her deeply while I pounded at Donna, a little slower now, but the angle was perfect for me, and the long strokes were pulling me right to the edge. Krista put one leg up on the bed, and raised her body, pulling my head down and offering me her tits. I leaned into her, sucking up one of her nipples, then capturing it in my teeth and tugging. I pulled away.

"Straddle her," I told Krista, and she did, right across Donna's waist, facing me.

"Kiss me now," I told her breathlessly, and she did, kissing me deeply, sliding her ass back to Donna's chest, and placing one hand down between Donna and I, her fingers in a 'V' where I entered her friend.

I came explosively, slamming into the immobilized Donna, flooding her with two days worth of cum. I must have shot off nearly a dozen times, the feeling was so intense. God, I loved fucking a woman for the first time, it was so exciting.

I rolled off of her eventually, breathing hard, sweating, and laid down beside her. "Wow, you are a hot little piece, Miss Evans," I said. I peered over at the bedside clock. 21 minutes gone.

"Krista, come here," I told her, and she did, obediently.

"I want to fuck her again," I said, nodding towards Donna, and pulling her head into my lab.

Krista just smiled, and slowly, carefully, licked Donna's and my mixed juices off of my shaft and head, never letting me go completely soft. I was enjoying it, looking at her pretty face swallowing me, while Donna had rolled onto her side and watched.

"Help her," I told Donna.

She looked over at the clock. "Only four minutes left, stud." But that didn't deter her, and she scooted down next to her best friend. Krista moved to the side to make room for her, and for the next couple of minutes I was the beneficiary of an amazing dual blow-job. I never wanted it to end.

But I did have a job to do.

I stopped them, and standing up I quickly pulled Krista's panties off. I put her on the bed on her hands and knees, and approached her from behind.

"That wasn't the deal, Alex." Donna argued, but she took up position next to me and looked down to where I was pointing my cock at Krista's shaven pussy.

"I know, but damn! If she's willing, I'd be a fool to pass. And you're willing, aren't you, Krista?" I said, poised with my new sturdy erection just pressing inside the lips of Krista's familiar folds.

"Ready, willing, and able." Krista replied with a giggle.

All the encouragement I needed. The clock was down to 1 minute. I pushed slowly into her, holding her ass cheeks open wide, so Donna and I could both enjoy the slutty view.

"That looks so hot." Donna confessed, as I withdrew slowly, watching Krista's tight twat resist the release.

"Lie underneath her, and I can take turns fucking you both," I told Donna, leaning over and stealing a kiss. She returned the kiss ardently, ever so reluctant to end it as I pulled away, still slowly fucking sweet Krista.

"No way buddy! Your 30 minutes are up." She laughed. Then she leaned in and kissed me again.

When we broke I teased her, "We're here, you're naked, the deed's done. Let's just play for a bit longer. All debts are paid, this is just because we can."

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