tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blackmail Tale Ch. 08

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 08

byTx Tall Tales©

* * * *

Alex's wife brings a little role-playing into the bedroom, trying on the part of her best friend. An afternoon discussion at Donna's breaks down into a well-earned punishment session, long overdue.

There are seven more stories before this one. They should be read in order. Why not click on my name, and do that now. Start with a Bit of Blackmail, then A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy. They're numbered after that.

* * * *

Chapter 08: Punished!

Sunday was a day of rest, luckily, and I could certainly use it. Abby was still in her penitent mode, and was talking to Krista more than ever. She was trying to get her to forgive Rich, and they talked on the phone for hours. That evening, we went to bed together, and she updated me a little on what was going on.

"I think it's going to be Ok," she told me, cuddled up against me.

"How's that?"

"She said she was going to let him back in the bedroom, but she was done having sex with him for a while." She told me while her hand slowly stroked my limp cock.

"How's that better?" I asked, enjoying the gentle action.

"She said if he was good, she'd let him go down on her, but that was it. At least it's a start." She was a little harder to hear, as she moved down the bed, bringing her mouth inline with my hardening partner.

"I guess that's good," I told her.

She sucked me silently for a while, getting me fully hard, before climbing on top of me again.

"We're ok, aren't we?" she asked me cautiously.

"What do you think?"

"I think we'll be fine. You know I don't want anyone but you." She told me as she rocked back and forth on my staff. "You know it was just a silly, stupid mistake."

I just grunted my assent.

"Close your eyes for me," she said a few moments later, and then crawled off. She returned with her sleeping mask. "Can I put this on you, please?"

"Go ahead," I told her.

She did, and then I felt her climb off the bed. From the doorway her voice called out. "Alex, it's me, Krista, can I come in?" She put on a thick Texas drawl, and spoke in a higher pitch, doing a surprisingly good Krista impression.

"Sure Krista, I hope you'll excuse me for not getting dressed."

She climbed into the bed beside me, and placed her head on my chest. "I can't get past what he did, how he made your slut wife suck him off. I just can't get past it." Her voice sounded sorrowful, but her hand was caressing my stomach, just an inch or two above my hard cock.

"It was a bad thing," I told her, stroking her back.

"Abby thinks that if I were to be with you, well it would kind of even things out." She said softly. Her hand crept down and touched my cock softly, hesitantly. "What do you think?"

"I don't really know. I guess it would be a good start." I told her, stroking her side, my fingers, caressing the edge of her breast.

"What... what would you want to do with me?" she asked, her hand now more confident, stroking my hard cock, cupping the head, and playing with the slick precum.

"Everything." I told her.

"Everything?" her voice cracked.

"Everything. All the things you won't do with him. Now that would be a payback." I thrust my hand against her hand.

"Oh God, I don't know." The words were drawn out in the western twang, that almost had me believing it was her.

"And Abby would have to be here, I couldn't do it behind her back." I told her.

"She's here now, watching from the door. It's so embarrassing."

"My cock is aching for your mouth, Krista," I told her, pushing her head down towards my waist.

"Please, couldn't I start with something else?" she asked. Yet she scooted down the bed.

"Just explore it. Lick it for me. Place it in your mouth. See what it feels like." I implored her.

I felt her lick my cock, tentatively, then again. Then she put the end of my cock in her mouth and sucked and licked it. It felt great, but weird. Here we were, my wife pretending to be her best friend, practicing her first blow job on me. On the other hand, I knew that Krista was far more experienced at this than anybody could imagine. What a tangled web.

"Was that ok?" She asked innocently.

"More than ok, just move your head up and down more, and take more of me in your mouth." I told her.

She started quietly, easily, tentatively, and with some gentle guidance from me, was soon sucking me with wild abandon. She pulled her mouth off of me with and audible 'pop'. "God, that makes me feel so sexy, it's getting me wet," she said in a quiet voice.

"Wet enough for you to get on top of me?" I asked her.

"I guess we can find out," she answered, and then she was straddling me.

"Damn, Krista, you're tight, you better go slow," I said reaching out and holding her hips.

"It's too much. You're so big, I can't get all the way down, I'm sorry," she gasped, sitting up and fucking the top few inches of my cock. "I want to, I really do." She moaned in frustration.

I reached up and pulled her body down to mine, her head tucked into my shoulder. "It's ok, we'll go slow, you'll get used to it."

"Ok god, I don't think so, you're tearing me open," she moaned.

I held her hips up and fucked her slowly penetrating further and further.

"Slower, please, ow, it hurts," she sounded like she was almost crying.

"I can stop," I told her stopping my movement.

"NO!" She cried out, "Don't stop, just go slowly, please. I can feel your fat cock almost in my stomach," she told me.

I started fucking her again, slowly, but in just a few minutes I had to pick up the pace and I was soon bottomed out in her.

"Oh. Oh. Oh," she groaned at the end of each thrust. "No more, I can't take any more," she cried.

"You have it all." I told her, then held her tight against my cock, completely buried in her. "That's all of it."

"Oh God, I did it. I took the whole thing," she gasped. I felt her move cautiously up and down on my cock, then more aggressively.

"Fuck me," she said softly.

"Happily," I answered and fucked into her hard, pounding her, holding her hips just above mine and slamming up into her repeatedly.

"Ooooh," she cried out, "don't stop, you're going to make me come, don't stop, please."

I wasn't planning on stopping but kept fucking away. It was work, I'd been doing it for several minutes, and I was enjoying the feel, but was getting a little tired. Then she slammed her hips down onto me, grinding, while she moaned.

"Alex, Alex, oh God, you made me come so hard," she said, her lips kissing me all over my chest and neck. "I've never felt anything like it."

"I'm sorry," I told her.


"Sorry that you'd never felt anything like that. I'd like to make you feel that time and time again."

She moved to the side, and I heard the drawers on the side of the bed open. Then she was dripping lube on my turgid meat.

"That just leaves one last thing to do." she told me. Then she grabbed my hand and put the bottle of lube in it. "I'm on my hands and knees, with my virgin ass waiting for you. Please be gentle."

The blindfold was getting a little distracting but I managed to sit up and reach out and find her ass raised up off the bed. "You really have a sweet butt," I told her, dribbling a few drops of lube onto her butthole, and fingering her. I gave it a couple of good squirts, getting a little messy, and used the excess to rub over my cock. Then I put the spongy head of my cock at her opening.

"You're going to do it now, aren't you? You're really going to fuck my ass." She said softly, with a ring of fear in her voice.

"Yes, Krista, I'm going to fuck that sweet little virgin ass of yours." At that, I gave a push, and slid the head into her.

"Oh stop! Stop! It's too big. It hurts," she cried.

"Just wait a moment and relax, you'll get used to it." I assured her, adding a couple of more drops of lube where I entered her. Then I pushed a little more, sinking a few more inches in.

"God, that's huge." she groaned. "Are you all the way in?"

I laughed, "I've barely started, my love," and then I stroked the few inches in and out, gaining just a little more ground.

"Please, is there much more?" She asked, panting loudly.

"Just a bit," and then I pulled back and pushed hard, burying the full length of my cock inside her tight little butt.

She screamed out, and then gasped, "Christ that hurts! People like this?" she gasped.

"Just relax, you'll get used to it. You really will." I told her. "Maybe Abby could help a little, licking you down there. It will make you feel better."

"Abby? What are you doing, Oh Abby, I don't know, this is too much, too soon, Oh, Oh, OOOOH!" She cried out.

I eased out and slid back in, hearing her groan. Again, and again I slowly fucked that ass, until the going was easy. I was so excited, I knew I couldn't last long, and I started fucking her hard.

"Oh god, oh god," she moaned, "I can't believe how that feels, it's just so wild," she said. "Don't stop Abby, please don't," she said, her ass thrusting back against my strokes.

I picked up the pace and quickly pounded her, knowing I'd already reached the point of no return. "I'm going to come in your virgin ass, Krista. Tell me you want it."

"I do, oh God I do. Pound my dirty little ass with the great big fat cock. Fuck me, fuck my ass, Alex, come in my ass." She moaned with feeling.

It was enough. I grabbed her hips hard, sunk the full length of my cock into her one last time, and let my balls explode, splashing my cum deep inside her.

"OH GOD!" she cried out, "Oh god, oh god, oh god, it's burning inside me. I can feel every drop deep inside me, oh, oh, OOOH," She screamed out in her orgasm, as I finished buried in that sweet virgin ass.

Then she pulled herself off of me, turned and gave me a soft kiss. "Thank you, Alex. I'm glad it was you." Then she was gone.

Abby pulled the mask off of me, then cleaned me up with a wet washcloth.

"It looks like you enjoyed Krista," she said with a devious smile.

"Maybe, just a little."

"That was really naughty, making me lick her," she said, easing me back on the bed.

"Naughtier than fucking her ass in front of you?" I teased.

"Oh, much naughtier. I thought you were going to make her lick me," she answered.

"That would be round two," I told her with a grin.

"Mmmm. I can hardly wait," she said, cuddling up next to me, my cum leaking out of her ass.

"Me either," I said softly, contemplating the idea with pleasure.


Monday morning I had taken a mid-morning work break and was putting Krista through the same paces I'd pretended to the previous night. I told her how the entire scene had played out.

We both got a little laugh out of it, and she went along, moaning how huge I was, and how it never fit. Like that was a problem. We both knew I fit her to perfection.

I was riding her ass, near the end of our play, when the phone rang. She picked it up, and did her best to carry on a conversation, while I plowed her rear.

"Oh, Hi, I was just thinking about you," she exclaimed, listening to the response on the other end. "No, nothing in particular, where do you want to meet?" She asked, the added quickly, "Oh nothing really, I just ran up the stairs and I'm a bit winded." Then she giggled, "I wish! Nope just doing laundry. I really gotta go, but I'll be there at 12:30, see ya then." She hung up the phone and heaped on the grief. "You are so bad! Couldn't you have lightened up for just a second?" She asked as I tugged on her hips and continued plugging her butt, as I had for the entire conversation.

"Nope." I answered, "That's too much willpower for any man, to stop fucking your sweet, tight butt in mid-stroke."

"That's about the naughtiest thing yet, talking to your wife, while your fucking me in the ass." She gasped.

"My wife?" I asked, slowing down the reaming.

"Yeah, we're meeting for lunch in about and hour and a half," she laughed. "I hope you can leave me a nice deposit. I love the feeling of you slowly seeping out of me during the day. Especially seated in a nice restaurant chatting up your slut wife."

I laughed out loud, and slowly picked up the pace again. "Let's see if I can't do something about that. I think if you're a good girl, I could leave a deposit in front and rear." I was actually pretty damn close to dropping that first deposit already.

"You mean if I'm a bad girl, don't you?" she asked wiggled her ass.

"A very bad girl."


I'd been laying in bed, the last few nights, well sated by my darling slut-wife Abby's attempts to get back in my good graces. Even completely drained, I couldn't help but wonder how I could spend more time with Donna. Then it hit me.

That's why Monday afternoon I was parked in front of Donna's, knocking on the door. I could see her blue Suburban parked in the driveway. Not to be confused with Krista's black Suburban. Or Misty's burgundy Suburban. It seemed every soccer mom / MILF in north Dallas drove a suburban.

She answered the door in a light weight, white spaghetti strap top that hid little of her treasure chest. Her shorts looked like men's boxers, large and loose. She looked confused, just staring at me, stunned.

"Invite me in?" I asked.

She looked up and down the street, and hustled me in the door, closing it quickly behind me. "Damn it, Alex! You shouldn't be here. At the very least you could call."

I look at her a little amused. Then I reached for her, spun her around and pushed her up against the door. "Is this where you want me to give you a lesson on manners, you little bitch?" I pressed up hard against her ass, then reached down and grabbed her crotch hard.

"No, please no, I'm sorry. You just surprised me." She gasped, almost in tears.

"This was supposed to be a happy meeting, I had some great news for you. But now you've got me in a bad mood. Why, Donna?"

She cautiously slid out from against me, when I eased back. She turned and hugged me, "I'm sorry, please," she murmured, kissing all over my chest. "Let me make it up to you. I can make you happy; you know I can." Then she was rubbing at my crotch, feeling my response to her efforts.

She escorted me to the family room. She stripped off her shirt, and then pulled my pants off. On her knees she did her best to adjust my mood, putting her heart and soul into the blowjob she was delivering. It was nice. And mood altering. It didn't take her long to put a smile back on my face.

I helped her off the floor, and held her in my arms, hugging her. "Isn't that a much nicer way to greet me?" I asked her, as I slid my hands inside her loose boxers, massaging her ass.

"Much better," she agreed softly. "I was just surprised and scared. Forgive me?"

"Not yet." I sat down in the middle of her couch, "come here, and lay across my lap." I told her.

She was obviously hesitant, but just as obviously didn't want to get in further trouble. She did as told, her cloth encased ass across my right thigh.

"What...what are you going to do?" she asked timorously.

"You've been behaving like a spoiled little girl," I told her, "so I'm going to punish you like a spoiled little girl." I peeled her boxers down to her knees, and looked down at that marvelous round white ass, before I slapped her ass cheek, hard.

"Oooh!" She cried out, but she didn't have time to talk. I lit into her ass with a series of hard smacks, not slowing down and not easing up. I alternated cheeks, working all over her rear, leaving no area untouched. Her ass was bright red and she was sobbing before I started to slow down.

"Please!" she cried, when I took a short break. My hand was stinging, so I know her rear must be on fire.

"Are you going to respect me?" I asked her, smacking her once more hard.

"YES!" she cried out, squirming in my lap.

I reached between her legs, and rubbed her pussy gently, nudging her open. "Do you really think you can remember to be good? Or do you deserve more?" I asked.

"I can be good, I promise." She begged.

I smacked her ass four more times, now catching her thighs a little. "Liar! You've promised that over and over." I paused again, rubbing her steaming dripping twat. "Can you remember to be good? Or do you deserve more?" I asked her again.

"Please," she whined, "I promise, I promise to be good."

I beat her ass several more times. I was a little concerned she'd bruise, but let her worry about that. "You're lying, you know you'll mouth off." This time I stopped and caressed that poor abused butt. Her cheeks were flaming red and felt just as hot.

She was openly crying now, "I know. I'm bad. I can learn to be good. Please." She gasped sniffling, while I continued to gently rub her rear. "Be patient with me, please. I know I deserve it, I deserve more. Give me a chance, I'll try. I'll learn." I pulled my hand away from her butt, and I felt her tense up.

"You do deserve more. How many more do you think?" I asked her.

"However many you decide," she said softly.

"Do you think that this act will make me spank you any less?" I asked her.

"No. Probably more. No more than I deserve," she cried.

"Twenty more," I told her coldly, "Count them off."

She was sobbing before I touched her. Smack. "One," she gasped. Smack, "Two", I could barely hear her. "If I don't hear you, I'll start over," told her. Smack "Three!" she cried out loudly. After five, I stopped and told her to get up. She did obediently, head down. I lead her over to the end of the couch and bent her over the arm.

She looked over her shoulder at me, her face a red blotchy mess, her eyes swollen, her nose running. She started to speak, and then turned and braced herself.

I smiled. Gently rubbing her black and blue butt, I spoke. "That was good. You were going to say something, weren't you."

"Yes," she said softly, her sobbing slowing.

"You were concerned with what I was going to do now. Weren't you."

"Yes," she allowed.

"You were right to worry. From here I can really get my strength behind your beating. I could take off my belt and blister you." She shivered just at the thought of it.

"Whatever you think I need, in order to learn," she answered softly, almost confidently.

I moved closer, and let my painfully hard erection, rub against her. She gasped, and spread her legs wider, pushing back, presenting herself to me. The height of the armrest was almost perfect. I placed the head of my cock between her soaked lips. And then I pushed.

"Six," I told her.

Her sobbing became an almost hysterical giggle of relief, "Six" she repeated.

I pulled back and gave her another, this time rubbing my thumb over her exposed asshole. "Seven," she said.

I pulled out of her, and bent over to lick her ass, tonguing her hole, then opening her a little. I stood back up and smacked her on the ass hard. She jumped and cried out "Eight!"

She looked over her shoulder at me in fear, and I watched the look change to one of resolution.

"Yes," I reminded her. "Just because I'm kind for a moment, or just because I enjoy your treasures, don't think for a second I wont punish you for any transgression."

"I understand, m-m-master," she said hesitantly.

"I don't think you should call me master," I told her lining up my cock again for another shot at that tight pussy.

"I think I should, it helps me remember, master," she told me.

"Remember what," I asked, sliding my cock into her firmly, and giving her red ass an easy little reminder smack at the same time.

"Nine," she moaned. "Remember that you are my master, and that I must be good and obey, at least for one year," she said softly.

"Master has a deeper meaning than that. Complete servitude, ownership." I tried to explain. "If you want to have a term of respect for me, you can just call me, Sir."

Buried in her tight twat, once again I played with her butthole, while she squirmed underneath me. The next stroke of her pussy, I matched with a finger deep penetration of her ass.

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