A Blackmail Tale Ch. 10

byTx Tall Tales©

"You really think she does that behind Paul's back?" Abby asked, sucking my cock for a few wonderful seconds.

"What do you think?" Krista asked, taking the passed rod, and matching the actions.

"I think she's more talk than action," Abby said. "What do you think, Alex? Would you want her here, now?"

"Nope." I told her honestly, though I barely had any breath to answer. "I have no desire whatsoever to be distracted from you two. As long as you two are here, I say let her go find something else to work on."

Abby smiled at me. "Good answer." Then as a sort of reward, she tried the deep throat thing again, taking almost a full minute of fucking my cock with her throat. I could feel the change as I eased in further. It was still almost agony, she was so slow and deliberate.

As she took it out, gasping, she turned to Krista. "How much left that time?" she asked.

"Not much more than an inch or so," Krista told her, looking a little worried as she lined herself up to try the same.

Abby watched Krista take most of me, then asked, "You're serious about Misty? You really don't want her in here with us?"

I was almost getting dizzy from the sensation. I think there was a little desensitizer in the lube, and I felt hard as a rock. I was enjoying every moment of their play, but felt no compulsion to come.

"It was kind of fun to fuck her brains out last night," I admitted, "but I can think of plenty of other people I'd invite here before her. For one, I don't know if she has the good sense to shut up about the whole thing."

"That's probably true," Abby admitted. She watched Krista, "That's it, baby, you're almost there!"

I felt Krista push, and my cock started to bend a bit. She pulled her face quickly off my cock, coughing and gagging. She turned to the side, saliva dripping from her face, and reached for a moist facecloth lying there and wiped her mouth. "Shit. I thought I almost had him." Krista gasped.

"No need to rush it," I told her, "you've made incredible progress."

"Hell yeah," Abby cried, sitting up and putting her hand up for a high-five. Krista obliged her. "Within a couple of weeks, I bet he'll be fucking our faces."

Every time she said something like that, my cock reacted. This time she noticed. "Oh! I see you like that idea, fucking our faces." She said, saying to Krista, "Did you see how he twitched, and how his cock swelled?"

"Actually, it was the comment 'a couple of weeks' that got me," I confessed. "I thought this might be a one time thing, at first."

"Fuck no," Krista almost shouted, then quieted a bit. "At least, I hope not."

"Now why would I buy all those naughty little toys for her, if I didn't think we'd be using them all, eventually?" Abby asked.

"I just didn't know," I said.

"Are you having fun?"

"Are you kidding? Ask the barometer," I said, nodding to the rod in her hand.

"Me too. More than I ever thought I would. More than I ever dreamed. I think I could get used to sharing you with Krista. I gotta admit, I got a little jealous last night when you were pounding Misty, but when you do anything with this one," she nodded to her friend, "I just can't help but smile."

Krista sat up a bit, placing her hand over Abby's, stroking me with her. She looked at Abby, "That's so sweet, thank you." Then she leaned forward and tentatively kissed my wife on the lips. Abby returned the kiss for a few second, slowly easing back. "God, I could feel my nipples hardening when you did that."

The moment was charged, then Abby leaned forward, "Let's lick him together."

They both lowered their face to my cock, and slowly started licking every inch of my cock, at the same time. Their tongues collided repeatedly, and then they were fighting over the head, sucking just a little, then sliding away while the other one claimed the purple helmet. I watched, breathing hard, as their lips met surrounding my cock head, then above my cock. They were kissing passionately now. It got wilder. They pulled apart, Abby sucked me deep, then pulled Krista's face down onto my cock, while she nibbled her ear and neck. Krista pulled off, passing my rod back to Abby, and while Abby went down on me, Krista leaned further over my body, kissing Abby's shoulder, stroking her back, running her hand down to her butt.

An hour of cock-sucking hadn't done as much to make me come as the last few minutes had.

Abby moaned while she sucked me, enjoying the attention. Then she pulled off, and turned sideways. She pulled Krista's face up to hers and they kissed again, passionately. Abby turned almost onto her back, and Krista's hands moved to my wife's breast while they kissed.

Abby pulled away. "Finish him," she whispered to her friend, guiding her back to the original object of their attention. "Take him deep."

Krista scooted back to her original position, and looked back at me with a mischievous smile. "You're going to come for me, aren't you?" she asked. "Let me feel your come in my mouth?"

I grunted, and nodded vigorously.

She slipped my cock back into her mouth, and worked it back into her throat. While she played with my balls, and swallowed my cock, Abby got up and climbed onto the bed beside Krista. I watched in delight as she rubbed, touched, kissed and licked every part of the woman that was sucking her husband's cock. She started at her neck and shoulders, and when I could see her right next to me, playing with Krista's ass, teasing that butt plug, and then reaching down below it and touching her swollen pink pussy, I groaned in anticipation of my coming release.

"God, I'm going to come," I moaned, thrusting with my hips.

I only then realized she had taken me to the root. "Oh FUCK!" I cried, and she pulled back quickly and stroked my cock as I exploded into her mouth. The extended attention had produced wonders, and I seemed to come endlessly, until she pulled her face off my cock, and the last few streams splattered her face.

Abby had moved right away and was kneeling between my legs, watching Krista take the deluge. When I was spraying Krista's face, Abby finally got more involved and took my cock in her own mouth, capturing the last little bit.

Krista coughed and spit up a splash of white. She gasped, "I tried, but it was too much too take. He filled my mouth completely," she said. "I tried."

She was turned so she was perpendicular to me, and I could see her face was a mess. Abby took one of the facecloths, and gently wiped her clean, then cleaned up my lap which was quite a mess as well. "I know," she said softly, "we teased him for too long." Then she was kissing her friend's face, softly kissing her lips, her tongue reaching out and tasting me on her best friend's lips. "That was really incredible for one of your first times."

"I hate to leave," Krista said, looking over at the clock, "but the kids are home by now, and I really should be going."

"I know. Ours will be here in half-an-hour, after practice," Abby told her. "Next Tuesday we'll start earlier. Lay down now," she told her friend. Then she directed her words to me, "Help her with that thing in her butt."

I reached down, rubbing the beautiful blonde fellatrix's ass, then starting pulling slowly but firmly at the base.

"Oh, that feels odd," she gasped, and I watched in delight as her little ass opening spread, showing more and more of the plug, until it finally opened enough. The rubbery toy eased out quickly then, and her butt slowly closed.

Abby, had a different one ready, this one didn't come from the box. It was red in color, more tapered, but about the same width. "Use this for a while each morning," she told her, passing her the plug, and a bottle of Liquid Silk. Then they hugged for a bit, got up and started getting dressed.

It's hard to believe how lucky one guy can be.

Now about Donna...


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