tagLoving WivesA Blackmail Tale Ch. 13

A Blackmail Tale Ch. 13

byTx Tall Tales©

A Blackmail Tale 13 - Misty's Back


Misty for lunch, with Abby's approval.

This series starts with A Bit of Blackmail, then A Bit More Blackmail, and A Blackmail Buddy. They are numbered after that. I suggest they be read in order.


I had a conference call that started at 11:00 and was desperate to get off that call in time for Abby and Misty coming home for lunch.

When the call had run over by 10 minutes, I was telling the crowd I had to go, while the bean-counters kept harping on the same crap as every week. At 12:11 I heard the garage door open, and that was it for me.

"Guys, I have another meeting. If you need an hour and a half to go over infinite minutia, schedule it. This was a one-hour meeting. Email me anything I miss." I hung up the phone, forwarded my office phone to my cell, and put my unavailable message on my voicemail. There. Cleared my afternoon.

I heard the giggling downstairs, and found myself getting excited even before I had seen anybody.

I looked over the railing, and saw Misty walking toward my bedroom. She was peeling off her shirt as she walked across the family room. No bra. It was clear someone was here to play.

"ALEX," my darling wife called out.

"On my way, sweetness." I called down to her.

I met her in the family room, and swept her up in my arms. She shrieked, then wrapped her arms around me. "You're in a good mood!"

"Five minutes ago I wasn't particularly," I admitted. "It's a miracle what a change of company can do for you."

"Bad morning?" she asked.

"Just typical."

"Let's see if we can change that."

I carried her into my bedroom where I found Misty lying in the middle of the bed, wearing tiny panties and nothing else. She looked good, damn good.

I placed Abby on her feet so she could finish disrobing. I also stripped down as quickly as I could, perhaps displaying a little of my eagerness.

I was barely on the bed before Misty made a beeline for my cock, taking it in her mouth before Abby even had a chance to get settled. I guess I wasn't the only eager one.

Working my way to the center of the bed, in spite of Misty's ardent attention, I finally was able to relax, lean a couple of pillows behind my head, and watch as Abby reclaimed what was rightfully hers. The two hotties battled for supremacy until they achieved détente, each content with her share of my missile.

Misty was still the wilder cock-sucker, and more proficient, but Abby had made up considerable ground. I paused to wonder where Krista would place in the expertise order.

Abby pushed her face down, swallowing me completely, and Misty giggled, grabbed my wife's hair and holding her in place. "So! Somebody's been practicing!"

When Abby finally pulled away gasping Misty took her place quickly, once again striving to solidify her role as champion cock-sucker.

I was getting a little worked up and needed to slow the action down. With a good bit of difficulty I managed to dislodge Misty off of my rod and sit up.

"The three of us have limited time together, and I need to make sure that first and foremost, my darling wife who arranged this little get-together gets hers." I encouraged Abby to lay back on the bed. "Of course she can get me on demand, so let's give her something a little more exotic."

I lifted Misty into the air, swinging her across the bed while she squealed. I still couldn't get over how small and petite she was, her weight almost negligent. I placed my plaything on her knees right between my wife's open legs, and pushed her head down in the direction I wanted her to go. I sort of expected some kind of smart-ass comments from one of the two, if not both, but it didn't quite work out that way. Instead Misty got comfortable and went to town on my wife, her hands and mouth quite busy.

It was an incredibly sexy sight. I slid up behind Misty and massaged her panty covered butt before I reached down and started fondling her crotch. She was already wet, and my finger created a nice little crease, rubbing between her puffy lips, spreading the wetness across the thin cloth. I eased her panties off of her hips, and pulled them down just far enough to clear the way for me to do what I had in mind. I lined my cock up and found my way inside of her with little difficulty.

Her narrow little hips and tight ass made my raging hard-on look impossibly large for her little opening, but I knew it was an optical illusion. I stretched her wide, no doubt about that, but she accommodated me nicely, able to take the entire length without distress. I had to wonder where it went. It seemed like at the end of each stroke she should practically be choking on it.

I rode her easily, long slow strokes, just enjoying the idea of fucking the little tart going down on my wife. She was a tricky little thing, and by spreading her legs a bit, her panties would ride up and press against the bottom of my shaft, while I plumbed her. It was an interesting feeling, more than just a little exciting. After a couple of minutes I pulled out and took my wet sticky cock to my wife for attention. She had her eyes closed, but opened them when she felt the weight shift on the bed next to her. I put my cockhead to her mouth.

"Suck your friend's juices off of me," I told her, my voice rasping with desire.

She took me and although she was too distracted to give me her best work, she did let me fuck her face pretty aggressively even as she grew less attentive. I climbed back behind Misty and toyed with her cunt, teasing her. "Make her come, make her come hard, and you'll be getting yours soon." I wrapped my arm around her waist and held her steady while pounding a couple of fingers into her, and I heard her moan her frustration into my wife's pussy.

Maybe she's as good on women as she is on men. She did get my wife to come, and come big. She brought her to a series of orgasms, and I just let them entertain me, playing with Misty gently, not enough to distract her too badly, but more than enough to keep me raring to go. Keeping the panties on her was just a little bit more fun to watch.

When Misty finally rolled out of the way, after a particularly strong orgasm from Abby, I immediately jumped in her place, and slammed my cock into Abby before she could come down, making her gasp loudly. I fucked her hard, continuously not slowing for her orgasms, or for my impending one. Misty eventually got back into play, toying with Abby's exposed clit, while I held my wife's legs high and rammed her fast and furious.

"I'm almost there," I announced for my wife, as she cried out under the continuous assault.

Misty took that as an invitation to plant her mouth over Abby's and rape her mouth with her devilish tongue.

With the added inspiration, I reached over, slid two fingers deep into Misty, and dumped my load into my squirming wife.

We all collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard, looking for a short rest. But Misty didn't take long to revert to her plans for me.

She started licking, cleaning me, then sucking voraciously to get me hard. Once I was clean, however, I guided her back to Abby. "Suck my cum out of my wife's pussy."

She was an obedient little hussy and did as I requested, more gently this time, not driving my wife too wild. After a few minutes, she slid back to my crotch, once more looking to get me hard.

"God, look at the time. I'm going to be late," Abby announced.

Misty groaned. "Please, can't we stay just a little longer?"

Abby reached down and caressed her frustrated friend. "I have to go, but you, you little cock-slut, are his until he throws you out."

That got a response, and Misty jumped up and gave my wife a huge hug, tit to tit, and a big kiss. Their play looked ready to evolve into a lot more, if time weren't an issue. Abby pushed her away, back to my cock. "Suck him until I go."

Abby cleaned up, got dressed, and kissed me goodbye, while her friend's amazing mouth settled onto my cock, and gave me a sweet leisurely sucking that Misty and I both knew was just for show. The main act was just a few minutes away. "Don't forget to pickup Maddy at 4:00," Abby reminded me.

When the door to the garage closed, Misty climbed off of me. "Give me a minute. I need to make a call and change some plans, Ok?" She was kicking off her panties before she was even out of the bed.

"Absolutely," I told her, then got up and found a couple of bottles of Fiji water for the bedside.

The clock read 1:04 pm when she reappeared, ready for action. "God, I'm so ready for this. I can't believe your wife left you alone with me! Anything special you want to start with?" She had climbed on the bed, and was laying beside me, her shoulders level with my hips. Her hand had already sought out my cock, and she was fondling it, while she asked.

"How about a showing me a little more of what that magical mouth of yours can do, before I return the favor?"

Darling Misty was willing enough, and had me rock-hard within minutes. Once my staff was standing tall, she shuffled around the bed, rotating until her knees were bracketing my head. I reached back and folded my pillow in half, raising my head up so I could access her sweet bare pussy without straining my neck. We played in that position for a few minutes, getting each other thoroughly worked up.

I had an ass cheek in each hand, squeezing, and I pulled my head back. "Ride me beautiful? Let me look up and see your gorgeous body above mine, those bit ol' titties of yours bouncing with your movements."

She giggled. "Gee Alex, you have the nicest way with words. Are you ready for me to fuck your brains out?"

"And vice-versa," I assured her.

She sat up and straddled my hips, lowering her tight pink slit down onto my cock, and rode me to the first of several pleasurable, and one almost painful, orgasms. When I saw she was tiring, I put her underneath me, and took her that way. She was so naughtily flexible, it was easy to push her legs back, pressing her knees all the way down to the bed, tilting her hips up obscenely. My cock looked huge against her, and I admired the sight of her tiny pussy being stretched to its limits.

By three o'clock there wasn't an inch of her body I didn't know inside and out, and I'd even found the time to break out a couple of Abby's latest toys to use on poor Misty.

I used one of the smaller butt-plugs on her, not knowing what she was willing or comfortable with, but it seemed I needn't have worried. She took it easily. While I lubed her up, and plugged her ass, she was digging into the toy drawer herself. She came up with the clear 1" balls on a string. "When you're done with that, maybe you could use this on me. I've always wanted to try it."

I'd seen them used on a video or two, and was willing enough to give it a go. I put her on her hands and knees with a couple of pillows under her waist to hold her up. Then I went back to fucking her hot pussy, while I played with the butt-plug, pulling it slowly, until it almost wanted to come out, and then sliding it back into her. After I had her begging me for the balls, I finally allowed it to come out that last half-inch which got it past her tight little ring, and it slid right out.

She didn't stay empty for long, as the first three balls slid into her quickly. I was now fucking her slowly and easy, fondling and squeezing her butt cheeks, easing another crystal ball into her, then massaging it deeper. By the time the sixth and last ball was inside of her, she was moaning constantly.

"That's all of them," I told her, giving her rear end a couple of smacks for good luck.

"Fuck me, Alex, fuck my brains out," she gasped.

I started screwing her for real, getting some weight behind my pounding strokes, but it was never good enough. The harder I fucked her the more she begged for it, always harder, harder. We crawled up the bed, my fucking driving her up to the headboard, until she was bouncing against it, trying to hold herself away with her outstretched hands. Once she could go no further, I finally was able to pound her hard enough for her demands, and she screamed out for me that she was there, she was going to cum.

That was my cue. Pulling on the string I long-stroked her, while popping the first ball out of her ass.

"Oh, Fuck!" she cried out.

"FUCK!" she screamed as the second one came free.

With the third one she was coming on my cock, trembling uncontrollably, and I continued pulling them free from her ass, while she moaned and shivered, impaled on my cock. When I finally had the last one free, she relaxed under me, gasping, her tiny butt hole stretched and red, and I couldn't resist this golden opportunity.

I pulled my cock out of her pussy, and pushed it hard into her ass, nearly burying it in one stroke. She screamed beautifully, stuffed full of hard cock, and collapsed down onto the bed, taking me with her.

"Fuck Alex!" she gasped. "Stop! It's too much. You're too big for me!"

I shifted my legs, my hands massaging her delicious little butt cheeks, while I nudged my cock back and forth. "That's clearly not true. You've got nearly the entire thing inside you now."

She groaned, wiggling her hips, "Jesus, you sneaky bastard! You could at least give a girl a little warning!"

I laughed. She was lying completely prone, her legs together. I was straddling her upper thighs, slowly working in and out of her back door.

"I would think that 20 minutes of opening your ass would be warning enough," I told her, laying almost on top of her, my weight on my forearms, my hips doing all the work.

"You are way too big for that hole. I still hadn't decided if I was going to let you stick that beast in there," she pouted.

"Do you want me to take it out?" I asked her, slowly sawing in and out of her. I kissed her shoulder, nibbling on her smooth tan skin.

"Just take it easy, Ok? Gentle. It feels like you've got your entire arm up my ass, to the elbow," she said. "I've never had anything that big back there, and it's not the most comfortable thing, you know?"

I was feeling a tad guilty. "Sorry, you just looked so good, your ass wide open, begging for attention. That butt of yours was just too damn sexy, I couldn't even think straight." I got up a little, adjusting my way into her. "I can pull out if you want."

"Not yet, just let me get used to it a bit."

"Would a little lube help?"

"I doubt a quart of 10W-40 would help much," she paused. "Maybe a little."

"In the drawer."

She edged sideways and I turned with her, nudging her forward with my cock. She was able to reach down and come up with the bottle of Liquid Silk. She passed it back to me, and I pulled out until just the head remained inside of her. I squirted a few drops on my cock, rubbing it around, and eased the pump nozzle into her ass alongside my shaft and gave it a pump. She groaned a bit while I eased my rod back inside of her, but with a couple of easy strokes, I was buried balls deep, and her resistance was now little more than a tightly clenched fist.

"Do you like it?" she asked, giving a little wiggle.

"Love it," I admitted.

"Show me, fill my ass," she said, turning her head and looking at me with that mischievous smile I was growing so fond of.

It took me a while, I'd already popped a few times, and wasn't sure I had anything left, but Misty's rear was inspiring. She didn't have much cushioning back there, not like the other women in my life, but it made penetration from that position a good bit easier. I was slowly able to work up to a little more thorough ass reaming, and she was taking it in stride, talking dirty to me.

I finally had to pull her up onto her knees to get the penetration and movement I needed, and I was able to fulfill her request, leaving my last load deep inside of her ass.

"Tell you what, Alex. If you ever want to fuck my ass again, let's not wait until I've almost drained you. I don't know if I'll be able to walk normal for a week," she complained from the bathroom afterwards, putting herself back together.

I slipped into the shower for a quick cleanup.

"You fucking tease!" she said, knocking on the glass door. "I can't shower with you, or my hair will be a mess!"

"We'll have to save that for another day." I told her, stepping out after the quick rinse-off.

She planted a quick one on the lips, then headed out. "I gotta run baby. That was intense. Give Abby my love and thank her," she said, before darting out the door.

Still thirty minutes before I had to pick up the little one. I decided to change the sheets and air out the bedroom. It needed it.

* * *

Abby was kind enough to let me rest that evening. I worked in my office late, first at my day job, and later, pulling more stuff together for bringing the girls aboard. I used my video capture software to make a couple of tutorials of the process of checking on the site performance, advertising costs, visits, orders, one-time offers, and payments. The process of documenting everything made it clear to me some of my own inefficiencies, and I tried to make the system as easy as possible.

I also took a few minutes out to review a couple of my home movies. I have to admit, I love that first movie with Krista, and of course my first time with the both Krista and Donna.

By the time I got to bed it was nearly midnight.

Abby was almost, but not quite asleep. "I thought you'd be worn out."

"Thoroughly," I confessed, "but we still gotta pay the bills."

"If you play with the toys, clean 'em up," she said softly.

Oops. "Sorry, got lost in the shuffle of cleaning up the room, and then picking up Maddy."

"It's Ok," she said, while I leaned over and rubbed her back. She loved even just a couple of minutes of that.

"Go to sleep," she said. "You'll need your energy. Krista's coming over early for a play date."

She giggled when I groaned.


Sorry for the long delay getting this entry out. I hope you enjoyed it, and as always, thanks for all the votes, comments and messages.

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MORE!!! All your stories are great, exciting, AND you actually include love in them in a real and plausible way

MORE!!! All your stories are great, exciting, AND you actually include love in them in a plausible way. Time to get the men involved in the spa, divorced or ?. Could make a great adult movie.

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You never finish your story’s, please do so as you are a great writer.

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