tagMind ControlA Blank Page Ch. 03

A Blank Page Ch. 03


---Special thanks once again to COPYCARVER for magnificent hacking and slashing to make this thing readable. I would like anyone who is interested to feel free to email any ideas or hopes they might have for Nathan's saga also. Thanks reading,


A Blank Page, Chapter Three

The next few weeks went easily. Nathan took Dani to a movie, and then dinner for their next date. Typical of new relationships, they explored each other's interests, and goals. Not knowing where his book would take him, Nathan told her he was interested in getting a real house, and that was about all he was working toward. She told him of her plans to move on, graduate school, and become a psychologist. Everything any other couple would do right up until they went back to the trailer, and he had her on top of him in bed facing his feet so he could slap her ass red on every third bounce.

Four weeks later he grabbed the lighter and told Mr. Gofelt to give him a raise of two dollars an hour. Robert approached him with an envelope the next day at work.

"Boss likes you Nate, said you get a raise, and he wants to back pay you two weeks on it," Robert commented as he grabbed his hard hat and started organizing the crew. During his lunch, Nathan sat in the bed of his truck, as had become his custom, and opened the envelope. It was just a check for one hundred and sixty dollars; apparently the boss had seen fit to give him enough of a raise to cover taxes and actually take home an extra two dollars an hour. An easy smile crossed Nathan's face.

After work, he called Dani to tell her the good news. She was proud of him, and he told her they would go out that weekend to spend the back pay on a great date. Nathan was quite satisfied with himself when he hung up his cell phone and spun his key in the ignition of the truck. The starter whined for half a second, before the engine woke out of its slumber and prepared to move the vehicle. As soon as Nate's hand touched the gearshift, a cloud darkened his mind.

Since the day in his living room with the book, he hadn't seen or heard from Pops. It wasn't uncommon to go a good stretch of time without seeing him. Dad and his grandfather had a falling out several years ago. Still, to drop such a powerful item in Nathan's lap, and then disappear. It didn't seem right.

Unfreezing his hand, Nathan put the truck in gear, and rumbled down the road. Now slightly agitated with worry, he pointed the wheels towards Pop's house.

Braking in front of a small slightly rundown bungalow style house, Nathan stepped from the cab, and walked up the walkway. Pop's house had always been in disrepair, but he had always worked meticulously in the small flowerbeds that stretched beneath the windows. Today those beds were showing signs of neglect.

Walking around the house, Nathan peered through the windows, counted the newspapers stacking up on the porch, and cupped his hands to his eyes to look through the garage windows. Nothing was broken, and Pop's little green hatchback was not in the garage. Finally Nathan climbed back into his truck.

Feeling confused, and slightly abandoned, Nathan drove the truck aimlessly. Pops had never been much for disclosure, but something didn't feel normal about this. For some reason, Nathan felt that he would have been told, or maybe just known if Pops had left.

In a random neighborhood on a random street, Nathan pulled the truck to the side and slumped in his seat. With his head dropping to the steering wheel he spun the ignition back, and yanked the keys free. He didn't move again for a few minutes.

When he did move again, Nathan awkwardly fumbled for the door release, and stepped out of the truck. He had decided that he would get a bit of air and try to think it through. He and Pops had spent a bit of time together over the years. The older man had watched Nathan when he was younger while his father was working. In the last few years they had spent less time together, as Pops and his father didn't get along very well due to some altercation that occurred while Nathan was in middle school, but Nate still felt close to him.

Nathan peered down the street he was on, the sunlight beginning to fade into the horizon, and saw that he had wandered five or six houses from the truck. The house he was now in front of was much like the rest of the neighborhood. Quaint and small, not new, but the streets hadn't succumbed to decline just yet. The homes were probably fifteen to twenty years old, and contained mature landscaping. The décor had altered slightly from the uniformity they had been built with, as people had added porches, painted differently, and done other such improvement projects over the years.

Seating himself on the home's low front wall, Nathan occupied himself with a few memories before his rear got stiff. Instead of making the obvious choice, and heading back to the truck, he oddly decided to swing his legs over the wall and settle himself between two bushes, his back resting on the wall.

Almost as soon as he was settled he heard a car coming down the road. Not caring he didn't bother to move or look up. He was a little surprised when he heard the car pull into the very driveway of the small white house he was in front of. Knowing he would be immediately seen as a derelict, and not someone struck with thought, Nathan slowly turned to look at the driveway. A small blue Acura had pulled into the driveway, and its driver turned off the vehicle, and was opening the door.

The driver turned out to be a petite Asian woman who Nathan guessed was in her early twenties. She had a very subdued attitude, and wore a matching navy blue skirt and blazer combo. The woman was wearing her hair pulled into a single long black ponytail that she had fastened tight at the base of her skull, and ran down past her waistline.

Miraculously she went straight to the front door clutching a small, black, handbag in one hand and some keys on an absurdly large set of key chains in the other. Never looking up she swiftly opened the front door, entered, and closed it behind her. Hearing the door lock, Nathan began to get curious about the insecure woman, and quietly moved to the front window to investigate.

Her house was kept immaculate: not a single object out of place, and no refuse in sight. The living room décor was somewhat modern with a black lacquer entertainment center and set of coffee and end tables accompanied by a black leather couch. She dropped her purse and keys on one of the end tables, and picked up a remote. Turning on her stereo didn't surprise Nathan nearly as much as her music selection and its volume.

The window blinds that he was using to per through began to pulse in time to the music as she had it turned it loud to a local rock station. His attention now completely captured, Nathan watched the girl remove her blazer and toss it onto the couch. Now moving to the music in a gray sleeveless top and navy skirt, she placed her left hand on her bobbing hip, and reached back with her right pulling her ponytail free. Black hair shook loose, and hung on her like a raven shroud as she ran both hands across her shoulders and upward through it.

Abruptly the song ended, and she stopped moving and reached back to unzip the skirt. Standing with her feet wide to prevent the skirt from falling she began rotating her hips in a circular motion to the next song as her hands started to work on the buttons of her top. Putting her head down, her hair fell in front of her. The music hit a slow point, and she slowed also. Almost casually she rocked her feet closer to one another, head still down.

Hands on her hips with the slow beat, she lithely slid the skirt down alternating pushing down the right and left sides until it finally hit the end of her narrow hips and slid out of her hands and to the floor. Immediately the music picked up again and her head snapped up, black hair flying. Sucking in a sharp breath Nathan watched as she very nearly ripped the unbuttoned gray top off and threw it onto the floor next to her.

Now completely unhindered by her outerwear, the Asian girl was really getting into it, her head moving in violent circles like a heavy metal guitarist, and her arms waving around her. Finally, she began to turn with Nathan's rapt attention. Clad only in high waisted full backed pale blue panties and a matching bra she spun softly to her left giving Nate a good view of her profile.

She was indeed small everywhere, with A-cup breasts that subtly jutted away from her body in the pale bra, and an ass that hardly protruded at all. In contrast her body was distinctly toned, and Nathan could see her stomach muscles ripple as she gyrated. Looking down at her solid abs his throat stuck, and his cock came to immediate erection when he saw the large puffy lips that were beginning to moisten the front of her panties. Not to scale with the rest of her, Nathan thought they must contain the only fat on her body, and they enticed him devilishly.

With out warning the Asian beauty stopped dancing, and bent to the coffee table giving Nate a great view of those lips from beneath her outstretched bottom. Picking up a remote and suddenly killing the music, Nathan knew it must be over, when she reached for a telephone that was ringing on the end table, and slumped into the couch.

Exasperated, Nathan slipped away from the window, and to the driveway thinking at first to get the house number and return later. That's when he noticed the girl's Acura still sitting in the driveway. She had left the windows down. Careful not to touch the car he looked around to make sure no one was near before sticking his head in. It only took a moment to see what he was hoping for.

Avoiding the car itself he casually reached into the vehicle and plucked a black lacy hair band from the gearshift knob. Looking around again he trotted off towards his truck. The experience had cleared his head. Figuring to give Pops a few days to surface before calling the cops, Nathan shoved the hair band in his back pocket, climbed into the cab, and started the truck.

Twenty minutes later he pulled up to the trailer. When he arrived he saw Melanie's car parked by the porch, and heard voices from inside when he reached for the front door and pulled it open. Almost as if he had sprung a trap, Melanie and Dani pounced on him when he stepped inside. Shocked he hugged them and looked around for dad.

George Prescott was slumped forward in a recliner looking at the door, an amused expression covering his face. Expecting the worst, Nathan moved into the room. Melanie spoke first.

"I went and got Dani after we couldn't reach you," She said, "Dani got worried, and I just thought maybe she'd like to wait for you with us."

"I tried calling too, and when I called the house Melanie said she'd get me. I'm so sorry Nathan," Dani added as she tried to keep her arms around him while he moved to the couch and sat.

"Sorry I disappeared on you guys. I tried to stop by Pop's house." Digging in his pocket, he removed his cell phone, and discovered that it was for some unknown reason, turned off. "What's next," Nathan replied looking at his father.

"Mel and I took the night off. I've still got the rent money you gave me. Let's all go eat and talk about something," George muttered barely loud enough to be heard, obviously concerned with something.

It turned out to be a somber dinner indeed. Eventually they all four loosened up, and talked about work, school, families, and other things. Melanie and Dani proved to be fast friends, joking easily with each other, and never showing any hints of disapproval for one another. When they returned to the trailer, Dani said she needed to use the restroom and followed Melanie inside, while Nathan waited for her at the truck. George came to the driver side door to talk to him.

"Listen, I wanted to say this at dinner, but couldn't get it out in front of that girl of yours," The elder Prescott sighed, "She's gorgeous by the way. We talked for almost an hour before you got home. I like her."

"Okay, Dad, thanks," Nathan said, and then added, "So what's on your mind?"

"Mel's gonna move in with me...in with us I mean," George answered honestly.

"Dad, that's great," Nathan chuckled. "Did you think I'd have a problem with it or something?"

"I guess not, Nate, it just seems to me that you're a man now, and I should be talking to you about stuff now. Not just telling you how things are gonna be," George said, and then looked away.

Silently avoiding eye contact, they both stared out into the night until Dani came out. George said goodbye to her. Shortly she got back in the truck and they were headed back to the dorm. The whole way there Nathan was aware of the hair band in his pocket. He knew there was no way he wanted to find someone new, or stop what he was doing with Dani, but the little Asian woman had been so erotic dancing in her living room earlier that she was the only other thought in his mind besides his grandfather. Finally Dani broke the silence.

"Is there anything I can do for you," she said, looking down at the dashboard.

"I'll be ok. I just need to sort it out and try to move on," Nathan replied, not taking his eyes from the road.

Chuckling a little bit, Dani tried again.

"No, I mean right now," Then she placed her hand on his thigh and slid it north towards his zipper. "Is there anything I can do for you now?"

Picking up on the much more forward advance, Nathan lifted her hand up out of his lap and kissed the back of it. A plot was now beginning to thicken in his head

"How much control do I have?" he verbally feinted.

"Complete." Her response was both quick and confident.

"What if I wanted to bring another girl in? Someone beneath you for us to both play with?" He said this, and glanced over to her. She didn't seem shocked.

"I think I could handle that, might even be fun. I haven't been with a girl before. My best friend in junior high tried to kiss me once, though. You said beneath both of us." Thoughtfully she spoke the thoughts as they formed in her head.

"Oh yeah. Think you can handle being in charge," Nathan questioned.

"Who's the other girl," Dani asked at last.

"I have no idea," Nathan lied.

Before he dropped her off, they agreed to scout the club the following Thursday for a likely girl. Nathan drove home in silence, not even turning the radio on. His mind split between Dani's willingness, the Asian girl's dance, and his own confusion. When he finally got home, he sprawled out on his bed and fell asleep with a pillow over his ears, trying to muffle out the sounds of Melanie's apparent celebration of moving in with his father.

The following day was Tuesday, and Nathan had to leave work when a lawyer called, asking Nathan to come by his law office. Jerome Willow, the lawyer, had said he was Pop's attorney. Nathan arrived at the office in thirty minutes, parked his truck in the lone free spot outside, and looked up at the arch over the front door.

"Willow, MacLean, and Sturgis," it read. Inside was a massive desk with an older woman sitting behind it. Nathan gave her his name and said Mr. Willow was expecting him.

Mr. Willow's name was like flipping a switch, and the woman stepped out from the desk and led him through a door behind it. They passed three doors before she knocked once on the fourth door and entered, holding it open. She left and closed it immediately after he entered.

Now standing in Jerome Willow's personal office, Nathan was not impressed. The walls contained the required books and diplomas, but hardly any personal effects. Seated behind a antique teak desk sat a large and imposing man with rich chocolate skin, and tight curly hair kept short and close to his scalp; it was obviously in the process of age's retreat to the back of his head.

"How do you do, Mr. Prescott," Willow said in a deep cold voice while standing and extending his hand.

"Not as good as my best day, Mr. Willow," Nathan said shaking the large hand and lowering himself into one of the two large black leather chairs opposite of the desk.

"As your grandfather's attorney, I have several things for you to sign and initial, but first your grandfather wanted you to have this. I'll let you have a moment with it. Can I get you a drink?" The larger man handed a large manila envelope to Nathan and stepped towards the door.

"Sure, a coke would be nice," Nathan replied absently as he grasped the envelope and leaned back into the chair. He wasn't sure if he was ready for words from the grave just yet.

One deep breath later he was tearing open the envelope, and extracting a long piece of legal paper from it. Reading slowly he took it in.

"Hey kid,

You're probably wondering where I've wandered off too. Just imagine it as some sandy, warm, sunny place, where if I'm lucky...women go topless. First thing I want you to know is that I had a reasonable amount of money saved up. I'll be giving it to you. It's gonna come to you in two checks. One this year for ten thousand, and one next year for five thousand. It's no Du Pont inheritance, but I hope it serves you well. I'd give it to you in one solid payment, but Mr. Willow says the taxman will come looking for a piece if I do.

Do me a favor kid. Try to use the money to get you and your dad out of that god-forsaken trailer you call home. I know either of you is happy with it, and both of you deserve better.

Don't worry about my house. Willow is going to start to liquidate it and everything in it for me as soon as you are finished with him. He'll send me the money, and that'll be that.

This brings me to the last part of this letter. I told Mr. Willow to leave you alone to read it. If he hasn't, ask him to now.

You've surely figured out by now that the book I gave you is one hell of an item. Just be careful with it. Never let on that you've got it. Don't tell anyone about it. I haven't used it myself in more than thirty years, but I still see the shadows searching for it. It's big power son. And big power brings big enemies. You've got two choices here. You can get to it as fast as you can, and learn to take care of yourself, or you can use it as sparingly as possible, and try to avoid detection.

No matter what you decide, don't come looking for me. By leaving, I've drug all the seekers behind me; they'll be following me for a while now. So you've got a little time to make your decision. Incase you decide to use the book to grow, and be a force through it, I've collected what little bit of information I have on it, and placed it in a safety deposit box for you to go to. Willow will give you the key before you leave, but the form I gave the bank allowing you access isn't valid until three weeks from now. Do not try to go there if you decide to stay low.

I know it seems pretty shitty of me to give this amazing gift without explaining the details, but trust me. It's better this way, that book has been with us for a long while, ever since it was made. I gave it to you, not only because it stays in the family, but also because let's face it, you needed something.

Good Luck kid. Pops"

Closing his eyes and resting his head on the back of his chair Nathan imagined he could hear Pop's voice. He was only still for a little bit when Jerome Willow walked back in with a glass in each hand.

"I'm sorry about all this son, your grandfather is an odd man, a lawyer always reads about these strange sorts of goings on, but you never actually think you'll be in one." He spoke slowly, and extended the glass in his left hand.

"Thanks Mr. Willow. What's next?" Nathan grabbed the glass and took a long drink, feeling like he was washing the sorrow back down his throat.

"If you want, I get you to sign a few things, and my firm will issue you a check to cover your grandfather's wishes. Of course I also have a key for you. I'm hoping your grandfather explained it to you, because he didn't explain it to me."

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