tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Blinding Hate

A Blinding Hate

byJust Plain Bob©

Have you ever hated someone so much that you would willingly risk going to jail just to get even with them for something that they had done to you? Well, I have and I did and now I'm waiting to see how things turn out.

Yolanda was a bitch! A miserable fucking bitch and she made my life a living hell for over ten years. Yolanda was my stepmother and from the day my father brought her home until the day I moved out we did not get along at all. She hadn't been in the house a week and she took over the running of my life. She bought my clothes, she chose my friends and she interfered in everything I did. She made me take piano lessons, she made me take dance lessons and she hauled me to church every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Tuesday was bible study and Thursday was Youth Group. She gave me bible lessons and I had to have them letter perfect or I got sent to my room. She tossed out my video games, censored what I watched on television and even picked out the movies I was allowed to see. I was the only kid in the world who never saw Star Wars, but I had The Sound of Music and Mary Poppins shoved down my throat over and over.

It didn't get any better as I got older. She picked the classes I would take and she refused to sign the waivers I needed to be able to play sports. She did tell me that she would buy me whatever instrument I wanted if I joined the marching band. She made me join the Music Club, the Spanish Club and the Chess Club. She absolutely refused to let me get a part time job after school so I could save up money to buy a car.

"If you have a car you will just want to go out and run around in it instead of staying home and studying. Plenty of time for that foolishness when you are grown up and on your own."

Where was my father when all this stuff was going on? The pussy-whipped bastard sat in his easy chair and said, "Yes dear" and "You are absolutely right dear" and "Whatever you say dear." To me he said, "She's only doing what's best for you" or "She has your best interests at heart" and "She means well, you just need to meet her halfway." The one that made me gag and want to toss my cookies was "Some day you will thank her."

The day it all came to a head when she sat me down at the kitchen table and started laying out information about the college I was going to attend, what my major would be and what minors I was going to take along with it. I took my hand and swept all the papers off the table and onto the floor and said: "I'm not going to college. The only thing I'm going to do is get the fuck out of this house the day I turn eighteen."

"Don't you use those words and take that tone of voice with me young man."

"Oh yeah? What the fuck are you going to do about it? You going to toss me out of the house? Well please fucking do! The sooner I get out of this fucking place the happier I will be. What do you fucking think about that?"

Yolanda reached across the table and slapped my face. "You go to your room right now and we will see what your father has to say when he gets home."

I was going to say, "Fuck you" and leave the house, but then I decided that it was time that I had it out with my father. I was going to be eighteen in two weeks and graduation was one week after that and then I was going to be gone from the house and away from Yolanda so I didn't give a shit if I got tossed out or not.

I heard my dad come trudging up the stairs a little after six and he knocked on the door to my room. I hollered that it was unlocked and to come on in. He came through the door with his "Stern look" on his face.

"What's this that your mother is telling me about your behavior this afternoon?"

"In the first place, she is not my mother. What she is and has been for the past ten years is my jailer. Years when instead of being my father you were her lap dog. You completely turned your back on any part of raising me and instead you turned me over to that female Hitler. Today, when she sat me down and told me -told me mind you - what college I was going to go to and what my major was going to be I'd had enough. The only reason I came up here and sat in this room waiting for you was so I could tell you what a miserable excuse for a father you have been. I've already talked to the Army recruiter and when I turn eighteen I'm out of here and I don't care if I ever see you or that bitch again."

Then I got up and left the house. We avoided each other for the next three weeks and the day after my graduation I was on a bus headed for basic training.


It was three years, seven months and fourteen days before I came back. Using the money I had saved in the Army's education program I enrolled at the local university, found an apartment and a part time job at a convince store. I was sitting behind the counter one night eating a bagel and studying when the dinger went off and I looked outside and saw Yolanda get out of a Grand Cherokee. Pay at the pump bitch, pay at the pump I prayed, but the gods were against me that day. I energized the pump and watched as she filled her tank. I was alone and couldn't get someone else to watch the counter while I hid in the back room so I was stuck with having to deal with the cunt.

My back to her when she came to the counter and when I turned and she saw who it was she showed me that she was still the Yolanda that I loved to hate. As she handed me her credit card she said, "My, my, we certainly have come up in the world, haven't we?"

I swiped her card and didn't say a word. I handed her back her card and the charge slip to sign and when she pushed it back at me she said:

"You should really call your father. He misses you."


"Don't be that way, after all he is your father."

"No he isn't. He stopped being my father when he turned me over to you and then sat on his butt while you fucked over my life."

She gave me a long hard look and then she turned and left.

For the next two months every time the door would open I would look half expecting to see my father walking in, but either Yolanda never told him or he didn't miss me near as bad as she had said. Then one day the door opened and I looked up from the Managerial Economics text I was studying and saw Yolanda.

"Your father had a heart attack. He is in the Intensive Care Unit at St. Anthony's. He wants to see you" and she turned and walked away.

I cut classes that day and went to the hospital. He was on the bed with oxygen hoses to his nose and tubes and needles stuck in him everywhere. I stood next to the bed looking down at him and he must have sensed me standing there because he weakly turned his head my way, opened his eyes and stared at me. Then he reached out a hand and I took it and he said something, but his voice was so weak I couldn't hear him so I leaned down and put my ear to his mouth and he said, "I'm sorry," squeezed my hand and then he was gone.

The funeral was a dreary affair as most always are and afterwards, as was the family custom, every one went to dad's house for the wake. I was socializing with relatives I hadn't seen or talked to in ages. I was talking to my cousin Tom and he saw Yolanda across the room and said, "I wonder how long it will be before some lucky bastard snaps up Yolanda?"

"Why do you say that?"

"Shit cuz, I know you don't like her, but that shouldn't make you blind. That is one sexy looking lady."

Tommy was right, Yolanda was a fox and I suppose that is what hooked my dad and kept him hooked. Then Tom said, "I'd bang her myself if I could."

"What's stopping you?"

"The twenty year age difference. But if I was older and could get her to just have something as simple as lunch with me I would nail her."

"How can you be so sure?"

"DRD my man, date rape drugs. Just a touch of GHB, Special K or Roofies and she'd be mine." Then he laughed, "Hell, she'd be anybody's."

"And you have access to that kind of stuff?"

"Hell man, I never leave home with out it."

"Tell me more Tom, I want to hear all about it."

That night as I was leaving Yolanda stopped me and told me that I needed to come over in the next day or so to go over dad's affairs.

"Why? There is nothing there that I want."

"You might not want it, but it is yours anyway."

"What do you mean?"

"The house and everything in it belongs to you."

"Nonsense. The house goes to the wife."

"No it doesn't, at least not in this case. The house was paid for before your mother died. She paid it off using the money from your grandfather's insurance. The house was in her name and in her will she left it to you. Also there are some insurance policies and an annuity that go to you so you need to come by so we can sort things out."


The next day I stopped by the house to see what Yolanda was talking about. I had stopped at the Wine Rack, a local liquor store, and picked up a bottle of Yolanda's favorite white wine and I poured us each a glass and then we went into dad's study and started going through his papers. About twenty minutes into it Yolanda set her wineglass down and shook her head as if to clear it. "Something wrong?" I asked.

"I all of a sudden feel dizzy and light headed."

I looked at my watch and then I smiled at her, "You'll feel better in about three or four hours, in fact, you will probably feel great by then."

Her words were just a little slurred when she said, "What did you do?"

"I laced your wine with something called Ketamine hydrochloride. The street name is Special K and it is a highly effective date rape drug. It doesn't knock you all the way out, but leaves you vaguely aware of what's going on. You lose motor control, but you can still feel sensations. The really nice part is that as that all of your nerve endings that are associated with sexual things will be at fever pitch as the drug wears off and as long as they are kept stimulated you will to all effects and purposes be a nymphomaniac."

When she asked me why I could barely understand her.

"Because Yolanda, paybacks are a bitch and I have ten years to pay you back for. For my revenge I decided that the most fitting thing I could do would be to give you to all those rowdy guys you would never allow me to associate with. You, my dear Yolanda, are going to a frat party."

I delivered Yolanda to the fraternity house and willing hands helped her up the stairs to the frat house mattress room. Almost every frat house has one - a bare room with one or two mattresses thrown down on the floor to accommodate girls who usually joyfully do what was about to happen to Yolanda. The deal I had cut with the frat rats was a little on the complicated side. They could only suck on her tits and finger fuck her until she asked some one to fuck her and that way they could avoid being accused of rape. Once she asked to be fucked the frat boys could only have her pussy and mouth until after I had taken her ass and then she was all theirs. And, of course, as long as I kept every face but Yolanda's out of it, I got to tape the affair.

I had never seen a gangbang and it certainly was an eye opening experience. I watched as man after man stuck his cock in Yolanda and banged away until he came. It got off to a slow start because it took almost thirty minutes of French kissing, finger fucking and tit sucking before Yolanda started begging some one to fuck her. Tom had said that her nerve endings would be on fire and that she would fuck like a mink as long as she was fed cock. If it were true, it would make for a very nice porno tape. I hadn't decided what I was going to do with the tape other than to make sure Yolanda knew I had it. Let her worry for a while about who I might send it to or show it to.

When it happened I missed it. I had gone to take a piss and then had stopped to look at the basketball game on TV. I was only gone seven or eight minutes, but when I walked back in the mattress room Yolanda had her legs wrapped around a guy and was moaning as the guy boned her. He came and pulled away from her and she reached up and tried to hold him, "No, no, please" but her cries stopped as the next man moved between her legs and slid into her and the low moan started again and her legs came up and locked around him. Another man stepped up and pushed his cock in her mouth and started to fuck her face and I moved around with the camera trying to get good, clear shots.

One of the guys came up to me, "You ready man? The guys are getting anxious to three hole this one, but a deal is a deal and you have to take her ass first."

I told him I was ready and as I was taking off my shoes the guy fucking her finished. She tried to hold him down when he got up to leave, but he got out of the way to make room for whoever was next. When no one moved between her legs Yolanda started working on her clit with her fingers while she looked around to see why with all the guys in the room no one was coming over to fuck her. Her eyes got to where I was, she saw my clothes coming off, and suddenly her face changed, "No, no, not you, you can't" and she started to get up. Two guys pushed her back down and I told them to flip her over and get her on her hands and knees. I moved behind her and pushed my cock into her cunt.

I had never gotten sloppy seconds before and I was surprised at how good it felt. I stroked into her a couple of times to get some lube on my cock, not to make it easier on her, but to make it easier on me. Then I put my cock at her puckered little rosebud and leaned down to whisper in her ear, "This is for ten years of hell" and I rammed my cock into her ass as hard as I could.

She screamed and I smiled.

Then I fucked her ass as hard as I was able. She cried, she moaned and groaned and she gave little yelps of pain until someone shoved a cock in her mouth. I kept pounding away for what seemed like hours, but in reality was probably only five or six minutes. It might have been my imagination, but just as I came I thought that I felt Yolanda pushing her ass back at me.

I spent the next five hours taping the action as guy after guy took Yolanda in each of her three of her holes. I taped her with two cocks in her pussy at the same time and I taped her with a cock in each of her three holes at the same time. Through it all Yolanda begged and pleaded for some one to fuck her as soon as a guy moved away and left an open hole. Finally the guys were done and Yolanda was left lying alone on the sweat and cum soaked mattress. I walked around her shooting down with the camera while she looked up at me with an unreadable expression and played with her cunt.

I hate to say it, but even after what she had just been through she still looked sexy as hell. Even with the cum of (if my count was right) twenty-seven guys all over her she looked good. I guess maybe at that point I began to understand how my dad had let himself get under her thumb. I put a raincoat on her that I had brought along for just that purpose and left the rest of her clothes lying on the floor for souvenirs. Two guys helped me get her out to my car and then I headed on home.

No words were said on the drive, but out of the corner of my eye I saw Yolanda glance over at me from time to time as she played with her pussy. When I got her home I wrestled her into the house, got her upstairs and dumped her on her bed. I got the coat off her and then I stood there looking down at her as she looked up at me. She didn't say a word, just looked me in the eye and slowly spread her legs and then waited to see what I would do. I was tempted, God knows I wanted to, but in the back of my mind I knew that if I did she would have won. It would have shown that she still had power over me. I did the only thing I could do - I took out my cock and I pissed all over her from her face down to her feet and then I turned and walked out of the house.


That was two weeks ago. I haven't heard a peep out of Yolanda and every day I half expected a police car to show up at my apartment or at the store, but none came. I kept checking the papers looking for a story on a bust at a fraternity house, but nothing happened. I knew things were not finished between me and Yolanda because she was still living in the house that was now mine and we never did finish going through the papers that she said concerned me, but I wasn't in any hurry.

Two minutes ago I heard the dinger and I looked up from the Statistical Analysis text to see Yolanda getting out of her Grand Cherokee. Her eyes met mine across the expanse of concrete and I wondered if she was going to pay at the pump or come into the store.

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by Samuel_T_Cogsley04/30/18

A dangerous game indeed,,,

Nice to consider, but,,,,well, you were willing to do the time for doing the crime so it is what it is.

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by criticofjustice10/16/17


sick asshole
revenge by rape how manly hope you go to jkail and rot there

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