A Blizzard & the Night of Firsts


"You're on your own from here" she whispered without opening her eyes.

I studied her face and thought that she looked the most relaxed then, than she had all night. I was breathing heavily, but that should be expected. I slid my hand down until I reached her pubic hair, which was not thick, but felt like the curls had been trimmed. For a moment, I fingered her hair, twisting it between my fingers, trying to make the moment last as long as possible. I then took the plunge and cupped her mound, which was easily the warmest part of her body. Her legs were only parted slightly, so I took my middle finger and placed it along her closed slit. With that, Cat drew her leg up to a right angle, which gave me access to explore her. I traced her closed lips with my index finger, teasing her just a little. Her slit had opened a bit, so I placed two fingers at the lowest tip of her lips and slid them upwards over her labia. I wasn't really sure of what I was doing, but just worked from instinct.

The one thing I had learnt during my years was to never touch a clitoris without lubrication. So, I ran my finger up the middle of her now opened slit until I found her vagina. I slipped my finger inside just a little bit and straight away began to notice how tight it was. I had forgotten that she was a virgin, but the recollection only caused my cock to ache. I realized that I was the first person to ever touch Cat there. And she was the first to touch me. I felt like I was privileged to be the first to delve into the sexuality of such a beautiful girl. I slipped my finger in deeper, doing so very slowly and gently. I placed my other hand on her stomach and felt that she was breathing quickly. I was overcome with a powerful urge to kiss her. So I pressed my lips to hers and she reciprocated my kiss. I took my hand off her stomach and placed it behind her head, kissing her deeply and passionately. This time, my tongue pushed between her lips and massaged her tongue.

Inch by inch my finger was being swallowed by her vagina. I was surprised by the heat and moistness. The wall of her vagina was contracting around my finger, but I managed to get the whole finger in. As I slowly began to pull it out, the sensation must have felt good for Cat, because she moaned a little bit and kissed me more eagerly. The finger slid out much more easily than it went it. I slid it the whole way out, then placed my thumb in the short curls of her bush, while I got ready to insert the same, now wet finger back into her pussy. This time the finger slid in much easier, but it was still an extremely tight fit. As it got easier to move my finger, I picked up the pace. She was bucking her hips in response, writhing under my hand to the rhythm of my finger. Our kiss had turned into a complete tongue wrestle. She kept sliding her hot tongue over my lips, which would cause me to swirl around her tongue with my own. As my finger moved in and out of her vagina even faster, her moans became more prevalent.

She must have been making too much noise, however, because Alana began to stir from her slumber. Cat and I automatically broke the kiss and I pulled my finger out of her pussy. Just for good measure, I gently flicked my finger over a hard little nub, which I understood to be her clit. This made her jump a bit and I saw her bite her lip so she would not make a sound. As Alana turned on her side to face us, we both tried to disguise the fact that we had just felt each other up. Alana said something to Cat in Italian.

"Yes I am awake. We have been talking – so speak in English." Cat responded to her friend.

Alana groaned. She was obviously not as well versed in English as Cat and Sophia.

"I am cold. Do you want to change place Cat?" She asked in thick accent.

"You cannot be that cold Alana, I can feel the heat coming off your body."

"Yes, but you are still warmer."

"Just hold onto me if you are cold."

"Why do you not want to change? You two have a nice talk?" Alana asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"It is not that Alana, it is just that you are no colder than me."

Alana then spoke in Italian again. Whatever she said made Cat laugh and respond with "so are mine."

I was curious. "What did she say?" I asked Cat.

"She said she could prove that she was colder than me. She said her nipples are like bullets."

"If you are going to share with him, then he can be the judge." Alana said playfully.

I could tell she didn't expect Cat to go through with the suggestion. She probably thought Cat would just surrender and swap places with her. But, Cat surprised her.

"Ok then, fine." Cat didn't hesitate in pulling the blanket over both their chests, revealing two pairs of glorious looking breasts.

"Cat! Are you ok?!?" Alana asked her, wide-eyed and open-mouthed.

Cat ignored her and instead looked over to me. "You decide who has the hardest nipples."

I was deliriously happy at this point, but still looked over to Alana to see if she approved. Alana looked at Cat smiling, still a bit shocked by Cat's behavior.

She shrugged. "Fine."

I was now salivating slightly at the sight of two beautiful girls half naked in the bed next to me, asking me to pretty much feel them up. Both girls' breasts were shaped differently, probably because they were of noticeably different sizes. Alana's were smaller than Cat's, but still looked like they would fill my hand. Cat's nipples were also lighter in color than Alana's. Cat's breasts were a perfect size. Not too big, not too small, just like her nipples. Her breasts were very perky, which pushed her nipples up to a nice peak. The nipples of both girls were noticeably rigid.

I wanted to feel the whole breast and not just the nipple, so I cupped my hand under Cat's breast first, and used my thumb to trace around her areola. I realized that I was supposed to be just judging their hardness, so I circled my thumb over her nipple. It was erect and felt fantastic. I then stopped cupping her breast with my palm and rolled the nipple between my thumb and fingers. Cat was nibbling on her lip again, while Alana was watching intently.

"Ok, my turn." Alana said.

She grabbed my arm and it pulled, beckoning me to get in between her and Cat so I could have better access to her chest. Cat thought it would be easier if she went over me, rather than me rolling over her. So she slid over me stomach-to-stomach. I watched her breasts as they glided over my chest. I felt the softness of her pubic hair as it traveled over my penis. Her leg slithered over it as well, before she finally rolled onto her back. I was now between the two girls. Alana puffed her chest out, inviting me. I took my fingers and thumb and attempted to compare the stiffness of the nipple. She was not lying; her nipple was as erect as possible. But, I also noticed that she had no goose-bumps on her breasts or chest and her actual breast was quite warm. I wondered if it was possible that the stiffness of her nipples was because she was sexually aroused. It certainly seemed possible, especially after getting to know Alana. She was definitely a sexual person.

"So… who won?" Cat asked, seductively.

"Honestly girls, it is too close to call. You are as hard as each other."

"Maybe, you should try again. This time test with your mouth." Alana cooed, looking straight in my eyes. She glanced at Cat and flashed a perfect smile. It was now Cat's turn to be shocked.

"God!" Cat paused. "I am game if you are," she said returning the mischievous grin to Alana.

I was wondering how good this night could become. I didn't waste any time so Cat couldn't change her mind. I cupped Cat's right breast and just held it, while I lowered my mouth down to her left breast. I wrapped my lips around her nipple, which automatically converted my cock from erect to unbreakable. I unconsciously sucked on the nipple, before using my tongue to circle the tip. I could hear Cat groan, as I took my mouth off and began to slowly lick the nipple and areola. I used the tip of my tongue to flick the nipple, which caused it to swell and harden even more. I could not help but respond to Cat's moans, so I involuntarily squeezed her right breast.

I could feel Alana's eyes on us, so I turned towards her. Her brown hair dangled over her cheeks slightly hiding one of her eyes. Her luscious, pink mouth was sucking on her pinky finger. This made her look outrageously sexy and I dove towards her breast, sucking on her and passionately licking every inch of her engorged nipple. I was licking so furiously and rapid that her body was writhing beneath me, which only made me circle her other nipple with my thumb. Alana put her hand under my chin and lifted it away from her breast. She gazed into my eyes and then glanced over to Cat.

"Do you want to have some fun?" Alana asked both of us.

"What did you have in mind?" I asked her, as my adrenalin pumped and my imagination ran wild.

"I don't know if you know, but Cat is a virgin. Which means she has never… how do you say in English… she has never… is it orgasm?"

"Yeah, yeah go on." I prodded hungrily.

"Yes, please go on giving away my personal details Alana," Cat said this sarcastically, but she was smiling, so Alana kept going.

"Well, I think she is missing out. So, I make a deal with you. If you can make my Cat orgasm using your mouth, we will both use our mouths to make you orgasm. Won't we Cat?"

I held my breath, waiting for Cat's answer. She was looking at Alana, once again nibbling on her bottom lip. After a few seconds she looked down at me, so I smiled – trying to control the utter exhilaration that had taken me over. She then spoke the four best words I ever heard in my life.

"Alright. Let's do it."

Alana beamed. "Ok. Trust me Cat, you will love it." Alana then looked at me. "So are you going to do her under the blanket or on top of the blanket?"

I couldn't believe this was all happening. I couldn't believe I had to decide whether I was going to eat a beautiful girl out under the covers or exposed. I knew straight away which I preferred. Not only did I crave to see Cat fully naked – and Alana for that matter – but I also wanted to see what I was doing down there.

"I would prefer to do it on top of the blanket, but it is up to Cat."

"I guess that is alright. I am quite warm so it should not make much of a difference."

"What about Sophia?" I knew that if she woke up she wouldn't be happy.

"Don't worry about her. She has been under a lot of stress lately, so she should be out like a light."

Alana swapped places with me, so she was a blocker in case Sophia woke up. Now, I was on the far end of the bed. I got to my knees next to Cat and grabbed the blanket. I slowly pulled it across Cat, revealing her nude body inch by inch. In a matter of seconds, Cat and I were completely uncovered. I was a little disappointed that Alana, lying on her side next to Cat, had wrapped the end of the blanket around her. It didn't take me long to realize how stupid it was to be disappointed just because one of the two beauties weren't naked, especially when I was about to give the naked one oral.

I gazed down Cat's nude form and was instantly provided with an erection. At first I was a bit embarrassed that the two girls were watching my hard-on, but then I saw that Cat was blushing again and realized that she was probably just as embarrassed being nude in front of her best friend and a guy she had just met.

You know when you see something really beautiful and you just want to touch and lick it all over. That is exactly how I felt with Cat. Her breasts were heaving up and down. It turns out she was a real blonde after all, probably thanks to her Belgian heritage. Her legs were only slightly parted, so all I could see was her light pubic hair. It was shaped into a triangle, but was trimmed into small curls. Despite her non-active sex life, she had still maintained her pubic region. Her long legs, golden legs were athletically toned. She had a magnificent body. Her blonde mane was spread out like a fan over her pillow. She kept sliding her tongue over her lips, which made them glisten in the candlelight.

"The best way to give a girl orgasm is to tease her, so she becomes ready for it." Alana explained, as I was staring down at Cat's body.

I could tell that Alana was really getting off on this whole thing. That only made my penis ache more.

I took Alana's advice and used my fingertips to lightly rub down her body. I kissed her gently. I could not get enough of our tongues touching each other. To me, kissing was a very passionate and affectionate act. I broke the kiss and placed my fingertips on her neck. I gently slid them down over her breasts, down her stomach – missing her mound – and continuing down her thighs all the way to her feet. I did the same thing again except starting at her feet. She seemed to be relaxing more. I moved my hands back down to her feet and massaged them. She closed her eyes, but she was still a bit tense. I put my hands on her thighs and gently rubbed them. I couldn't stop glancing at her pussy. It took all my strength to not touch it. I placed my hands on her breasts and cupped them, lifting them upwards. I leant down and licked each of her nipples, as a flicking, teasing action at first and then as a long, slow licks. I encompassed each nipple with my teeth. Not biting them, but just holding them with my teeth, while my tongue probed the top of the nipple. I then kissed in between her breasts and continued downwards till I reached her pubic hair.

I kissed at the curls and went further down to her closed slit. I kissed the slit the whole way down, faintly touching my tongue against her with each kiss. Still kneeling next to her, I lifted up her leg closest to me and spread it outwards so I could lie down in between her legs.

After the position change, Cat had one leg lying straight while the other was cocked up at right angles. Lying between her legs I had a fantastic view of her pussy. I was about to spread her lips when Alana demanded I "kiss and lick her thighs."

So I held her legs in my arms while swirling my tongue over her inner thighs. I eventually kissed my way closer to her slit, teasing her by kissing around her still closed lips. I blew air over her pubic hair, which caused her to shiver. I once again kissed her closed slit. I wanted to spread her lips apart though, so I could get a good look at the depths of her sexuality. I placed my tongue right at the base of her lips, and ever so slowly licked the whole way up her pink slit, causing her lips to spread open. As I reached the apex of her with my tongue, I gently flicked upwards knowing this would tease her clit. As I did this, Cat moaned, which sent shockwaves through my rock hard penis. I opened up her lips using my thumbs and drank in the sight of her untouched sex.

I realized at this point, that my hands were shaking. This was the most intimate I had ever been with a girl and it didn't help that she was ridiculously sexy. As I looked into the dark pinkness of her depths, I had an urge to lap it all up. Instead, I ran my tongue around her inner folds, making sure to avoid her clit. I could see that her vagina was very moist, so I inserted my thumb just a little bit. She was wet all right. I took my thumb out and replaced it with my tongue. It was difficult to get my tongue in a far way, but I eventually managed. I loved the smell of her pussy. It was like a natural pheromone. The taste was not like I expected either. It was actually quite pleasant, a bit like nectar, except not as strong-tasting. I inserted my tongue in-and-out of her vagina, over-and-over again. Her vagina was so tight, that her muscles even contracted around my tongue. Her juices were spreading over her entire pussy.

After a few minutes, Cat began to lift her butt off the bed as if to want more. I decided that I had teased her enough. Her clit was quite prominent now as it protruded slightly from the hood. I knew that her clitoris would be very sensitive, so I looked forward to her reaction when it was touched for the first time. Her hips were still lifted off the bed, so I positioned my hands under her tight butt to support her weight.

I located her clit with my eyes and gently flicked it with the tip of my tongue. Cat whimpered and her ass lifted even higher. I flicked it again. She whimpered again. I shifted my tongue down to her vagina and lapped up some of her moistness. Then I slowly licked up to her clit. I circled my tongue around her little nub, flicking it up every now and then. Cat's whimpers became more like pleadings. I slowed down a bit and made every lick excruciatingly lingering. This caused her to buck her ass forward in my hands. The warmth between her legs was overwhelming. I let go off her ass and it rested back down on the bed. I took one of her legs and placed it over my shoulder.

The sight of her body from between her legs was marvelous. While kissing her clit, I looked upwards through her light curls and watched her breasts rise up and down with her heavy breaths. I placed both my hands on each of her breasts and squeezed while I began to hold her clit in my mouth and suck gently. This caused Cat to arch her back. I began to suck her clit more zealously and often swirled my tongue around it passionately. This was becoming too much for Cat and she now sat straight up, supported by her arms. I took my hands off her breasts, placing one on her stomach and the other I used to spread her slit as far apart as it would go. I could sense that Cat was close too coming. She placed one hand on the back of my head pushing my face between her legs. She had built up a rhythm, writhing her hips forward with each lash of my tongue. My licks came to a fervent peak, which caused Cat to moan deeply.

With my hand on her stomach I could feel her shudder and knew that she was coming to a climax. I held her clit in my mouth while her legs stretched out and she lightly pulled my hair. Her stomach muscles clenched and she lifted her ass off the bed. I didn't let go off her clit throughout the whole episode. As she was coming down from the orgasm, I wedged my tongue into her tight pussy, which was extremely slick. Her labia had turned from a pink to a pale red. I just left my tongue in her vagina, my nose nestled against her soft pubic hair. It took her about half a minute just to come down from the climax. She was purring as her hand played with my hair. She lied back down and I took my tongue out of her vagina and lapped up as much of her arousal as I could.

I sat up and she beckoned me to kiss her. I slipped over her legs, my cock still hard as a rock rubbed over her pussy and that nearly caused me to explode. I kissed her tenderly, while playing with the soft curls between her legs. Cat seemed extremely grateful for what just happened and I realized that I was the first person in the whole world to make this goddess come. It was an awesome feeling but it didn't take care of the fact that I had had an erection for the majority of the past two hours. I needed relief and I had a feeling I was going to get it – After all, we had a deal.

"How was it?" Alana asked. Her cheeks were flushed and she looked quite aroused.

"Mmmm," Cat just groaned and breathed deeply smiling.

Alana laughed and looked squarely at my penis. "Looks like it is your turn."

I was aching to be touched. Cat regained her senses "yes, come lie up here."

My cock was actually twitching in anticipation. Alana came out from under the blanket and presented her nudity to me. She crawled over to me as I tried to get a view of her pussy. Cat got unto her knees and came around to my legs. I pulled myself into a semi - reclined position, while Alana got onto her elbows on one side of my leg and Cat on the other. Alana's head was only about six inches away from my groin. She began to rub my thigh, instructing Cat to rub the other.

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