tagFetishA Bloody Mile High Club

A Bloody Mile High Club


Mia had not seen him in quite a while, so when she saw K.D. boarding, her heart sunk. Not that she didn't like the idea of sharing such a long flight, but the trip had come in such short notice she felt unprepared for surprises.

Mia thought maybe he hadn't noticed her, since he was going in business and she was way in the back.

As the plane took off, she started to relax, but before she could sit comfortably, a stewardess came, and told her she had been 'upgraded'. Much to Mia's surprise, the woman guided her to the front, and as they crossed the doorway she saw his eyes smiling at her, his tongue parting his lips. Business class was almost empty, so she sat comfortably next to him, away from any gaze. Small talk barely lasted...

"I've missed you," he said.

Immediately K.D. put his hand on her bare knee.

"Me too," she said, relaxing her other leg a bit to the side.

His hand slid up her thigh slowly, but steadily, she smiled. He reached her knickers, and felt around. Some hair came out from the sides, and he played with the soft curls. His fingers then wondered onto the knickers, to find the thickening of a pad; his eyes lit up. She nodded.

The stewardess came to offer drinks: pink gin for both. Served right away, she left fast. Mia stood up to get her purse from the overhead compartment. K.D. took his chance and sniffed into her crotch; finding it delightfully metallic and warm. She sat back down, and he started asking questions. They seemed chopped up, probably incomprehensible to others, but to her they were easy and familiar.

"Set?" he asked.

"Yes," she responded.


"Beige with little purple flowers."


"You felt them already."

K.D. carried on with the questions.

"Pad?" and she continued to answer.



"Needing a change..."

"Right away?"

"I should, before it overflows."

"Dont change it...yet!", he suggested with a wink.

"It will get nasty," she retorted.

"Exactly!" he smiled.

She still needed to go to the bathroom, so she decided to check on the status of things. As she stood to go he held out his phone, asking for a sneak preview. She thought for a bit, then chose the video option, and filmed a small set of pink-golden showers flowing amidst a brown matty jungle. A change was soon to be imperative.

As soon as she came back, he got the phone and looked at her. Her cheeks turned a slight, self conscious red. He looked back at the phone, turned on the video and smiled wide. In return she slid her hand up and down his inner thigh, as she saw a bulge grow in his pants.

They both started to feel hotter, needy. He looked at the video over and over, until he was interrupted suddenly, by dinner. Thankfully she had spread out a blanket, since by now his hard on was in full blast. And her hand had played with it a lot.

Dinner went by almost untouched, and soon after, the lights were dimmed. She announced the tampon change had to happen, grabbed her purse and stood for the bathroom. She went in, set her purse on the tabletop and turned to find him pushing his way in and locking the door behind him. Her eyes opened wide, a mix of surprise, fear and lots of excitement.

Without a word, he pulled up her skirt and picked her up, sitting her on the edge of the sink. Her hands had to go back for support, else she might drop into the sink. He looked at her lustfully and buried his face between her wide open legs. Mia's knickers felt warm on his nose, his breath felt hot on her thighs. The pad and the tampon were so full that the pressure of his nose sent a dribble down her butt cheek.

He quickly licked it and gave it to her. Tongues touched, licked, sucked, fought as they kissed. He stopped suddenly and opened her blouse as she unbuttoned his shirt with one hand. Once they were done, she jolted her bra loose, and as his hands went under to pinch her nipples, she went for her crotch. Her fingers came out red, and she painted her exposed nipples, which he licked clean. Again she did the same, but now painted a line from one nipple to the other, and as he licked, she drew a line down into her knickers. His tongue followed suit, as his hands went behind her waist, raised her buttocks and separated their cheeks. He also loosened her knickers from behind. Her hands were behind her again, helping her raise her butt enough for the knickers to slide.

By now his mouth had cleaned up the blood line and his chin was parting the hair on her mount, soft, bushy, smelling of lust. His hands left her butt and grabbed the red pad, humid, shiny even. He peeled it off her knickers and put in close to his face. Oh! Such special smell, and taste. Thick, rich, juicy blood started drippin down his chin. This time she licked it up and guided the trickle to his mouth, and they kissed again. She started undoing his belt. He placed the pad on the side and stopped her from opening his pants, pushing her back against the mirror. His bloody face buried between her tits, kissed, slurped, bit a nipple making her squirm in pleasure.

He kept going down, mouth and hands reached her pussy simultaneously and as the hands parted her outer lips, his tongue went between the inner lips and found the tampon string. He licked it and flicked it up. Bloody, heavy, wet, it hit her clit. He kept licking it, now together with the little hardened bulge under the hood of her clit. She was trying hard to keep her balance and her mouth shut, but uncontrollable sounds were coming from her throat, and her lower back arched continually.

By now her feet were against the wall, her bloody flower opened to his busy tongue. He took the string in his hands, and pulled the tampon out halfway, then pushed it in again, and repeated this a few more times, her cunt becoming redder and wetter. She managed to pass some paper towels, that he pressed under her ass. It was fascinating to see them soak up the menstrual flow. Finally he took out the whole tampon. By now she was very close to climaxing, so he stopped touching her and placed the tampon on her belly. Her chest was heaving, her eyes shining... And as she looked on, he took out his thick, hard cock.

She scurried off the table and sat on the toilet, tampon on hand she tightly wrapped the string round his piece and put both tampon and penis in her mouth, sucked a bit, and again shared the fluids with him. She tightened the string, licked the bulging cock's head and painted the thick body red, rubbing hard with the tampon between her hand and his dick.

It was so exciting to see this, he felt he was going to lose himself, so he reached down and grabbed her pussy hair, pulling her up, pain shot through her body, mixing with the pleasure and lust. Before she could think about it, he thrust penis and tampon in her, and banged hard. At the same time his bloody finger entered her ass forcefully. He was going at it hard, strong, he seemed to have more than two hands and a mouth. She was being fucked by a penis, a tampon, and finger; while her mouth was ravished by his bloody tongue and her matted puss hair was pulled this way and that.

They came together...pushing, pulling, sodomizing, biting. It was a long and hard cum.

As they parted, she sat down again and licked him clean, while he squirmed and moaned almost out of control.

Finally they stopped, he kneeled in front of her and gave her a long wet kiss.

They needed to clean up and rest now, but surely she would need another change...

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