tagRomanceA Blue-Collar Story Ch. 2

A Blue-Collar Story Ch. 2



Desi and Scott held hands and floated in the pool, enjoying the hot sun on their bare bodies. They began to talk, playing a game. She said a word, he responded with his first thought. She was pleased with his very quick mind and sense of humor. Both were laughing out loud, enjoying the replies, switching back and forth, learning about the other.

Finally, Scott gently tugged her hand and pulled her close to him. "Let's shower and dress and I will take you out for the rest of the day," he said. Standing near each other, they kissed slowly and deeply, the water cool on their sun-warmed skin. They walked from the pool, still holding hands, still smiling.

Scott towelled off and dressed in his blue monogrammed work shirt and jeans, while Desi watched appreciatively. He asked to borrow her car, so he could go home and change, instructing her to be ready in an hour, wearing the cute little peach sundress again. He kissed her willing mouth one more time, as if to take the taste of her with him, and left.

Desi walked naked into her house, her bedroom. She showered, lathering her head with shampoo, and sponging her slightly tender skin with vanilla soap. Between her legs, she lovingly washed her curlies, her fingers gently exploring that moist area.

It seemed odd to be repeating the activities of this morning, with everything being so incredibly different. Now her body was tingling from thoughts of Scott, now she was bubbling with anticipation of his return.

She dressed again in the peachy lace panties. As she slipped the dress in place, she felt a slight ache as the fabric rubbed against her bare nipples, tender from the sun and Scott's needy mouth. She smiled at the tenderness, recalling how Scott had sat before her, sucking hungrily, breast to breast. Just remembering it made her nipples harden and Desi felt an ache in her pinkness.

She dressed again in her white sandals, brushing her brown curls into place and lightly sprayed vanilla mist on her burnished skin. A touch of peachy gloss and she was ready. Moments later, her doorbell chimed. She moved quickly to the door, anticipation making her nearly dance. Opening the door, she caught her breath. If she thought Scott was desirable in his work clothes, now she wanted to just devour him. He stood before her in khaki dress pants and a pale sage sports shirt. She caught the scent of Obsession as she held the door opened for him. He walked in, looming largely over her short body and she felt suddenly shy. Then, he placed his hands around her, pulling her gently to him and he bent to kiss her, his mouth feeling familiar and erotically strange at the same time. Desi felt herself melting against him and wondered why they had to go anywhere. She was perfectly willing to drop her clothes and make love to him right here, never moving again.

As if sensing her thoughts, Scott pulled away and reached for her hand, pulling her along behind him. They left the house and he walked her to the passenger side, helping her into the car as if she were fragile, and closed the door carefully after her. He walked around to the driver's side, sliding in and leaning to kiss her again. Desi loved this, feeling pampered and protected.

Scott chatted easily with her as he moved out onto the coast highway, driving well. He seemed to sense how much she loved her car and was very respectful of it. The time passed quickly as they discovered each other. He had picked one of her favorite CDs, Romanza, and it played softly as they talked and began sharing life tales. All too soon, he turned into a parking lot. Only when she saw the sign, did Desi realize that she was starving. It was early afternoon and she hadn't eaten all day. The restaurant before her was an old stone building, right on the water's edge. Few cars were parked in the lot, not necessarily a good sign. But Desi was willing to try anything with Scott. He walked around, opening her door, offering his hand as she stepped out of the car. They held hands as they approached the door, which he opened for her. Inside, it was dimly lit and very cool. The hostess guided them to a circular booth, smiling widely at Scott. Desi slipped in and along the seat, followed by Scott.

Being short, Desi's feet dangled above the floor, so she dropped off her sandals and pulled her feet up under her, Indian style. Scott was beside her, but not too close. She could feel his body warmth and inhale his tantalizing scent. They picked up the menus and Desi's tummy growled at all the pictures and descriptions of seafood dishes. But, god, the prices were so high! She couldn't let Scott spend this kind of money and she hadn't brought her purse. When the waitress approached, she, too, looked happily at Scott. Desi was too busy being offended by her friendliness to notice Scott's head, shaking slightly. The waitress, Opal, suddenly became all business, taking their drink orders. Scott ordered large ice tea for both of them and turned back to the menu.

Desi wasn't sure what to do. She was starving and could easily eat the largest meal on the menu, but that was probably his entire week's salary. When Opal returned with their tea, Scott offered to order for Desi. She nodded slowly, still worried about the expense. He ordered easily, as he seemed to do everything. Appetizers, the main course, even a light wine for the fresh fruit tart. Desi was impressed. As the food began arriving, she relaxed and just enjoyed the meal with Scott. He was, by far, the nicest man she had spent time with in a long time.

He kept her talking and laughing as they ate their way through dish after dish. He offered her a sample of his appetizer, using his fingers to feed her. His lovely, elegant, capable fingers. She opened her pretty little mouth and his fingers lingered there, brushing against her lips. She offered him tidbits too, and soon they were feeding each other, being a little flirtatious as they shared the meal. The service was excellent, the food absolutely delicious. When Desi shivered from the cold, Scott wrapped his arm over her shoulders, pulling her close. She entered the warm cocoon of his body, feeling him pressed against her, feeling so safe. Finally, the meal was over.

Desi felt so full and content. she just wanted to curl up on a bed with Scott, take a long nap, and wake up beside him. But Scott had other ideas. He paid with a large bill, leaving the remainder for a very generous tip. He helped Desi from the booth, pulling her close in an embrace that made her tingle. They kissed sweetly for a long minute, then walked out into the sunshine. Desi had almost forgotten the world was still out here. Again, Scott was a perfect gentleman, helping her into the car. Desi thought she could start to enjoy being pampered like this, being treated so well.

Once again, Scott started down the highway. Desi turned to talk with him, but her words slowed and slurred slightly, and, soon, she fell asleep. Scott smiled at her sleeping face, her pretty little mouth still slightly opened, and turned his attention to driving. Her car was smooth, making the trip enjoyable. He wanted to take her to a special place, one he knew she would enjoy. She looked so damn pretty in her sundress, he wanted to let her show off. After nearly a two hour drive, he found the place he wanted. It was a dance pavilion, right on the water's edge, glassed-in on all sides, air conditioned.

Soon, it would be sunset. This was the best place to be when the sun lowered into the ocean. The view was breathtaking and it had long been one of his favorite hangouts. He gently kissed Desi awake, his fingers deep in her hair, holding her captivating mouth near his. He watched her slowly become aware of her surroundings, being asleep in her car, being driven by Scott. As she remembered the day, Scott watched the emotions pass through her soft brown eyes. He considered himself very lucky to be the one with her.

As he helped her from the car, she snuggled against his body, her arms wrapped around him, her face pressed to his chest. Then, she looked up and smiled at him. They looked at each other for a minute, both happy to be in this place, then he offered his arm and escorted her inside.

The entire pavilion was lit with tiny white fairy bulbs, giving the area a dream-like quality. As before, the employees looked very pleased to see Scott. They scurried forward to assist him, to offer him the nicest table. Once again, Desi was too dazzled by Scott to notice the others. He led her to the secluded table, lit by an arrangement of candles, surrounded by the tiniest white roses. They sat together, sipping the sweet white wine that Scott ordered, the conversation easy and affectionate.

When the orchestra started playing, Desi was pleased to hear her beloved show tunes, the romantic songs that had formed her musical tastes. Scott stood and invited her to dance. She stepped into his arms and immediately knew she belonged here, fitting perfectly against him. They danced, circling the room in dreamy waltzing steps, stopping occasionally to enjoy the breathtaking sunset. Desi was so glad she had worn the peach dress. She felt beautiful and girlish and very desirable while being held in Scott's arms. The pavilion filled while they danced, yet she felt like the center of attention, the belle of the ball.

They danced deep into the night, swirling and twirling, laughing and talking. Desi couldn't remember a nicer night, a better day. All too soon, the waiters started closing down, chairs on tables, candles blown out. Desi hated to leave, but being with Scott was what she wanted, so she took his hand and followed him out to the veranda for one last look at the sparkling ocean and one last dance.

Driving home, in the dark intimacy of the car, Scott listened to Desi's memories. He couldn't believe how incredibly sweet and loving she was, how close he felt in such a short time. The drive passed quickly as the new lovers grew to know each other even better.

Scott drove up to her house, hitting the garage opener. As he pulled in, Desi turned to him and kissed him, thanking him for a wonderful day. Without saying the words, she invited Scott inside.

They walked together to Desi's bedroom, one she had not shared with anyone. Quietly, they lit candles, moving about the room together, setting the scene for their first night together.

To Be Continued...

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