tagRomanceA Blue Million Miles

A Blue Million Miles

byalexander tzara©

Leigh, I found this when I was reading through last year's journals - a fantasy I started writing the first night you 'phoned me. I'm hoping if I send it now it'll reach you before I do. (My flight leaves Edinburgh, Friday evening at 6.45.)

Baby, we really need to get this whole internet thing sorted out, although I think I'd miss your perfumed letters. I love seeing your handwriting. Knowing the paper's been in your hands.

Anyway. My Fantasy.


It's night-time and there's a fire burning out by an American lake. The dark blue sky is decorated with strange vibrant colours that seem to bubble and flash through the atmosphere like slow-motion fireworks. Aurora Borealis - we must be somewhere up North. A startling blue-eyed blonde dances before me to music playing in her head. The only sounds I'm aware of are the water lapping slowly in and out, the crackling of the flames and the clicking of distant crickets.

As she dances for me, the girl begins to strip off her clothes - writhing and teasing, running her hands over her body, flicking her long hair out around her head. The orange firelight flickers over her skin. Her eyes sparkle like the stars over our heads.

A gentle breeze blows through the grass. I can smell the fragrant burning of the firewood, feel the heat against my skin.

When every item of clothing has been discarded, the woman stands naked before me, a pretty smile glinting in the semi-dark, her nipples pointing thick and hard from her pale breasts. She stares deep into my eyes and pulls at these swollen buds, playing with them, getting them all big and red. Her hips move from side to side and she twists her body, rippling her stomach like a belly-dancer.

"You're so beautiful," I tell her and I can see a flush rise in her cheeks.

"Sssssh," she says as her hands move slowly down over her belly, tickling round her waist and her hips so the skin goosepimples. She smooths them down the sides of her legs, allowing her pale thighs to part.

I feel a tingling in my stomach.

The woman's mouth opens and the tip of her tongue flicks out to moisten her bottom lip, which glistens seductively in the dim light. Slowly, slowly one hand moves up between her thighs and I watch as two fingers touch softly to her...


Sorry, babe, that's all I wrote. I can't wait to finally see you in person and find out what happens next. =o)~

your flying scotsman xxxx


"Stop looking so scared," says Leigh O' Bannassa, a smile as big as Kansas spread across her face. "I have done this before, you know."

I glance down at the great North American mountains and lakes below and feel my stomach lurching. "Yeah, this is great. It looks so beautiful."

"So, why are your knuckles turning white? This is supposed to be fun, you know? You've just gotta chill, babe."

I take a slow deep breath in through my nostrils and relax back into the seat, admiring the way Leigh effortlessly handles Molly, her small, one-engine plane.

She looks so happy and free up here, not a trace of the tears that streamed down her cheeks earlier this morning as she told me the story of her troubled life.

I study her face - the way the golden light colours her skin, shining in her soft blonde hair, sparkling in her dark blue eyes.

"You're staring at me," she says. "I didn't bring you up here to stare at me, Morray Lennox." She gestures out the window at the world slowly moving beneath us. "I want you to appreciate all of this."

"You're a very beautiful woman, Miss O' Bannassa," I say.

She grins and shakes her head. "I know what's going on. You've been programmed by my shrink to say that every half-hour, haven't you?"

"Didn't know you had a shrink."

"I don't, honey, but if I did it's just the kinda sneaky-assed move she'd try to pull on me."

I laugh loudly at this and shake my head. "You're funny and beautiful, Leigh." I brush the back of my hand over her cheek, and sing softly, "Her eyes are a blue million miles."

"Oh, now you've really stolen my heart," she giggles. "Quoting Captain Beefheart lyrics at me, like that. I'm just glad it wasn't 'Big Eyed Beans from Venus'."

Grinning stupidly, I gaze down at our shadow as it glides over the great pine trees, its shape ever-changing like a big dark jellyfish floating on the Sea.

I sit back and listen to the reassuring hum of Molly's engine, allowing a leud fantasy to drift into my mind.


I'm sitting there where Leigh is just now. We are naked and she is straddling me, her warm smooth back pressed into my stomach. As she navigates the 'plane through the clear blue Northern skyline, I press my nose into her hair and breathe in her womanly fragrance. My lips press into the nape of her neck and she shivers as I kiss her there, licking softly with my tongue.

I love the taste of Leigh's skin.

My arms move around her body, crossing over so I can cup her naked breasts in my hands, feeling the nipples hardening up between my fingers as she slowly slides down onto me.


Leigh strokes her hand over my knee and I am drawn from my debauched daydream.

Something in my expression causes her to glance down at my lap and she kind of laughs or gasps, theatrically raising her left eyebrow. "And here I was thinking you weren't enjoying yourself, Morray Lennox."

I feel my face redden as I follow her gaze down between my legs. My arousal is clearly visible in my black jeans. I shrug my shoulders. "Must be something to do with the change in air pressure."

Leigh chuckles. "I knew you were trouble the minute I laid eyes on you." She nudges me and points away into the blue distance. 'Canada.'

I blink into the Sun's warm glare. 'Can we see it from here?'

'Somewhere just over the horizon. There's a lot of your people up in Canada.'

'Aye, I ken,' I say, hamming up my accent. 'This actually looks a bit like Scotland. It's got very similar colours.'

'We even get Scottish snow. 32 inches in two days we had last year.'

"Ah well, you'll be able to handle that, Miss O' Bannassa - all that good thick Celtic blood flowing through your veins."

She steers gently to the right. "Go on, then, say it."


"Your thing that you say." The 'plane turns. She is heading us back to the tiny airport where Molly's hangar stands.

"Oh." I feel a little self-conscious somehow in the sober light of day but my terrible Irish accent amuses Leigh: "You're my grand little banshee-girl from Dublin town".

She laughs. "You know, my Grandparents didn't sound a bit like that. Anyway, they weren't from Dublin. They were from the North - Derry."

'Can't do an Ulster accent.' I stroke my hand over her smooth bare leg, tickling my fingers provocatively up the inside of her thigh.

She glances across at me, staring into my eyes. 'Wish you didn't have to go back home so soon, Morray.'

"Baby, you know I'd love to just pack it all in and shack up with you out here. Or smuggle you back home in my suitcase."

"I can't believe you'd just abandon me after all the hospitality I've shown you." She is smiling but there is a real sadness there in her eyes.

I tickle a finger over her soft lips. 'Do you think Molly'd make it across the Atlantic in one piece, babe? We could sneak you in the back door.'


In the afternoon we hike up Mount Le Herisson, with the sun blazing down on us and a soft breeze blowing through our hair.

Leigh leads me by the hand, pointing at objects of interest: "spring beauties... dutchman breeches... lady slippers... wild leeks.... morel mushrooms... indian paintbrushes... queen anne lace..."

"You love the countryside, don't you?"

"It's in my blood, Morray. If I spend too long in the city I yearn to be back here. I've got to be near water or... or I just wither and die."

"Like a fish?"

She laughs aloud and punches my arm. "So, you think I'm a fish, do you?"

Stopping, I draw her in towards me, brushing her hair away from her cheeks. "I think you're a mermaid, a pretty mermaid."

I kiss her softly, tasting her lips and tongue, breathing in her musky perfume.

Leigh's pupils grow large in those dark blue eyes. Drawing away, she smiles and rests her head against my shoulder.

"How far to Lake Morpheus?" I ask, twirling my fingers in her hair.

"Not far, now. Oh, Morray - you're gonna love it out there."


We stand looking out over the still clear blue waters of Leigh's favourite Lake. A gentle breeze whispers through her hair, blowing a few strands over her cheek.

We are alone together out here - just us and Mother Nature. Water rippling. Insects lazily buzzing. Birds communicating in chirps and high-pitched melodies.

Leigh giggles. She is staring down into the water where our reflections wobble and mutate in tiny waves.

I notice that the tip of her tongue is poking out between her lips.

"I can see that, you little urchin," I say, squeezing her buttocks through her skirt.

She looks at me, softly chewing on her bottom lip. Her cheeks are flushed and she seems to be pondering something.

I notice that her nipples are pressing hard against the material of her violet and blue striped t-shirt.

Leigh catches me looking at her breasts and smiles, a pretty American smile that seems to fill her whole face. Crouching down, she loosens the laces of her shoes and kicks them off, wriggling her bare toes in the grass. "Take off your boots," she says.

"Maybe I don't want to take off my boots."

"If you want me to drop this skirt you'll do as I say, Morray Lennox."

I laugh and bend to unzip my new black boots, pulling them off and sitting them upright together in the grass.

"And the socks."

I pull off my socks, roll them up together and shove them inside the left boot.

She stares at me, a dirty smile curling her lips as she unzips her skirt and allows it to fall to her ankles. She looks stunning in her t-shirt and panties. Leigh bends down, pulls the skirt off over her feet and throws it at my boots, knocking them over.


She stands defiantly with her hands on her hips and watches, amused, as I look her up and down. "Take off your pants," she says.

I unbutton my jeans and pull them off, folding them and looking around for somewhere to lay them down.

Leigh snatches them from my hands and hurls them far off into the grass. She giggles and edges towards the water.

"Oh, you're a wicked little heathen," I say, padding towards her, like a wolf stalking a deer, muscles tensed, ready to pounce.

Leigh flares her nostrils, the pupils dilating in her blue eyes as she watches my slow predatory movements.

Suddenly I lunge for her. She easily evades my grasp and dives out into Lake Morpheus, water splashing out around her and showering down over me, leaving me completely drenched.

When her head reappears from beneath the surface she sees me standing dripping on the bank and giggles, absentmindedly moving a hand up to her mouth. "You're all wet."

"Yeah, I noticed that." I shake my head from side to side like a soggy dog, water splashing out around me. "Oh, you're a wild one, Leigh O' Bannassa - a very very bad girl. I may have to bend you over my knee."

She grins and walks slowly towards me through the water - rising out of Lake Morpheus like Aphrodite. She is so beautiful - skin flushed, eyes sparkling, wet blonde hair darkened by the dampness, framing her face. Near the edge of the Lake she stops and watches me with temptress eyes, her hands on her hips, waves flowing out in rippling circles around her. Her wet t-shirt clings to her naked breasts, the buds sticking out hard through the soggy cloth. I can clearly see the dark circles of her small areolas through the translucent material.

Leigh reaches a hand towards me and I walk out into the Lake to meet her. She takes both my hands in hers and our fingers intertwine as she pulls me in towards her. I can feel her soft breasts pressing against me through our wet clothing, her nipples poking hard against my chest. She gazes steadily into my eyes and her face slowly moves in towards mine until she is so close that her features become blurred - a soft-focus, montage of red lips, white teeth and blue eyes. Leigh's whole face seems to smile - welcoming me in to her dream-world.

"I'm gonna getcha," she says quietly, her nose tickling past mine.

The water swirls around us, lapping up my legs and soaking into the material of my boxers. I can already feel myself hardening up as our mouths press softly together. Leigh's right leg slips between my thighs and I run the tip of my tongue over her glazed bottom lip. I can taste her strawberry balm.

She sighs, seeming to breathe me in.

I slip my arms around her waist and draw her even closer in so our bellies are pressed wet together. Our tongues touch, sending a shiver through my body like an electric shock.

Leigh moans and clutches at my drenched t-shirt, pulling it up over my head and arms and hurling it casually out onto the grass, with a slop. Our mouths move back together, lips and tongues exploring as our hands slide over wet skin. My fingers slip under her top, following the shape of her spine, up to her shoulders, back down again, tickling round her waist, down over her hips, grasping at her buttocks through the soggy material of her panties.

Leigh's hand strokes up the inside of my thigh. She blinks at me and strokes my erection through my wet boxers. Moving her face in close to mine she kisses my cheek and whispers, "Are you gonna fuck me now?"

My cock twitches at the words and I feel a warm tingle in my stomach. "Take off your top."

Leigh grins and pulls the drenched violet and blue striped t-shirt off over her head and hurls it out onto the bank.

I gaze in awe at her nakedness - the long neck, rounded feminine shoulders and small pert breasts. "God, you really are beautiful."

"And what you gonna do about it?" she growls huskily.

"I'm gonna kiss ya," I tell her in a pseudo-Texan drawl. I press my lips to her neck, kissing my way round her pale throat.

Leigh draws her head up, offering me her soft flesh as she runs her fingers through my damp hair.

"Then what you gonna do, Morray?"

"Well, then I'm gonna lick ya," I say.

"Oooh." She giggles.

I run the tip of my tongue over her left shoulder, clasping her buttocks as I sink down onto my knees, licking my way down to her breast. I circle my tongue around the dark wrinkled skin of her tight areola and then flick it hard over the swollen bud.

"Yeah? Then what?"

"Then I'm gonna suck on ya."


"Yes, I am." I take her nipple into my mouth, swirling my tongue over it and sucking it in between my lips.

Leigh moans softly and curls her fingers in my hair.

As I kiss and lick and suck her flushed breasts I kneed her buttocks through her wet panties, massaging them, drawing them gently apart. Catching the soaked white material in my fingers I pull on it so that it slips up between her cheeks, the crotch drawing taut over her vulva. I follow the shape of her labia with a finger through the material.

Leigh sighs. "Get up here and kiss me," she says, gently tugging on my hair.

I clamber to my feet and we kiss like enthusiastic teenagers, Leigh's hard nipples tickling through the hairs on my chest as she clutches at my backside, drawing my boxers down over my hips.

My erection springs up, brushing up the inside of her thigh. Leigh gasps theatrically, looking down at it with wide eyes and a wicked little smile. "And, what do you intend to do with that thing, Morray Lennox?" she drawls.

"I'm going to invade your womanhood."

"Oh, are you?"

"Yes, I am." I pull my boxers off over my feet and allow them to float off in the water like a dazed manta ray.

"So, what you waiting for?" Leigh giggles mischievously. "I've not got all day, you know."

I rest my hands on her hips. 'I want to watch you playing with your breasts,' I tell her.

'Pervert!' she says, her eyes widening as she tickles her fingers up over her waist, smoothing them up over her tight belly to those small firm breasts. Despite the glare of the afternoon sunlight, her pupils swell right up in her blue eyes as she cups each pale orb in her hands, gently squeezing them, pinching the nipples between her slender fingers. She squashes them together and draws them apart, rubbing them until they flush, deep red with arousal.

I slip a hand up between Leigh's thighs and cup her pubic mound under the rippling water, feeling the warmth of her sex through the drenched material of her panties.

She is staring at me. Her nostrils flare as I draw the crotch of her panties to one side and stroke a finger over her labia. "Put it inside me," she whispers. "Your cock."


She leans forward, smirking as she pulls her panties off under the water. "You're such a slut, Moray Lennox. I didn't even have to buy you a drink. Here. Present," she says, slipping her panties onto my head. "Oh, you look real pretty now. I like a man in a nice hat."

"Thanks," I say, bowing graciously before hurling them away out into the lake.

"Hey! Those were a present."

"I know. I bought them. Now get over here, so I can teach you some manners, young lady!"

"Oh, yeah? What you gonna do? Are you gonna pierce me with your rapier?" She giggles and looks down through the water at my erection.

"Yes, I am!" I grab her hips and lift her up. Leigh smiles and drapes her arms over my shoulders, brushing her cheek against mine, her legs coming up to wrap around my waist.

Glancing down I see her pussy rising up through the swirling water and I feel a tingle radiate through my loins - an incredible surge of primal excitement, like I'm some ancient predator preparing to pounce onto its unsuspecting prey.

'Fuck me,' she says, the bluntness of the words drawing my eyes to hers, locking into place as the tip of my cock parts her labia and begins to slide into her. It feels wonderful there - so silky and warm after the chill of the water.

Leigh sighs and throws her head back, arching her spine as I lower her down onto me, burying my full length deep in her.

"Ohhhh," she whispers.

"Uhhhh," I say, and we begin to move against each other - a rhythmic dance of thrusts and strokes that splashes cool water out around us and causes my legs to tremble madly.

Our bodies slap together and we sigh.

And soon the world around us disappears and I become unaware of the birds singing, water lapping, small animals scampering and any possibility that there could perhaps be some other human life way up here by Lake Morpheus, peeping down from some hidden vantage point onto this lust-intoxicated couple brazenly fucking right here in the water. All I'm aware of is Leigh's body sliding against mine, her eyes wide with the intensity of the moment, her lips exploring, tongue darting, fingers grasping. And with each thrust of my cock I feel like I'm melting more and more into her - merging, assimilating, until we are one throbbing mass of writhing, groaning, hot flesh.

A movement against my belly draws me back into the world and our melded psyche separates back into two like a cell dividing. I look down at where Leigh's fingers are now rubbing over her pubic bone, stroking down towards her clit as my cock slides in and out. I'm mesmerised by the site of my shaft disappearing into her body and re-emerging almost immediately, glistening with her lubrication so it looks somehow wetter than the water. The site of those soft lips dragging along the hard length of my member is almost too much to take.

Leigh makes a sound and I look at her. She's been watching me, fascinated by my fascination. I stare into her eyes and it's like I'm seeing a whole other universe - a blue million miles of pain and pleasure, lust and love. Those eyes seem to plead with me, pleading for something, I don't know what, to happen.

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