tagNonConsent/ReluctanceA Body Cavity Search Ch. 02

A Body Cavity Search Ch. 02


Disclaimer: This story is fiction cast in the future. No resemblance to persons living or dead is intended or should be inferred.


Lara wakes from her sleep at the sound of the steel panel in her cell door sliding open. This is her first full day in the Internet Cybersex Prison. She is still sore and exhausted from the travel and intake process. She recalls Mistress Suzanne's instructions: "When you hear the door panel open, put your hands behind your back and place your wrists to the panel for cuffing." Lara feels the cuffs painfully bite into her wrists. She assumes that it is Lady Suzanne who is cuffing her and not the guard, Sir Oleg. Female guards are traditionally more severe than male guards with respect to female prisoners. Female prisoners are always called "girls."

Oleg searches Lara's mouth with a tongue depressor. The cell is 3 meters by 3 meters by 3 meters, a three meter cube. There is a hole in the floor a third meter in diameter emptying into a deep sewer. The is a faint, antiseptic, chemical odor emanating from the deep sewer. On opposing walls are small air ducts. There is a thick, brown wool blanket for the girl to wrap about her at night. Nothing else is in the cell. Overhead fluorescent lights beam down their stark, bluish glow. Of course, there are overhead surveillance cameras.

Lara tries to turn away, concealing her privates from exposure. Oleg repeats his mantra: "You have no expectation of privacy here, Lara." Oleg usually calls girls by name.

Lady Suzanne addresses the girls as "girl" or "slut," depending on the situation.

Finished with the tongue depressor, Oleg tosses it down the sewer hole. He then grabs the girl's shoulders and forces her to kneel. From the kneeling position, he brings her supine, her cuffed wrists behind her back. Lady Suzanne will examine the girl's pussy. Suzanne is anything but gentle. Three female fingers dig into Lara's vagina, twisting, turning, scraping, and scratching.

Oleg holds Lara by her shoulders, restraining her. Unlike Oleg's previous pelvic exam, Suzanne wants to inflict as much pain and degradation as possible. A yeast infection frequently results, embarrassing and humiliating a girl with an itch, odor, and burning pain. If an infection does occur, Suzanne will leave the girl cuffed overnight to keep her fingers away from the itch. The treatment at the medical facility is another brutal experience to be endured. But that is another day.

Once Suzanne is done, Oleg turns Lara on her belly for his part of the body cavity search. His expertise is female anal examination. Suffice it to say that Oleg has done hundreds; yet each one is unique, different, novel. Oleg puts on his green latex gloves. Done of yesterday's intake are allergic to latex. Would it make any difference if one was? After all, this is the Internet Cybersex Prison!

"Be gentle, Master," Lara begs. Her anus is bruised and swollen from yesterday's body cavity examination.

"Spread your ass cheeks and expose your Glory of Glories, Lara," Oleg orders.

"Yes, Master," Lara replies. The prone girl stretches her cuffed hands to spread her glorious hemispheres. As her carved ivory derriere parts, she reveals the results of dilation of her asshole. Her tiny, taut, tight rosette has been transformed. She no longer can consider herself as an anal virgin.

"Don't use lubricant," Suzanne tells Oleg.

"Too late," Oleg retorts. "I have already applied K.Y. Jelly."

"Very well," Lady Suzanne grumbles. She is always anxious for new girls to experience a maximum of discomfiture and agony. Lara is eighteen years old; she has six more long, long, long years in the Internet Cybersex Prison before she is transferred away at age twenty-four.

Oleg takes his time probing Lara's bowels. The oral and vaginal exam have taken two minutes 30 seconds from the allotted five minutes. "Relax, Lara," Oleg commands. "Relax and you will avoid injury."

"Yes, Master," Lara replies. She suffers to keep her buttocks from involuntary contraction, an effort to protect her anus from further abuse. Oleg takes time to slowly ease two fingers into her rectum. He uses an excess of lubricant to overcome her tensed anal sphincters.

"Relax your sphincters, Lara," Oleg commands.

"Let me insert a speculum and spread that slut wide open!" Lady Suzanne interjects. Oleg frowns.

"I don't want injury or infection here," Oleg narrates. "That pussy can survive yeast infections, but her bowels? I'm sure that she will develop hemorrhoids anyway, before all is said and done. The girls generally 'graduate' from here lacking anal retentiveness. But many enjoy seeing a girl wear a huge butt plug. Some girls find it arousing and exciting."

"Oh OK," Lady Suzanne agrees. Lara is submissive and polite. Suzanne enjoys hearing a girl beg and plead. Tomorrow Suzanne will check Lara's pussy to see if a yeast infection has begun.

The two depart, sending in a porter to take Lara to the game grid while they go to the next new girl, Emma.

Emma refuses to allow her wrists to be cuffed. Suzanne is furious. "Get your hands to this panel for cuffing, slut!" Suzanne bellows. Emma pouts and stands back from the door. Lady Suzanne looks to Oleg. Oleg removes a Taser gun from his ruck sack. A quick shot brings Emma to the floor. Oleg rushes in and cuffs her hands in a U-position behind her back.

"This one is difficult," Oleg says. "It's been a long time since we've had one this feisty! I had almost forgotten what it was like to have a difficult girl."

"Most have better sense," Suzanne remarks.

Emma recovers enough to try and kick Oleg. He responds by taking out a pair of leg irons from his ruck sack and locking a girl's ankles together with a two foot long chain. The girl is drooling and mucus is flowing freely from her nose. "Fuck you, I don't like it!" Emma screams.

Oleg looks for a ball gag as Emma continues her rant. "You perverts have no right to shove your fingers into my butt hole or pussy! You stretched me last time and it hurt. Keep your fingers out of me! I have rights."

"Silly slut slug," Lady Suzanne says. "You are a maggot and maggots have no rights." Lady Suzanne motions to Oleg who puts the ball gag in place and secures it. Oleg then runs a chain about her neck and jerks her to her feet. The three exit the cell for a processing station.

Emma struggles to overcome the effects of the Taser. Oleg and a female matron manage to get Emma onto a gynecological hair. She feebly tries to avoid letting them put her legs into stirrups. Once secured, her privates and anus are displayed. Emma fights to clench shut her buttocks. Oleg looks to the matron and speaks: "She refuses to permit a body cavity search."

"We have a permanent solution for that," the matron responds. She goes over to a cupboard and removes a bright blue device. She shows it to Emma. "Do you know what this is girl?"

Emma shakes her head: "no."

"We call this jewel a 'saddle' girl," the matron explains. "It is perfect for girls who are difficult. You will soon see how persuasive it can be."

Emma stares as she tries to focus on the bright blue saddle. It looks almost like a boat with two masts. But the curved base clearly resembles a female pad for menstrual periods. She shudders as she imagines just how this device might be put into play. But she doesn't have long to wait.

The matron lubricates the butt plug and dildo, the two "masts" on the bright blue saddle. She begins sliding the butt plug in, but Emma resists, clenching her buttocks, squirming, and pulling away from the thin, cylindrical pole. She tightens her anal sphincters until they are painfully tight. The matron applies more lubricant. The female matron knows that she can outlast Emma; moreover, the lubricated shaft will eventually glide into place. A rough, unlubricated shaft might offer resistance, static friction. But the very slippery nature of water-soluble K.Y. Jelly is less viscous than water and more slippery than petroleum jelly, mineral oil, vegetable oil, or low viscosity motor oil.

Once the butt plug is firmly in place, the matron slides in the dildo. The two narrow cylinders are like the index and middle finger at the end of a pelvic exam. The matron cheerfully asks Emma to squeeze her anal and vaginal sphincters as if she were trying to defecate. "Push, push hard girl," the matron mockingly says. She sees Emma blush. In a thrice inflatable bulbs are attached to the blue saddle and inflate the dildo and butt plug, locking the saddle firmly in place. The matron feels around the edge of the saddle to ensure a good, close fit and no rough spots. The saddle is very likely to be worn for a long time and only removed rarely. There are nozzles for enema insertion and vaginal irrigation.

The final touch is the insertion of an indwelling urethral catheter. The matron shows Emma the tube and how the balloon tip will inflate once inserted. Emma knows that resistance to the catheter is useless, futile even. Then it dawns on her that not only may she be drained but also various fluids can be pumped into her. Then the electrical connections are tested. Emma then understood the full terror as electric current passes through her nether region, privates, and her comely rosette. "She only needs a leash," the matron adds as she attaches a leash to a small ring just below her perineum. This attachment point optimizes the push and pull on Emma's stride. Her anus, perineum, vulva, urethra, and clitoris are now subject to pressure, friction, and tension.

Oleg and the matron remove Emma from the gynecological chair. Her legs are shaky, but she manages to stand. Lady Suzanne jerks Emma's chain and notices Emma blanch with embarrassment and pain. "Back to her cell, Oleg," Lady Suzanne orders.

With yanks and jerks Lady Suzanne leads Emma back to her cell. "Tomorrow you will have to convince us concerning your necessities, Lady Suzanne gleefully remarks. Oleg frowns. There are ten more girls to search and it is already late.

2 February 2013

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