tagBDSMA "Bottom's" Due

A "Bottom's" Due


His breath exhaled slowly and deeply as He surveyed the landscape of “His” bottom. The use of the word was two-fold, describing both the role His lover was in, and the physical attribute He was in the process of Dominating. Her skin was so intriguing, he could never get enough of it, not enough touch nor feel for it. her ass was simply divine. Especially now, its inner flanks showed some shine from sweat and oil. The upper buttocks a touch of pink from a few slaps. His loins rolled in the thought that very shortly He’d be laying some true color to that bottom. “His”, bottom. He watched as his Cock eased out of her, still tumescent. A trail of lube and semen attached to the head making an erotically graphic sight as her reddened aperture “flexed” when he withdrew, then pulled taut.

He’d rocked in her warm tightness for some time. At first He’d thought He’d cum quickly, the desire had built for so long in Him. He’d “tightened” her some, keeping that orifice “chaste” to all, no toys, no fingers nor her husband had it’s use. That all didn’t seem to matter now as he felt the warm glow from in his belly flowing up his spinal chord. The love, the warmth and the intimacy which flowed between them so easily... They’d waited so long it seemed. For the most part, holidays and various dramas and disruptions had kept their lovemaking to rather a “sustenance level” for over a month. The mutual desire for that bottom to be worked was palpable and had a few times become overwhelming. He felt almost like a supernatural creature during certain cycles of the Moon and had to really focus to maintain a level of balance so as not to become too overwhelming. she was a very special spirit this lover of His. His most urgent desire always was not to simply “take” her and take his pleasure, but to nourish her soul... Today He knew He’d be taking her with an edge that wasn’t usually there.

She moaned low and deep as He withdrew. her bottom clenching, not wanting to give up it’s invader just yet. It had been soooo long. she’d become used to being filled and having her bottom used as an vehicle of sensual pleasure and submission. Now it had been nearly two weeks since anything had been inside her. Much longer than that since she’d been taken. He’d taken her in that way she secretly loved. He called it “the tight way”. He hadn’t prepped her bottom at all, just rubbed it and generously lubed his penis. Then slowly, He painstakingly slid it in to her depths. She'd made an intake of breath as his glans “pierced” her ring. He’d held, holding her cheeks in His hands firmly. She felt warmth and power exuding from His hands. It “told” her she was His, that He was in control. His grip told her to be still.. to relax but not to “move” nor help in his penetration at all. He wanted to “take” her...

She’d groaned deeply, gutturally, as He slid in deeply. She “grunted” a little as he turned his hips and leaned forward, burying his last inch in her. She felt his hardness and an almost shakiness about Him. It was unusual for Him. She knew He was worked up. It excited her, yet gave her a slight trepidation as well. He settled in her. He began moving sooner than usual. He also moved more boldly than He usually did. She felt He might cum soon. Eventually He stilled in her, buried in her guts. Her rectum cloying around his shaft...

He’d leaned His belly down on her back, as she knelt on the edge of the bed. He pulled firmly on her hair and whispered in her ear “Don’t Move lover... stay still, and don’t touch yourself... Only feel with your bottom, you’ll be able to feel more later... right now you will be still and FEEL ME as I take and give to My bottom...mmm...” His deep, resonant moan had sent shivers up her spine, causing her to reflexively back into Him. She was glad He didn’t remark about it.

So, that’s how it had been for about fifteen minutes or so... He’d stroked and held still, expertly riding His wave of extreme pleasure in a naturally Dominant and controlling way. She felt as if each nerve ending in her anal region were being scratched and massaged alternately. It was heavenly and for some reason, for now it was “enough” to simply feel Him so very, very intimately “working” in her bowels....

CRACK! The sound made her start almost more than the sharp sting on her right flank. He’d barely pulled free and his hand had come down. She knew He’d spank her once He’d cum. He usually did. she shifted on the edge of the bed, tilting her bottom up some as He steadied her with a hand on her back. For several minutes she rode an increasing wave of building sensation, mixing between pain and pleasure as He stroked and spanked her butt. He’d pull it open and she’d feel His gaze upon her just-fucked rectum. Minutes blended into a hazy warmth...

Finally she saw him holding up her new toy, she wasn't sure why she’d bought it now, it looked so ominous. She knew, as He’d written to her, it was now going to slowly be slid into her sperm-filled rectum, a ball at a time and she knew she’d love it and that He would too, way too much!

He reveled in watching her ring expand as each ball was pushed into her. He moaned aloud as He saw some of his cum forced out around the third ball. He stilled then.... He struck her several more times. She whined now, her bottom held open by the toy and making the spanks feel more harsh. He loved it and He kept on. After the fourth “ball”, He pulled back to the third as she gave a submissive groan. Feeling now she was so His. HE could feel her submission right now.

Finally, it was all inside her. She’d made quite a move and a sound as he forced the large last ball inside her, watching as more semen escaped from her ring looking so lewdly erotic as it clung to the base of the toy.

She was sweating now, she was bucking. He’d STILL not let her touch herself and he had been fucking her with the toy and spanking her for some time now. Bringing her to a level of near insanity. she screamed loudly as she felt the buzz hit her clit. “GRAB IT NOW!” He’d said as she gripped the rocket and pushed it madly at her nub. For a few minutes she worked ruthlessly with the vibration on her button as he held the toy deep in her and twisted it, spanking her and massaging her ass all the while....

Finally, her release had come. Just as she was peaking, as promised, He’d slid the toy, ball-by-ball from her asshole. Making her squeal and writhe in an exploding orgasm. The sensations of the overwhelming "tugging" those balls made on the way out causing a complete mind-fuck as her orgasm was "wrenched" from her.

HE needed to cum again She was pushed up on her back now, her legs pinned behind her shoulders. He plumbed her now open bottom with ease, pounding in and out of her, as she used her buzzer on her sex... Their eyes almost never left each other... When orgasm finally approached, He’d waited patiently for her...as usual “CUMMING, CUMMING NOW!” And He’d pounded mercilessly into her depths and unloaded His seed again as they peaked within a second or two of one another.

They were kissing in an intimate erotic bliss as the sound echoed in... I love you... came out in unison...

Once again the boundaries of time had failed to quell their intimate connection. They each held on tight and never wanted to let go... “Oh My God love, you are such a divine creature, I don’t know how I get by without you near Me all the time My-love...” “Mmm... ” She kissed him sweetly and passionately, her lips and soul communicating more than her words ever could...

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