tagRomanceA Bound Anniversary

A Bound Anniversary

bymummys dirty angel©

I put my foot on the pedal and raced to the next set of lights, wondering if I will get through them without having to stop. The only evening I wanted to get home quicker and everything seemed to be against me. The traffic lights, the traffic and this bloody weather. This October was a dreary one. From year to year the weather was always changeable. Some years it was pleasant, with a distinct chill in the air as the autumn took hold, and other years like this, it seemed liked autumn was forgotten and we'd fallen straight into winter. The rain had fell from a dark, gloomy sky so heavily over the past 3 days.

In the very near distance the amber glow appeared followed by the bold red. I slowed the car down and heard the pattering of the rain as it hit the windscreen and the roof of the car. I leant over to turn the stereo on to muffle out the sound of the cascading rain. "Mmm that's better," I muttered to myself as Amy's beautiful, haunting voice, sent shivers to my core.

A green glaze washed over the car and I was back on my journey home. Another 20 minutes and I should be at my destination in the warmth of my husband's arms and out of this damp and miserable air. It should be a fairly straightforward journey home now with no traffic lights between here and home to hold me up. Again I repeated 'My Immortal' on the stereo and sang along to my hearts content, trying to compete with Amy's vocals.

Today is our anniversary and we have been very lucky to be able to spend it alone for the past 4 years. Thank god for relatives and friends!! Jack is a wonderful person, so kind, thoughtful and he never fails to surprise me when the mood takes him. Every year he plans our anniversary, but this time it seems to be different. Usually he books us into the most romantic room in a hotel somewhere in the country, away from the hustle of the city. But this time all he said was go to work as normal and come home as usual.

I pulled up the drive, and the warm glow welcomes me at the porch. I notice the downstairs bedroom has a soft glow to it and the light in the hallway travels up the stairs and dimly lights the rooms above. I pause for a moment before getting out of the car. A feeling of calm and warmth has chased away the days' stresses. I grab my briefcase and run to the porch, clicking the central locking as I did so.

I fumble with my keys then hastily open the door. The wafting smell of food escapes from the kitchen, oozing into my senses and triggering off my hunger pangs. "Hi sexy, I'm finally home," I joyfully said as I wandered through the hallway into the kitchen.

"Hello babe, come here." Jack pulled me to him. His muscular arms around my waist, his ocean blue eyes meeting my gray gaze. His head leant forward and his lips met mine. So soft, melting our mouths together as one. How can a man so strong be so gentle? The sizzling in the wok interrupted our kiss, "mmm this food is nearly ready, why don't you go take a shower while I finish up here and dish up."

"Mmm ok," flirtatiously grinning as I pulled away. I raced up the stairs, heading for the bathroom. As I waited for the shower to reach the right temperature, I faced the full-length mirror and slowly peeled off each layer of clothing, watching it fall to the floor in the reflection. I stepped into the shower and the hot water fell on my skin, reviving it from my day at work. I moaned as the droplets pulsed on me from head to toe. I quickly squirted the liquid soap into my palms and spread the floral scent over my body. Caressing over my breasts, my nipples hardening with my satin touch.

My fingers follow behind the trails of soap that slipped down my cleavage and over my round belly. I never could lose that bit of weight after having the boys, but Jack loves it, and believe me, that's a good enough reason not to spend hours at the gym! He loves to kiss me deeply on my belly as my soft skin gives in to his expert touch. Thinking of 'that' touch I bring my fingers to my breasts and massage more soap on them then all over my body. I looked up to the showerhead and let the pulsating water spray over me, cascading over my shoulders and the rest of my now relaxed body. With one last pulsating spray onto my face I stepped out of the shower and began to dry myself off.

Stepping into my knickers I wondered what surprise Jack had planned. Did he want to just cook and relax in each other's arms for the night, or was there something else? Whatever it was I knew I wouldn't be disappointed. I could quite easily snuggle up beside him on the sofa, deep in his strong arms. His voice broke my thoughts, "Its ready babe, you coming?"

I thought about shouting, 'I will be', but instead "On my way" escaped my grinning lips. I picked up my satin shirt and headed for the kitchen, which in turn led to the dining room. The table was made up so beautifully. The two candles placed on the centre of it lit the room caused shadows to dance on the walls. An opened bottle of wine was set between two full glasses and scattered over the table were pink and red flower petals. "Oh Jack this is wonderful."

"You are babe, I am so lucky to have you." He said, putting his glass in the air for me to 'clink' with his. "I love you so much, Happy Anniversary."

"And to you sexy, I love you with all my heart," I softly replied.

Throughout our meal I felt Jacks foot gliding up my leg and his fingers delicately stroking my hand. Sensual glances between us only heightened the anticipation of what was to come. Jack broke the last stare and left the table and walked through to the kitchen. I presumed he was getting dessert and didn't think much of it until I heard his mobile phone bleep. He then returned to the table empty handed.

"You get a message or something? Are the boys ok?" Presuming it was from one of our friends saying that one of the boys was ill or something.

"Oh no, it bleeped cos a message has just gone through. I sent it hours ago. Don't worry babe, nothing is gonna spoil tonight," his sexy blue eyes shining.

I had just finished my third glass of wine when the telephone rang. "You get that babe," Jack suggested. We both left the table, me to answer the phone, and Jack to clear it. The phone call was very odd from one of Jacks friends asking about Jacks up and coming birthday; what I had planned, were we going away etc! I told him quickly that no plans had been arranged yet and wound the conversation down, wanting to get back to my evening with Jack.

As I turned around to put the receiver back on the wall, a long piece of material covered my eyes, and it was gently tied at the back of my head. "What are you doing Jack?" I whispered.

"Shh, its ok babe. Put your back against the wall and don't move."

I stood there for what seemed like ages then suddenly I felt my shirt falling away as one by one my buttons were unfastened. My top half now uncovered completely. I felt his breath on my face then he kissed me so tenderly that I let out a soft moan.

"Do you trust me?" his voice soft in my ear.

With only slight apprehension I answered him. "Yes."

He took my hand in his and guided me to the 2nd master bedroom on the ground floor of our house (I knew it wasn't the main bedroom as I would had to of walked up the stairs!!). He took me to the edge of the bed and carefully laid me down. A few seconds passed and it felt like I was alone in the bedroom. Not a sound was heard around me, but I knew Jack was close. His presence was felt at the corners of the bed. The silence was slightly broken by him shuffling from one side to the other.

Soft material was wrapped around my wrists and ankles. I longed for him to touch me. His fingers were so light when they touched me in the dining room and I wanted them on my body, NOW!! Quietness ruled the bedroom as limb by limb I was stretched to each corner. My arms were pulled and tugged gently to check that I was bound correctly. He knows I wriggle and squirm when things get heated!!

I felt Jack between my legs. His moist tongue licked me from my foot to my inner thigh. He repeated his actions on my other leg. My breathing was heavy now, and after every touch, lick and kiss I moaned. His hand trailed up my body onto my breasts. My nipples were already hard from the anticipation. "Kiss me..." I pleaded.

He moved himself up and kissed me gently on the lips, his tongue slowly dipping into my mouth. His hands moving lower as our tongues mingled. I moaned as his fingers softly glided over my pubic mound, stroking over the black lace of my knickers. I could feel myself becoming wetter by the second.

His lips lifted and gently fell to my neck, slowly licking and kissing. His fingers stroked around my breasts, his thumb teasing my nipples, hardening them even more. His hand started to explore inside my knickers, lightly stroking my puffy lips. Just one finger was running itself from front to back and back again. Each time it caught my clit I jolted and groaned. He withdrew his finger and traced it with my juices to my breasts then followed with his tongue, lapping up the moist trails.

I felt him get off the bed, and the soft material being untied from my feet. He leant over the bed and slowly pulled my knickers down. His kisses followed the black lace creeping down my legs. I felt him between my legs and his strong arms lifted my knees over his shoulders. He waited for the anticipation to build then his fingers opened up my pussy. A loud moan escaped my lips as his long tongue entered me, impaling me and licking my walls inside. "Ohh god Jack... don't stop... ohhhhhhhh."

Using his shoulders I was able to lift myself further off the bed, wanting and needing his tongue in me further. "MMmmmm ohhh... god... let me see Jack, I want to see you in me." I could feel tingling spread throughout my body. It started in my feet, then climbed up, rising to the point of no return. Incoherent words streamed from my mouth as fire burned between my thighs.

I pulled at my bonds trying to get free, needing to touch him between me. Wanting my fingers in his hair, wanting to pull him into me more. Faster his tongue darted in me, fire raging through me. His finger rubbing my exposed clit and seconds later my world exploded, "OOOHHHHH... YESSSSSS... OHHH." My hips bucked against his face, my feet digging into his back. My pussy gripped his tongue like a vice, holding him there as he rode the erotic storm in me.

As my orgasm slowed, my pussy unclenched and released him from me. His tongue gently licked my engorged lips and clit. "Ohhh baby, kiss me... please" I begged. His tongue left my pussy and trailed itself over my belly button. His warm breath making my skin tingle once more. He licked and kissed my breasts, gently nibbling on my nipples. I felt his breath on my cheek, then his flavoured tongue on my lips. I sucked his tongue into me, moaning as my tongue danced with his.

He pulled away from me, my head lifting off the bed trying to melt back into him. I felt his breath on my ear, "what do you want now babe?" he whispered.

My breathing still ragged, I replied, "Make love to me, take the blindfold off..." He lifted himself from me and with his legs he spread mine apart. I raised my hips to invite him in. I felt his hardness against my pussy and he slowly planted himself inside me, inch by inch, deeper and deeper. "Ohh god... god, yes, yes." Together we moved in sequence. I could feel his warm breath on my breasts as he licked and teased them with his tongue. I wanted to touch him, run my fingers through his hair and down his back. I wanted to trace my long nails down his back, digging them in as I scaled his skin. "Take the blindfold off baby, take it off, please!!"

His body slowed down on mine and I felt his hands behind my head. He gently lifted my head and I felt him fumbling with the knot on the material. My eyes opened and I was welcomed with his blue eyes staring deep into me. "Ohh Jack I love you... make love to me more, I want you... don't stop..." With that the rocking started up again, a steady rhythm was building but still gentle and soft. I lifted my hips to meet his, wanting him deep inside me. I tried to wriggle out of my restraints, feeling the need to hold him close. From the moment I was tied I was turned on, but now I needed to touch him, I need to feel him when he cums. "Untie me... please..." I was almost begging.

He slowed the pace down again and carefully freed me. I touched his face, his hair. I kissed him passionately, holding on to him tightly. I tugged his hair and directed his mouth to my hard nipples. His teeth teased my nipples as my nails pressed into his back. I whispered in his ear, "make love to me... make me cum again." He pulled out as far as he could, and slowly inched his way back in. His finger lightly touched my clit, building me to orgasm yet again. I placed my hands on his buttocks and pulled him hard into me, his hardness impaling me faster as I groaned louder and louder.

His fingers crept away from my clit and trailed them to my mouth. As I sucked them in, he pushed harder into me, deeper and deeper. My legs began to shake as I gyrated my hips into him, feeling myself losing control. With every push he pressed my arms into the bed. I pulled on the satin sheet beneath me as the tingling returned. "OHH GOD BABY... YES YESSS OHHHHH." He continued faster and the sensation tripled.

I screamed as my orgasm erupted leaving me numb from the waist down. At the same time Jack groaned and I felt his cock pulse within me, emptying himself deep inside. He stayed there for what seemed like minutes, feeling my aftershocks surround him. He kissed and stroked me as the both of us recovered, our bodies sweating as one, entwined in the soft satin sheets crumpled around us. He looked up and softly whispered, "Happy Anniversary, I love you."

"Mmm I love you too" and planted a kiss on his lips. "By the way... did you plan that phone call earlier to make me turn my back to you?" I curiously asked.

Rolling off me, he winked, "Would I?"

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