A Box, a Woman and Time Ch. 04


"That doesn't seem to be working too well for you."

She sighs. "I hate dildos."

"They're nasty, hard, unfeeling things."

Her blue-grey eyes meet yours. "I like you."

"I like you too. I always have."

"I'm not supposed to actually get you off. But, maybe if we just did it for a minute or two it wouldn't count."

"My lips are sealed."

She throws the dildo down and climbs back up to straddle your hips. Firmly grasping the shaft of your cock, she slides her hand from the bottom all the way up and pushes pre-cum out of the tip. She rubs the precum around the head with her index finger, then leans down and licks it off, looking up at you as she does so.

"Mmm, tasty."

Then she rises to her knees so that her pussy is poised a few bare inches above your cock and whispers,

"I'm going to fuck you.... hard"

The tension in your body is strong, aching, your cock trying to stretch out further to touch her pussy and slip within its warm depths. She hovers over you, her eyelids half closed with desire, drawing out the exquisite tension of the moment. Her hands slide up her body, over her flat stomach, lifting up the bottom of her camisole to show her navel and then up further, as she pulls it out and up. It catches her hair as she pulls it, momentarily pulling it above her head, only to tumble down again as, her camisole now completely removed, she tosses it behind her. She licks her lips. You wait, breathing heavily, feeling almost drugged by the strength of your desire for her.

With testicle-tingling slowness, she glides down over your cock, swallowing you unhurriedly until you are deep inside her pussy. Her pussy is warm and tight: her body soft and smooth where it touches yours. As she lifts up and slides down again and again her fingers drift over your chest and arms, caressing your nipples, tracing a line down the center of your chest and stomach. Every touch and caress feels electric, so attuned is your every nerve to her touch. She is so perfectly positioned above you that her body is almost weightless on yours.

You give in to her ardent control, pulling against the ropes without realizing it as you clench your muscles and groan under her expert ministrations. She makes every move: grinding, sliding, up and down, backwards and forwards, clutching and releasing as you concentrate on the incredible sensation of your cock in her pussy and watch her ample breasts jiggle and sway with her every move. Her soft, warm lips feel like heaven on yours as she leans down and kisses you. She licks you and whispers in your ear, telling you how good what she's doing feels, how good you feel inside of her. She tells you how much she likes fucking you in language that leaves no doubt of her sincerity.

You can feel the bump of her clit grind through your springy hair, against you. Your cock, heated up from the friction feels too good to resist her any longer.

You hold out as long as you can but when she comes, crying out your name and clamping down even tighter on your cock as the walls of her pussy clench in waves from her orgasm you let yourself go, hot spurts of your cum shooting deep inside her.

With a loose groan she stretches out on top of you. You both lie quietly for several minutes, exhausted from the ecstasy of your orgasms and enjoying the feel the intense heat between your bodies, the combined sweat of your lovemaking and the musky scent of sex. The moment was perfect except for the ropes that prevented you from being able to hold her.

You are about to speak, to tell her... what? That you suspect that you love her? That the far from mindless sex you just had with her was better than anything else you'd had in your life? That as wonderful and sexy as being completely in her control was, you are now aching to be able to move your hands and touch her, feel her, run your fingers over her soft skin?

Just as you are about to speak the sudden intrusion of a static-laced voice startles you both, making you jump. "Bethany, pick up please."

She leans over your body, reaching over to pull open a drawer from the bedside table from which she extradites a handset.

You watch her face as she listens intently. "Uh huh. Uh huh. That IS good news. Are you sure?" Her eyes cut to you. "Yes sir."

She hangs up the handset and pushes the drawer closed slowly. You look at each other.



"Really and truly, your parents named you that when you were born, Bethany?"

"Really and truly."

She smiles. Her warm happy smile infuses her face with delight and you suddenly realize that you have never seen her smile before. You've seen her face in sadness, seriousness, lust and anger (oh, about three times) but never happy. Never grinning charmingly like she is now, her eyes glinting with glee, as she gazes down at you.

"Bethany, you have a beautiful smile. It makes you even prettier."

She bends down to kiss the tip of your nose, and then her soft lips linger over yours for a moment. "Thank you, Joe you're awfully sweet." Her smile becomes even more dazzling, flashing straight white teeth. "I'll always remember this as the best assignment I've ever had."

She's rubbing your shoulders with her soft hands, her full breasts swaying distractingly with the motion. You stir a little beneath her, shifting your pelvis slightly; aware that your cock is beginning to get tumescent again but too intrigued by her last sentence to let the matter drop. Her hands have moved down from your shoulders and she's lightly circling your nipples with her fingertips.

"Wait a minute." You shift up slightly and she lifts her hands. You're so curious that you hardly know where to start. "Are you a spy or something?"

"Or something."

"Why did you take me at gunpoint with you in a Krispy Kreme truck without any regard for my feelings?"

She laughs softly. "I took you here in this bed just a few minutes ago. You seemed to enjoy it well enough. Did I hurt your feelings?"

"Ah...no." But you can't let it drop. "And you have been in the kidnapping people at gunpoint business for how long?"

"Don't make such a big deal of it, Joe. It's done, I never intended to cause you any harm and here we are." She has resumed circling your nipples and you feel goose bumps rise on your chest and arms. "I couldn't be happier."

"Are you going to kill me?"

"Good grief no."

"Don't I know too much?"

She laughs. "We don't even know too much. It's all still a mystery and Whatsit out there," she jerks a thumb to the door, "isn't talking."

"So what do you intend to do with me?"

"Let you go. Say goodbye. Miss you."

Her words cause a sudden sinking feeling in your stomach.

It isn't fair to have to sort all this out with her naked body on top of you. Much less when you have to deal with nipple stimulation, goose bumps and a steadily hardening cock. But you try. "Bethany, honey, stop that for a moment. I'm trying to understand you here and I'm having a little difficulty grasping everything."

She lifts her fingers from your nipples again. "Yes sir, Joe. Look, no hands." She lifts her slender hands into the air. Then a deliciously wicked grin appears on her innocent face as she grinds her pussy against your cock. "All better, darling?"

Oh God, she feels good.

"This is certainly a side of you I haven't seen before."

"Do you like it?"

"Yes, actually it's pretty nice. You're very playful. I like that. But Bethany, I really, really want to know what's going on here. Will you please quit deliberately distracting me and explain everything. Then, I promise, we'll do anything and everything you want. And then some. OK?"

"OK, Joe. I'll be good."

She stops grinding against you but the pressure of her weight on you still feels very pleasant. You try hard to ignore it, and her pretty tits.

"The box you had isn't the only one. There are five of them, scattered around the world. They seem to want to go from person to person because no ever keeps them for very long. I think six months has been the longest. Everyone who gets one has a different experience with it. Were you told that you would learn your true nature?"

"Yes, I was. The... whatever it was, person or something told me that."

"Uh huh. And that's what the boxes do. They take people into a place or time that seems to tie in with their deepest, not fantasies, more like aspects of their personality. It shows where they really fit in: who they truly are. That makes you a very interesting case, Joe," she says teasingly.

"That doesn't make sense though, because I was someone else; not me. I was a doctor the first time, then a knight or something and finally a businessman. And these people were real. I looked them up."

"None of us understand all the rules with these boxes yet or how they work. You did step into real situations, but what you did with them once you were there was one hundred percent you."

"So I'm a man who fucks, is that it?"

"No. You're a man who genuinely loves women: a sexy, wonderful man."

Then she shakes her head, as if shaking off a negative thought and a glimmer of sadness crosses her face.

"Bethany. Did you ever use the box?"

"Yes." She answers quietly, suddenly solemn once more. "I used it; three times."

"It was you all those times wasn't it?"

She nods assent.

"Why honey? What is in your nature that brought you there?"

Her eyes meet yours in an unwavering gaze. "Because my nature is... to be in love."

You stare back, lost for words, as she searches your face. Seemingly unable to find the reaction she was seeking she buries her face in the hollow of your shoulder. Her thick, auburn hair hides her expression but you don't have to see it to know she's sad.

You think for a minute, reflecting on your life up to now: the daily boredom, how your ex-wife made you feel old, dull and worthless and compare that with how alive you feel now: alive and strong and sexy. You think about the sinking feeling you had when she mentioned saying goodbye and realize that now that you have her in your real life you don't want to lose her again.

You consider it. "We could go out sometime maybe if you'd like to. You know; dinner... a movie...sex."

"That would be nice. When?"

"As soon as you want."

"I'm not particularly hungry."

"Me neither. There aren't any good movies playing these days."

"Not a single one."

She resumes toying with your nipples. Hers are rock hard and pointing at you.

She lightly runs her fingers down your sides, tickling you.

"Whoa, Bethany, stop that, you know I'm ticklish."

She grins mischievously and continues; now grinding her wet pussy against your cock as well.

"Don't you wish you weren't tied up?" she teases. "Now I have you right where I've always wanted you."

She lifts up slightly and positions her pussy just over your cock. You thrust upwards, into her velvety warmth.

"Or maybe I have you right where I've always wanted you."

And then some. For a long, long time.

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